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Hold Your Tongue by Radcliffe_PotterFan319
Chapter 13 : Floating
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Disclaimer: It all belongs to JKR.

Chapter 13

Remus had never floated before. Nor had he ever thought of a person being capable of floating. But now, as he walked towards his dormitory, with a bounce in his step, her musical voice still echoing in his head, and a large amount of joy lifting his heart up, Remus was floating. And it really did feel great. Sort of a loopy feeling. . .

He paused outside the door to his dormitory. He was scared of what he would find on the other side. Mainly because a curious and eager Sirius and James was not always the best James and Sirius to talk to. He knew that they were bursting with curiosity and wondered if he should tease them and hang out in the Room of Requirement for a little while. He chuckled at the thought, just picturing their faces when they found out he had been back for hours. But then he decided that he would not want to be hexed and opened the door.

When Remus opened the door, the other three Marauders jumped up. There was a game of chess in front of them and a pawn was being destroyed by a knight at the present. No one was paying attention, however, for Sirius and James had tackled Remus to the ground in their haste to get to him first. Peter bounced around above them and then threw himself on top of them simply because it looked like fun to pile on top of Remus. Their laughter carried out the door and a 4th year boy looked at them oddly on his way up the stairs.

“Ok!” Remus said after a moment, “You can get off me!”

James and Sirius jumped to their feet and Peter laughed as they grabbed his arms and steered him to his bed, pushing him to sit down on it. Then, they sat on the floor at his feet as if it were story time. Remus had to chuckle and then felt silly for it. These guys were crazy. And they were curious and maybe even concerned that the date didn’t go so well.

“He looks dazed, Padfoot,” James said looking at Sirius. Sirius cocked his head to the side and nodded in agreement.

“So he does, Prongs. And look at that. I think he’s floating!” Sirius barked his laugh.

“People can float?” Peter asked, joining them.

“They really can, Pete,” Remus nodded and then he couldn’t help it. A huge grin broke out across his lips and he let out a joyful laugh, “She agreed to be my girlfriend!”

The room was silent and then the other three Marauders gave out a loud and excite whoop and they jumped to their feet, dancing around and singing that Remus had a girlfriend. Remus actually joined in and really hoped no one would walk in. He was sure that this type of behavior would damn all the marauders into never dating again. The thought of losing Darcy so soon after he finally got her to go out with him was rather upsetting and he pushed it aside.

Once Sirius tripped over his bed, Remus decided it was time to calm down and catch his breath. He sat down on his own bed as James made fun of Sirius for doing something as impossible as tripping over something as large as a bed. The thing was, Sirius had been twirling around, his voice a screeching soprano as he sang that Remus had a girlfriend and then fell face first onto his bed after bumping into the bed post. James fell to the floor in his laugher and Peter, who wanted to do something silly, also, even though Remus had simply sat down, ran towards the door and ran into it before falling onto the ground himself. The boys laughed harder and Sirius jumped up to run at the wall too. Remus decided that was quite enough.

“Okay, guys,” he said, shaking his head, “Let me tell you about my date.”

“Oh yeah!” Sirius gasped and then sat next to James again ready to listen. Peter came and joined them, rubbing a red mark on his forehead.

Remus didn’t go into the tiny details. He felt that those small things – like the way Darcy bushed, the way she spoke to him, how her smile sparkled and her nervous habit of twitching her fingers – were special and for his memory only. He was sure that Sirius, James, and Peter had kept the minor details of their own dates secret. However, Remus did tell them everything else, such as how dinner went and how she agreed to be his girlfriend. But then Remus hesitated.

“Sounds like you had a fantastic date, mate!” Sirius said, patting Remus on the shoulder with a wide smile. He thought Remus had finished. James stood up too and tousled Remus’s hair.

“I’m happy for you, Moony. And look, you even have Sirius rhyming!” James grinned.

“You’re a real man now,” Peter added in a awed voice. That almost made Remus laugh, but he had something else on his mind.

“Guys, there’s one more thing,” Remus said.

The three other Marauders paused and tilted their heads to the side, curious. Each knew Remus long enough to know when something was very serious. They all sensed his discomfort and nerves and knew it had nothing to do with Darcy, exactly. James sat on his bed directly across from Remus’s. Peter and Sirius sat on Remus’s bed with him. They were all ears. Remus found himself thankful to have such friends that would stop and listen with ready advice. He didn’t feel so nervous.

“I almost told her,” Remus said.

The boys looked at one another, confused for a moment. And then James’s eyes grew wide and he gasped.

“About your furry little problem?!” he asked. Sirius and Peter gasped, too.

“Can you trust her?” Peter wondered immediately.

“Of course he can trust her,” Sirius said, answering for Remus, “They girl can’t talk! But she can write . . . Merlin, Moony, can you trust her?”

Seconds later, James added to the conversation. The three talked over each other, asking stupid questions and trying to provide answers. Their worry did not bother Remus. He was glad that if ever was too hasty and told someone his secret, they would stick up for him and stand firmly by his side. However, their questions did bother him. He had wondered time and time again if trusting Darcy was the smartest move. Remus would most definitely put his life in her hands if he had to, and not just because she’s in debt to him. But if she was under enough pressure . . .

No, Remus decided, she wouldn’t let anything slip up. It wouldn’t have mattered if Darcy liked Remus in the boyfriend way or not. She didn’t have the sort of heart that allowed her to betray someone. Feeling more confident that Darcy could certainly be trusted, Remus turned to his friends. Sirius would agree right off the bat. After all, he and Darcy had a much more complicated and deep relationship then he and Darcy had. Sirius shouldn’t be flipping out.

“I think she can be trusted,” Remus nodded.

The other boys fell silent. He watched Sirius hesitate for a moment, his grey eyes conflicted for a moment, before he looked up at Remus and nodded his agreement. He looked at James and Peter who seemed to be thinking over Darcy’s character as well. And the pros and cons of having no voice.

“I think Remus is right,” Sirius said.

“Aren’t I always?” Remus asked, joking of course. He would admit to being wrong on more then one occasion. He explained, “Darcy’s a smart girl and the spell has made her mind sharper. You know how she’s good at nonverbal spells? Well, I bet you anything that she’s just as great at riddles, too? Aren’t I a riddle to her? I mean, she already knows that I go away once a month to a ‘sick aunt’ and she told – well, my mind might be different to her because I’m a monster. And then I always look like I’m getting over a nasty cold. Darcy, if anyone, will put everything together.”

The boys were thoughtful for a moment.

“You think telling her will help her cope?” James asked.

“Do you think telling her will make her not want to date me?” Remus returned, feeling suddenly worried that would be the case. Who was he kidding, anyways? What was he but a werewolf, a monster? There were no jobs to support him. He would be scared of hurting her no matter what. Remus sighed. He was stupid to even think about such a relationship.

“I think Darcy won’t care. If anything, I think she’ll e relieved that your aunt isn’t terribly sick, but feel horrible that you have to transform each month. But I don’t think she’ll turn away from you,” Sirius said. Peter nodded with agreement.

“She doesn’t seem the type to judge, Remus. Besides, she’s liked you a ton longer then you’ve even known about her,” Peter pointed out and Remus sighed again. But she still didn’t know.

“Mate, I wouldn’t worry about if. If the opportunity comes up, tell her. But if not, I’d let her figure it out on her own. It’s a lot easier that way and not as shocking,” James suggested and then looked at the time, “I have to get to bed. Quidditch practice at five-thirty tomorrow. I can’t be late.”

“Crazy,” Peter muttered as he went towards his own bed.

Sirius smacked Remus on the back of the head. Hard. Really, really hard. Remus groaned as he touched the spot tenderly and glared up at his best friend. He was surprised to see that Sirius was glaring at him.

“What was that for?” he asked, a bit peeved.

“For calling yourself a monster,” Sirius replied and then skipped off to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

“Stupid mutt,” Remus called to him as he retreated.

“I’m a stupid mutt that can kick a werewolf’s ass at wrestling,” Sirius said proudly and then shut the door with a click. James snickered.

“He wishes,” he said and then turned off the light by his bed and closed the bed hangings around him.

Remus waited till all his friends were in bed and sleeping. Then he found the Marauder’s Map – which was harder then he thought it would be and ended with him bumping his head, nearly breaking his ankle, and inhaling a lot of dust that gathered under Peter’s bed – and opened it. He lit his wand and opened it to the Gryffindor tower. All the Marauder’s were in their dormitory like they were supposed to be. The girls were in theirs, including Darcy’s.

He wondered if she was asleep of if she was staring at the ceiling or looking out the window thinking about him. What did she think was wrong with him? Remus had no doubt that she had come up with a million excuses as to why his mind was a tangle web. And surely, she must have wanted to enter it. Then again, hadn’t she hinted she disliked it? After all, a person’s mind is the only place they really have any privacy. Would she really want to dig through his memories and learn about him?

He closed the map and put it on his bedside table with his wand. Then he climbed into bed and shut off the light. He stared out at the window. The moon was nearly full. In a few days, he’ll have to tell Darcy goodbye and go to visit his sick aunt. The story was weak since Remus didn’t have any aunts. His mother was an only child and his father had been the oldest of three boys. So silly that he would have used an aunt as an excuse.

Eventually, Remus drifted off to sleep.


Darcy had decided to go for a walk. Her head had been pounding since she woke up that morning and she desperately needed to clear it. There was snow on the ground outside Hogwarts, typical for a December. She was freezing and had wandered around the grounds for nearly an hour. The cold air did not stop her head from pounding, but it did distract her from it. She was really more concerned with the fact that she couldn’t feel her toes and was sure her nose had been frozen off.

It was for that reason Darcy headed inside and instead wandered the castle, her cloak open on her shoulders, scarf trailing over her shoulder, and hat and gloves shoved into her pocket and out of sight. She wandered down the hallways alone, absentmindedly trying to not think as she walked by portraits and even stopped to stare at some, who eagerly tried to go for some conversation that certainly wasn’t going to happen. Darcy couldn’t enter the minds of a painting and she wouldn’t want to anyways. After all, wouldn’t two dimensional characters have two dimensional minds?

The hallways were chilly but it did not bother Darcy. If anything, the chill that didn’t freeze her hands off helped her head. She did not understand why it hurt so bad when she woke up this morning. For the past week, she had been perfectly fine: entering minds effortlessly, practicing her Occulmency that Dumbledore had been helping her with, and chatting with Sirius and Regulus. Sometimes she spoke to them separately, but the other night in the library when she was helping Regulus with his Potions essay, Sirius had come in and she attempted to speak to both of them.

Regulus hadn’t been happy about that, he was worried that connecting her mind with both of theirs would then connect his mind to Sirius’s. He was satisfied when he heard none of Sirius’s thoughts and Sirius heard none of his. Darcy didn’t know what secrets Regulus could possibly hide from Sirius, but then again she never went deep enough into her friend’s mind to figure it out herself.

Darcy decided to head down to the kitchens. She was just heading down the staircase to the entrance hall when she heard her name. Turning, she saw Regulus himself hurrying down the hallway and then meeting with her down the stairs.

“So I’ve been hearing some things,” he said with a smirk that was so much like Sirius’s. Darcy felt her cheeks blush a little and entered his mind effortlessly.

I do hope you don’t believe all the gossip you here, Regulus, she said to him, giving him a look that hopefully looked disapproving. A smile widened on Regulus’s face as he rolled his eyes a little.

“Well, you see, I was sitting in the Library this morning and some Ravenclaws were whispering about Remus Lupin having a new girlfriend. I think they called her the Mute? So, you know, I was just wondering if you knew anything about it or if you’re just as clueless as me,” Regulus shrugged as he moved out of the way for some eager Hufflepuff fifth years who nearly toppled Darcy over before they ran out the oak doors and onto the grounds.

Darcy couldn’t help but grin. That’s no rumor, Reg. Remus asked me to be his girlfriend on our date. And I said yes! Can you believe he actually wants to be with me? I think I nearly died when I heard the words, I was so happy! She would have giggled if she had her voice, but her shoulders shook with her laughter and Regulus’s smile was wider then she had ever seen it.

“Well good for you, Darcy. It was about time, I’d say,” he laughed with Darcy for a moment and then, “Hey, we’ll have to meet up over Christmas holiday, alright? I’m going to miss your voice in my head.”

I’m going to miss putting my voice in your head, Darcy agreed and then smiled, Hanging out I’m all for, but what about your family? Won’t they be angry that you’re hanging out with a Muggleborn?

“What my family doesn’t know won’t hurt them,” Regulus shrugged, looking over his shoulder for eavesdroppers. He found none as he turned his attention back to me, “But I don’t think it would be smart to be walking around the Wizarding World. And I’m not saying that for my reputation, but for your safety.”

Darcy understood and promised Regulus that she would write to him and they could plan a date to meet up. They parted cheerfully, Darcy to the Gryffindor Common Room – she completely forgot that she was heading to the kitchen and the mention of Remus made her miss him – and Regulus to the Slytherin Common Room. It almost made her laugh, her friendship with Regulus. It originally was to help her get Sirius and Regulus to be friends again, but now she found that she honestly had a good friend of her own. Sure, his relationship with Sirius wasn’t perfect just yet and they still were hesitant to pay attention to each other, but things have been mended for the most part. The hardest part of forgiving each other was done with and now Darcy had to let things play out for themselves.

Meanwhile, Darcy had been planning her next mission. Now that Sirius had been dealt with, it was time to help one of the other Marauder’s. Since she was seeing Remus and really had no idea what his dilemma in life might be, she decided to save Remus for last. Peter didn’t seem to have too many problems. He was shy and a little awkward, but not in a way that Darcy needed to aid him with. The other Marauders were already his crutch. And so, that had left James. The one thing that James always had on his mind was Lily Evans. And Darcy knew that Lily had to have felt something other then hate for James.

And that was her next task: Get Lily to see she loves James.

Getting brothers to talk seemed so much easier to Darcy. After all, once she became friends with both Sirius and Regulus, things had just fallen into place. But while Lily was nice to Darcy and always ready to sit with her in the Common Room when the Marauders weren’t around, Lily was a very busy girl. She was also much more stubborn then two brothers that wanted to forgive each other and try to be close again. Lily had reasons to hate James. He’s done some pretty idiotic things around her in the past and he did have a bit of a large head.

But James was already trying. He hadn’t asked Lily out much this past year and Darcy knew from Sirius and Remus that things between them haven’t been quite so rough since the concert over the summer. But Lily still refused and Darcy was going to find out why and then push Lily in the right direction. Not to mention, Lily was a girl and Darcy was in some serious need of having a girl friend. She never minded hanging around boys, but they didn’t want to hear what she had to say about Remus.

Lost in thought, Darcy entered the common room. She was heading for her dormitory to get her bag so she could start on her homework when someone shouted her name.

“Darcy!” it came again and she turned to see Sirius nearly falling down the stairs, Remus, James, and Peter were behind him, being a lot more graceful as Sirius enveloped Darcy in a hug much like the one he had given her at Platform 9 ¾ and picking her up off the ground. She would have squealed if she could.

“Padfoot, put her down,” Remus said looking amused. Sirius did.

You’re like a human dog that greets me at the door after a long day at work, Darcy said and Sirius let out his bark of a laugh. Remus looked at Sirius curiously and then shook his head as if he already knew that Sirius had mental issues.

“We were missing you,” Remus explained to her, casually putting an arm over her shoulder.

It had been a week since Darcy and Remus became an official couple. Darcy hadn’t told anybody, not even Regulus, because she was terrified that if it became too big of a deal, then Remus would find the attention annoying and break it off with her. That, and Darcy was still trying to protect Aaron’s feelings, though she certainly wouldn’t admit to that. Word was getting out now, as Remus and her would flirt and didn’t try to keep their hand holding or hugs a secret. But again, Remus had yet to kiss Darcy for real yet and she wondered if she had something wrong with her. Sirius insisted that Remus was just waiting for the perfect moment and that made Darcy feel better. His kisses on her cheek and forehead were enough to keep her blushing for weeks anyways.

“That’s a complete understatement,” James corrected and then winked at Darcy, “These two here wouldn’t stop asking when you might be back from your walk. I almost hexed them both when they realized you should be coming back now and came running down the stairs.”

“I must like you the most,” Sirius said, “I beat them all.”

Darcy rolled her eyes.

How did you know I was coming? I never gave you guys a time. I just said I wanted to go for a walk alone for a while Darcy said, giving Sirius a curious look.

“Darcy, you’re going to have to do more then look at Sirius oddly if you have a question,” James said, looking absolutely clueless.

“She just wants to know how we knew she was coming,” Sirius shrugged. James’s eyebrows rose and his hand went to his hair. Remus laughed a little, but looked a little depressed. Peter was too busy tying his shoe and missed the entire encounter.

“How do you do that? I mean, all the time you know exactly what it is that Darcy wants. I can’t even figure out when she’s saying hello!” James nearly was shouting and Remus silenced him.

“Should we show her how we knew?” Sirius asked, a smirk in place.

“Let her in on a Marauder’s Secret?” Remus smiled, raising an eyebrow and smiling widely.

“Ooh! She’ll love it!” Peter added, getting excited. Darcy gave them all looks that clearly said she wanted to know and she wanted to know now.

Sirius and James and Peter suddenly were up the stairs and Remus was pulling her up after them. He dragged her into their room and closed the door behind them both. Sirius was holding a piece of parchment in his hands like it was a precious jewel that needed to be handled carefully. James was beside him with his wand out, holding it like it was just as precious. Peter was waiting eagerly, watching Darcy’s face. She looked up at Remus. His golden eyes were jumping with excitement.

“Trust me, Darcy, you’ll never find anything so amazing,” he promised and Darcy felt herself get even excited.

“Now Darcy, what we are about to show you may come as a shock, but we are well in control,” Sirius said with a grin and then got serious, “You cannot tell a soul about this or any of the other Marauder secrets we know you will learn soon enough. Even if you are forced to be locked in a room with Snape, you can’t say a word.”

“Kind of hard for her to say a word,” James muttered, but he was nodding seriously with everything Sirius was saying.

“Do you understand, Miss Brite?” Sirius asked and Darcy nodded and zipped her lips, putting the key in Remus’s pocket. This got a chuckle from all the Marauders before they got serious again.

“This,” Remus said, taking the parchment from Sirius, “Is a very special piece of parchment.”

Darcy wrinkled her nose and looked at the four boys, her four friends, like they had some serious mental issues. James stepped forward and put the tip of his wand in the center of the map. He paused for dramatic effect and glanced at Darcy who was waiting impatiently. They were much too proud of their parchment to be normal.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” James said and Darcy felt her eyebrows go up higher. Then she looked at the parchment and put her hands to her mouth as an invisible hand flew across the page, starting where James’s wand was. It formed loops and circles and boxes and dots. When it finished, reaching the corners of the page, it became obvious that it was a map. A map with moving dots.

Wide eyed, Darcy looked at it and flips the flaps and pages of it, finding that it was the school. Each passageway was exact. Darcy could see herself standing with the four boys in their dormitory, she found Aaron walking down the corridor towards the library and saw Regulus with his girlfriend, Anna, in the Slytherin common room with a few other sixth years Darcy didn’t typically associate with. Lily was walking with a Ravenclaw seventh year by the name of Katie Trek, obviously leaving the library. Dumbledore was in his office and McGonagall and Slughorn were heading towards his door. Meanwhile, other students were walking around or standing still, some moving faster then others, some in groups others in pairs.

She looked up at the grinning Marauders, all who looked absolutely proud of themselves. She pointed at the map and then at them and shook her head. Was this even possible?

Sirius, this is absolutely amazing! she said, her thought sounded breathless. Sirius just grinned wider.

“Took us all of fifth year to manage this,” Remus said, “Lots of research and lots of late nights.”

“Remus did all the research,” James added and Remus rolled his eyes.

“Pretty impressive, huh?” Peter asked.

Darcy nodded and then laughed a little, still shocked and amazed by the skill the Marauders once again showed. But there was little time to gape at it because Remus pulled out his wand, said Mischief Managed, and then folded it up. The five of them then headed downstairs towards the Great Hall for some dinner. Darcy hadn’t noticed how hungry she was, but then again, whenever her hand was interlaced with Remus’s she noticed very little.

She ate dinner with the Marauders, as usual, and sat with them in the Common Room while she worked on her homework. It had become habit to always hang out with the Marauders. And when Remus was off with his Prefect duties and James was actually remembering his head boy duties, Darcy spent some quality time with Peter and Sirius. Sirius and she often had their private conversations, much like she had with Regulus when they were in potions.

Before Darcy knew it, she was packing for her Christmas holiday. Though her parents weren’t eager for her to go to James’s house for the Christmas party, they did say that Sirius, James, and Remus could come for dinner one night for them to get to know the three. James and Sirius were there because they threw the party and Remus was coming so he could meet Darcy’s parents as her official boyfriend. Darcy was nervous, though, because they didn’t sound too eager about Darcy being with Remus.

Nonetheless, she was relieved they were at least giving him a chance.

A/n: Hey guys! I know, it's been over a year since I updated this. And to be honest, it had to do with writer's block. I wasn't sure how to fill the time between their date and christmas. So I came up with this filler chapter just a few days ago, but I already had a story in validation, so....i'm terribly sorry. This chapter probably wasn't even worth it.

Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoyed it. I would love to hear what you have to say. :) I do love you all. Its the only reason I keep coming back.

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