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The Promise by Everlasting Faerie Light
Chapter 1 : ...I Believed
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The PromiseDisclaimer: I don't own anything. Everything belongs to J.K. Rowling and the song lyrics belong to Within Temptation.

On behalf of her love
She no longer sleeps
Life had no longer meaning
Nothing to make her stay
She sold her soul away


I covered my mouth as another sob shot from my throat, holding the black and white photograph in my hand. The photograph contained me and him, the deceased love of my life, waving repeatedly and laughing as we both clung to eachother. I remembered that it was Hermione who took the picture while Ron was being a sulky git, not accustomed at the thought of his little sister dating his best mate. 

I shuddered and stowed the photograph back under my pillow gently. I wiped the tears that were smothered all over my cheeks and infesting my already puffy eyes. It's been three damn weeks and I can't eat, I can't  come out of my room, I can't stop crying, and I can't sleep. Whenever I allow myself one moment of peace, I always end up having horribly malicious nightmares of the spark escaping his emerald green eyes the second he died at the hand of Lord Voldemort. 

Whenever I ate, I always threw up. My body rejected the food and I immediately felt nauseous. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. Yes, the love of my life died right before my eyes, but I knew that he wouldn't want me to be like this. Torturing myself and inflicting myself mentally and physically. But I couldn't help it.

The sharp blade against my skin was fresh white hot remorse and the scarlet that dripped from the new split in my skin was the reminder that I could've saved him...that I should've saved him. I'm just so disgusted with myself that I sometimes wonder why I just don't end it all...why I just don't drive the knife into my heart and be done with it. 

But I gave my soul to him. I remember it.

I held you tight to me
You slipped away
You promised to return to me
And I believed, I believed


My heart pounded in ecstasy as I felt his moist lips run up my neck, approach my chin, and then find my lips. Our lips moved in harmony and our naked bodies fit like a puzzle. Our hearts beat as one and our breathing was shallow as I felt his bare back with my hands. I traced the scars that littered on his skin and my flesh tingled, erupting with goosebumps as his fingers ran all over my body.

We were in the room of requirement at around one a.m. and I was in complete and utter bliss. With every kiss, caress, touch...I felt his love radiate throughout my body and enter the very veins of my blood and the rhythym of my heart. As his tongue mingled with mine, I knew what he was saying.


I knew that he was trying to tell me that he might now make it.

That he might not survive this war. That we might not live. Voldemort was at his strongest and that he'll do anything to tear Harry down.

I knew that...I was aware that we could all die due to his hand. But I had faith in Harry. I believed that when he left me to meet his fate and destroy his enemy, I believed he'd return to me.

We broke apart and heaved, taking deep breaths of air as we lay on the comfortable king sized bed, his arms aroud my pale skin, both of our eyes staring at the intricately painted ceiling. 

We just stayed like that for a few minutes, his arms around my body, our legs tangled together under the thick scarlet bed covers, and our shallow breaths filling the silence.

Finally he turned his head and said, his voice full of cautious tenderness, "Ginny?"

I turned my head to look into his beautiful emerald green eyes, my heart already pounding once again.


He closed his eyes and then opened them again. He smiled at me and said, "You really are beautiful, you know that?"

I felt my cheeks warm and a blush crept across my cheeks as he gazed admiringly at me. He gave a little chuckle. 

"You're adorable when you blush," he said, as he ran his fingers over my cheeks, which were burning hot.

Suddenly, his tone turned more serious as he said firmly, "Ginny, you know that I...that I..."

I looked at him questioningly. 

"That I might not...make it?" He finished, looking at me straight in the face.

I sighed and said, "Yes, Harry. I'm perfectly aware. But I have faith in you. I know you can defeat him."

He bit his lip and responded, "But we have to look at these facts. If I don't win this...everything will fall. All we ever stood for would be for nothing...I just can't stand the thought of...of..."

He groaned and suddenly looked distressed, "...of losing Ron and"

I put my finger to his lips and gave him an understanding smile.

"Harry, we have faith in you. We just have to see where fate brings us."

He sighed and said, "Just promise me one thing, Ginevra Weasley."

"Anything." I answered.

"Promise me that...if I die...that it won't be in vain. That you won't hurt yourself or take your own life away...that you'll stay strong. I can't bear the thought of or seeing you in pain."

I smiled.

"I promise. But try and promise me one thing." 

"What's that?" He asked as he caressed my cheek.

"'ll return to me. That you'll come back to me once you defeat him."

He looked hesitant as his emerald eyes glimmered. 

"Ginny...I..." He started, but I rose an eyebrow at him.

Then, before I could do anything else, he grabbed my face and pressed his lips onto mine. It was one of the most passionate kisses I have ever experienced. His hands ran over my arms and his legs wrapped around my body. I moaned dramatically at this, the heat intensifying and the passion burning like writhing flames.

we finally broke apart and  he said, looking at me straight in this face, "I promise."

"I believe," I responded, with a smile, pulling him against me once again.

(End of flashback)

After the night he died
I wept my tears until they dried
But the pain stayed the same
I didn't want him to die all in vain
I made a promise to revenge his soul in time
I'll make them bleed down at my feet


I smiled at the memory, but then immediately was overcome with the bitter truth as I let out another sob, my tears spilling down my cheeks once again. I clutched my heart, which seemed to be completely torn in two.

He's not coming back.

He's gone. Dead. Finished. Rotting away in the cold ground.

I remembered the night he died. I raced after him and found him...just holding on to the last thin strands of life. Voldemort was gone, and there he was, cringing in pain with a huge gash on his face, slightly distorting his features. His limbs were bent in an impossible way, making my stomach churn with nausea. I almost screamed at the sight of him, but I bit the inside of my cheek and crouched beside him, my hands immediately wiping away the blood smeared all over his face.

I told him that he would make it. That we had a chance, but he told me to leave him...that it was over. I remember the pain that overcame me. I didn't cry, but my heart seemed to rip slowly, rotting away and vanishing into nothingness. 

He told me that he hadn't forgotten his promise and that he will not only return to me, but that he will always be with me...even if I couldn't see him. He said he'd give me a sign.

Then he told me that he loved me.

I remember the overwhelming disgusting feeling I felt run through my body as he lay there in my arms; I remember the spark leave his eyes as he drew his last breath. 

I remember.

I remember clutching him to my chest as the horrible cackle of Bellatrix LeStrange erupted, slicing through me like an icy knife.

"Aww...did the poor little Weasley lose her Potty Wotty?" Her voice was mocking, cruel, vile, putrid, disgusting....

I remember the rage that burned through me as I heard these words coming from her mouth. It was like an atomic bomb had blown up within my gut. I grabbed my wand.

 I would avenge him. 

And every last fucking man or woman involved in the murder of Harry Potter would suffer. 

I screamed the spell without thinking, blinded by the firey hatred that was swirling within me like snakes.


I saw a burst of red light erupt from my wand and fly up to the sky. I saw Bellatrix's surprised face, her mouth wide open as the light morphed and twisted to create a huge pulsating ball of lethal light. The ball of light seemed to give off an earsplitting screeching sound as it charged to the ground, devour Bellatrix whole. Then, with another earsplitting screech, it transformed into big streaks of fire that seemed to snake and writhe swifty, soaring all throughout Hogwarts grounds.

Once it dissapeared, I gaped as I saw Bellatrix on the ground, spitting and choking, blood pouring from every inch of her body...then in the distance, more masked figures collapsed, and started convulsing and hemmorhaging.

I killed every single fucking death eater in the area. Every single one of them. 

But I didn't linger on this matter for  much longer, because it didn't bring him back. It didn't bring Harry back. I choked on my sobs.

I crawled over to Harry's body and kissed his cold lips, tears blurring my eyes before I took his body and cradled it in my arms. 

I held you tight to me
But,you slipped away
You promised to return to me
And I believed

I came back to reality and heard the knocking on my door. It was probably Hermione. She's been trying to get me out of my room, only to walk away with a defeated sigh.

"Ginny? Ginny? Please come out? Please?" 

I didn't answer.

"Ginny...your mother is hysterical, Ron is angry, and your whole family is upset. They don't like to see you like this, and nor do I," She said.

I sighed and climbed onto my bed. I lifted the covers and snuggled into them, squeezing my eyes shut. She'll go away, eventually.

"Ginny...please? Don't make me bust the door open," She sounded less patient, and her voice started to have a frustrated edge to it. 

I covered my head completely with the blankets and tried to block out her minor threats. 

Finally, I heard a sigh, proceeded by retreating footsteps.

I breathed out in relief and got out of the bed. Immediately, I was overcome with a wave of nausea. I held my mouth as my stomach seemed to curl unpleasantly and my head pounded, blocking out every sound...even silence itself.

I rushed out of my room and ran down the hallway to the bathroom where I was violently sick, my head halfway in the toilet, my knees digging into the rough wooden floor, and my unpleasant wretching noises echoing throughout the whole house.

Once I was done, I clutched the sides of the toilet and flushed it. I got to my feet and ran to the door where I slammed it shut and locked it. My stomach was sore and my throat seemed to be filled with nothing but left over vomit debris. 

I ran to the sink and rinsed my mouth out. 

 I looked up at the mirror.

The girl I saw in the reflection had deathly pale skin with self inflicted scars on her arms and face. Her brown eyes were lifeless and dull, bloodhost and surrounded with dark circles. Her red hair was tangled and matted with spit and tears; her shirt was blood stained and covered with vomit.

I immediately felt the same anger fill every inch of my body that I felt the night he died. I let it comsume me whole before letting out an earsplitting scream.

I screamed and screamed and screamed. 

Then I curled my hand into a fist and smashed the mirror. 

The mirror shattered, the pieces falling to the ground like jagged rain drops. My hand was immediately enveloped by a stinging pain as blood dripped down my arm from the wound on my fist.

I threw my hand hopelessly to the side and lay my head on the ground, my hair getting tangled with the glinting pieces of glass. 

I sobbed and sobbed, never stopping...not caring if my family could hear my horrible shrieks of pain and moans of sadness. At this second, everything passed before my eyes...all the memories...of Harry and I when we first kissed in the common room, the secluded corners in the castle grounds...the smiles...the kisses...the touches...

Sometimes I wonder
Could I have known about their true intentions?
As the pain stayed the same
I'm going to haunt them down all the way
I made a promise to revenge his soul in time
One by one they were surprised


I heard stomping up the stairs and I heard the door burst open violently as Hermione and Ron charged in.

Hermione screamed and Ron yelled in horror. I just lay there, motionless, tears spilling and mixing with my hair. 

I heard the crunch of glass beneath their feet as they knelt beside me. Ron hoisted me by my shoulders and stared at me straight in the face. He bellowed angrily at me, forcing me to look at his tormented freckled face.


The fury overwhelmed me again as I let my bloody hand fly toward his face. I punched him, hard. I heard him yell in bewilderment and pain.  He fell backwards, his grip loosening on my shoulders.

Hermione screamed and hoisted Ron up. His nose was bent in an odd shape and blood was spurting from it. He heaved as Hermione pointed her wand at his nose and muttered, "Episkey."

His nose seemed to immediately turn back to normal. He felt his nose, and then hurriedly wiped the blood off of it, but smeared it all over his face instead. 

Hermione gazed at me, her expression full of pity...but Ron glared murderously at me. He got out his wand and pointed it at me, his face contorted in disturbing fury.

"Ron...please..." Hermione pleaded, attempting to restrain him.

"NO!" He thundered.

He got up and towered over my small, vulnerable figure. I just stared back at him coldly.


I felt the pain slowly envelop me. It consumed my heart and I knew that I couldn't live much longer. This was to much. 

"Ron...please...Stop!" Exclaimed Hermione desperately, as she sprang to her feet and tried to grab hold of his arm.


I felt the tears slowly stream down my face as I just sat there, looking at him, taking in every single fact and insul he threw at me without interrupting.

I have nothing to say.

Hermione was now in tears as she fell to her knees. She looked desperately at me and cried, "Ginny...please...just come down. We all miss you...and we know you miss Harry...but it could help if..."

"'s different," I stated firmly, my voice flat and montone.

"How, so?" Asked Hermione gently, grabbing hold of my hand. I looked into her brown eyes and felt my heart ache at the pain I saw in them. 

"He...promised me." I said, my voice cracking as my stomach clenched in pain and grief.

Ron lowered his wand and was now listening intently to me.

"Who...Harry? What did he promise you?" Asked Hermione.

That's when I ripped my hand from Hermione's gentle grasp and screamed in pain and anger once again, tears staining every single inch of skin on my face and my hands gripping pieces of glass on the ground, cutting into my skin.

The blade within my heart seemed to rip through me once more and I thrashed at the bitter agony of it. 

"HE PROMISED ME! HE SAID HE'D COME BACK!! HE TOLD ME...THAT HE'D RETURN TO ME!" I screamed at the two bewildered teenagers in the bathroom with me.

 Ron and Hermione were speechless. They stared at me, their broken souls reflected on their faces. 


I held you tight to me
But,you slipped away
You promised to return to me
And I believed


I was a helpless heap on the glass littered bathroom floor, the pain vibrating through me as I screamed and cried amd yelled. Ron and Hermione staried at me hopelessly. We just sat there for minutes...with nothing but the sound of my ripping and shredding shrieks.

Suddenly, my stomach clenched once again and I bent forward and threw up all over my already disgusting shirt. I choked a bit and then heaved.

Hermione's eyes bulged and Ron looked extremely worried.

She approached me and said, "Ginny, you're sick...very very sick. We need to get you downstairs. There's something wrong with you." 

"I'm fine!" I roared.

"No you're not. Ginny, there is something horribly wrong. We know you've been throwing up for the past three weeks and you won't scream in your cry every single day...Ginny...please. Just help us..." She moaned desperately, clutching my arm. 

"Bugger off!" I yelled at her face and wrenched my arm free from her grasp. 

Suddenly, I felt another wave of nausea and I threw up again, this time, all over the floor. 

Hermione supported me by holding back my hair and clutching my shoulders.

She turned her head to look at Ron frantically. "Ron, get your!" 

Ron immediately scrambled out of the bathroom, white faced, as he ran down the stairs to the living room.

I fell backwards and was immediately heaving, my breaths stabbing at my chest. What was wrong with me? There was something horribly wrong...

A few minutes later, my mum appeared in the bathroom door. She stood over me and stared at me in the face, her eyes red and puffy.

"Ginny, sweetheart? Can you hear me?" She asked.

I didn't answer, but I kept heaving. 

I saw my mum run to the bathroom cabinets, dodging the sick pool I created. She grabbed a purple flask and opened it swiftly before approaching me. 

I couldn't object or make a movement, because my body seemed to be numb and paralyzed, my mouth tongue tied. My head pounded violently and my eyes blurred....

I felt a stinging wetness in my mouth that tasted strongly of vinegear and ginger mixed together. It traveled down my throat, bringing all of my consciousness with it.


"No! Please Harry...wake up!!! Please!" 
I held his broken, lifeless body to my chest as I screamed his name over and over again. 
"Harry...please...don't be dead...I need you..."

He was gone. Dead. Finished. 

I woke up with a start and screamed. My eyes flew open and I frantically looked around the room, expecting to find myself in the battlefield, clutching Harry's dead and broken body, but I was in a clean room with a window, on a fluffy white bed in a gown.

The cut on my hand was completely gone and all of my nausea seemed to have passed. I sighed and fell backwards on my pillow, immediately consumed in grief once again. 

I was in St. Mungo's Hospital. My family probably thought I'd gone mad so they brought me to this blasted institution. 

The door burst open and my mum and dad ran in.

"Ginny! Oh my goodness!" She hurled herself at me and clutched me tightly. My dad followed quickly and sighed in relief as he smiled at me.

I demanded, trying to push my mum off of me, "Why the hell am I here?"

Anger seemed to erupt suddenly in me once again.

Why was I so angry?

"Don't use that language with me, young lady." She snapped as she let go of me.

"I can say whatever I want. I'm not a kid anymore. I just asked you a question." I growled,  firing up once again.

"Don't talk to your mother like that!" Yelled my father, his left eye twitching.

"Well, I just did." I spat,clenching my fists. I was so irritated, so angry, so fed up with life. 

 "Can someone answer my question?"

My mum furiously threw her arms up in the air and yelled in pained exasperation, "Ginevra Weasley! What is wrong with you? Ever since have been horribly sick and ill tempered. Where did our little girl go? Where did the real Ginny Weasley go?"

She glared at me and I glared back, our identically colored brown eyes locking. 

Our non-verbal fight was interrupted by a bald healer came in.


"Ginny Weasley?"

"Oh thank goodness, Archibald...please...What's wrong with her? We need to know!" Mum exclaimed, motioning to me.

"Well, we just got the results back and I need to say...that..." He paused for a second, his brow creasing.

"What? WHAT?" Yelled my mum.

"That...Miss Ginevra Weasley is pregnant." 

The whole room was silent. Completely and utterly silent. 

Shock and surprise filled my insides and my hand immediately flew to my stomach.

Mum turned to me and asked, stuttering so much so that I couldn't tell if she was angry or not, "P-Pregnant?" 

"Whose the father?" Demanded dad, whose face was stark white.

My mouth opened, but no words came out.

"We did a genetic test and it turns out that Harry Potter was the father of the infant in her womb," Archibald responded neutrally. 

"H-Harry?" Asked Mrs. Weasley.

My insides seemed to melt, like snow under a spring sun. I rubbed my stomach and looked down at it. I was pregnant with ...Harry's baby? A smile crept upon my lips and I felt a joy overwhelm me as the sick and broken Ginny Weasley that had taken hold of my body left.

The old Ginny I always was came back within me, warming my veins and shooting out the hatred and coldness within.

The grief seemed to dissapear.

Just like that.

Harry had kept his promise. He never actually left me. I should've never doubted this, because he was growing inside of me all along...since the night in the room of requirement. 

I laughed as tears of joy spilled down my cheeks. I clutched my stomach and made a promise to myself. I will forever love and cherish my child.

I looked up to the ceiling and knew right then that he was here. He was smiling at me...even if I can't see it. 

He promised he'd return to me...and he did. 

I believe in him.

I believe.

I held you tight to me
But, you slipped away
You promised to return to me
And I believed


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