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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 4 : "Coffee?"
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Chapter Four - “Coffee?”

It had been weeks since Fleur had started her new job and as she sat at the kitchen table in her flat she couldn’t help but smile as she thought she would be in work again in a few hours.

“What you smiling about?” Monique said curiously as she entered the kitchen and pulled out a plate from the cupboard.

Fleur bit into the corner of her toast delicately. “I ‘ave work soon” she shrugged.

Monique opened another cupboard and poured a muggle cereal into the bowl. “And your happy why?” The cupboard door slammed shut again as Monique opened the fridge from which she produced a bottle of milk.

“Hmm, no reason” Fleur said but the smile had returned.

Monique rolled her eyes but did not press the point as she sat in the seat opposite her room mate.

“Plans for zee day?” Fleur asked casually.

As it was a Friday and Monique usually went out and returned sometime during the morning of Saturday.

“I’m meeting up with the usual crowd at half seven.” Monique said half way through her food so she had to repeat herself. “What about you?”

“After work? I plan to just come ‘ome again” Fleur admitted.

Monique grimaced “Come on Fleur you haven’t been on a night out in ages yet you refuse to come out with me. Why don’t you invite someone from work back for a coffee or something?”

Fleur rolled her eyes “I’m sure zee goblins would love eet”

“I’m being serious!” Monique laughed “Just because you have a job doesn’t mean you don’t need a social life too.”

Fleur laughed as she pulled out her wand and washed up.

“I repeat! I’m being serious!” Monique called after Fleur as she left the kitchen to shower.

Once out of the shower Fleur dried her hair and pulled it back into a sleek ponytail. She changed quickly and put her wand in her bag. She waved to Monique as she hurried to the fireplace and was gone in a flash of green flames.

Almost six hours later, there were less people visiting Gringotts now. Fleur filed the paperwork she had just finished before grabbing her bag she nodded to a few people as she made her way to the buildings only way in or out. She glanced at the song out of habit as she walked out of the marble walls of Gringotts into the outside air.

She had barely left the bottom step when she heard her name being called. She paused and put her head over her left shoulder so she could see who was calling her back. A smile appeared on her face as Bill ran to catch up with her.

“You’re walking home?” Bill stated more than he questioned as he caught up with her.

“Eet is not cold so I decided to walk” Fleur shrugged.

“Oh right I just wondered when you didn’t turn up to floo home” Bill’s voice lowered slightly as he said it. He cleared his throat before saying in a brighter voice than before, “So, Could I escort you home on this wonderful evening?” he held out his arm.

Fleur laughed linking her arm in his. They walked in a comfortable silence. Almost ten minutes later Fleur was at the stairs that led to the flat she shared with Monique.

“See You On Monday” Bill grinned at her as he leaned on the wall. She sent him a warm smile before climbing the stairs. She felt his eyes on her back as she walked.

Why don’t you invite someone from work back for a coffee or something?

Monique’s words from that morning ran through her and she stopped.

She span on the spot and looked down at her red headed colleague who hadn’t moved an inch. “Coffee?” she asked.

“That would be nice” both dimples appearing.

She smiled at him as he ran up the few stairs she had climbed already and led him to the door. With two taps of her wand the door clicked open.

“Oh Fleur, thank god your home what do you think Black or Silver?” they heard Monique before they saw her. The moment she stepped into view she squeaked and hastened to cover herself up. Figuring out it was too late she ran into her room her face extremely red.

Fleur laughed as Bill blushed slightly. She couldn’t help herself and shouted in the direction Monique had run to, “Bill is ‘ere just in case you plan or anything embarrassing happening” still giggling she put her bag on the couch and then motioned for Bill to sit down.

As Fleur worked in the kitchen on the coffee’s Monique came out this time her underwear covered up by a large fluffy purple dressing gown. “Why didn’t I see that coming!?” she asked them room at large.

“Fleur only just asked me you wouldn’t have had time to get dressed anyway” Bill laughed.

Monique sent daggers towards Fleur. Who shrugged “Oops?” Fleur levitated Bill’s coffee to him as she picked up her own and walked to join him on the sofa. “By zee way the black one looked great” Fleur teased.

Sticking her tongue out at Fleur Monique once again retreated to her room leaving Bill and Fleur together.

“Your English has improved loads since August” Bill complimented.

“Hmm.” Fleur sighed, “Eet is still not the best eet could be.”

“No” Bill agreed “Maybe I should give you lessons?” he asked happily.

“English lessons?” Fleur tilted her head slightly to the right as she thought about it.

“Yeah, and in return you can teach me a bit of French” Bill suggested.

Fleur smiled “Eet will be fun”

Bill grinned back. They were silent for a few moments. “So how you liking England?”

“I’m sure we ‘ave ‘ad this discussion before” Fleur mused.

“Who knows” Bill smiled.

“Well, I miss my family horribly I miss the warm weather and yet I don’t want to leave England” Fleur admitted.

“Why?” Bill asked.

“Do you want me to leave?” Fleur questioned him suddenly.

“No, of course not” Bill countered.

“Then I have no reason to leave England do I?” Fleur smiled.

“So you will leave if I ask you too?” Bill asked her half shocked half amazed at her honesty.

“Oui Bill” Fleur admitted.

“Erm that’s nice” Bill said.

Fleur laughed and took a sip of coffee.

By 7pm Fleur and Bill had finished the coffee’s and were half way through a second bottle of fire whiskey. Monique came out fully dressed with make up and hair done ready for a night out. She caught sight of Bill and Fleur laughing on the sofa and decided to prevent anything from happening in their drunken states.

Grabbing a complaining Bill by the ear she pulled him up. “Right come on home you”

“Ow, ow, ow!” Bill complained loudly.

The sight of Bill being dragged by his ear set Fleur off again into another set of giggles.

“Right you two say goodbye you will see each other at work on Monday”

Fleur giggled and waved at Bill as Monique apparated the man back to The Burrow, before heading to meet her friends.

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Je t'aime: "Coffee?"


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