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Finding Dean Thomas by Wandomaly
Chapter 5 : Have a Gay Old Time!
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"I can’t believe I’m here. What the hell was I thinking coming here? I should just go. Yep, I should definitely leave."

Dean stood outside the seedy, minuscule building with his hands in his pockets; the wind whipping his high collar about. There was an enormous wizard; what he assumed to be the bouncer, standing in front checking identification of the patrons attempting to enter. Dean was reminded of a muggle metal detector the way he ran his wand up and down their frames before allowing them access into the club.

"No, no. Ginny’s right. I need to get out. I have to just... forget him. I need to move–

"Hey there cutie?" 

Dean turned around to address who had spoken. It was a tall, willowy gentleman sporting a shaved head with the exception of his platinum blonde bangs that swept over his eyes. His features were actually quite feminine Dean thought, and he was linked arm in arm with a rather mousy looking gentleman, short and stubby with square glasses perched on his nose. Dean thought there couldn’t have been a more odd couple... gay or straight.

"Oh, hello."

"Goin’ inside then?"

"Um, yeah, sure. I was just–

"First time, eh?" Dean was not sure how to respond. He didn’t like the feeling of being sized up, which he was sure the couple, in particular the one with the weird hair cut, was currently doing.

"Er, well... yeah I guess so."

"You of age?" This was the first time the other man had spoken. His voice was very low and commanding. The more Dean looked at him, he wondered where in the ministry this bloke must work, for he had a very official, straight laced look about him. A ministry approved stamp could have been present on his forehead.

"Well, yeah. I just turned seventeen."

"Oh, he’s just a baby. How adorable! Well c’mon then, you can come in with Randal and I. We can get you right to the front. We come here all the time. Oh, I’m Eric by the way."

Eric held out his hand in a very dainty gesture, Dean supposed so he could shake it. He gently grasped it and shook the appendage as if he was scared it would shatter.

"Thanks. I’m Dean."

"Oh Dean, that is so darling. I could just eat you with a spoon." Eric was interrupted by the not so subtle noise of Randal clearing his throat. He smiled warmly at the shorter man.

"Oh snookie you know I’m yours. I was just being friendly." Randal nodded and accepted the brief kiss his lover gave him. He displayed a crooked grin in response to Eric’s ministrations. He then looked up at Dean.

"Right then, let’s get you inside mate."
Together they approached the front entrance. Dean looked over at the line that had formed. Eager looking faces, mostly all male, awaiting their turn to cross the thresh hold. Dean and company walked right past them all. He felt an odd mixture of guilt and pleasure at the sight them observing the trio quizzically... well, really angrily if he was being honest with himself.

"Morty, did you lose some weight since the last I’ve seen you?"

The surly, rather enormous bouncer eyed the tall man wearily, and then to Dean’s surprise, broke into an ear splitting grin.

"You only just saw me last week Eric. All right Randal?" The mousy looking man nodded.

"Fine Mortimer. We’ve come with a guest," and he gestured toward Dean.

"Of course. Although your guest looks a little like he just stepped out of diapers." Eric quickly interjected before Dean could respond.

"Oh silly Morty. Now you know we wouldn’t try to corrupt a school boy."

Dean swallowed nervously for he was in fact, just that: a Hogwarts student who had snuck out to experience what he had longed to be a part of. Mortimer’s eyes narrowed as he observed Dean suspiciously.

"I don’t know Eric."

"Well I mean, I would try, but you know Randal wouldn’t let me do such a deviant thing."

Mortimer gave Dean one final assessment, and then smiled at the couple.

"All right. Just make sure that your guest here buys plenty at the bar. Wouldn’t want to let being of age go to waste." He proceeded to wink at Dean and then usher them all inside the door. Dean released a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding and followed the two into the facilities darkened innards.

Its interior was nothing like what it appeared to be judging from its exterior. There was bright lights strung up along the sides, blue bell flames that pulsed and shape shifted creating a strobe effect. There were two male dancers on either side of the small center stage, each well built, each seemingly locked behind a cage made of laser-like bars, and each completely starkers except for the loin cloth that covered their private bits. There were men everywhere, young, old, cloaked and barely clothed, and almost everyone of them was dancing to the rhythmic melody being blasted magically by the sound system. It was quite the sight.

Dean who had unconsciously paused to take it all in, suddenly felt himself being pulled forward.

"You’ll have time for that later. How about we grab a drink?" Dean nodded at Randal and allowed himself to be pulled through the crowd to the bar area. They managed to squeeze between the other patrons and find a seat in the middle of the immense bar.

"Oi! Galec!"

A strapping young man who was also scantily clad, adorning bikini cut leather briefs made his way over to them from behind the bar.

"Eric and Randal. Lovely as always to see you. Who’s the newbie?" The brown haired bartender had caught Deans eye. If Dean had ever received a sexually charged exchange from anyone, this man’s suggestive look would’ve annihilated all others.

"This is our new friend Dean. He’s gorgeous isn’t he?" Galec did not answer, instead he poured Dean a shot of something and handed it to him, all while maintaining his blazing eye contact.

"Here. This one’s on the house... Dean." At that moment another bartender called for Galec’s assistance at the other end of the bar as it was now overflowing with potential customers.

"Right. Well, hopefully I’ll see you later."

Dean was so overwhelmed, all he could manage was a weak, "yeah."

Galec smiled and then retreated to the other side of the bar.

"Ooh Galec must really like you. He never gives away freebies. Keeps him from getting good tips."

Dean nodded while draining his small shot glass of its contents. He coughed and sputtered causing Eric and Randal to laugh.

"What is that?"

"It’s called cupid’s sting. Not quite fire whiskey eh?"

Dean shook his head while wiping the excess from his lips.

"Not quite fire whiskey at all." Both men laughed again, Randal patting Dean good-naturedly on the back.

"That’s all right mate. I’ll get you something more to your liking. Until then, just relax and take in the scene." Dean thanked the shorter man and proceeded to look around and soak up the unfamiliar atmosphere.

He was intrigued at the way in which every occupant seemed so care free. He had been to clubs before, of course they were all straight so he had never really felt at ease, but this one had an energy that was intoxicating. It was sexual, but underlying the superficial air of sexual tension, he found it to be rather warm, friendly and intimate. There was no prejudice here. He smiled to himself as Randal returned with a shot of fire whiskey.

"See a bloke you fancy?" Dean took his glass from the middle aged man.


"You’re smiling like a bloody idiot. I figured you must have seen some interesting fellow lurking about."

Dean chuckled.

"Not really, just observing."

"This really is your first time isn’t it?" Eric who had also been taking in the surroundings posed the query Dean had been hoping to avoid.


"You don’t have to be embarrassed about it. We all had a first time once. How do you think I met this stubby git?" Randal put down his drink to cast a menacing glare at his boyfriend.

"Oi!" Eric promptly ignored Randal and continued to speak.

"This place really is great. It gives you the freedom to be yourself, where –I mean let’s face it– how pleased do you think people out there really are to meet someone like me?"

Dean felt awkward and did not know how to respond to this admission. Eric was silent for a moment as his mind appeared to take him elsewhere. Randal smiled at his lover, pulled the taller man toward him and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

"Not as pleased or as lucky as I’ve been love, that’s for sure."

Eric beamed at Randal and initiated an intense kiss with him. Dean made a point to turn away in order to give them privacy. He felt as if he had stumbled upon the couple while they were making love.

When they finally broke the heated embrace, Dean casually made an attempt to dissipate the awkward air that followed. He had noticed an area of the club that was guarded by a rope like beam, similar to the ones that were with-holding the caged exotic dancers.

"What’s that area over there?" It took another moment for either man to take notice as they were so deeply involved with each other.


"That over there. What’s that?"

"Oh, that’s the area for the well to do wizards. It’s more like a private lounge."


"That lot is societal royalty. Some are even married with kids. But I guess even married men have to get their kicks somewhere." Dean shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah I s’pose."

"Hey let’s get out there. You need to loosen up a bit cutie." Eric had grabbed Dean by the hand while simultaneously pointing at the crowded dance floor.

"No, I don’t think so."

"Oh don’t try getting all shy on me. Ask Randal, he knows better." Randal chuckled and nodded in agreement.

"Resistance is futile mate."

"See, now come on." Dean once again allowed himself to be pulled through the crowd, but this time it was to squeeze between what felt like hundreds of men gyrating on a crowded dance floor.

Dean was reluctant to move at first but Eric was right, he refused to let Dean stand there and not give in. He grabbed Dean by the hands, swinging his arms back and forth like a marionette puppet in order to force a reaction. Eventually Dean did give in and after a few songs, found that he was quite enjoying himself.

"I knew you had it in you cutie. Hey, I’m going to go check on Randal. You think you canmanage by yourself?"

Dean did not have time to answer as another eager man had stepped up and started to grind into him.

"Guess not," laughed Eric as he made his way back through the crowd to find his lover.

And that’s how the rest of his evening went; dancing with everyone from Eric and Randal to other random men who would boldly grind and caress him. He found some more attractive than others but looks weren’t important to him within the moment. He just lost himself in the attention and for the first time in a long time, let his mind wander away from the confines of a certain Irishman.

Between him pouring himself into the dancing and occasionally grabbing a drink between songs, Dean was having the time of is life and he was happy to say that he felt very much a part of the positive energy he had sensed when he first entered this place. He was now a part of this throng of people who were absolutely care-free. He loved the feeling, how ever temporary it may be.

After a while, the energy began to die down as people started to leave to return back to their own personal realities. Dean had just finished dancing with a pudgy Indian bloke when he heard a slow melody permeate the room.

A voice was magically magnified to announce that the last song had come and it was about time for all to leave their safe haven. Dean was glad to hear such a harmonic sound; so soft and subtle after so many fast paced songs. He looked around as all of the men began coupling off and slowly dancing in time with the music.

"Can I have this dance?"

Dean was broken out of his silent reverie by a brown haired beauty of man. His green eyes were so vibrant and inviting, Dean could only nod and silently position himself against the man as they began to gently glide.

"Having fun?"

"Yeah, actually I’m having a great time. You?"

"I am now." 

Dean smiled at this and let himself rest comfortably against Galec’s broad shoulder.

They did not converse or whisper sweet nothings. They simply glided around the dance floor; their presence more comforting to each other than words could relate in that moment. Dean smiled for what felt like the thousandth time that night and melted into the embrace.

But then suddenly... it happened.

He was no longer dancing with this captivating stranger, but a shorter man, with piercing blue eyes and a roguish grin. His eyes were closed as he pictured him, smiling and gazing lovingly back at him. He could feel him raise his hand to gently stroke his chin and then tenderly graze his lips with his finger tips. And then suddenly, he was kissing him; a sweet brush of lips that set fire to his very soul. Seamus Finnigan was kissing him at long last.

The moment seemed to last a lifetime; still it ended all too soon. It was then that it all came crashing down. An unfamiliar voice seductively whispering into his ear brought him out of his internal bliss, and back to reality.

"That was great." His eyes popped open only to be staring into a pair of green orbs darkened by lust.

"You all right?"

Galec must have observed the confusion etched in Dean’s expression.

"Er, not really. I’m sorry, I have to go."


"I need to leave. Thanks," and he disengaged himself from Galec’s strong embrace and headed toward the front entrance. On his way to collect his cloak, he spotted the very two men who helped introduce him to this experience. He quickly made it over to them.

"Oi! Eric and Randal!" They looked up for the source of the voice though their tight hold on each other did not slacken. Eric then smiled when he caught sight of Dean standing there.

"Are you off then cutie?" Dean nodded and waved.

"Yeah. Thank you guys for everything." They said their good byes and returned to being wrapped up in each other. Dean wasted no time as he exited the club without a second glance.

The sight of them being so blatantly in love did not help to ease his mind. Images of Seamus and himself flashing about were making him sick to his stomach.

"Fucking Finnigan," he mumbled to himself as he staggered through the cold outdoors back toward the castle.

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