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Watching, waiting she’s beautiful flawless even, she sits across from me, the head girl. Reading she waits for the headmistress to enter the compartment. The heads compartment, our compartment for the year. I can smell her from across the way, cinnamon I believe it is, cinnamon and roses. Her smell is intoxicating, what I would give to just be able to take it all in right next to her…

He thought to himself as he stared at a grown up Hermione Jane Granger, her hair was curled like golden brown and honey colored thread that sat happily at her shoulders, her skin was like porcelain lightly dusted with freckles, her smile was whiter than the center of the sun, and her body sent shivers down his spine. It was a work of art, legs that went on for days, and a delicate shaped frame, she was womanly in the most elegant way, he sized up her tiny waist and curves she was like a cake and he was ready then and there to take the first bite, but he resisted as much as it killed him too, he couldn’t it wasn’t even right to do such a thing for his namesake and importance, the expectations of him were so high and to take such a stoop for her was risky, but at the same time almost worth it because she was a work of art.

They would never approve, but what I wouldn’t give…

Just then, The Headmistress, Professor McGonagall arrived to the compartment. He sat upright, as did she. They looked at each other for a split second and for a moment he swore she saw lust in her eyes. Surprised he wasn’t able to shake the thought until the rattle of a voice rang his eardrums.

“Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Granger. Congratulations on being selected Head Boy and Girl, you have been selected because of your outstanding marks and because the staff of Hogwarts has seen you two shine the most academically and socially within the school. You’re prime examples of what Hogwarts will do for witches and wizards and we grant you this honor if you will accept it.”

Draco was taken back he had no idea this is what Head Boy was chosen by, he thought it was just Mr. Awesome, which he couldn’t deny that he was. But now it all made sense. He was almost humbled by the statement, but then again he was a Malfoy so being humbled lead to extreme cockiness.

After a brief meeting talking about the duties and responsibilities of being Head Boy and Girl the Professor left and the silence surrounded them. Draco was almost becoming suffocated by it until a soft voice spoke.

“How was your holiday Malfoy?” she asked, he looked up to see Hermione staring him from across the compartment. Her voice seduced his ear drums, He was damning himself for even letting the slightest ice breaker for sounds sultry.

“It was good, my parents and I vacationed in Scotland for two weeks. It was rather amazing there. Beautiful landscape actually. And yourself?” He said admiring her chocolate brown eyes.

“Erm, it was nice. I spent a lot of time with Harry and Ronald. Mostly Harry, Ronald and I didn’t exactly see eye to eye once school ended.”

Draco saw that it was a little upsetting, so for once he didn’t dare push her buttons in anyway possible. But she went on anyways explaining that she and Ron fought a lot after school ended, they weren’t like they used to be so by mid summer they ended things. Draco sympathized for her, he felt that pain he and Pansy went through this multiple times year after year but last year they both established that running in circles wasn’t what they wanted for the rest of their lives so they ended it. He could in some ways relate to her situation.

“And now, how are the two of you?” He asked scooting closer to her. Realizing now, that he had moved towards her within conversation, he felt a slight thrill; her scent was alluring to his senses.

“We’re friends, and we plan to keep it that way.” She said with a smile, he was happy for her.

“That’s good...” He said. Hermione was shocked so much that in the moment she flung herself at him and hugged him tightly. Draco smiled inwardly as he felt her warm body against his holding her golden honey locks of hair in his hands she felt like silk. It was amazing.

Just then the compartment door flew open.

“MALFOY!” yelled Harry Potter. The Golden Boy of Gryffindor.

“Can I have a word?” He said with a crooked smile. Draco could tell that it was fake as him loving a muggle.


Draco wished to burn holes through the back of his head as he walked behind him, if no one was on board he would have hexed him right there. It was his mission to tear him apart. Draco was sent back to do so. His final year was practically a mission. The Dark Lord demanded him to do so. Draco was a Death Eater now; he was a servant to the dark lord.

Forced by his father and mother, at times he wished he never was part of it, a part of his family. He wished he didn’t have to carry around such a reputation, but at the same time he adored it, people feared him. He was definitely to be feared, Potter especially now more than ever.

“Yes Potter?” he said with a smirk.

“Shut up Ferret and listen good,” He said slamming the blonde boy against the wall. “I don’t know why the hell Hermione was hugging you, nor do I care but I want to let you know that whatever shit you’re trying to pull on her don’t even try because she doesn’t need more scum like you in her life.”

“A little touchy with Granger eh Potter?” He raised an eyebrow and watched the boy’s cheeks and ears grow pink. He chuckled.

“Why do you care? So what if I am, I care for her.” he said sheepishly yet defensively.

He smirked again and Harry pushed him against the wall again. “Well I have to say Granger isn’t all that bad anymore. Care for a bet?”

Harry scoffed and looked away. “What kind of bet?” he asked his eyes lingering with interest.

Hermione was starting to wonder what they were playing at. She wasn’t sure if she should check if they were hexing each other to oblivion, but she knew it couldn’t be that because it was soundless, motionless besides the train rattling and shaking on the tracks.

Just then Draco returned.

“Malfoy where’s Harry?”

“Potter, he just wanted to make a sure I knew that he hated my guts. Nothing out of the norm.” he said with a chuckle.

Hermione was going to buy it for now because his chuckle was captivating. He had a nice smile, she admired it, and perhaps admired it for too long.

“What? Is something in my teeth?” he asked self-consciously.

She blushed “No, you’re fine. But I was just noticing, you have a nice smile. You should use it more often.” She said with a laugh.

Draco nodded kindly and looked her over once again. She was beautiful, and Potter noted this too. He also stupidly mentioned his interest in her, which he also found convenient for his task. He was planning to make Harry feel cold and alone, isolated for the Dark Lord, and to do that he was going to make Hermione fall in love with him.

It was their bet, “Well you love her, and I could sure have a few go’s in her knickers. Why don’t we make things interesting and have her fall in love with someone? The first to make Granger fall in love gets her for the year or forever, whatever you’d like.” he recalled from his previous conversation, he smirked in his conscience he was thrilled by this. It was going to be a piece of cake to have Hermione fall in love with Harry, but then it was equally easy to have her be snatched out of his grasp and drawn back to himself.

Draco knew this was going to be too easy, he was going to get Hermione Granger to fall in love with him.

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