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Oblivious to the Obvious by Tonks1247
Chapter 2 : Hatred Behind The Scenes
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“Why don’t you drop the sarcasm? Better yet, stop using the sarcasm altogether,” Wood says, moving from the front of the shed around to the far side.

I hesitate for a second and then roll my eyes. He expects me to follow. Which I will, but only for so long as he honestly is taking time out of dinner.

As I reach the corner, I turn and look towards my friends, who haven’t moved more than an inch since I started to follow Wood. I catch the question in Angie’s eyes, and glance towards wood before turning back to her.

“No, go ahead,” I say loudly, not caring if Wood hears me or not.

Angie nods, and the three of them continue on their way to the castle. And for a moment, I want to call them back and tell them to wait, just because Wood is less likely to make this lecture, or whatever it’ll be, take forever.

But I don’t. I watch as they walk to about half way to the castle before turning back to Wood. Fear slips through my body as I take a step forward, a step toward him.

I shake my head slightly and remind myself, I didn’t do anything wrong. Wood is standing with his arms crossed and an annoyed look on his face, more than likely meaning he heard me tell Angie and them to go ahead. This could be an excellent start….not.

“So, captain, why are you wasting my dinner time?” I ask him, wanting to get to the point because now thinking about it, I’m actually pretty hungry.

“What did I say about the sarcasm?” Wood answers me with a question, giving me an annoyed glare.

“I wasn’t using sarcasm. What do you want?” I say, crossing my arms, almost mimicking his stance.

Wood glares at me for a minute before he starts talking. “I want to make sure we’re clear on what you’re supposed to be doing for tryouts tomorrow.”

“You told me and Angie when to be here. I don’t think I need more instructions than that,” I say, partially confused on where he’s going with this.

“Teizon, I would have to disagree. You always have to have more instruction then everyone else, otherwise you’ll find some way to screw things up,” Wood says, his tired look turning to his stern captain look.

“What are you saying? That I’m incapable of following simple directions?” I ask, venom seeping into my voice as I realize where he’s going with this.

“I’m just saying that you like to play by your own rules a little too much,” Wood replies, no air of teasing in his voice.

“So I’m too stupid to follow directions?” I ask, putting my hands on my hips as my eyes narrow.

“If you want to word it that way, yes,” Wood answers seriously.

“You underestimate my power way too much for your own good. You act like I can’t do anything at all. Like I’m some sort of-”

“I treat you how you act,” Wood cuts me off, taking a step closer to me. I close my mouth and take a step away from him, glaring furiously at him. He takes my silence as permission to continue.

“Now, at tryouts tomorrow, you are to do all of the drill you are told to do perfectly. Don’t mess around because this is serious.”

“When don’t I do my friggin’ drills perfectly?” I snap, irritated that he finds the need to question my flying skills.

“Like I said, you do the drills by your own play book, and I don’t want any of it at tryouts,” Wood replies taking another step towards me.

I subconsciously take a step back and find my back pressed against the shed. I don’t know when exactly I ended up with my back to the shed, but it doesn’t matter as Wood takes another step towards me, his body pinning mine against the wall. I draw in a sharp breath, stunned and angered at his close proximity. He seems totally unfazed, his eyes glittering with his usual arrogant captaining air.

“You are to do all of the drills and plays by my book. No Teizon originals. If you decide to go against my instructions, then so help me, the team will end up without a seeker faster than you can think of some sarcastic smart arse remark. Yes, that means I WILL kick you off of the team,” Wood says, his breath hot on my cheek.

Our eyes meet, and I feel like my eyes are being burned by his. I can’t move to push him away…I’m just standing there with him pressing me against the wall. His hands are on either side of the wall by my head, and his face is not more than two inches away from mine.

“It would also be wise not to start one of your petty arguments during tryouts because that would be setting a bad example,” Wood says, pausing while still not letting me away from the wall.

I’m starting to feel like screaming or panicking, but I can’t seem to gain any control in my body. The most I can do is press myself as tight to the wall as possible, and try to ignore the fact that Wood is unbelievably close to me. And how very uncomfortable I am with that.

He opens his mouth to say something more, but instead of his voice, I hear a different voice say, “So this is hatred behind the scenes?”

My eyes flicker off to my left side to find Fred and George standing about ten feet away. Where they came from, I’m not even sure. But I don’t care. All I do know is it may be enough of a distraction to get Wood away from me.

I look back to Wood and relief floods my system as he seems to snap out of his captain mode. And the only reason I know he’s out of captain mode is the look in his eyes is different. His face is still set in the same determined manner, but in his eyes I see he’s finally realized that he has me pinned to the wall. Which causes him to promptly back up a half a step, dropping his arms to his side.

“Don’t question my authority again either,” He whispers threateningly, before turning and stalking towards the castle.

I continue to stand with my back against the shed as I watch him go. I release a long as soon as he makes it out of sight from the side of the broom shed. I then start taking deep breaths, trying to soothe the panic that’s threatening to take over my system.

I brush my bangs, which tend to hang in my face, behind my ear before remembering the reason Wood snapped out of it.

So this is hatred behind the scenes.

I turn my head back to look at Fred and George. Fred has this suspicious look on his face, and George looks a bit confused and maybe even hurt. But any trace of being hurt he covers up pretty quickly with a blank expression.

“If behind the scenes is being sexually assaulted, then yes, that was hatred behind the scenes,” I say, shifting away from the wall, as it seems to give me more room to breathe.

“What was that about anyways?” George asks me, his look concerned as I, again, run a hand through my bangs.

“Him being a git?” I offer, glancing in the direction Wood disappeared in and then back at the twins.

“Sounds like Wood,” Fred says with a smirk, allowing me to not really answer the question. “Now let’s head to dinner, I’m starving.”

“Do you only think about your stomach?” George asks Fred, also leaving the question mostly unanswered.

“Hey, isn’t that supposed to be my line?” I ask, smiling as I finally manage to push the panic to the back of my mind.

“Yeah, probably, but you were too slow,” George says, smiling after a moment’s hesitation back at me.

And suddenly, with George’s smile, my heart seems to go into overtime. “Well, if you would start thinking slower, there wouldn’t be a problem.”

“At least I’m not wasting valuable dinner time,” Fred says taking a step towards the castle.

I roll my eyes before saying, “Okay fine, let’s go to dinner. If we don’t, Fred could possible die.”

“Please don’t make me pretend to pass out,” Fred says sarcastically.

“I just might,” I reply, laughing.

“Yeah right, you’re not that mean,” Fred says.

“You wanna bet?” I reply, crossing my arms.

“If you two children would stop you’re bickering, we could go to dinner,” George says.

“Look who’s talking,” I say, smiling at George.

“Hey, I’m totally mature,” he replies.

“Yeah, in whose mind,” I laugh, as we start walking towards the castle.

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