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Not So Obvious by elveriamoir
Chapter 5 : Of hissyfits and drama queens er kings
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AN: unfortunately I donot own Harry or friends they all belong to JK Rowling

Chapter Five Of Hissyfits and Drama Queens Kings

It was the day after his explosion at lunch and Remus had spent the last two hours in the hospital wing, being clucked over and having the many fractures in both his hands repaired. His mind was elsewhere though, dwelling on vaguely noticed shocked and hurt smouldering eyes, two pairs of eyes. Apart from this lack of concentration, he was surprisingly wide-awake for seven in the morning despite having roamed the school grounds all night. He was brought sharply back to reality by a rap on his sore but no longer broken knuckles by Madame Pomfery. Summarily dismissed he wandered aimlessly down to the Great Hall, feeling slightly ashamed of his behaviour the previous day. The hall was quite obviously empty for such a time on a Saturday morning, except for one ice blond and one ink black head bowed in conversation at the Slytherin table. Remus made to walk past them but as snap shots of the day before filtered back to his brain, changed his mind and slid into a bench opposite the pair with a breezy ‘Good morning’.
He was greeted by a deathly silence, as both Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape stared opened mouth at him. Taking advantage of this silence, Remus gathered his thoughts, since he had sat down with no plan in mind, however only one thought popped into his head. Thinking on this he grinned across at them, silently noticing the dark boy swallow and his eyes follow the movement of his Adam’s apple.

‘So…’ began Remus, while helping himself to a slice of toast, ‘I know you both have a secret’. Here he stopped and took a bite of toast. The two Slytherins now looked nervous as well as wary. Remus chuckled and continued, ‘All I want to know…is’ bite, chew, swallow, ‘one of you’. bite, chew, swallow, sip, swallow, ‘has the severe hots for Prongsie, oh sorry James, and by his reactions yesterday I think they acted on it.’ Here he stopped again and as the two boys opposite him gapped, chuckled deeply at how easily he had stunned the two most feared and to be fair hottest Slytherins, before going on with his act. ’Wait no that’s not it, I know who that is, so that must mean I know the other one has the extreme hots for Paddy, sorry Sirius and myself.’

Severus opened his mouth to refute this, to argue, but was interrupted by the appearance of a sleepy James and a glowering Sirius themselves. Both of whom forgot yesterday, or because of yesterday marched over and grabbed Remus by an arm. He shook them off and with a few low words gets them to back away to the Gryffindor table, where they sit looking puzzled. Just before he leaves the stunned Slytherins, Remus leans over the table and looks Severus straight in the eye. Then very unsubtly he trails his eyes over the other boy’s lips before licking his own. He leaned in closer and looks at both boys before whispering a challenge, ‘So what are you both going to do about it.’ Then winks and saunters off to join his friends knowing he has some explaining and apologising to do.

* * *

Sirius and James had entered the Great Hall in silence simply because James was not awake yet and Sirius still upset at both his friends, they were alone because Remus had not been in bed and Peter had mumbled something and pulled the covers over his head. When the entered the hall they had seen Remus apparently saying something horrifying to Malfoy and Snape. Concern for Remus’ behaviour made Sirius rush over; While James’ concern was torn between all three. Despite this it was Sirius who noticed the hunger in Snape’s eyes as they dwelt on Remus. He filed this knowledge away with contradictory feelings missing the equally loaded glance directed at him. While he was doing this James sent an apologetic glance at Lucius. Then all three Marauders sat down to breakfast, and since the other students were entering the hall tried to act like yesterday was forgotten. Over on the Slytherin table, across the hall Lucius and Severus sat in shocked silence. Not registering the greetings of their fellow Slytherins, which resulted in them both being given the space denied the Marauders. It would have been hard to say who had been most affected by the encounter. They had both been enjoying a quiet, civilised breakfast before they had been joined by an extremely wide-awake Remus Lupin who had proceeded to tell them their darkest secrets. Soon though their training and habits kicked in and they forced themselves to respond to those around them until Severus glancing up noticed the Marauders had left. He nudged Lucius and both boys were filled with a sense of foreboding. As soon as they could, they left the Great Hall and headed for a secluded spot to discuss these new developments. Not realising they were being watched by three pairs of eyes.

The Marauders, that is to say James, Sirius and Remus, had left the hall together to try and stop the questions, and were standing uncomfortably around the main doors when Severus and Lucius left. All three boys felt and urge to go after the two Slytherins but refrained knowing they had to sort their own problems out first. Remus was the first to speak.

‘Ermm.. .’ he stuttered, ‘we should probably go somewhere else to talk this through, walls have ears and all. And I don’t know about you but I don’t want anyone overhearing what I’ve got to say and spreading it around .’

The other two boys rapidly agreed with him and at James’ suggestion they walked out of the castle and down to their favourite spot in a clearing on the edges of the forbidden forest. It was a very long walk and one that they under took in silence, each so wrapped up in their own thoughts they failed to notice the others' apprehension. Remus was dragging his feet the wolf in him terrified of loosing it's pack and also slightly jealous that his two pack members had found their mates. James was chewing his bottom lip and prying they would forgive his deception of the last year. Sirius was worried, confused and hurt so strode ahead. Once he reached the clearing Sirius set up some wards so that none of the nasties of the forest or ‘annoying creeps’ could walk in on them. When he had completed this each boy took their favourite perch and an uncomfortable silence crept in. after a few nervous glances at each other, Sirius couldn’t stand the tension and started to pace. As he did images from yesterday and the rest of the term filtered through his brain suddenly everything clicked.

"Holy Crap", he barked out, causing Remus to nearly fall out of his tree -only his reflexes saved him Sirius noticed-and James to bang his head on an overhanging branch as he brought it up that fast.

"Dammit Paddy" they both shouted.

Then Remus took a deep breath, "No sorry Paddy it not your fault. Guys I wana apologise for my behaviour yesterday it was completely out of order." Taking an other deep breath he ploughed on before Sirius could butt in, ‘I also wana apologise for keeping things from you both, especially you Paddy as I know you hate people lying to you.’ Here he met Sirius’ eyes, but if it makes you feel better it was only the fact I keep my strength speed etc when I’m not fury and have big teeth.’ Remus shut his eyes so they couldn't see the lie in them and hope they thought he was gathering strength before he continued, "I want to admit something else as well,’ he muttered so low the other two had to strain to hear him, James blushes deeply and hangs his head as he realises what’s about to be said. Remus takes another deep breath and blurts out, "I bi-sexual, and I alsolikeSiriusandSnapesincethey are very hot and I can sense my mate in the castle but cant find them and it's pissing me off and I’ll understand if you want nothing to do with me after that admission Siri."

Sirius was standing in the centre of the clearing, stock still as what Remus had just admitted fell into place, ‘Holy crap,’ he muttered. Looking up he glared at Remus, ‘How the hell could you have kept any of that from me!’ he exploded, ‘We’re supposed to be best mates! Remember?’ then he takes a long deep breath, realising he too had to be honest. ‘No I’m sorry Moony, I’m not mad at you, much more at myself for being so stupid for not seeing it sooner. Look guys I wana apologise. James I was mad at you yesterday but I can kinda figure out why you didn’t say anything. Remus of course I still want something to do with you ’coz other whys I’d be a hypocrite. You see I think both you and Severus are hot and I am not bi I am completely gay." He sighed, ‘there I said it,’ looking up he catches sight of James’ dropped jaw, ‘dammit James your turn,’ then sits down again completely embarrassed.

James clears his throat nervously, still not sure were to start and decides apologies are a good place to start. ‘Ok look I’m sorry about yesterday but I was nervous and I didn’t know if what had happened was a joke, in fact I still don’t know.’ He pauses and takes a deep breath, ‘erm I erm yesterday you see, erm before potions I and erm me and oh dammit, yesterday before potions Lucius Malfoy dragged me into a cupboard and we erm well I think the expression is got off with each other, and erm I’ve liked him for a very long time.’

A long pause stretches after these admissions, a silence that stretched on, until Remus the first to see the hilarity in the situation burst into laughter. James and Sirius start to giggle to, and soon all three boys are in hysterics, which only ends when Remus falls off his branch with a muffled curse. Glad to be on speaking terms again, Remus ignores his fresh bruises only to have Sirius demand to know what the hell happened to his knuckles. Remus blushes as he accounts what little he can remember after he saw red the previous day. The both boys wanted to know what he had been talking to Lucius and Severus about to make them look so worried, Remus tried to fend off these questions. Finally after he could take it know more, he stuck his fingers in his ears and sang ‘la-la-la-la-la’ at the top of his voice. This seemed to work and the discussion changed to how they should spend the rest of the Saturday. They quickly agreed to go for a swim in the lake, since they didn’t know how long the Indian Summer would last and wanted to make the most of it.
A race down to the lake left two of the boys panting and the Remus grinning. Despite his winning easily Remus quickly stripped to his shorts and shimmied up the tree to use their rope swing, launched himself in the air and did an amazing piece of contortion by hitting the water in a dive. Sirius and James were left on the bank chuckling and entered the water at a more sedate leisurely pace, as they knew how cold the water could be. A game of tag and duck soon began with James often being the looser until he resorted to his party trick of being able to hold his breath for long periods of time and dragging the other two down by their ankles. When they tiered of this James summoned a ball and they played pass for a while, before hauling themselves out of the water and drying in the mellow heat of the sun. James and Sirius remaining almost white while Remus started to turn even more tanned. By unspoken consent they dressed and headed back to the Great Hall for tea, putting off another discussion for as long as possible.


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Not So Obvious: Of hissyfits and drama queens er kings


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