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Who You'd Be Today by amillionstoriestotell
Chapter 3 : All the hell that I've been through
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All the hell that I've been through,
All the hell that I've been through,
Just knowin' no-one could take your place.
An' sometimes I wonder,
Who'd you be today?
When they went home, Ron, Hermione and Hugo, were all thinking. Rose would have loved that, thought Hugo.

I wish Lily was here, thought Hermione.

I've been through hell since my baby girl died, but it's nice to know that Hugo knows she's ok, thought Ron.

The next morning,Thomas, Hermione's friend from her early childhood, came over.
"Hello?" called Tom through the quiet house.

The family were sat in the living room, in front of the television, watching a video of Rose's first steps.

"I've got a surprise for you all. Wait here!" The man rushed out of the room, then rushed back in with a dog in his arms!

"Here we go!" said Thomas, placing the dog on the floor. 

"It's for you. I thought you could call her Rose."

Thomas was a kind man with good intentions, but this was not a good time.

"MY DAUGHTER, CAN NOT BE REPLACED BY A DOG!" roared Ron, storming out of the room.

Ron furiously ran up to his room and slammed the door.

No-one can take my little girl's place! No-one ever will! Thought Ron, very angrily.
He began to cry. Hermione stayed downstairs to give him time to calm down, as Ron was giving himself time to cool.

I wonder, thought Rose's father, What would Rose be doing right at this moment? Would she be drawing, or playing with her dolls, or maybe talking to me about what she was going to be when she was older, which she used to do a lot.

His wife opened the door and came inside.

"Ron, I know you're upset, but Tom meant no harm. He was just trying to take our minds off it for a bit. He’s really sorry he offended you and he said he'll take the dog.-"

"I'm sorry to him too. I shouldn't have flipped like that; I know he was only trying to help. I’m going down to tell him."

The couple headed downstairs, hand in hand.

"Tom, I’m really sorry I flipped, I know you were trying to help."

"I'm so sorry too,Ron. I'll take the dog.God, I miss Rosie so much. She was a little ray of sunshine."

The men shook hands.

"Daddy? Is Rose ever going to come back? Like Jesus?" came a voice from the corner, whom none of the adults had realized was there.

"I don't know,Hugo. But we're going to see her again someday, when we go to heaven."
"When is that, Mummy?" asked the six year old.

"It's different for everyone,sweetheart. But your father's right. We’ll see her again." replied Hermione.

After they had put Hugo to bed, Ron and Hermione sat down in the living room, talking.
"Hermione? What do you reckon Rose would be doing now? I was just thinking before." asked Ron, the grieving father.

"Probably in her pajama’s, reading a book in her room."

"She inherited your brains you know. And your beautiful looks." Ron said to his wife.
"Thank you, honey. She inherited your charm, your determination and bravery, and your nose!"
The adults both laughed. 

"I miss her so much,Ron. My little girl. She’s gone. I’m never going to see her again." said Hermione, tears of sadness and grief in her eyes.

"I miss her too. But tell yourself what you told our son. She’s an angel, having fun, being happy, riding white horses."

"I actually didn't tell him the white horses part. Hugo said 'I bet she's riding white horses' and I said that it was probably true."

"But like I told him, we’ll see our girl soon. And when we do, we’ll all be having fun, being happy and riding white horses."

A/N - Very bad chapter, but I just wanted to show the extent of how much Ron is missing Rose. Reviewers make me very very very happy!!!! Thanks for reading!

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Who You'd Be Today: All the hell that I've been through


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