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Life After Death by WeasleyWizardWheezes26
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

Ginny found Harry in the Gryffindor Common Room four days after the Final Battle. Harry was sat in one of large armchairs and shifted his position so that Ginny could curl into his lap. After the chaos of that night and the fact that Harry had lost Fred, Tonks and Lupin he was not in as high spirits as half of the population filling Hogwarts.

Ginny was his one constant since the ending of the battle. They were with each other continually and Harry relied on her to pull him through his troubles he was suffering with. Apart from Ginny, Harry had been avoiding the Weasleys due to fear of rejection and resentment from them due to Fred’s death. Harry had not seen Hermione either and knew that her and Ron were probably together sorting things out. Hermione was like a sister to Harry but he was too lost in Ginny and his own grief at the moment to worry about her. Ginny had tried to persuade him to talk to the Weasleys and that night she finally convinced him to go to the Great Hall for dinner.

She held his hand tightly and closed the little distance they had between them when approaching the hall. He pulled her into his side and kissed the top of her head, as much to comfort himself as to comfort Ginny. They opened the doors to the reception of silence. Applause quickly erupted through the hall which was started by George Weasley. Although Harry didn't expect this, his heart was lifted at the thought that the Weasleys did not blame him for Fred's death. They moved towards the family as the clapping died down and the usual atmosphere of the Great Hall returned.

Andromeda came and handed Teddy to Harry with a passing comment of, 'Harry, as much as I love him I am too old to care for him, please take good care of him'. Harry stopped her.

‘Andromeda, I just want you to know that anytime you want to see him just come, you are welcome whenever you want.’

‘Thank you Harry, that means the world to me and I do want to remain in his life. Even with you and Ginny as his parents he will only have Molly and Arthur to be his grandparents and he deserves all the love he can get. James and Lily would be proud of you. Look after him and I will see you all soon.’

With that Andromeda left. Harry held Teddy while Ginny leaned over to look at him.

'Gin, is it alright if we have a bit more responsibility in our relationship?'

Ginny smiled replying 'anything for you and Teddy, Harry. We will try and be the best parents we can to him.'

Harry whispered in Ginny’s ear ‘I love you and I hope Teddy is the first of many children we will share. You are so beautiful; I am such a lucky man. ’

Ginny blushed at this and muttered back that she loved him too. Few saw the love filled moment but those who did felt the love radiating between the two of them. Hermione’s’ eyes filled with moisture as she knew that now Ginny and Harry would stay together. Harry laid Teddy in his cot, gurgling after being fed by his grandma. They really looked like a family and Harry fell into the role naturally.

They slipped in next to Ron and Hermione as Molly piled two plates with food and set them down in front of the couple. They both dug in and felt a weight lifted off their shoulders as they held hands underneath the table and Harry rubbed circles on Ginny’s hand to try and soothe her. Harry looked up from his plate and gazed around the hall to see his future family as well as his dear friends that he would miss once he had left Hogwarts. He also gazed around at the Hall itself and remembered all the wonderful feasts and parties that had taken place in there and all Dumbledore’s speeches. He was finally going to leave the one place he could really call home in his life.

Harry finished off his fourth helping as the main course was replaced by dessert. Harry grabbed a treacle tart and polished it off. He then went to stand to fetch Teddy and leave when Ginny placed her hand on his thigh and with a pleading look asked him to stay in the hall until she wanted to leave.

Half an hour later they were both walking through the grounds, with Teddy now in Ginny's arms, trying to compose a speech for Harry to say at the memorial service. Ginny told him it would come to him and to leave it. They sat beneath an old oak tree, Ginny sat in between Harry's legs and Teddy cradled in Ginny's arms, catching up on the past year. They didn't realise how late it was until the moonlight could no longer light their faces and they looked down at a sleeping Teddy.

They trudged up to the castle, not looking forward to the pain and sorrow the memorial service would bring the next day. They reached the Gryffindor Common Room but neither of them had had enough of each other in the past year so Harry summoned a blanket and covered the three of them in the very comfortable armchair. They fell asleep in each other's arms hoping not to incur the wrath of Molly Weasley in the morning.

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