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To Know Their True Heart by Kenshinx56
Chapter 39 : 39: Kingscross Station
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Scorpius looked at his watch as he and Rose walked down the corridor, it was nearly 2:00 but was it 2am or 2pm? Rose figured that one way to find out would be to stop in at her bedroom, if it was full it was 2am, if empty 2pm. As quietly as possible she opened the door to the Common room and they creep in. The room is empty so Scorpius settled down in one of the chairs while Rose checked out her bedroom. About 10 minutes later, just as Scorpius is starting to worry about Rose she returned dressed in fresh clothes. “It is 2pm.” she stated “So I thought I had best get changed so it does not look like I have been doing something naughty.”

Together they walked to the Great Hall, hoping to find something to eat, knowing it was the afternoon made them realize that they had missed breakfast and lunch. They stood at the door to the Great Hall, it was totally deserted. “You don’t think that we were making love for two whole days and that everyone has gone home for the holidays?” Scorpius asked, only half jokingly.

“No, all the cases were still in the bedroom so we haven’t spent more than a day and a half in bed.” Rose replied with a mischievous glint in her eye.

As they walked out the front doors it was obvious where everyone was. It was a warm sunny day, the last of the exams were over and everyone was out having fun. In the distance Scorpius could see several dots flying around the Quidditch field, there were dozens of couples walking around the lake and even more groups of people sitting around under the trees or lying in the sun trying to get a tan. Rose squeezed his hand and said “There they are.”

Scorpius look and there down near the lake sat Cameron with Tegan laying across his legs. Al and Robyn were sitting opposite them. In between the couples was a picnic basket. “I hope that their basket still has some food in it” he said as they made their way towards the group. As they neared the group Scorpius realized with a small sense of wonder that he was returning to the place his love for Rose had started. Just behind Al and Robyn was the very bush that the 4th years had been looking through and this was where he had stood when he first saw Rose in her bikini, when he realized that she was a beautiful lady and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. It was strange that this was also the first place that they should come to after finally committing themselves to each other.

All their friends looked up as Scorpius and Rose approached. Suddenly Scorpius felt very embarrassed and it must have shown on his face because Robyn asked in a serious voice “And what do you think you have been doing with my baby sister?”

Scorpius tried to answer “I . . . er . . . ahh . . . well . . . you see . . . “ Robyn just ignored him and walked over to Rose. The two girls stood looking at each other for a while then Robyn smiled, put her arms around Rose and kissed her. As the kiss grew longer Rose returned Robyn’s embrace and her kiss. Everyone else was in shock though it was obvious that the males were also enjoying the emotional display. When the girls finally parted Robyn said “I guess this means there will be no more experimenting for us.” With a quick glance at Scorpius Robyn then asked “How was it?”

Rose sat down and pulled an unresisting Scorpius with her. “I will tell you all the gory details only if there is food left in that basket, we’re starving.”

Tegan sat up and opened the basket. Inside were bread rolls, cold meat, salads and several bottles of butterbeer. “This isn’t ours, it’s yours. We have been carrying it around once we realized that you were too busy to come to breakfast. A lot of sex always makes you hungry” she said; leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind that everyone here knew what Rose and Scorpius had been doing since dinner time yesterday.

Rose and Scorpius started eating with a vengeance, the others just passed around the drinks and waited for the new comers to have their fill and give them ‘all the gory details’. When they had sated their hunger Rose looked at Robyn and asked “What do you mean baby sister?”

Robyn shrugged and said “I turned seventeen in September. If you do the maths, that makes you nine months younger than me. Tegan turned seventeen at Christmas making her six months older than you. Ergo you are the baby.”

“I give up, what do you want to know?”

Before anyone could ask Scorpius set their expectations “We are not going to tell you what we did so don’t ask.”

Robyn smiled “You do realize that your statement actually tells us exactly what you did, I feel safe in saying that next time Hagrid has to heal an injured Unicorn I will have to do it myself.”

Scorpius cursed himself for again underestimating the Slytherins and said “Well we are not saying anything else about it.”

Rose leaned over to Scorpius and kissed him on the cheek “Sorry dear but yes we are. They know about our link and the problems it has caused for us. They have helped us on a number of occasions so they deserve some answers.”

Scorpius opened his mouth to say something then closed it and nodded. Rose kissed him again.

“We went to the room with the intention of going all the way this time. So we did not try and hold back the passion as it built up in us. It was er . . .I don’t think I could describe it, word fail to tell how it felt. I will just say it was absolutely fantastic; it was like we were soaring through the skies.”

Rose nodded at Robyn “You were right; when it happened we had no control and it happened very very fast. One minute we were kissing and then we let the dam burst and our passion exploded. We could not love each other fast enough.”

While Rose was talking Scorpius was getting more and more embarrassed. By the end he was studying a blade of grass he had plucked from the lawn. He did not dare look at anyone else. If he had looked up he would have seen the other males in the group were also embarrassed but at the same time they were shameless hanging on to every word with voyeuristic glee.

Rose was feeling Scorpius humiliation so she continued in as general terms as possible. “It was a lot slower the next couple of time we made love because our passion did not overwhelm us. Our link meant that we knew what each other wanted so we naturally did what the other wanted, when they wanted without having to tell each other about it. We could take our time and make sure we both enjoyed everything.”

Al exclaimed “The next couple of times! How many times did you two do it?”

Everyone turned and glared at Al for his lack of tact. Al immediately realised that he had transgressed the boundry of good taste “Forget I asked” he said holding up his hands.

Cameron looked at Tegan and then asked “Where is this room of yours, we tried to get to the Room of Requirement but there were dozens of students sort of hanging around the third floor.”

Scorpius said “It is in one of the store rooms near the Slytherin’s common room.” He then described how they could find it.

Cameron turns towards Tegan “Well beautiful shall we go and check out this room Rose mentioned and talk or something.”

Tegan smirked “I think we will do the ‘or something’. It sounds like a nice way to end the year.” Hand in hand they walked back to the school.

Scorpius yawned and said “I think we will head back to school as well. We need to go to bed; this time to get some sleep.” Scorpius stood up and pulled Rose to her feet.

Just before they followed Cameron and Tegan, Rose turned to Robyn and said “Thanks for everything you did for me this year. I owe you big time. If you need anything let us know.”

Scorpius took her hand and they too walked back to the school.
Al and Robyn found them selves left alone. Both had the same thoughts, where does that leave us? Cameron and Tegan had been lovers since Christmas and now Rose and Scorpius were lovers. Were Al and Robyn together or weren’t they. Al’s mind was in utter confusion, he never really understood this entire boyfriend/girlfriend relationship thing that couples had. He and Robyn didn’t really have that kind of friendship anyway; their relationship was a lot more complicated. How did he know if he loved somebody? Lust he knew but not love, they could be the same thing for all he knew. He knew that Robyn was beautiful, more so that Rose or Tegan, though he would not try and tell Cameron or Scorpius that. He enjoyed Robyn’s company and they could talk with each other. When they kissed, WOW but was that just his dick talking or was it his heart.

Robyn looked at Al; he was tall, strong and handsome. Al was kind and considerate; he was an attentive gentleman and Robyn liked him very much. She would even say that she cherished their relationship and was infatuated with him but she knew that she did not love him. Her old habits were still with her as she made this appraisal and decided that it would still be good to get him into bed and shag him until they both collapsed from exhaustion. Robyn sighed “Al we have a decision to make and for once I am not going to make this decision alone.”

Robyn took Al’s hand and led him over to a tree that looked over the lake and they sat down, close but not touching. “Al I like you very much and I want you as a friend more than I have wanted anything else in the world. I know you like me but I need to know how much you like me.”

Al looked at Robyn and thought ‘I am going to screw this up and say the wrong thing’ but he continued anyway. “Robyn I like you too. You are beautiful and, I don’t mean this in a bad way but, I feel comfortable around you. We can talk to each other, we can hold each other when we need the feeling of friendship and I can hardly control myself when we are kissing but . . . I don’t know what I really feel. I want you but I don’t know if it is love. I definitely feel a yearning for you but I don’t know how to describe it.” Al finished clenching his fists in frustration.

Robyn reached over and took his right hand in hers and lifted it to her lips and gentle kissed his knuckles. “It’s OK Al; I do know how you feel. I think our relationship and feelings for each other are complicated and I truly believe that we will end up like your dad and Hermione. We will be closer than any brother and sister and we will love each other, but not as lovers.”

Al relaxed a bit, looked at his hand that was still near her lips and teasingly said “You do realize that my dick is very disappointed to hear you say that we won’t be lovers.”

Robyn did not let go of his hand instead she gentle kissed it again but this time it seemed like one of the most sensual acts that Al had every experienced. “Actually that is the decision I was not going to make by my self. I just needed to know how you saw us and to tell you how I saw you.”

Again, Al thought, I have lost the plot; what have I missed this time. Robyn giggled at the pained look on Al’s face and decided to put him out of his misery. “What I am saying is we are great friends and I will not do anything to jeopardize that friendship BUT I also want to take you to bed and love you like there is no tomorrow.”

Robyn stopped talking waiting for her last statement to sink in. It was easy to see when that happened; Al started to turn red thanks to the Weasley blush. Robyn timed her next speech so that Al did not get a chance to start talking.

“But I have to be absolutely sure that you want to go to bed with me purely for the sex and that afterwards we remain friends. Not lovers, just friends.” Robyn again stopped to let her words sink in. “This will just be for the fun of it and I don’t want you to try changing us into lovers afterwards because, right now, I don’t think that us being lovers will work.”

Al sat there in silence but Rose noticed that he had to shift his legs around and knew that the thought of them in bed was exciting Al.

Finally Al looked at Robyn “You have no idea how hard this decision is to make.” Al blushed again when he realized the double entendre he had just made. “I think it best that we do not take that last step. I do not think I can separate sex with you from love. I’m sorry Robyn.”

Robyn stood and held out her hand for Al to take. “Don’t be sorry, I reached the same conclusion but felt that I needed to let you tell me if I was right or wrong.”

She did not let go of Al’s hand as they walked back into the school. “So; I guess that means that you’re not the type of boy that is happy with one night stands”

Al surprised Robyn by answering what she thought was a rhetorical question “With anyone else; yes I am more than ready for a one nighter. My problem is that to me you are not just anybody.”

Robyn had no answer to that so they just walked on in silence.

Next morning there was not much time for anything except packing. As was normal most people had not packed the night before they were due to leave Hogwarts. Cameron and Tegan did not arrive back at their rooms until the early hours of the morning and probably would have slept in late the next day except everyone was making a lot of noise getting ready to catch the Hogwarts express. Scorpius and Rose had slept most of the afternoon but to be honest Rose probable would not have pack even if she had been awake, she never had in the previous years so this year would not have been any different. Robyn and Al just walked or sat the rest of the day, Al had tried to talk but Robyn seemed to prefer to walk in silence and only answered in mono-syllables. Robyn was actually pre-occupied with what Al had said ‘My problem is that to me you are not just anybody’. What did that mean as far as their friendship went? They final went their separate ways after dinner. Each went straight to bed to think about how every thing had turned out.

When Scorpius and Rose stood with the Weasley clan Scorpius expected them to hassle him about sleeping with Rose but no-one said anything. For once a secret had not run through them like a fire. Scorpius caught Al’s eye and raised his eyebrows in a silent question, Al shook his head and smiled back. As had happened at Christmas time, as soon as the group boarded the train they all disappeared in different directions leaving Rose, Scorpius and friends alone in their own compartment. Tegan was not dressed in her corset this time, instead she had an emerald green dress that seemed to be made of layers of translucent material that floated down from her hips. Both Al and Scorpius kept looking back at it in the hope of seeing more than the fabric. Cameron laughed and put them out of their misery, “Give up, I tried for an hour this morning before Teeg showed me the dress close up. Its not see through it just looks like it is.”

The group settled in to their seats for the trip home. Rose was not her normally straight forward self and seemed to be withdrawn from the general discussions that were taking place. Robyn noticed and asked “What’s the problem Rose?”

Instead of answering Robyn, Rose asked Tegan a question, “Do your parents know about you and Cameron?”

Tegan said “Yes, It would have been a bit hard to hide the fact when the two of us came down for breakfast together.”

Al looked at Cameron and exclaimed with admiration “You’ve got balls, to sleep with a girl and them go down and have breakfast with her parents.”

Cameron looked sheepish and said “I didn’t even think about it, I had just had the most amazing night ever and the only thing I had on my mind was that I was never letting this woman out of my sight when the two of us walked into the kitchen and saw her parents eating breakfast. Her mum said ‘Morning, you must be Cameron.’ Then her dad stood up and I thought I was dead but he just said ‘If you want breakfast you’ll have to get it yourself. I’m off to the office.’”

Al nudged Rose, why don’t you and Scorpius do that, I’m sure Uncle Ron would be as understanding.” This upset Rose and Al immediately felt terrible. “I didn’t mean anything Rose, I’m sorry.”

“That’s the problem, I want to tell mum and dad about us but I don’t know how dad will react. I have never kept anything from mum and dad and I don’t intend to start now. I just wish they were more like Tegan’s parents.”

Tegan shook her head “Surely they don’t expect you to remain a little girl forever. Do you want me to ask dad to talk to him?”

Rose looked horrified “My dad would kill your dad if he told him that I should be allowed to sleep with who ever I wanted to.”

“He wouldn’t do that, I have heard dad talking to other parents. He would remind him that they did the same thing at our age and that we will do what we want regardless of what they want. He also tells them that if they try and stop their kids it will only drive them away.”

Everyone except Cameron had a disbelieving look on their faces. Scorpius finally spoke “If I walked out of my bedroom with Rose, my parents would lock me away for life and I’m a boy. I can’t see any parent acting like that with their daughter.”

Cameron answered “SM that is the way it happened to me, almost word for word. After breakfast Tegan and I sat with her mum and we talked; she wanted to know all about me and what I was doing and what I planned to do. When her dad got home that night he explained why he accepted what Tegan was doing. He did add that it was the hardest thing he had ever done. He was like every father and he wanted to protect his daughter but he said it would be hypocritical for him to accept that behavior from his son and then stopping his daughter from doing the same things.”

Rose seemed to be a little happier. “That is actually a great way of looking at it. I know it will work with mum and if I get her on my side then dad may not overreact.”

Scorpius took her hand “And I will be with you when you tell them.”

“So will I.” said Robyn and Al at the same time.

Rose kissed Scorpius “No I want to do this by myself. You can wait near by but I will do this by myself.”

When they got to Kingscross Station the group stayed together and made their way towards the waiting parents. Scorpius saw his father and nodded but kept walking with Rose. Draco wondered what was happening and followed closely behind the group. When Tegan could not see her father she sent Cameron down the platform to find him and bring him over to Rose. Rose had said she did not need him but Tegan thought it would be better if he was near, just in case. As they neared the families Al moved to the front and grabbed Hugo. He then half pushed Hugo over to where Harry and Ginny stood and put himself between Rose’s parents and the rest of the family.

Hermione sensed that something was happening and pulled Ron forward to meet their daughter a little away from everyone else so their conversation would be semi-private. Even though Rose said she wanted to do this herself Scorpius was standing directly behind her when she and her parents finally met. Cameron arrived with another man in tow a few seconds later.

Very quietly she said “Mum, dad; I need to tell you something but I don’t want you to get upset or mad.” The last part was aimed at Ron. Looking directly at her mum Rose said “I am an adult and I decided that Scorpius and I should be more intimate.” Rose took a deep breath and said quietly but very fast “So we are lovers.”

Hermione just nodded but Rose could see the color rising in Ron’s face.

“Don’t dad!” Rose snapped “I am old enough to make my own decisions and I took a lot of time to make this one. I am very happy and would not change anything.”

Ron was angry but had no outlet until he looked at Scorpius standing behind Rose. In a single step he had bypassed Rose and was standing over Scorpius. “I am going to . . . “ Ron started to say when three people interrupted him.

Hermione tightly grabbed his arm, where he kept his wand, and said venomously “You will do nothing. ABSOUTELY nothing. Is that understood?”

Draco pulled Scorpius behind him and glared at Ron. “You want to make something of this Weasley?”

Tegan’s dad, Greg, stepped between Draco and Ron and simple said “Let’s go for a walk.”

When Ron just stood there and glared at Draco. Tegan took Cameron’s hand and moved them both behind her father and in front of Draco. Then Al and Robyn joined Tegan, Soon Hugo and James had joined the group and Draco was forced to move further backwards. Then it seemed that all the Potter and Weasley children had moved between Ron and Draco.

Greg said a bit louder this time “Ron, we need to talk right now.”

Ron glared at Greg but then stormed off, Greg followed him. Together they moved further up the platform, past the exit, until they were standing next to the engine. Greg looked at all the children and said “It’s hard isn’t it?”

Ron grunted angrily.

“But it would be even harder if you lost her.”

Ron turned on Greg “I’m protecting her!”

“No you are protecting the image of the little girl that you have. Look at her she is a grown woman and nothing you can do will ever change that. She is going to keep growing and making her own decisions. If you don’t let her do that, then she will leave you.”

“What do you know about it” snarled Ron.

Greg pointed to Tegan “She is my daughter. That boy next to her has been sleeping, in her bedroom, with her since Christmas. So I know everything about it.”

“How can you let that happen in your own house?” Ron was so stunned he forgot to be angry.

“Let me ask you something. Did you ever get up to anything as a teenage?”

Ron looked guilty.

“I’ll take that as a yes, and did any rules or orders from the girls parents stop you doing what you did? Did any amount of supervision prevent you from finding time alone together? Your daughter is just like we were and all your restrictions and control will be just as effective as the ones your parents used. Would you prefer that your daughter bring her boyfriends home and do what they are going to do in the safe loving environment your home or would they prefer they sneaked out to do it behind your back?”

Ron had lost all his anger and almost whined “But I don’t want her to do it at all.”

Greg sighed “That is not an option. She is going to have sex and there is nothing you can do to stop that. Your only choice is whether Rose is willing to come home and spend time with you or whether her home life is so bad she will have nothing more to do with you. If you try to hard to stop her you will only drive her away.”

Ron looked defeated so Greg put forward his last argument. “Welcoming Tegan’s lover into my house was the hard. I am just like you, I want to protect my daughter but it would be hypocritical for me to accept and even encourage that behavior from my son, Geoffrey, and then try to stop Tegan from doing the same things.”

Ron slumped back against the wall “Hermione said exactly the same thing when we first found out about them. It’s just so hard watching her grow up.”

“That it is, that it is.”

Ron returned to the group and hugged Rose “I’m sorry I acted like an over protective father. My only excuse is that I am an over protective father. It will take me some time to get used to this so can you not um . . .  you know for a while.”

Rose hugged him back “OK, We won’t ‘um . . .  you know’ for a short while.”

Ron turned to Draco and Scorpius “I am sorry I lost my temper. I would like to invite you to our house as an apology.”

Scorpius answered before Draco could make any snide remark. “Thank you Mr. Weasley we would love to.”

Rose turned to Draco “And while we are thanking people I need to thank you for trying to talk some sense into Scorpius. We are not ready to become engaged, maybe in a few years I will accept his proposal.” With that she kissed him on the cheek.

Rose, Robyn and Hugo loaded their trunks into the back of the Peugeot and headed for home. Rose lay back in the seat and pulled the ring out from her blouse. Even with all the ups and downs this had been a good year. She closed her eyes and felt for Scorpius, he too was contented. Right now Rose had a boyfriend who was devoted to her and she knew they would be together forever. Her father had started to accept that she was a grown woman who could make up her own mind about what she wanted and could have an adult relationship with Scorpius. All in all things had turned out well for her.

Scorpius had helped Rose collect all her belongings and loaded them onto a platform trolley for her. As he stood and watched her leave with her family Draco came up behind him; “It has taken couple of months but I think I will be happy with her as a daughter-in-law. She has a strong character and is wiser than you are; she knew it was wrong to get married now.” He finished with a grin.

Scorpius did not rise to the bait but smiled as well. “You’re right she is wiser.” And she is mine Scorpius thought. Just then he felt her mind touch his and knew she was happy. It was like a fairy tale; last year he realized how beautiful she was and wanted her. Through out the year he had faced many challenges and trials to win the maiden’s hand and now he was ready for the final sentence that all fairy tales had. ‘And they lived happily ever after’.


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