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Our own Prison by MoonBuzzLeto
Chapter 7 : My funny Friend and I
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Chapter seven: My funny friend and I.

(The music in this chapter is Good morning Sunshine by Aqua and My funny friend and I by Sting. I do not own them: just borrowing them for a bit.)


                Draco woke alone, the blankets kicked to his feet. This startled him and he looked around frantically, only to breathe a sigh of relief when he saw her seated at the table drinking a glass of milk. Rising slowly he walked over and kissed her on the forehead. She jumped and looked puzzled.

                “Well, good morning sunshine” she said cheerfully

                “Good morning Beautiful” he said stretching and yawning. She rolled her eyes heavenward and scoffed.

“Sleep well?”

“Better than I have in years actually. He admitted “even if you are a bed hog”

                “Am not!” she huffed and he patted her shoulder before falling into his chair.

                “Lighten up sweetheart, I was only having fun” he grabbed a cinnamon bun and took a huge bite.

                “I am starving” he said through the mouthful and Celestia laughed. Draco was fast becoming addicted to the sound.

                “Eat some of these Blueberries. They are full of very powerful antioxidants and we have years worth of damage to correct” she handed him a bowl of blueberries and he started eating them

                “Yes, Ma’am” her head was so full of information: he wondered how he could have ever though her dull.

Good morning sunshine,
you're my only light
lying with me by my side,
you keep me warm all day
Just stay with me

                “Room has expanded” she said casually and he looked around noticing she was right. He had been to busy watching her to notice. It had grown to include an Alcove with a wizarding chess set, a guitar and a small Piano. He leapt up and picked up the guitar.

                “Excellent! I have missed my guitar so much” he began to softly strum and she stared openmouthed. “You play guitar?”

                “Why the tone of surprise?”

                “I didn’t figure you for a Guitar player. I play piano” she said and waltzed over and dreamily began to play what he recognized as Moonlight Sonata”

                “It seems we are both full of Surprises” she said and he nodded. Why did he want to hug her?

                “Hey Celestia?” he looked at her, unsure of what to say next


                “I… I… Want to play me in Wizards chess?” he chickened out.

                “I have to warn you. I was Hogwarts champ 3 years running” she was grinning now and they sat down to play

Good morning sunshine,
be with me all day
Just don't let the rain pass you by
When it's cloudy and windy
and the snowflakes arrive,
you somehow just make me,
make me feel I'm alive


                What was with him?  She wondered he had seemed so light and sweet and fun this morning. But he seemed a little flummoxed for some reason.  During dinner, she asked him.

                “What’s with you today?”

                “Whatever do you mean?” he said between bites of his Treacle tart.

                “You… Just seem different”

                “Different how?

                “Just different is all, but in a good way.” Hell, this was not going well

                “I’ve decided I like you Selwyn”

                “Are you trying to seduce me?” she eyed him skeptically.

                “No! I didn’t mean like you like that, just that your sweet, and smart and cute”

                “I do not fancy being cute”

                “Fine then. Your Lovely.”

                “Thanks... I think”



                “It was a compliment. I am glad I met you”

She was unsure how to take all of this but that annoying little voice spoke for her before she could stop.

                “I’m glad I met you too”

                Draco had a sheepish grin on his face and was staring blithely at the worn carpet this time at the Victrola’s sound he was the one that held out his hand, standing in a true old fashioned Gentleman’s Stance.

                “Come and dance with me”

                Surprised as she was she held out her arm and let herself be pulled closely to him as he stepped in perfect time to the music. She hadn’t expected him to be so graceful. Or maybe she hoped he wasn’t so she could find some flaw in him.

In the quiet time of evening
When the stars assume their patterns
and the day has made his journey
And we wondered just what happened
To the life we knew before the world changed
When not a thing I held was true


                She was so tiny compared to him that it took her breath when he lifted her into his arms and whirled her fast around just like her father used to do. Setting her softly back on the ground he took a step back and looked lost for a moment.

                “What’s wrong?” she asked.

                “You scare the hell of me”

                This shocked her, why would a man who served the most feared wizard of all times be scared of little Celestia Corina Selwyn.  The most benign witch the ministry had?

But you were kind to me and you reminded me
that the world is not my playground
there are other things that matter

                He was standing much too close now and celestia was torn between wishing he would step back and equally wishing he would take her against him again.

                “I couldn’t have said that better myself” he breathed about an inch from her face. Was he going to kiss me again? Do I want him too?

And when a simple needs protecting
My illusions all would shatter
But you stayed in my corner
The only world I know was upside down
And now the world and me, I know you carry me

                As celestia wrestled with her conflicting heart he backed away and sat on the chair, his eyes glazing over again. She sat at his feet and looked up beseechingly.

                “Now what are you thinking?” she forced herself to ask. He seemed to snap out of his trance for a second.

                “The truth?” he asked


                “I was thinking of how much I like being with you. How glad I am that even though I miss the moonlight, walks through the woods, and my home there’s no place I’d rather be right now”

Boy, he is a sweet talker. Her conscience spoke but he sounded so genuine she didn’t know what to believe.

                “I’m still not having sex with you” she teased and he leapt up and pinned her to the floor under his weight, jabbing his fingers into her ribcage until she squealed red-faced begging for mercy.

                The laughter stopped as he bent down and brushed a kiss over her cheek, letting it linger and sear her flesh. She sighed and he saw that as a sign and scooped her up into his arms bridal style and lay her on the divan.  She was lost for words so she just watched as he laid his head on her chest, seemingly counting the beats of her heart in his head. As scared as she was, she didn’t want to move. She allowed her fingers to idly mess with his hair and trace the outline of his jaw and throat laying her hand over his heart and beginning to unlace the silk tie he wore. They lay there sleepily for a long moment letting the music swirl and fill the space between them, the silence both awkward and comfortable

I'm not as clever as I thought I was
I'm not the boy I used to be because
You showed me something different, you showed me something pure
I always seemed so certain but I was really never sure


                Draco had never before felt the happy comfortable feeling he was having at the moment. He had long since abandoned analyzing everything he felt, everything she did and all that passed between them. He had just let go and let the chips fall where they may and he fell straight into her arms.  He thought for sure he could spend the next hundred years with her, laughing and dancing and enjoying all of what the other had to give. And for the first time in years he felt he had something to give. Something in him that could please her, that could make those oft hypnotizing eyes smile.

                “What do you want right now?” she was asking in a shy whisper.

                “Nothing” he breathed. “Just let’s not spoil this moment” he couldn’t believe the words he spoke. Who was this person and what had they done with Draco Malfoy? 

 But you stayed and you called my name
when others would have walked out on a lousy game
and you could've made it through
but your funny friend and me

                He looked deeply into her face and found her looking back. The little half smile she gave him and the dreamy look on her face spoke volumes. Leaning up, he allowed himself to barely, like the brush of a feather brush a soft kiss on the corner of her mouth. She let out a soft sigh and ran her hands under the back of his shirt, tracing the muscles of his back. Encouraged he let himself be pulled closer, pressing his lips to hers a second time in almost a daring fashion. She hitched one leg around his waist pulling him close and massaged the back of his neck gently.  This time, it was her who arched up to meet his kiss her tongue fighting with his for dominance.

                Fighting hard to keep control, Draco moved his moist lips across her neck and ran his hands under the thin lavender shirt was wearing, tracing circles along her white lace bra.

                Her breathing grew hollow and she undid the buttons of his shirt, lifting his arm and gently kissing each scar. At such a tender gesture, Draco thought he would snap. Instead he pulled away, standing beside where she still lay, looking as if confounded

                “Was I not doing something right?” she sounded sad.

                “Oh no, love you were doing everything exactly right... too right in fact.” He looked down embarrassed at the bulge in his slacks.

                “Why did you stop?”  He was staring at the tiny heart shaped birthmark just above her belly button.

                                “I don’t want to be an Ass and take advantage of you. I’m sorry”

                “What if I want to be taken advantage of?” she pouted

                “I feel like I’m using you, spoiling you somehow”

                “Well, if your as good as everyone say’s maybe you will spoil me a little. I’ve been good my whole life, tried to please everyone else, now I am 21 years old, full grown and I have no one left to please but me. I think I’d love making love to you”

                Her honesty astounded Draco. “I think I would love making love to you too, but, I guess I just want to go slow.” He blushed furiously and turned his face away. She stood and reached up, turning him to face her again.

                “That is so sweet. Very well, I shall end this with a goodnight kiss.

                 He lifted her into his arms again and squeezed her tight as she gave him a soft sweet and very sensual kiss. He carried her over to bed and tucked the covers to her chin, kissing her forehead chastely the way his mother always did him.  He turned to walk away but she called out to him.

                                “Draco, please don’t go” Even though his plan was to sneak into the bathroom and “relieve tension” Instead he curled into bed beside her laid one arm around her midsection, turning to his side so he could watch her sleep.  Oh Shit. I’ve got it so bad.  He muttered to himself, but as he watched the firelight trace patterns across her face and chest he sighed fuck it. I just don’t care anymore.


Don't know the answer or the reason why
We'll stick together till the day we die
If I had to do this all a second time
I won't complain or make a fuss
When the angels sing that that unlikely blend
Are those two funny friends
That's us

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