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Hallelujah by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 6 : Cold
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And I've seen your flag on the marble arch
And love is not a victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

  Harry took a deep breath and drew his wand, he felt pretty sure that whoever sent the letter knew he was there, but he wasn’t stupid enough to walk right in and yell, “ Okay I’m here, come kill me.” No, he wanted at least some chance to get the girls and get out alive.


  So instead he creep behind the large house, looking for a window or door. Finally he found a small basement window; he looked in to see a bushy brown head, bowed in the corner. He tapped on the glass, Hermione jumped, looking up wildly. She ran over to the window.


  “ What are you doing here?” she asked, looking scared.


  “ I’m here to take you and Ginny home.” Harry whispered back, “ Where is she?”


  “ I don’t know,” Hermione murmured, tears filling her eyes, “ they separated us and took our wands away. I tried to contact her, but I didn’t know how.”


  “ Move out of the way.” Ordered Harry. Hermione backed up several steps, Harry pointed his wand to the glass and it melted, making a hole big enough for his body to squeeze in. No sooner had Harry’s feet touched the floor then had Hermione seized him in a hug, she was sobbing.


  “ You shouldn’t have come.” She whispered, “ You’re going to get yourself killed.”


  “ Better then you and Ginny getting killed.” He answered, she stepped back from him, her big brown eyes worry; as though she thought he was going to die for them. “ The only ones who are in any danger of dying tonight are the men who brought you here.” Harry clarified. “ I’ll make sure of that.”


  Hermione nodded, still very white in the face, she must not have been very confident because she asked, “ You didn’t bring Ron with you, did you?”


  “ No, he went back to the Burrow.”


  “ Good.” Hermione said relieve; then looking at Harry’s face quickly added, “ B-because they need to know what’s going on.”


  Harry pretended to be amused, to lighten things up, “ Hermione, nothing is going to happen to us.” He wished he could believe that, but right now his heart was thumping two thousand miles an hour. Ginny was somewhere in the depths of this manor, and she could be in trouble. Hermione gave a shaky nod; tears glistening in her big brown eyes. “ You go, to the Burrow, let Ron know you’re okay, he is worried about you. Plus you look like hell, you need some sleep.”


  “ I’m not leaving you.” She argued.


  “ Hermione, I’ll be fine.” He said.


  “ No, I’ll come with you.” She said.


  “ Listen, I’ve done tons of dangerous stuff before, I can handle it.”


  “ You’re not going alone, Ginny’s my friend, and I love her too.”


  “ Will you please just trust me?”


  “ I do trust you, Harry, but…”


  “ We’re wasting time!” Harry hissed, frustrated, “ I’ll have a better chance alone, plus, Ron is probably having a fit, go home and let him know you’re okay. Get some sleep, and a good meal, then if I’m not back in an hour, which I will be, but if I’m not you can come back with Ron and the rest of the Aurors.”


  Hermione pursed her lips, her throat constricted like she was trying to choke down a sob, “ I-if anything happens to you…”


  “ Does that mean you’ll go?” Harry asked. Hermione thought for a second before nodding. “ Good,” Harry said, “ I’ll see you soon.”


  Hermione turned and started to walk to the window, but stopped turned around, ran towards Harry and rapped him in a hug. “ Be careful!” She sobbed.


  “ I’ll be fine.” Harry promised. He helped Hermione out the window and watched as she disapparted with a crack.


  “ Okay,” Harry whispered to himself, “ Ginny, where are you.” He walked over to the door and tried to open it. It didn’t open to Alohamora, but then again, he wasn’t really expecting it to, he instead took a knife out of his belt buckle, it was much like the one Sirius gave him for Christmas four years ago, only this one couldn’t untie any knot, it could only unlock any lock. He slid it in the door and turned, with a small click, the door opened.


  Harry shuddered slightly thinking about what Mad-Eye Moody would’ve said about him just walking through a known enemy’s house, but Mad-Eye was dead, and Harry wasn’t going to let Ginny go the same way. 


  He walked cat-like through the corridors, ears sharp trying to pick up any sound, any movement. It was way to quiet; it gave him an eerie feeling that he didn’t like at all.


  He felt the blood drain out of him as the silent was broken by a high-pitched, desperate, blood-curdling scream.


  “ GINNY!” He shrieked without thinking, he whipped around and started running as fast as he could towards the direction of the scream, he ran faster then he ever ran in his life, adrenaline pumping through his blood, Ginny’s scream ringing in his ears. He had never been this scared in his life, not even last spring when he thought he was going to die. He hoped with everything he had that he would be fast enough. He ran up a set of stairs and burst into a room, yelling “ STUPIFIY!” at the man in it. The man, in his twenties, barely older then Harry froze up and fell to the ground. A heap of black and orange was at his feet.


  “ Ginny!” Harry yelled again, dropping down by her and rolling her over, her face was chalky white, but a small smile met her lips as her eyes fluttered.


  “ I told Hermione you’d come.” She whispered, her voice sounded tired, weak, almost drunk, but at least she was talking, “ You’re to stupid and noble not to.” She raised her arm weakly and hit him softly on the head, ruffling his hair.


  “ Are you okay?” Harry asked, worried.


  “ Yeah,” she breathed, “ I’ll good now; I knew you’d come, you’re always saving me, aren’t you?” Harry smiled slightly.


  “ If I didn’t, who would?” He asked, touching her face gently, it was ice cold, “ We need to get you out of here.” He lifted Ginny into his arms; for once she didn’t abject, resting her head one Harry’s chest and breathing deeply.


  “ You smell good,” She said drowsily, “ I forgot how good you smelt.”


  “ Come on,” He smiled, he felt slightly better now that he had Ginny and she was okay, but he was still deeply worried, boosting her up and holding her tighter he whispered, “ Lets go.”


  “ Not so fast, ya only jus’ got here.” Said somebody from behind Harry. He whipped around, Ginny let out a squeal of shock. A man was standing in the doorway, wand pointed at them. Harry recognized him as one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters that swore he was bewitched, Malcolm Pritchard or something like that. “ See ya got yer other girly out of here, but Lil Red here is not so lucky.”


  “ Leave Ginny out of this!” Harry snapped.


  “ Of course, I have nothing against the girl.” Pritchard said, “ Only the man holdin’ her.” Harry lowered Ginny’s feet to the ground, she wobbled grabbing Harry’s arm for support; he helped steady her before turning back to Pritchard.


  “ There,” Harry said. “ What do you want money? Power? Freedom?”


  “ Revenge.” Pritchard said, “ I want Revenged.” Oooof course he does. Harry thought, don’t all crazy psychopaths want to do me in for revenge?


  “ Fine,” Harry said, “ Kill me then, just let Ginny go.”


  “ Harry!” Ginny cried. But Harry already had his wand in his hand behind his back; with one swift movement he whipped it out and yelled.


  “ ATTONBITUS!” He yelled.


  Pritchard dodged, sending a jet of black light towards Harry. But Before Harry could block it Ginny pushed him out of the way, the light hit her in the shoulder and she crippled over and fell to the floor.


  “ AVADA KADAVRA!” Harry screamed with out thinking twice hitting Pritchard square in the chest. He fell to the floor next to Ginny, she was breathing fast and heavy.


  “ Ginny? GINNY! Are you okay?” He asked frantic.


  “ Y-y-you-r-r always s-saving me.” Ginny breathed barely audible, “ I-I l-l-love y-you…”


  “ Ginny, no!” Harry said, “ No don’t do that! Don’t say good-bye! You’re not going to die! Do you hear me?”


  “ W-w-w-we w-w-would have had a-amazing k-kids.” She said.


  “ We will!” Harry corrected, “ Your not going to die! Don’t die, please, please don’t die!”


  “ I-I-I love y-y-you…” she repeated. Her body shook and her eyes closed.


  “ GINNY! No…NO! GINNY!” Harry screamed shaking her limp, cold body, “ GINNY!” His throat constricted, tears flooded his eyes, “ Please, no, please, please, I love you.” He buried his face in her robes; his insides felt cold, colder then Ginny’s icy skin. He failed, after three years of trying to avoid this, he killed her; it was his fault. It was inevitably and completely his fault. He broke his promise, he promised himself, Ron, Ginny, he promised he would never let anything bad happen to her.


  Suddenly a voice yelled something from behind Harry, everything went black and cold; he opened his eyes he was in a big white room, warm and comforting. He was a little boy again; only eleven or twelve, Ginny was ten or eleven. She was giggling, he couldn’t help but laugh too, something about their innocents made him want to join in her happiness. She pressed her finger to her lips to indicate quiet, then beckoned him to follow her and ran. He chased after, with seeker speed he caught her and tapped her shoulder, she started chasing him. They played tag back and forth for a while before on Harry’s turn being it, she ran into an open door, and jumped into a man’s open arms. The man, Harry noticed was James Potter, Lily standing next to him. Ginny’s smiled and buried her face in Harry’s father’s collar; James hugged her like she was his daughter.


  Harry went to follow her them, but found he couldn’t, Lily looked down at him sympathetically, she walked over to him and put her warm, soft hand on his cheek.


  “ We’ll take good care of her, son,” Lily whispered gently, “ You’re dad and I will take good care of her, I promise.”


  “ But I could take care of her too.” Harry retorted.


  Lily’s eyes filled with sorrow, “ I’m sorry, baby,” she said, “ but you have to trust me.” He opened his mouth to object, Lily put her finger over his mouth and kissed his forehead, “ I love you, Harry.”


  “ Good-bye, Harry.” Ginny said from James’s arms. “ I love you! And don’t worry I’ll wait for you.”


  Harry made a move to run after her, but the scene was already fading, Lily’s touch disappered and Ginny and James faded into blackness. Everything was cold, he was alone.

Author's note well there isn't much to say for this chapter, I hope you liked it, even if you didn't review and tell me your thoughts

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