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Curious at Heart by riddikulus luna
Chapter 3 : Day of Friends, Friends, and Friends
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the OC and plot. The rest belongs to JK Rowling.
A/N: Hi! I hope you didn't have to wait long for this chapter. This chapter takes place the weekend after the last O.W.L., Astronomy. And students have to start packing because it's the end of the year. The second part of this chapter is in Sirius' POV. Just informing you, even though I thought you guys would figure it out anyway. Sorry if this took a long time to be validated. Please reivew!

~riddikulus luna



I was sure I got the position of Saturn wrong. And Mercury. And maybe Venus. No, I think it was Uranus. Wait, then that means that I didn't get Venus wrong. So that means I might have gotten Mercury right. That means I got everything right. But I sure I got everything wrong. But I can't get everything right and wrong. If I mess up one position, the whole thing is ruined and my life will be in turmoil because I have an Acceptable as an O.W.L. I understand why they have a weekend after the O.W.L.s. Now the students can sit back, relax, and have their brains on the brink of explosion thinking about their scores.
I stared out into the Black Lake with a Sugar Quill sticking out of my mouth. The lake looked so calm...peaceful...breath-taking...nothing to worry about...
I leaned back on the trunk of a tree, sat down, and pulled out Common Magical Ailments and Afflictions from my bag. While flipping through the pages to find where I marked my place, I heard a russle behind me. I snapped my head around and looked around the tree. No one there. I shrugged it off and started reading. This is the way I like it. Sitting outside next to the lake, reading a very interesting book, and sucking a Sugar Quill.
"Merlin's beard!" I shouted. My Sugar Quill dropped from my mouth onto the grass. My book slipped from my fingers.  My hands accidentally pushed my bag away and my books fell out. Remus was standing on my left with his eyebrows raised. Is this guy stalking me?
"Can't you give someone a moment of peace?" I asked grumpily, picking up my Sugar Quill and looking sadly at it. There was still some sweet in I can't eat it...
"Sorry." Remus said. He glanced at my book. "Still reading after the O.W.L.s?"
I turned pink. "And I wonder why I was put into the House of swots." I said sarcastically.  
"Don't worry. I'm not making fun of you. That's a very useful book." Remus said, picking up my fallen books and sitting down next to me. I looked at him, surprised.
"You've read this before?" I asked. Oh, dumb question. Very dumb question. Everyone knew Remus Lupin was the most studious of the Marauders. There was a high chance that he had checked this book out of the library. Think before you talk, Amber!
He nodded. "Yep. Are you planning to be a Healer?" he asked.
"Yeah. My mum wants me to work in the Ministry of Magic though. How about you?" I asked, twirling the Sugar Quill around my fingers.
"I probably won't have a chance at the Ministry of Magic." Remus said darkly, watching my Sugar Quill.
"Why not?" I asked curiously. Why couldn't this quiet Marauder with high grades get into the Ministry of Magic?
"Oh, some...problems." he shrugged.
I didn't press the point. "Oh."
We sat in silence for a while. I was soon becoming aware of the fact that a Marauder was sitting right next to me. In fact, our knees were touching.
Flushing, I pulled my knee away from Remus'. I felt his eyes on me even as I picked my book up and opened it. I had the urge to look back at him, but fought back. At the corner of my eye, I saw Remus pull out his own book from his bag. He opened to the place he had stopped at and started reading. 
This would have been a perfect moment if I hadn't dropped my Sugar Quill.
~ ~ ~
Sirius Black
I laughed when I saw the Ravenclaw girl give a shout when she saw Remus. I raised my eyebrows as Remus sat down next to her. I turned towards James.
"It seems like our Moony has found a girl." I grinned. James smiled half-heartedly at me.
"Oh, cheer up! Lily didn't actually mean she'd date the giant squid rather than than you. I mean, she'd rather snog a regular human - like you." I said. I smirked at the mental image of Lily Evans leaning over the Black Lake to kiss the giant squid.
I put my arm around James's shoulders and steered him to the edge of the Black Lake, not far away from where Remus and the Ravenclaw were. James shoke my arm off.
"Come on! Don't mope around like this. Hey, there she is!" I pointed at the redhead walking towards Remus and the Ravenclaw, who were both now silently reading.
Lily saw us and walked faster to the reading pair. James just looked away. Well, I thought. It's not like they're going to get married or anything.
I saw a pretty girl with blonde hair and big brown eyes smiling shyly at me.

"I'm Fedora."

I turned my full body around, smiled back, and thought, But then again, things can get pretty fun around here.
~ ~ ~
Amberlynn Merett 

Lily had cursed Potter this, Potter that, Potter here, Potter there, Potter up, Potter down, Potter in all directions possible...
"...big, fat head full of-" Lily stopped. "You guys aren't really listening."
"No, no -"
"I was-"
"I know -"
"Listening. I-"
"James can be -"
"Can repeat everything -"
"A bit full of -"
"You said earlier -"
"Okay, okay. I just needed to express my feelings. Well, I'll you two around sometime." Lily gave me a sly smile before hurrying off.
Wait. Does Lily think we're... Crap.  I turned to Remus.
"Er...Gotta go. Bye." I hastily said. In a swift motion, I gathered up all my stuff. I prayed that he won't stop me by putting his hand on my arm or something again.  
He didn't.
"Oh. Well, see ya." He replied. He looked at me with those amber eyes....snap out of it, Amber!
I turned around and left Remus at the spot. As I entered the castle, I heard someone calling my name.
"Amber! Amber! Over here!"
I saw a familiar face waving at me. I grinned. It was my younger sister, Ashleigh. I hadn't talked to Ashleigh for at least three days now. I was so caught up in studying, I couldn't talk.
"Hey, Ash. What're you up to?" I asked as we headed our way to the Ravenclaw Tower.
"Oh...nothing. I just wanted to ask you something." Ashleigh said, biting her lower lip.
I frowned. "Well?" I asked, studying my sister's expression.
"Er...well...I like this guy -"
"Are you asking me adivce?" I said surprised.
"Yeah - well, anyway, I like this guy. And..." Ashleigh hesitated.
I raised my eyebrows. "You know I never dated anyone in my life. Why are you asking me bloke advice?"  
"I saw you talking to a Marauder." Ashleigh said slyly.
"That doesn't mean anything. We were just reading." I responded quickly. Gosh, does everyone think we're together?
"Oh, really?" Ashleigh wiggled her eyebrows at me. "Well, back to the question. As I said, I like this guy. And...I'm not sure he likes me back." She paused.
I waited for her to continue.
"I mean, I don't want to say anything cheesy in front of him. I...want him me." She gave me a nervous glance.
I looked at her. Okay this is weird. First, Ashleigh never asked me for my advice before. Second, she was beautiful. I mean, stunning. She had curly, auburn hair that reached the middle of her back, and hazel eyes. Third, blokes went for her. The only reason why she didn't have a whole line of guys behind her was because of me. I hexed the lot. Yes, the protective sister as always. Unlike the Marauders, I had a reason to hex people.
I blinked. "What?"
"The bloke I like?" Ashleigh watched me.
"Oh, yes. Well, it depends on who this guy is." I looked at her curiously.
"Over here." Ashleigh dragged me to the wall, away from the other students walking down the hall. She cupped her hands over my ear and looked around. Ashleigh leaned forward and said in my ear, "Sirius Black."
My jaw dropped. How many more girls fancy Sirius Black?? If less than fifty girls in Hogwarts fancy Sirius Black, I'll jump off the Astronomy Tower while singing the Hogwarts school song. And what about Fedora? She's 'making her move'. Uh-oh.  
"No way!" I stared at Ashleigh with wide eyes.
"Yes way." Ashleigh said as we walked up the spiral staircase.
"I don't know what to say." I absentmindedly said.
So now my sister has gotten Siriusphobia. This has got to be a serious disease going around in Hogwarts. I imagined the headline news in the Daily Prophet: 'Siriusphobia taking over Hogwarts girls' 'A serious(or may I say Sirius) disease is being passed around the girls attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is nicknamed Siriusphobia according to a Hogwarts insider. Girls are starting to fall the infamous Sirius Black. There is now no known cure for the disease, though there is now a new department opened up on the Ministry of Magic, trying to find a cure...'
We reached the door of the Ravenclaw Tower, and before we could knock, the door swung open. Once I saw who it was, I scowled.
Janie Cabell, sixth year Ravenclaw, snobby, obnoxious, prat, nose-in-the-air type of person. Her sidekick, Donna, was no better.
"Oh, it's you." Janie sneered. "I'm going out. Try not to dye the walls again."
I colored. Last week, Janie was bragging about how her essay was longer than mine by a mile. I got really angry(you don't want to see me really angry) and sprayed my ink bottle on her. Of course, some got on the wall and Flitwick gave me detention. When I say some ink, I don't mean regular ink you can wipe away with a wave of a wand. I mean Feldiwebber's Everlasting Ink. Yes, it was all over the wall. And yes, it was all over Janie's head. I think sh'es getting a bit of that blond back now.
I stuck my tongue out at her. I hope Janie doesn't get into the Quidditch team next year. I was tired enough this year by listening to her sneer and brag her mouth off each Quidditch practice. She always made me miss when I try to throw the Quaffle into the hoop. Ugh, total disgust fills my mind when ever I think of her.
I walked into the common room before I exploded with anger. Ashleigh followed me. She looked at me with a worried expression.
"I'll talk to you later," I said. She nodded and went to her dormitory. I plopped down onto the nearest couch and sighed.
"Hey, Amber," said a voice over me.
I tilted my head back and smiled. "Hey, Tere."
Terence Boot was the first friend I had met in Hogwarts. I sat with him on the train in my first year, and after awkward introductions, we started chatting away like old friends. He was my Quidditch captain, and like me, a Chaser. His hair was either really dark brown or black. I wasn't exactly sure. What I was sure was the fact that his hair was getting a little long, coming at a stop at the bottom of his neck.
"Aren't you supposed to be outside, tanning in the sun?" Terence asked, sitting down next to me.
I sighed again and said, "I was, but then...I left."
"Why all the sighs?" Terence frowned.
"I have alot in my mind right now, Tere. I think I need some alone time."
"Don't be ridiculous." Terence pulled me up from the couch and put his arm around my shoulders. "Today is the day for friends, friends, and friends." He paused. "We need to rematch in Wizards Chess anyway. And don't hex my knight again."
I laughed. Terence has an ability to make people laugh.
"Alright. Bring out the board."
In a matter of minutes, our pieces were beating each other up.  
~ ~ ~
I looked at my half-packed trunk. Nearly there.
I put a couple more books in, stopped, and looked at the pictures Spellotaped onto the head of my four-poster bed. The one on the far right was taken last year, at Hogwarts. It included Elia, Fedora, Terence, Richard Goldstein(my other friend), and me, all laughing and giving each other bunny ears.
I smiled. Happy memories.
I looked at the next moving picture in the middle. My family were waving at me in it. I look at my mum, looking younger than ever. I then moved my focus to Dad, auburn hair starting to gray, grey eyes shining as he puts his arm around Mum's shoulders. Then there was Brent, my older brother who graduated out of Hogwarts two years ago. He's now training to be an Auror. In the picture, he was in his seventh year, and his hands were ruffling me and Ashleigh's hair. At the bottom of the picture were Ashleigh and I rolling our eyes.
I grinned. Happy family.
I turned to the last picture, the picture on the far right. It was a picture that I took of myself in my first year. I was puffing my chest proudly to show my shiny, Ravenclaw badge. I had a huge grin on my face that stretched from ear to ear.
I laughed at this one. I quickly forgot about my problems. Just as quickly as I forgot them, I remembered them. Groaning, I grabbed a change of clothes and went into the bathroom to shower. I stripped my clothes off, stepped into the shower, and turned on the water. Cold water pattered on to my skin, making me shiver. I turned the knob to the warmer zone. I sighed in relief as I felt the warm water dawn on me. I was lost in thought as I absentmindedly squeezed some body wash into my hand. My head was swimming with thoughts.

First, there was Remus. We were just friends. Only friends. Nothing else. And yet...what did Lily and Ashleigh mean? I mean, what did we do to make them think we were...together? What did we do? I yelled, he talked, I walked away. Then I read, he sits, we talk, I leave, he catches up, I talk, he walks me up. Today, I read, he scared me, I dropped Sugar Quill, he sat down, we talk, we read, I left. Simple.

Second, there was Sirius freaking Black.  Fedora is wooed by him. Now my own sister is too. I'm torn between my best friend and my little sister. I'm stuck in the middle. And I'm doomed. This can't turn out pretty.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I dried my hair with a flick of my wand and wiped my body. I glanced at the clock hanging over the mirror. It read 5:57. Wow, time goes by fast.

I slipped on a Puddlemere United tank top and pulled on a pair of jeans. I opened the bathroom door and walked to my bed.


I gasped. Right in front of me was Remus Lupin. Sitting on my four-poster bed. Ruffling through Fedora's copy of Witch Weekly.

"What...what are you doing here? How did you get in here? I didn't see you -" Then I saw a silvery cloth my bed.

"Is that- is that and Invisibility Cloak? Those - those are really rare!" I gaped.

"It's James's. Well, anyway,  Sirius found a way to get into the Gryffindor girls' dormitories and I tried it out on Ravenclaw's. It worked."

Remus grinned.

"How did you get the answer right? The door to the common room?" I asked frantically.

"I slipped past some guy call Terence when he opened the door. 'Course, he didn't see me." Remus held up the Invisibility Cloak. "But I think he felt me. I had an interesting time waiting for you to finish showering. And do girls always leave their trunks open?"

I looked at Elia's open trunk and turned red. I kicked her trunk shut. Oh my Merlin, did Remus see all that in there? A fact hit hit me. Remus Lupin, sitting on the bed across the bathroom, where I was a few minutes ago, standing naked in the shower. Oh bollocks, I'm going to die of embarrassment.

"Then...why are you here?" I asked, confused.

"I...uh...saw a book that you had in your bag. You know, when you knocked it down. I was wondering if I could borrow it." Remus shifted his gaze to my bag on my bed.

"Oh. What is-"

"It's called Werewolves and the Dangers."

I raised my eyebrows. "Why do you want to read about werewolves? It was already on the O.W.L."

Remus opened his mouth, closed it, then opened it to speak again. "Just learning new things."

As I bent down to fish the book out from my bag when I noticed that he was sitting on my bed. Not the others. Mine.

"How did you know this was my bed?" I asked, holding the book.

Remus pointed at the pictures on the head of my bed. I nodded. "Oh."

"Here." I gave Remus the book. He took it slowly.

"I'll return it to you next -" Remus started.

"No, no. You can keep it for the summer. It gives me creeps when I read it at night." I shivered.

Remus watched me with his amber orbs.

"What?" I asked, my brows furrowing together.

"You scared of werewolves?" Remus asked, not moving.

"Er...yeah. One time, I found a boggart in our cupboard and it turned into a werewolf. I ran out of the house screaming my head off because I didn't know the 'riddikulus' spell yet." I laughed at the memories.

"You still scared of werewolves?" Remus asked quietly.

I looked at him. "Why all the questions about werewolves?"

"Nothing...nothing. Well, I better be getting back." Remus stood up and walked to the door.

I frowned. This was weird. Remus was usually nice. And as Terence said, it was a day for friends, friends, and friends. And friends say good-bye.

"Wait, Remus."

Remus's hand was on the doorknob. He looked at me.

"If Fedora already talked to Bl- er, Sirius, encourage him to stay with her, as long as you can. She's sensitive. I...don't like to see my friends hurt." I bit my lip.

"I don't like to see my friends hurt either." Remus said quietly. He nodded at me and went out the door.

What did that mean??

I raised my eyebrows and walked back to my trunk. I realized that it was open, exposing all my clothes. That included my knickers.

Yep. What a wonderful day for friends, friends, and friends.   




A/N: What do you think? Please review! Thanks to those favorited and reviewed!

 ~riddikulus luna

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