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The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon: Dark Age by AlexanderP
Chapter 1 : The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon: Dark Age
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The Order Of The Phoenix & Falcon: Dark Age

Harry Potter awoke screaming. Another terrible vision had haunted his dreams. That was all too normal this summer; it was the third straight week he’d been awoken by a nightmare every night of the week. He was pale… dark circles under his eyes…

The only thing good about the Summer was the elections for a new Minister of Magic, and although Fudge had gotten considerably more than anyone would have guessed (Death Eater vote most likely to keep him covering them up) Viktor Krum took the office with a 78% majority in the voting. Amos Diggory took a low 2% with Fudge getting 20%.

Harry couldn’t get a lock on what had happened in his dream and the Dream Catcher was at Ron’s with the three-lock trunk. A unicorn… something with a herd of unicorn… but they all had some odd marking on them. A brand of sorts… and… just odd markings… but what was important… what had happened at the end… that’s what made him scream.

Harry took out a journal and wrote down what he could remember about his dreams. He’d been doing that since Ron had won the ‘custody of the three-lock’ battle. Harry grunted in frustration and pounded his fist down on the desk. Why couldn’t he remember? That was his job… let the Order know what happened in his dreams… he couldn’t even do that one small thing right.

Harry wondered a while more about unicorns and Voldemort and how they tied together. Then Harry remembered something… he remembered what Firenze had told him about unicorn’s blood… “The blood of a unicorn will keep you alive, even if you are an inch from death…”

So maybe… Harry wondered… since Voldemort didn’t get enough of my blood he needs the unicorns for some other ritual… what though… ugh… don’t think about it anymore.

Drake awoke with a start… he’d been having nightmares since the incident with Harry but he kept it hidden pretty well from everyone, spells for the bags under his eyes and some potion to keep him awake too. Well, almost everyone, Ginny could tell something was wrong with him though. He guessed the potion made him perkier than he normally was. No one noticed except Ginny who knew everything about Drake… that was sort of scary to him though. He knew she’d tear into him finally today since it had been at least a month since the nightmares had started.

The twins a little over two months old now. They slept a little more which was good but if one of them did cry and wake up Alexander or Rosalyn would be around to comfort them or feed them or whatever the baby needed and put them back to sleep. The twins already had the uncanny ‘twin sense’ they both wake up at the same time, get hungry at the same time (although Chase is always hungrier) and need to be changed at the same time (that’s a tricky one).

Alexander was busy more lately with some new developments on Andre’s mission and planning for taking over as COMC teacher…

Andre had found exactly what he’d expected to find… and then he hadn’t written or checked back for a month. He had suspected something odd with his stab wound he’d had checked the night Drake had gone insane and so he went to check it out…

A month ago he disappeared during his mission and several other witches and wizards and muggles went missing too. Alexander had to discover what was going on and it was hurting his family life… really hurting it…

Andre was stuck. No parchment or quill around… not that he could use it now. Dang stab wound did this to him. Why did he have to be so right?!?! Andre sighed and went back to doing what he was forced to do.

Falcore took the position of DADA professor again and stayed living in Hogwarts. As head of the Order, with Alexander being the lower head, he would be very busy with the uprising of Death Eater attacks. He also had be the voice behind the Minister... had to keep Krum in line.

He and Alexander showed up to most meetings with their voice distorted and hidden under the Order robes. Just being widely known was a sin against the secrecy pact of the Order so to show up not as hidden as they were would be a death sentence. Falcore went back too looking over reports Krum wanted him to check.

The Burrow was full of people quite often this summer. Everyone was there today too… Harry took his Dream Catcher back and tried to lock on his dream to put it in and he did. He decided to call them all together to figure out the mystery and they started the dream.

The unicorns were walking through a field in daytime though clouds were thick in the sky… The unicorns had an odd bluish tint to them. There was a mark… a brand sort of on their legs… the Dark Mark. Lightning ripped through the sky and the Dark Lord appeared. He looked around and lifted a particularly big unicorn into the air in a tornado. The unicorn was struck by lightning and Voldemort brought it down to the ground collecting its silvery blood. He got all he could store and left the unicorn bleeding only the blood turned red and the unicorn wasn’t a unicorn anymore… it was a man…

Harry and the others were freaked by that. A lycanthrope in the daytime? Even with a clear sky there wasn’t a moon… it was the new moon. This was a puzzling thing indeed. They had to report it to the Order.

Falcore couldn’t help but notice the extreme numbers of people disappearing everyday and yet he couldn’t figure out the mystery of it all. He hadn’t gotten to Harry’s dream report though…

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The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon: Dark Age: The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon: Dark Age


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