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Secrets in Disguise by x3CherryWatermelonx3
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Hey you guys! Here's my new story. I hope you enjoy it! Enjoy the amazing banner by stealingETERNITY at TDA!!

The night was dark; the stars that were in the sky weren’t shining, due to the clouds that hung in the air. Colors were flying through the air at dark shapes that covered the ground. Yells went through the air, shouting at people to get out of the way or yelling curses. 

All of a sudden everything became still. No movement was seen; everyone seemed to freeze as two people took the center of the ongoing battle. A tall figure stood still, his red eyes boring onto the boy who stood before him. The boy who had caused him to lose all his power, the one who had stood in the way of his return, and the one who escaped him several times. This was his last chance to kill the boy-who-lived, the one boy who escaped the curse that had caused so much devastation to so many families in the past. 

“We meet again, Harry Potter.” 

“And I promise you, it’ll be the last Tom.” 

“You dare use my muggle name?” He questioned coldly has he heard hissing noises escape his followers mouths. 

“It was your given name. I’m not much into the nicknames these days,” Harry answered as his wand rose to meet Voldemort’s. 

Without a second to lose, spells were shouted from both of them green and white light flashed together. The spells connected, but not for long as the two different wands were not bonded together as they once were. They circled each other, everyone around them holding their breath. 

Both wands stopped the ongoing spells, but then at the same second they each yelled the killing curse, the green streaks hitting their target. A look of horror came over Voldemort’s white, skeletal looking face as a look of horror flickered over Harry’s. Each body fell onto the grass, and all the bodies around them stayed still. None of them moved. 

“Master!” Bellatrix Lestrange screamed as she ran forward towards Voldemort’s body. The other Death Eaters followed her, running towards their fallen master. 

“NOOOOO!” Minerva McGonagall yelled as she realized that Harry wasn’t moving. 

More screams filled the air as realization came over them. Sobs seemed to be 
coming from every which way. No one held their wands at bay. They were all tucked away into their robes. 

Ron, Hermione, and Ginny ran forward towards Harry after several attempts of people trying to stop them. Hermione and Ginny had tears rolling down their face, the moonlight showing the streaks they had left. Ron looked pale, as if he were about to be sick. His eyes started to water, knowing the fact that he had lost his best friend.
Bellatrix Lestrange looked away from her master and towards the three. She stood up and made her way toward them, her wand pointing at them. A look of fury came upon her face as a spell started to escape her lips. 

“No you don’t!” Mrs. Weasley called as she brandished her own wand from her robes and stunned Bellatrix. 

After that, another battle rose about. Spells were being thrown every which way, each person trying to hit their opponent. Anger had filled the atmosphere. Everyone wanted revenge for their loss, for their great loss. 

A half hour passed before the battle stopped. Many people were stunned and all the Death Eaters were stunned and rounded up in an invisible rope. Those that were still standing got everyone else back to normal. A couple of aurors made their way towards the rounded up Death Eaters and Apparated them to Azkaban, the wizard prison. 

Everyone stood around, not knowing what to do. They had gotten this far with knowing what to do, but now they were stranded. It was a celebration that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was gone, but they had suffered a great loss. The Boy-Who-Lived, who had survived the killing curse when he was only a year old, was now gone. 

Hermione was crying into Ron’s shoulder as he held her, his own emotions showing. Ginny was with Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley, who were surrounded by Fred, George, and Percy. Remus was close by, his face pale, worse than it usually was on the full moon. 

After much condolence, someone finally moved Harry’s body and took it to the Hospital Wing inside Hogwarts. The doors were closed and matters were being held in the Great Hall where everyone was waiting.


Three days later was to be the funeral at Godric’s Hallow, where Harry’s parents were laid. There were many chairs set up in front of the statue of James and Lily, who was holding the baby Harry. Hermione, Ginny, Ron, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Fred, and 
George were standing near the statue, looking at the guests arriving. 

There was some from the Order of the Phoenix, Professors from Hogwarts, witches and wizards from the Ministry of Magic, and many witches and wizards that have never met Harry. 

Arabella Figg made her way towards the Weasley family and Hermione, in her pink slippers. A small smile formed on her face, “There’s no one better we could have asked for to keep us alive….” 

Ginny turned and sobbed into Fred’s shoulder as Hermione turned to Ron’s. Mrs. Weasley took out her handkerchief and blew her nose. Mrs. Figg went and took a seat as Remus started towards the front with Tonks and their son Teddy. A sad smile formed on his lips as he took a seat in the front row. All the chairs were filled, with about five dedicated to Hagrid and Madame Maxime each in the back. The Weasley’s, except Mr. Weasley, sat down. 

Mr. Weasley cleared his throat and looked at the sorrow-filled faces that looked up at him. “We all know why we are here today. We’re here to mourn the great loss of Harry James Potter, to whom we owe our lives from this day forward. 

“A young man who’s life was in danger from when he was only a baby. He showed great courage throughout his short life. Courage that none of us could even match to.” 

More sobs had filled the area, as did some dry coughs and rearranging around. Mr. Weasley cleared his throat once more and continued, “Anywho… Harry was a great young man. He was like another son to me and Molly. He was more than just “The Boy-Who-Lived” or “The Chosen One.” He was a wizard with marvelous talent and courage, a best friend, a person with great h-heart.” 

Mr. Weasley’s voice caught up in his throat and he swallowed. His eyes stung as he looked back to the statue and then back at the crowd. There were so many people there, many who didn’t even know Harry, many who had gone against him sometime before. 

After Mr. Weasley finished his little opener, people were welcomed to share memories or thoughts that they had about Harry. There were a few chuckles here and there, and many heart-warming moments, especially from Ron and Hermione. Ginny wasn’t able to make her way up there from being so distraught. 

Someone cleared their throat from way in the back, farther behind than Hagrid and Madame Maxime. Everyone’s head turned and saw Dudley Dursley, Harry’s cousin, with his hand running through his hair. He started towards the front between the aisle when Fred and George blocked his way, their arms crossed. Mr. Weasley told them to move and let him pass. He walked back and sat next to his wife, an arm around her. 

“Um…I’m Dudley Dursley. You all don’t know me…and for those who do, you all probably thought I wouldn’t show my face after everything that’s gone on. I – er – don’t really know what to say, but I thought I had to come. I may not have treated Harry rather – er - well, but I now know that without him, I would’ve been done for way back when. And I – er – will miss…not – er – seeing him.” Everything had gone silent. Dudley didn’t know what to do, “Well…right then.” 

Mr. Weasley then stood back up. He walked towards Dudley and clapped a hand on his left shoulder. A small smile crept on Dudley’s face as he walked back down the small aisle. Mr. Weasley then walked to the left of the statue where a couple baskets of white calla lilies were sitting on the grass. He bent down to grab one and gently placed the calla lily on the ground where Harry’s headstone was implanted reading:

Harry James Potter
31 July, 1980 – 27 June, 1998
The Boy Who Saved Us All 

Mr. Weasley walked away from the headstone and turned back to everyone. “Just form a line, pick up a flower, say what you’d like and you may leave. Thank you for coming.” 

The Weasley's, Hermione, Remus, Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Minerva McGonagall (who seemed to be inconsolable), and a few others stayed behind while everyone else moved forward. After everyone had left, Kingsley Shacklebolt made his way up, followed by Remus and Tonks, and then Minerva. After they had left, Percy, Bill and Fleur, Charlie, and then Mr. and Mrs. Weasley went up, leaving their lilies on top of the concrete stone. 

Fred and George made their way up, each grabbing a lily carefully. When they placed it on the headstone, George whispered, “Without you, mate, we wouldn’t have been able to open our joke shop.” 

“Thanks mate, we owe you one.” 

They walked away and Ron and Hermione made their way up. Hermione dropped hers and through her tears she choked out, “I’ll miss you Harry….” 

Ron set his down, “Yeah mate…don’t know what I’ll do without you.” As he said that a small tear rolled out the corner of his eye. He wiped it away quickly, wrapped his arm around Hermione’s shoulder and led her away. 

Ginny slowly got up and made her way towards the headstone. She grabbed a lily and laid it down among the others. Her mouth opened and closed a couple times, her words caught in her throat making it impossible to speak. A wave of emotion flew through her and her knees gave way. She covered her face with her hands and cried. 

Never once had Ginny broke down like this, not in front of anyone anyway. She could feel her family’s eyes on her, but she didn’t care. She loved Harry and now he was gone, she was never going to see him again. She would never love anyone else. 

A couple moments passed and she felt someone’s arms wrap around her. She looked up and saw her mother, whose tears were also falling. 

“Oh Ginny…We’ll all miss him… But he’ll always be with us, always.” 

Mrs. Weasley then helped her daughter up, wrapped her arm around her shoulder and then walked towards the rest of the Weasley’s and Hermione. They walked out of Godric’s Hallow with their heads looking forward, their bond now stronger than ever.

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