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A Selfish Sister by CrimsonEmeralds
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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A/N: Hullo everyone, this is the first new chapter i've posted on any of my stories since january, so I hope my writing is all right. Some of my current projects though are 'A Tale of Elemental RIvalry' I am rewriting it, so I don't post that up for quite some time. 'Whoever you are' I have chapter six just about done, I have a paragraph or two to do. And for this story, I have a general idea now where its going since I just typed up half the ending yesterday, but I'm still working out all the glitches.

Other news is I have lots of other projects coming soon too which I'm just itching to write them, I even had them all nicely outlined by chapter so I could write it faster, but my other two stories are my first priority.

So enough of my blabbing, here is chapter five of Alexis. Do enjoy ;D

"Lily, are you ready?" Alexis asked. Lily continued to stare at the steaming crimson colored train, awaiting the journey to take them to Hogwarts. Lily still hadn't said a word. "I suppose you're in a bit of a shock still." Alexis laughed. "Still hasn't sunk in, but you'll get use to it."

She pushed her silver trolley cart, holding all her luggage through the bustling crowd of students preparing to leave for school. She motioned with her left hand for Lily to follow.

Lily was absolutely dazed. Everything around her seemed so unreal, that she couldn't believe that something this amazing could possibly happen to her, yet it was. But Lily was soon snapped out of her thoughts by a rather high decibel squeal emitting from a tiny being across the platform.

"Ally!" A girl with huge dark brown, almost black curls and a thick Irish accent came running to where Lily and Alexis stood. Lily looked quickly to Alexis who squinted her eyes for a second, then widened them as she ran the last remaining feet towards the girl, engulfing her with a huge bear hug. Both girls were squealing, jumping up and down. Lily felt awkward, just watched with a small smile as the two girls continued their antics.

"Bernie!" Alexis squealed at a high decibel too, this time causing Lily too cover her ears with her hands. But the two girls finally stopped their long, excruciating, ear shattering greeting. "I've missed you so much, its been almost a year!"

"Far too long, why didn't you write?" Bernie playfully pushed her shoulder.

"Lots of things have been happening lately, I'm sorry I didn't write." Reminded of what happened the past year, Alexis noticed Lily still standing there, waiting for something to happen. "Oiy, right Bernie." she started dragging her towards Lily. "Dad, got re-married last summer, so this is my new step-sister Lily. Lily, this is Bernie."

Lily smiled, but inside she felt like she was under a police investigation as Bernie looked at her with skeptical eyes. "New step-sister?" her Irish accent very thick as she spoke. Bernie looked to Alexis who gave an innocent shrug.

"Well your father was busy lately." Alexis scoff and punched a laughing Bernie in the arm. "Oiy! You know I'm only joking!" Her smile revealed pure amusement.

"Hope so Bernie, or you'll get a piece from me." Lily stood highly confused the whole time until the two friends attentions were drawn back to her.

"Oh, well nice to meet you Lily, my name's Bernadette, Bernadette O'Reilly. But you can just call me Bernie or Berns. Hell, I'd prefer if you did so! But please no Detties or Nads, or I might just fight ya." she laughed it off, offering Lily her hand to shake. Lily smiled back and awkwardly shook hands. Not wanting to get on Bernie's bad side, if she even had one, but looking at her very enthusiastic character, she just used her imagination.

"Agreed." Lily finally replied.

"Good! We'll get along just fine then." she patted Lily on the shoulder and motioned towards the train. "Now let's get this jumbo party train started! The sooner to Hogwarts, the better." Bernie was full of so much energy and personality, Lily was overwhelmed but started to realize she enjoyed her company. As for Alexis she was used to Bernie's hyper and loud behavior. She had known Bernie since she was in diapers, her father and Bernies were best friends in Hogwarts, it was only destiny that her and Bernie would become good friends too.

The three girls placed their luggage in the bag compartments and boarded the train. Alexis and Bernie paved the way for Lily, looking in every other compartment, trying to find an empty one. As they looked, Lily contemplated her thoughts and surroundings. Being on the train made her come to terms of what was really happening. This was the most anticipated moment of her life so far and it just settled in. She felt her body shaking with excitement; she couldn't keep still, gazing eminently at other students. Too caught up in her thoughts, she had yet to realize that Alexis and Bernie had already found a compartment and she continued walking down the hallway. She turned and bumped her nose roughly into a solid body.

"Ooph." Lily stepped back, holding her nose that tingled from the forceful contact. She looked up to the solid body but only to be met with a venomous glare. The boy stood a half-foot taller than her, his long black hair shiny in the way that it hasn't seen water for days as it was plastered on his face. His nose crooked, his face pointy, and his glare burning a hole in her head. "Sorr-" she made to apologize, but was forcibly shoved aside, her back connecting with the compartment wall, causing her to yelp with pain.

"Move out of the way, stupid girl." he shot at her, his voice hostile. Lily was still against the wall, the hateful boy sneering at her, she matched his sneer as anger filled her insides, she clenched her hands into fists.

"Oiy!" someone yelled from the compartment on her left, distracting her. Two boys came into view, their wands pointing dangerously close to the face of the boy who had shoved her. "Watcha think you're doing Snape?" one of them spoke coldly. His dark grey eyes set in a permanent death glare.

"None of your business Black, now all of you just get out of my bloody way." he roared and tried to make his way down the corridor, but the other boy, whose glasses round glasses were slightly askew, his black hair tossled, blocked his way. "I don't think so." he spoke with a smirk.

"Lily?" she heard Alexis call from her right. Lily turned to see her with Bernie close behind, their faces confused at the current scene before them. "What happened? We were right behind us, and then suddenly you disappeared, and Sirius? James?" a small smirk found its way onto her face. "I would have guessed, of course you two would have started something so early in the morning."

"A little busy Alexis." the boy with grey eyes said abruptly. He still had his wand pointed at the boy named Snapes' face.

"I can see. Lily come on." Alexis walked closer to the situation. But Lily motioned her hands for her wait a few minutes, this was after all her mess and she wanted to clean it up.

"Eh? No greeting for me Black, I'm hurt." Bernie's laughed.

"Hello to you too Berns." still not taking his eyes from Snape who looked annoyed at the whole situation, he was surrounded by annoying twits.

"Potter?" Bernie continued her gaze to the boy with crooked glasses. His wand was slightly lowered as he stood as a block to Snape's only escape root.

"Good morning Bernie." he said cheerfully and smiling, then directed his attention back to Snape with a glare.

"ENOUGH!" Snape yelled, clearly still annoyed at everyone's ease. "Now I said MOVE!" But none ventured to move a muscle.

"No." Sirius said. Lily now distinguishing who was who now. "Not after you apologize to..." he took a moment to look at Lily who shook her head in annoyance. "Lily?"

"Oh, right." he said, now getting back to his threat. "No we are not moving until you apologize to Lily, you had no right to shove her!"

Alexis' eyes widened and she yelled at Snape. "What'd you do!?"

"I'm NOT apologizing, this stupid girl wasn't paying attention and bumped into me, filthy dirty, little mudblood!" he yelled. Lily hadn't a clue what had happened, or what he had said that made everyone around her sudden fume and charge at the bully. Wands were forgotten as fists were flying everywhere, well Sirius and James were doing the fist fighting, Alexis immediately tugging on Lily's arm to dispatch her from the scene.

"HOLD UP A MINUTE!" Lily shouted as loud as her lungs allowed her to, causing everyone to stop and look at the small red head whose face plastered with ultimate annoyance and anger. Her emerald green eyes shining with intensity. She clearly had enough of the bickering and the randomness of it all. She walked forward to the three boys, pointing her finger like a weapon, Sirius and James stepped back as Lily came inches from Snape's face which was now sporting a bloody nose, her eyes shooting venom at him.

"I don't know what the BLOODY hell is going on, and I don't even know what hell anything you've said means." she fumed, and Snape actually looked fearful as she wagged her finger at him. "But what I do know, is that YOU do not shove girls! PERIOD!" Students from different compartments suddenly started popping their heads to take a look to the scene unfolding before them, as well as a few students already in the hallway. Everyone looked in awe and fear as the red head continued her outburst.

"Why-" Snape dared to retort but Lily cut him off.

"And if you EVER, and I mean EVER touch me again, I'll make sure that's the LAST thing you'll ever do!" Snape was officially pressed against the compartment wall. She kicked him in the shin, his turn to yelp in pain. Low whistles and awes could be heard through the hallway as Lily took a step back, never letting her angry eyes leave his fearful ones. Not wanting to get on the red heads nerves anymore and dodging another one of her scary outbursts, Snape fled, quickly running, or hopping down the hallway, disappearing into a compartment.

Alexis immediately went to Lily's side, grabbing her shoulders gently. "Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" concern etched over her face.

"Oh, no he shoved me to the wall but I'm okay, a bit-" Lily said finally calming down before claps and cheers could be heard down the hallway from students of all ages. Lily looked in wonder and embarrassment, her cheeks suddenly flushing as red as her hair. She was turned quickly from Alexis hold to now face Sirius and James. Alexis gave the two boys an annoying glare.

"You were amazing!" Sirius exclaimed with a smile full of joy. He was almost speechless to the scene that just took place. He had never seen anything that had scared Snape to the point where he looked about to wet his pants.

"Oh, that." Lily blushed again.

"It was brilliant." James added to the compliment that Sirius had gave. His eyes danced with amusement and disbelief. "Snape didn't know what hit him."

"I suppose." Lily was still blushing profusely. She never considered herself shy, but with all the sudden attention she couldn't help it. This certainly not what she was expecting for her first day to be like.

"I have to hand it to you Lily, I agree with them both, that was hilarious how he ran off, well wobbled off." Bernie patted her shoulder. "Priceless."

"Well, yeah." Lily couldn't help but laugh at that last site of him hopping. She really didn't think she had it in her, but he had made her so angry, she guessed that her temper got the best of her. But it didn't matter to her since she thought Snape fully deserved to have his brains yelled at. She turned back to the two boys. "Thank you though, you didn't have to stand up for me, but you did. Thanks." She smiled gratefully at them.

"It was a pleasure Lily." Sirius bowed, while James hit him on the head, causing him to just stand perfectly straight. "Any opportunity to piss Snape off will always be granted." Everyone laughed at this.

"But I say we are being rather rude. I have forgotten a proper introduction." Lily wasn't sure who this Sirius was, but he was rather strange in a funny way, the air around him and his speech was aristocratic. "Sirius Black, if you may. And this is my good friend James Potter."

"Wow Black, I never received such an introduction." Bernie joked, her blue eyes twinkling. "Now I feel I'm not as liked as Lily here." She poked Lily playfully.

"I do remember Berns that I didn't have time for an introduction as you accidentally tripped, sending us both flying into the lake when we were six." Sirius quirked his eye brow up in a knowing manner.

"Oh now I remember." Remembering the thought. "Oh well, its all been a pleasure." She said mocking Sirius who rolled his eyes. "But my legs are starting to ache from all this standing, so let us all find a nice comfy spot and take our seats ehh?"

"Right you are Berns." Sirius spoke once more. "Come along then James." Motioning to James to come back to their compartment. But he was busy saying his goodbye to Lily.

"It was nice meeting you Lily...." he extended her a name for a few seconds, wanting her to finish her name. She got the hint.

"Evans." Lily smiled lightly. "Lily Evans."

"Lily Evans." James smiled too. "James Potter, a pleasure." He bowed his head, his dark hazel eyes met her emerald green ones, never breaking eye contact, and then went back to his compartment. Bernie and Alexis grabbed both Lily's arms and dragged her into their compartment.

"Well aren't you a little catcher." Bernie laughed and continued her playful pokes at Lily who returned the favor, matching her pokes.

"What?" Lily asked with a smile.

"If I didn't know better, I say that Pott-" Bernie began but never finished as Alexis cut in.

"You really should be more careful Lily." Alexis started once the compartment door shut. Lily and Bernie took a seat as Alexis paced back and forth, obviously irritated. Lily did not know how to respond to her sudden irritation, but decided it best to apologize.

"Sorry, Alex, I just got side-tracked by everything I hadn't realized you guys were gone." Lily apologized. Alexis continued her pace.

"Well sorry wouldn't help you if James and Sirius weren't there to distract Snape, would it?" she paused to look at Lily who wondered by Alexis was suddenly bothered. "You could have easily gotten hurt. You don't know that much about our world, and you shouldn't go wondering off without a clue."

"Hey Ally, I think Lily would have handled Snape just fine, did you see her, hell if you didn't think that was scary, I don't know-" Bernie started with a laugh but was cut off by Alexis.

"Yes I saw her Bernie, the whole bloody train saw her." she snapped, taking Bernie and Lily by surprise. "But that's beside the point. Lily you just need to be more careful, you will see that there are many people at our school who you should stay clear of, people like Snape, I know him from all the times wizarding families threw those yearly balls. He is not a person to mess with. If you provoke him enough, who knows what he can do. Especially to someone like you, you will see that muggle born witches and wizards aren't highly looked upon by certain groups. So please, sorry for suddenly outburst, but I'm just looking out for you." She finally stopped and sat across from Lily who was unsure of how to act. "Understand?" Alexis pressed.

"Yes," Lily said quietly, gazing deeply at Alexis' stormy brown eyes. "I understand."

"Good." she smiled brightly, giving Lily a tight hug, but Lily couldn't bring herself to hug her back, she just glanced quickly to Bernie who was just as unsure as she was.

After releasing Lily, Alexis continued to smile brightly. "Now that, that's out of the way, I can't even fully say how excited I am. I really hope I get into Gryffindor, it is by far the best house." Bernie not wanting the whole train ride to suddenly feel awkward continued on the conversation as enthusiastically as she could, but Lily felt that it wasn't her full excitement, and neither was hers as she joined in when necessary, but she stared out the compartment window longingly for the remainder of the trip. Her somewhat strange, uncalled for encounter, but memorable none the less was etched in her mind as her first memory of her magical journey. She closed her eyes, picturing everything, making sure she remembered every detail as it kept some of her excitement she had for attending school, for she felt after Alexis' talk, it wasn't all that great. Lily didn't know what to expect at the moment.

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A Selfish Sister: Chapter Five


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