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Lily and James-The Real Story by NikkiRadcliffe
Chapter 7 : The Beginning of the ball
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Author's Note: I just wanted to say sorry for the long wait. I got several characters sent to me and with IB I was really busy. So here's this chapter and I'm working on 8 already. If your character is in here you'll hear from me soon. Enjoy!!!! And it's long!!!!

“Lily!” Mia called back to her redheaded friend who had stopped for a moment to look at an owl in the window of one of the shops in Diagon Ally, “Come on!” Lily turned to look at her friend and grinned widely, rushing back to her side.

“So Eliza,” Veronica began as the four girls walked toward the hair dressers where they were to get their hair styled for the ball that was to be held that night, “What do you think you want to have your hair look like?” Eliza looked up at the sky, thinking before she smiled.

“I think I’m going to have it in really tight curls,” She answered. Mia sent her an icy glare – that didn’t go unnoticed by Lily – before she turned her gaze back to what was happening in front of her.

“What about you, Mia,” Veronica asked, looking at the blue-eyed girl. Mia grinned, not having to think about her answer.

“I want it to be up in a fancy way with maybe a few stray curls hanging down.” She answered.

The girls were silent as they continued to walk towards their destination. Each of them was extremely excited about the events that would be happening later that night, all for different reasons. As they turned the corner, Lily found herself running into a young man, around the same age as the group of girls.

“Oh!” Lily exclaimed, embarrassed, watching as the boy dropped his purchases, “I’m so sorry. I should have been watching where I was going…” Lily trailed off as she inspected the male in front of her. He was taller than she was with hazel brown hair that swept over his electric blue eyes that froze Lily in her spot. He looked muscular, but he wasn’t huge. He smiled, showing his perfectly white teeth.

“It’s no problem, I should have been paying attention as well. Are you alright?” All Lily could do was nod. “Cal Foster,” The boy introduced himself, holding his hand out to shake Lily’s.

“L-Lily Evans.” The green-eyed girl responded, shaking his hand and blushing slightly as he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it gently before he let it go.

Cal smiled and asked “So Lily Evans are you and your friends going anywhere in particular?” Smiling softly he looked at the group. “Cause I can walk guys in if need be.”

Hissing in her friends ear Mia said, “Well Lily tell him where we're going and say we'd be delighted if he joined us.”

As Lily began to speak cal put his finger to her lips. “That won't be necessary. I heard what your friend said, I will escort you.” he said smiling softly. Looking at Lily he had an expression saying 'Are you okay with this.'

“Ummm......yeah okay then,” Lily said dazzled by the boy in front of her. “We're going to....”

“We're going to Magix Beauty Salon,” Mia butted in, watching her friend all transfixed. Never had she seen Lily act like this, going all gooey over a guy. Well, she ad to admit, he was cute she had her standards. This guy did not fit her description of the perfect man.

Walking to the salon seemed to go by extremely fas as Lily stared at Cal. How she had never seen him before seemed crazy? He was major polite and well dressed. His hair and eyes were so dreamy she could get lost. Flip Flops smacking on the pavement, she mouthed to Mia, “Have you ever seen him before?” receiving an answer of “No, but does it matter?”

“So, Lily, what school do you go to? I believe I have seen before, you seem really similar.” Cal asked. “I myself have attended Hogwarts as a Ravencalw. I will be returning for my final year this year.”

“Wait, your a seventh year and attend Hogwarts! So do I! I am a Gryffindor. How is it that I have never seen you before?”

Laughing quietly, Cal shook his head. “Well, Gryffys have classes with the Slytherins so they hardly see the Ravenclaws I guess. So the only way toy would have known me was in between classes. Which explains how you seem familiar, but I hadn't really known you. Now I believe we have reached your destination.” he said pointing at the salon.

“Yeah, Lily, come on!” Eliza and Veronica said dragging their friend so they could get their hair done. Laughing, Cal said he would see her in school and left. Going into the salon, the girls were seated immediately given their individual hairdressers. Sitting near each other, the girls praised what was being done to one another. Wells, everyone but Mia to Eliza. Noticing Eliza's hair was amazing, and she knew hers had to be better, if any of them was going to get Black, it would be her. Yes, Mia had her mind set and she was determined to get the prize.

An hour later, they were all done with the aid of Magic. With 5 hours until the ball, they walked to the ice cream shop to grab a bite before the hectic ready making. Walking towards the counter Lily ran into Cal again.

“Well, Lily, it seems you have a thing for running into me, not that I mind. Why, may I ask, is your hair so fancy for?”

“Well there's a ball for the Potter's tonight and since I'm staying there, I must attend it... wouldyouliketogowithme?”

“Of course I'd love to attend with such a beautiful angel, especially one as sweet as you. But I am curious, why are you staying at the Potter's when you hate their son? I couldn't be able to do something like that!”

Grabbing her ice cream, the two made their way to her friends, who had watched the entire thing. Mia mouthed, “Good Job,” to Lily as she sat across from her. Answering Cal's question, she explained, “Well, that would be my mother's doing. She had to leave for a while and so talking to Mrs. Potter they decided I would stay there for the remainder of the summer. So I just try and ignore Potter as much as possible. I shall endure it.”

Staring at Lily, Cal's eyes went wide, “Your mother said you had to live there for the summer! Wow! That sounds awfully harsh just because she had to leave. Personally I give you bravery points for living with one you hate. I would never do that even if my parents told me to. Now what color should I wear tonight?”

“It did seem awful at first but you should see the room! I mean OH MY GOD!!!!!! James specially made it centered around her interests. That and she was caught ki.....” Mia said before Lily smacked her while putting a hand over her mouth.

“I shall be wearing an emerald gown this evening, but now we must go. You know how we girls are. Take forever to get ready runs in our blood. Come on girls, Cal I'll see you later. Be there by 7:30 sharp and don't be late.” she said before apparting away.

It was an hour before the ball and chaos was occurring within' Lily's room. The Gryffindor Angels were frantically rushing to finish getting ready.

Mia grabbed a shoe out of Lily's closet that would look amazing with her dress, while Eliza grabbed the exact same one. “Umm Eliza I think you have my shoe.”

“WHAT!!! No I don't!!! My hand was on it first!!!!”

“Yes dear but this shoe matches MY dress. Why don't we look together for ones that do. Like these,” Mia said holding up a pair of light golden shoes that were almost identical.

“Fine I see what you mean. I just want to be finished. I need to look amazing,” Eliza stated as she glanced around the room searching for a clock as the others screamed for something they needed. Clothes were strewn everywhere, a result of a mad dash towards getting ready. As everyone finished off she observed her friends. “We are going to knock some boys out we're so HOT!!!”

'Well we better,” Veronica called from her hiding place. She kept true to her true to her word making sure nobody had seen her dress. All they knew was it was red as lily had to do her makeup. Yet that was the only detail given as it was important.

“V can we please see your dress,” Mia whined fixing her blue gown. “It's not fair that you've seen all of our dresses but I have not seen yours, we have not seen yours. Now get your ass out here and let us see. Or I'll tell Pettingrew that you like him.” She exclaimed with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

“What thats so not fair!,” Veronica shouted. “I just wanted everyone to be surprised!”

“Oh Peter......” Lily called out.

“Fine fine I'm coming out right now,” Veronica said emerging with a red gown on. The top was accentuated with jewels in a delicate matter. The bottom cascaded around her in a pool of fluff. It was strapless and completely gorgeous. But what the girls didn't know was this wasn't the gown. Veronica was to wear this gown at the school's formal.

“Oh my GOD!,” Eliza squealed. “You look amazing V. Now may we make our way towards the ball and have fun. We only have 5 minutes to get there and Lily needs to meet her date.”

Walking down the stairs all but Lily and Veronica(who claimed she had something to do) made their way to the ballroom. Lily stayed to make a grand entering.

With Cal and James

Hearing a knock at the door James ran to answer it. Much to his disgust was an old enemy with an invitation in hand. Staring James had no idea on what to do so he rushed to speak, “What are YOU doing here?”

Looking at James Cal smirked a bit. “Well potter it appears the lady Lily has invited me as her date, which I can't believe your thick enough not to figure that out. Oh wait that's why Lily calls you thick. Cause your incredibly dumb. Now let me in so I may greet the lady.”

Glaring at Cal James began to yell, “Never! Never shall I.......Roxy!,” he exclaimed as he noticed his date had arrived. Roxanne had red hair and blue-green eyes, almost as beautiful as Lily. She was funny and yet sarcastic and he had to ask her. If not Lily he would have Roxy.

“Hello James! I took the liberty of walking here rather than you picking me up. I do hope this was alright” she said swirling in her strapless black gown. It was simple, accented with the jewelry she had put on. Though to James she was one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. She was an amazing find and saved him from having to fight Cal more.

“No it's fine, lets get to the ballroom. Mother and Father have been dying to meet you. Plus I want to show them one of the finest creatures I have laid eyes on. It's this way my dear,” James said taking the girls hand. Leading her past Cal he disappeared into the house. Laughter could be heard as the two made their way to the ballroom, but nothing would prepare Cal for the beauty he was to see.

Making her way down the grand staircase was the most gorgeous angel ever seen. Her hair was up in an intricate knot, the gown she wore gracing her amazing curves. The emerald color brought out her eyes and the diamonds set into a design helped to make them sparkle. She had always been beautiful but it seemed she shined brighter than all the stars. Cal regained his composure and entered the mansion holding out his arm for her to hold. The angel took it and they made their way.

Entering the room it appeared the ball had been elaborately decorated. “Well cal I do believe Mrs. Potter has out done herself. This is amazing.” lily exclaimed not noticing several yes on her. They made their way to the center where James and his date were.

As Sirius entered the room with his date Cal noticed James cursing under his breath. Apparently James wasn't pleased and Sirius was beaming from ear to ear. Sirius got closed enough to be heard saying 'Mate I do believe you owe me 20 gallons' The girl on his side was that of Dorcas Meadows, known by most at Hogwarts. Well if she made James upset Cal guessed she was alright.

“Hey guys,” Dorcas said smiling at the group before the music began. Taking their partners by hand the couples danced the first song before being joined. Lily held close to Cal loving the feel of his warm loving hands on her back.

Entering the room was Veronica wearing......

Author's Note: Yup it's a cliffy. So Please Review and I shall continue writing here.

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