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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five: Too Sexy
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Chapter Five: Too Sexy
By MysticPhoenix


I'm too sexy for my
Too sexy for my love
Love's going to leave me!

The day in Hogsmeade had been interesting to say the least. The twins drew attention wherever they went, and James and Sirius were disappointed that their prank had failed. To make matters worse, that night at dinner McGonagall informed the girls that there would be no punishment as long as their hair was back to normal color by Monday. The girls left the Great Hall laughing at the expressions of utter disappointment on James’s and Sirius’s faces.

“So even though the guys’ prank completely backfired on them, we are going to get back at them, right?” Isis asked, rummaging through her trunk.

“Hell yeah!” Sekhmet answered, launching herself onto her bed.


“I refuse to be a part of this one,” Lily stated, grabbing one of her many books off her bedside table.

“Fine, be that way. So what did you have in mind, sis?”

“Care to make a little trip up to the boy’s dorm at, say, midnight?”

“I’m game. Now what are you looking for?”

“This,” Isis answered, holding up a small bottle.

“And what would that be?” Sekhmet asked.

“The potion that will change our hair back to normal. I mean, I love blue, but the hair is getting old.”

“Damn McGonagall and her stupid rules!” Sekhmet whined, lying upside down on her bed.

“They are not her rules, Sek. They are the school’s rules,” Lily corrected.

“Either way they are stupid and stifle a young person’s creativity and imagination.”

“All right. I’m stopping this before it turns into an argument.” Isis grabbed her pajamas off the bed. “Come on, Sek. Let’s go get this stuff out of our hair.”

“I refuse. I’m protesting the rules! I don’t care if McGonagall gives me detention for the rest of the year!”

“Fine. Then I’ll do the prank on my own,” Isis shrugged, heading for the door.

“What?! That’s not fair!”

“Then come with me.”

“I hate you!”

“Sure, you do.”

After quickly changing their hair back, the girls waited anxiously for midnight to come around. Isis had instructed Sekhmet that they were to find the most embarrassing pair of boxers from each of the boys. Once they had the boxers, Isis was going to put a little charm on them and wait for morning.

The next morning Isis shook Sekhmet awake and dragged her grumpy twin down to the Great Hall. Isis could hardly contain her excitement as the boys joined her, Lily, and Sekhmet at the Gryffindor table. Sekhmet, on the other hand, rested her head on Remus’s shoulder the minute he sat down and went to sleep.

“Good morning, ladies!” Sirius said cheerfully.

“There is nothing good about the morning,” Sekhmet grumbled.

“Oh, I don't know about that,” Isis commented, taking a sip of her pumpkin juice.

“Why are you in such a good mood?” Remus asked, filling his plate with one hand.

“I have a feeling this is going to be a good morning,” Isis took a bite of her toast.

“So you finally decided to go out with me?” Sirius flashed a big smile, sitting next to Isis.

“She said good day. Not bad.” Sekhmet pushed Sirius off the bench with her foot.

“Thanks, Sek,” Isis said as Sirius glared at Sekhmet.

“No problem.” Sekhmet went back to sleeping on Remus’s shoulder.

“The only time she looks like an angel is when she is sleeping, and even then she is plotting someone's doom.” James shook his head, filling his plate.

“Okay, Sek is normal this morning, but Isis, you are way too happy,” Lily whispered to Isis as she took a seat next to her. “Oh no! What did you do?” Lily clasped her hands to her mouth, realizing she had shouted her last statement.

“Me?” Isis asked. “You think I would ever do something evil?”

“YES!” Answered everyone but Sekhmet.

“You know me all too well,” Isis sighed.

“READY OR NOT HERE WE COME!” voices yelled from outside the Great Hall. The students all became quiet, looking around for the source of the disturbance.

"What’s going on?” Lily and all the teachers got to their feet as several objects came flying into the Great Hall, laughing widely as they stopped above the teacher’s heads.

“Boxers?” a first year Gryffindor asked, confused.

“Great! The show is starting!” Sekhmet was suddenly awake and transfigured her breakfast into popcorn.

“GOOD MORNING!” The pair of pink boxers with red hearts on it bowed to the students.

“WE ARE HERE TO SING FOR YOU!” a pair of teddy bear boxers bowed.

“BUT FIRST …” began the superman boxers.

“No...they can't be.” James looked horrified as Remus, Sirius, and Peter looked on, speechless.

“WE MUST INTRODUCE OURSELVES!” Boxers with hamburgers and French fries did a loop in the air, “WE ARE THE BOXERS OF … REMUS LUPIN!” The Great Hall exploded with laughter while Remus looked mortified.

“SIRIUS BLACK!” The pink ones did a little dance while Sirius buried his bright red face in his arms.

“JAMES POTTER!” yelled the superman boxers as the crowd’s laughter grew even louder and James looked like he could die.

“AND PETER PEITTEGREW!” Peter let out a small cry as his teddy bear boxers high fived Sirius’s.

“AND WE ARE HERE TO SING FOR YOU!” all the boxers shouted.

“NO!” yelled Sirius, but no one was paying attention.

“1, 2, 3 HIT IT!” yelled the pink boxers.

The boxers began dancing and zooming around the room as they sang the song I’m Too Sexy. The students were laughing and cheering- some were even dancing well. The teachers were caught between amusement and anger. The boxers scooped the hat right off Professor Slughorn’s head, and he nearly fell into his breakfast trying to get it back. Then they once again lined up, turned their backs to the students and shook their backsides. They began flying wildly around the Hall as the song drew closer to the end. As the song ended the boxers stopped right above each boy’s head and as the music stopped fell on top of their heads.

“ISIS! SEKHMET!” Lily yelled, seeming angry over the laughter and cheering of the students; the twins look scared. “That was bloodly brilliant!”

“WHAT?!” James could hardly believe what he was hearing.

“Oh, I wished I would live to see the day when James Potter finally realized what humiliation is like! And I did! THANK YOU!” James was speechless at this point.

“Anytime Lily, anytime,” Sekhmet laughed.

“Sek, that had to be your best prank ever!” Lily laughed.

“Actually all the credit goes to Isis. She came up with the whole thing. I just helped.”

“SHE WHAT?!” Sirius looked flabbergasted.

“I am so proud!” Sekhmet pretended to wipe away a fake tear.

“How could you?” Sirius asked, sounding slightly hurt.

“Easily,” Isis smirked.

“WE ARE SO GOING TO GET YOU BACK FOR THIS!” James and Sirius yelled.

“Oh, like we haven't heard that before,” Isis snapped back.

“Bring it on!” Sekhmet said, crossing her arms.

James and Sirius were fuming too much to for a comeback. Remus and Peter on the other hand had kept quiet. The girls all linked arms and walked out of the Great Hall singing I’m Too Sexy. The song followed the boys for the rest of the day.

AN: And there you have it chapter five! We hope you enjoyed the singing boxers. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO REVIEW!!!! THANK YOU!!!

I'm Too Sexy By Right Said Fred
Amazing chapter image by Jazzi @ TDA
Thank you to my beta Phoenix_Flames

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Double Trouble: Chapter Five: Too Sexy


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