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Being A Select Few by BellaRose
Chapter 7 : Invitation
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A/N- yes yes  i'm back and i'm sorry it took so long!

Disclaimer: just the usual, i don't own much but i do own Galloway and the others (unfortunately not Draco)  :P

an offer to come or go somwhere, especially one promising pleasure or hospitality, or the making of such an offer.
I awake to the sound of people talking in hushed voices. Angry hushed voices.

“You brought her here and we thanked you for that, but now it’s time for you to leave, Malfoy” I heard my brother say.

“Actually, I think I’ll stay right here. I have some things to discuss with Ginevra when she awakes. Things that don’t involve you” Malfoy snarls.

“Why you-” Harry begins, but he is cut off by Hermione.

“Guys, just drop it will you. He isn’t going to leave so just ignore him and focus on Ginny.” She sighs. She puts in a lot of work to keep those two in line. I admire the control she has over them. I open my eyes blearily and spot Draco first, seated right next to my bed. His tense posture seems to loosen a little when he sees my eyes open but his eyes remain serious, although I see a flash of what might be relief.

“When you feel up to it, a meeting is being held, between Durmstrang and Hogwarts. We need to sort this out quickly, before something worse happens. Glad to see you’re awake, Ginevra.” He says quietly before quickly stalking out of the room.

“What was he whispering about?” Harry asks. I shake my head and smile at my three friends. They obviously haven’t accepted Draco, but at least we are all speaking again.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not important” I tell them, brushing it off. Hermione still looks skeptical so I beckon her over and pat my bed.

“How long have I been out?” I ask.

“Not long, Malfoy came and told us what happened and we all came straight here. Harry and Ron don’t know but Madam Pomfrey told me that you, Malfoy and Galloway were in here talking for an hour. What’s going on, Gin? First Malfoy and now Galloway? And what’s this meeting for, I could hear what he was saying you know.” Hermione asks me sternly.

“I’ve just become good friends with Draco is all, we’ve already been through this. As for Galloway, well, we’re becoming friends. If I remember correctly, you were the one that dated the Durmstrang champion! Don’t worry about it Hermione, it will all be ok” I reassure her. She still looks concerned but drops the topic for the moment.

Ron tells me that Charlie will be arriving the next day before Madam Pomfrey enters and tells me I am free to leave, as long as I take a potion at dinner that night and breakfast the following morning.

I comply and leave with Harry, Hermione and my brother. We make our way down to the Great Hall together for dinner and sit at the Gryffindor table, just as I sit down I am approached by Professor McGonagall.

“Miss Weasley, following the events of today I have decided to postpone your tutoring session until Monday evening. Do not forget, Miss Weasley. Your tutor will contact you on times for your own session.” She informs me before heading towards the Hufflepuff table. Good thing she postponed it as well, I had completely forgotten about it.

“So you signed up for a tutor then?” Hermione asks me.

“Yeah, she told me this morning that I will be tutoring a third year Hufflepuff. I have no idea who my tutor is though, I suppose I’ll just have to wait until they contact me.” Hermione nods and I start to pile food on my plate before pulling the vials of potion out of my pocket. I down one of the potions and grimace at the taste, following it quickly with pumpkin juice.

“So, I guess you’ll have to do extra practice this year since you won’t be playing in the tournament and all” Harry comments.

“Yeah, how’d you fall off your broom anyway?” Ron asks me? I am saved from having to answer by two people shouldering their way onto the bench on either side of me.

“Evening, Gryffindors” Morgan says before piling food onto his plate. I sit there staring at him open mouthed until her turns to me and smirks.

“Trying to catch a thestral in your mouth, Red?” I blush and quickly close my mouth.

“What the bloody hell do you think you’re playing at Galloway?” Ron suddenly snarls. Morgan just looks at him amusedly.

“Well, Weasley, I’m having dinner, and as a guest here at your wonderful school I am at the liberty to sit at whichever table I wish, and I just so happened to choose the table that my dear friend Ginny was sitting at. Isn’t that right, James?” I turn to my right and see that the other person who sat next to me was James Maxworthy, the boy who was with Morgan last time.

“Aye, Cap’n” he answers, winking at Hermione who was seated next to him. I see a light blush creep across her cheeks and smirk.

“Maxworthy, this is my good friend, Hermione Granger. Hermione this is James Maxworthy” I say, introducing the pair.

“Very nice to meet you, Hermione Granger, you’re Head Girl here aren’t you?” he asks her. Hermione nods proudly and he smiles.

“Well then, Miss In-charge, how about you start off by pointing out what’s best to eat then?” he smiles. It seems to catch Hermione off guard and she stares goofily at him for a minute before gathering her wits.

“The potatoes are always good” I turn away from the pair and leave them to chat. Ron is glaring darkly at Maxworthy and Harry is glaring at Galloway and Galloway is smiling pleasantly at me.

“You’re going to distract my team’s seeker, Red” he says. I smirk,

“Ah well, it seems our Head Girl is also going to be distracted so I think we’re just about even”

Dessert just appears on the table as Dumbledore stands up and calls for our attention.

“Just a quick announcement girls and boys, the first game of the tournament will be played tomorrow night at six o’clock, Hogwarts will be playing Beaubaxtons and I suggest you all attend, it will surely be an entertaining evening. That is all, enjoy your sweets, I know I will”

“Are you going to the game?” Morgan asks me quietly. I nod and turn to look at him.

“Are you going?” I ask him. He nods,

“I have to, Head boy and everything. Well since we are both going, do you want-”

“Galloway, Ginevra” a voice interrupts. Morgan looks pissed off as he turns around and sees Draco glaring at him. I glance between the two and shake my head, so much for their truce.

Morgan was about to ask me to go to the quidditch match with him and I’m not sure how I feel about that just yet. I’ll have to think about that when I get the time, I suppose. 

No thought required, the answer is no.
Stupid cricket, I’ll definitely need time to think about that.

“We’ll meet in the Western Courtyard in half an hour. Gather your team” Draco hisses into my ear before stalking off. Morgan glances at me before he to walks away, dragging Maxworthy with him.

I rise from my seat and catch the eye of Leanne. She nods to show that she understands and I see her discretely kick Cameron under the table.

“Where are you going?” Ron asks me. Hermione and Harry are also looking at me suspiciously.

“To bed, I’m still feeling really tired” I answer, yawning. Ron nods and goes back to bed, Harry and Hermione don’t look so convinced. I try to smile at them reassuringly before I walk away. As Leanne informs everybody else I find Gabriella myself.

The young girl sees me walking towards her and excuses herself from her friends. We are silent as we make our way to our tower, Gabriella understanding that something big is about to happen. Leanne and Cameron walk into the tower five minutes after Gabriella and I and Daniel and Thomas follow soon after.

“What’s going on?” Leanne asks me.

“We’re having a joint meeting with Durmstrang” I tell them.

“What? Why?” Thomas exclaims. I sigh, I really don’t want to have to explain this over and over tonight.

“Look, we know something fishy has been going on at the Beaubaxtons camp and today I was jinxed off my broom by Regenta. Leader Malfoy will explain more when we get there”

“Where are we meeting? We can’t let the Durmstrang’s into our main meeting room”

“The Western Courtyard. It’s a neutral spot” I answer.

“Are you ok?” Gabriella suddenly says.

“Huh?” I say, stupidly.

“You were thrown off your broom. Are you ok?” she repeats.

“Oh! Umm, yeah I’m alright. Draco and Morgan saved me” Leanne raises an eyebrow and mouths “Draco? Morgan?” at me. Nobody else seems to have noticed my slip up, or are just ignoring it.

“Come on, we’d better get going” I say, leading my house down to the courtyard. We arrive first, which is hardly surprising since out tower is on the western side of the castle. I leave the others to talk amongst themselves as I walk over to the ledge and look out over the Black Lake, spying the Durmstrang ship in the distance. I can’t see the forest from here but I wonder what the Invisireflect could be for. Are Morgan and Regenta working together? Surely Morgan wouldn’t do that, at least, I don’t think he would. Wind whips my hair around my face and I close my eyes. This is one of my favorite spots in the castle, I’m lucky it’s a neutral spot or I could be hexed whenever I come up here. It’s neutral among our houses as well, which is convenient.

“At our school, all you can see is snow capped mountains for miles. We have a lake, but it is frozen over for most of the year. We had to melt a part of it with a spell just to get here.” I look over to Morgan but he is not facing me, instead he is gazing out over the lake.

“I bet it’s beautiful.” I say. He turns to look at me and replies,

“Spectacularly so, one day, Ginevra, you’ll see it for yourself.”

“Ginevra, Galloway, we’re ready to start if you’d care to join us” Draco calls to us, a slight frown appears on his face until he sees that I’m wearing the cloak he gave me.

“I’m glad you’re wearing it. It suits you perfectly” he whispers in my ear. I feel myself blush and scold myself. It’s Draco Malfoy!

Exactly, it’s Draco. You didn’t blush when you were speaking to Morgan.

“Right, this is the first time we’ve ever done this before, but something has come to our attention.” Draco starts.

“Recently you may have noticed that the Beaubaxton girls have not been doing things quite by the book. Something is not right at their camp. We think that either that is not Regenta, or that she is not the one making the decisions. This was proved today when Gryffindor leader for Hogwarts, Ginevra Weasley was jinxed off of her broom by Regenta.” Morgan continues. Draco nods his agreement and takes over,

“We propose a temporary truce between Hogwarts and Durmstrang until this problem is fixed. Ginevra could have died and we’re not going to risk that happening again. Our efforts will temporarily not be focused on gathering and keeping territory. From now on you will be gathering information on anything that Regenta and the Beaubaxton girls are doing and reporting to your House Leader who will, in turn, report to either myself or Galloway.”

“Keep a look out for anything suspicious, but don’t try anything without letting us know. We don’t want you rushing in there wands blazing when we don’t know what we are getting into. Understood?” Morgan barks.

“Understood” chorus the Durmstrang boys. Morgan nods and jerks his head to the side, indicating their dismissal. Draco waves off the rest of the kids but asks me to stay behind.

“Listen, Galloway,” Draco says, “before this goes any further we need you to explain something. What are you hiding under that Invisireflect in the forest?” Morgan looks surprised that we know about it, glancing back at Maxworthy who is hanging around, waiting for him.

“How did you find out about that?” he asks.

“This is our school, Galloway. I make a point of it to make sure things are running smoothly and I happened to see some of your lot suddenly disappearing in the forest. If this has something to do with Regenta then you better watch your backs” Draco snarls.

“You actually think I would do anything to hurt Ginny? As if I would plan anything with that airhead, Regenta” Morgan scoffs.

“Then what is it, Morgan? What are you hiding?” I say quietly, looking him in the eyes.

“Come on then, let me show you” 

“I hate that feeling” I complain as Draco casts a disillusionment charm on me. He rolls his eyes and casts one on himself and I smirk as I see him shudder at the feeling of an egg sliding down his head.

“Alright there you two?” Morgan calls to us quietly. I nod, forgetting that he can no longer see me.

“Yeah, we’re ready” Draco says somewhere from my left. Morgan nods and beckons us up a trail that leads through the forest. I start to hear voices as we draw nearer to the spot that must hold the Invisireflect. In a clearing ahead I can see a slight glimmer in the air that must be the Invisireflect. Galloway points us towards a cluster of trees,

“Hide in there, just in case the charm doesn’t hold” he whispers. I nod and feel Draco brush against my side as we make our way to the trees. I feel a moment of pressure on me as we step through the Invisireflect and have to stifle a gasp that escapes from me as we see what the Durmstrang students have been hiding.

An enormous Quidditch pitch is in front of us with players zooming around it. Morgan is in the middle of the pitch talking to somebody who is definitely not a Durmstrang student.

“That’s Viktor Krum!” I whisper to Draco, “They have the entire Bulgarian Quidditch team training them for the tournament!” Draco doesn’t reply and I worry that he has walked off somewhere. I stretch my arms out and grope around, trying to see if he is still there.

“Calm down Ginevra, I’m still here” his voice suddenly whispers into my ear. He is standing close to me, so close that I can feel the warmth radiating off him on my back. I tense and feel butterfly’s in my stomach. My heart rate quickens, my breath is shallow and I feel nervous at his proximity. Of course I feel nervous, an invisible Draco Malfoy is standing far too close to me to be good and I don’t like it.

You just keep telling yourself that. Stupid cricket, you don’t know anything!

Draco steps away from me as Morgan approaches and my heart rate and breathing pattern returns to normal, although the butterflies remain. Nobody speaks as we make our way out of the forest until we are just on the outskirts and Draco removes the charms.

“That’s all it is, nothing particularly sinister, just our school trying to win this tournament.” Morgan finally says.

“Is that even allowed?” Draco asks. Morgan nods,

“There is nothing in the rules about getting professional teams to train you, only about them actually playing in the matches. We don’t play dirty.” Draco nods and stalks off.

“I’d better go, goodnight” I say, hurrying after Draco.

“Goodnight, Red” Morgan winks and I roll my eyes. Honestly, out of all the ridiculous nicknames he could have come up with he chose Red?

“Draco! Draco!” I call out, trying to get him to stop and turn around. Eventually he does stop, but he doesn’t turn around, doesn’t even look at me as we continue walking side by side.

“Well at least they aren’t working with Regenta” I say brightly.

“Yeah, but the smug bastards will wipe the floor with us in quidditch. In our school! We can’t lose to Durmstrang at Hogwarts!” he protests. I roll me eyes at him.

“Oh, don’t be such a drama queen, the Hogwarts team is the best there is. The best players from each house, led by Harry, Hogwarts will do fine.” Draco doesn’t reply but mutters “Bloody Potter” under his breath. At the entrance way we say goodnight and go our separate ways, him to the heads dorm and me to my warm four-poster in Gryffindor tower.

“Tibblesome” I say and the door swings open to reveal the Gryffindor common room. It isn’t too late and being a Friday night there is still lots of people in the common room. I spot Ron and Harry in a corner and make my way over to them.

“Hey, where’s Hermione?” I ask, sitting myself down.

“She went back up to her dorm, she said she had Heads things to discuss with Malfoy” Ron answers gloomily. Oh dear, something tells me that Hermione has other things to discuss with Draco as well, things that involve me.

“I thought you said you were going to bed” Harry asks me, suspicion in his eyes.

“Errrm, I went to the library instead” I say quickly.

“Then why have you got your cloak on?”

“I was cold”

“Where’d that cloak come from anyway? I’ve never see in before”

“It was a present from a friend. Gotta go, Goodnight!” I say quickly and dash up the stairs. That was close, I’ve really got to start coming up with better excuses. None of the girls are in my dorm when I enter so I head to the bathroom and take a steaming shower before collapsing in my bed.

“Ginny, wake up” I feel somebody poking me. That somebody better have a pretty darn good reason for waking me, my head feels like it was trampled by hippogriffs. Madam Pomfrey warned me I would feel like this for the next few days.

“What is it?” I groan.

“I’m sorry to wake you, Ginny, but it’s your brother. He’s downstairs and wants to see you” Danni says to me.

“Tell him it can wait until later. Bloody Ron” I complain.

“It’s not Ron though, it’s Charlie” Charlie! I forgot he was arriving today!

“Thanks Danni” I say sending her a sheepish grin. She smiles and quietly makes her way back down the stairs. Laura and Mary are still asleep which is not surprising. I heard them come into the dorm early this morning and wonder which poor boy they managed to woo this time. I quickly throw on a pair of jeans and a jumper before thundering down the stairs, my sleep mussed hair flying wildly behind me.

“Charlie!” I yell before leaping into his arms. He catches me and stumbles a little, laughing.

“Hey there, Champ. You’ve grown!” he tells me, messing my hair even further. We talk animatedly as we make our way down to breakfast and sit at the Gryffindor table. Just as I had done the night before I swallow the potion and chase it down with pumpkin juice. Charlie frowns at me,

“What?” I ask.

“You were stupid enough to go flying over the lake, that’s what! Don’t be surprised if you get a howler from mum this morning, she was furious and worried to death about you when she wrote to me. “Keep an eye on that silly sister of yours and stop her from doing stupid things like flying over the lake!” she said.” Charlie laughs. I frown and cross my arms.

“I didn’t exactly expect to fall in the lake did I?” I grumble. Charlie suddenly becomes very serious.

“No, I don’t think you did expect it, and you know what? I don’t think you fell either.” I don’t look at him and we say no more on the matter. When the mail arrives there isn’t a howler but there is a letter from home. The first part of the letter is about my little dip in the lake and the second half is the usual, how am I and tell Ron to write to home occasionally so they know he’s still alive.

The day passes fairly quickly and uneventfully, spending time with Charlie, Ron, Harry and Hermione. It is not until that evening that anything of consequence occurs.

“Now that you have all eaten your fill and are eager to head down to watch the match I just have one last announcement” Dumbledore says, standing at the head table.

“Those of you who were here for the Triwizard tournament will remember the Yule Ball that was held in honour of the champions. It has been decided by staff and our two lovely Head students that a similar even will be held in honour of the winning team of the Inter-school Quidditch Cup. The ball will be held on the evening of the day that the quidditch final will be held and the cup will be presented at this time. This occasion will be restricted to fourth years and above, those in younger years will have their turn another year. It is a formal occasion ladies and gentlemen so we expect to see you there, in your formal wear” he says with a twinkle in his eye.

A buzz of conversation starts throughout the hall, excited squeals from the girls and low murmurs from the boys.

“I couldn’t say anything!” Hermione squeals. “It’s just so exciting though, isn’t it!” I think about the ball as we make our way down to the Quidditch pitch, the Yule Ball was fun and I expect that this one will be just as good. But the big question is, what will I wear? I smile a little as I realise that nearly every girl in Hogwarts in fourth year and above is thinking the exact same thing.

I am yanked out of my musings when an arm suddenly sticks out and drags me into the shadows under the bleaches.

“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing, Draco?” I hiss.

“We’ve got work to do, Ginevra, we’re going to search the Beaubaxtons’ tent while everybody is distracted at the Quidditch game. I pout,

“I want to watch the game though” I whine.

“Ginevra, this girl nearly killed you, don’t you think it might be a little more productive to find out why rather than watch Potter triumph in Quidditch again?”

“Fine, party pooper” I say, sticking out my tongue. He sticks out his tongue in return and I laugh. Who knew that Draco Malfoy actually had the ability to act like a child?

“Come on” he laughs and we head down to the Beaubaxton camp.

A/N: an update! a round of applause to Ali who bugged me until it was finished. Not my fave chapter but i hope you like it! 
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