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Harry Potter and the New Lord by rhysus2008
Chapter 6 : Contacts
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Chapter Six

It was a warm night on the Egyptian land. The sky was dark but full of stars and a warm breeze, barely recognizable in the still air, drifted along. Draco Malfoy had come to a small hill. There was sand all around, but Draco Malfoy knew this was the place. He walked briskly down the hill, broom under one hand and cloak under the other. As he reached the bottom of the hill, he looked around. The place was empty. However, when he raised his wand, and sent small red sparks into the air, three figures emerged from no-where, removing their Disillusionment Charms. The first was a large man, taller and bigger than Draco, who looked absent-minded. The second was a witch with the same scowling look that Draco had learned she wore the last eight years. The third was another man, skinner and slightly shorter than the bigger man, and they all looked at Draco, not speaking. Draco nodded at them and said, ‘I am glad you found your way here with no trouble.’

‘Is it true, then?’ Gregory Goyle asked, loudly, ‘Did you kill your parents?’

Draco didn’t answer. He pulled out a small tube from his pocket. It looked like a box for sweets, but when he tapped it with his wand, the tent inside it burst out and set itself up in the sand. ‘In here.’ Draco muttered, and stepped inside the tent. Gregory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson and Blaize Zabini all stepped into the tent. Zabini was the first to speak.

‘Draco, we spent days travelling here.’ Zabini said, ‘We just hope you have a good reason.’

‘It’s a very important reason.’ Draco answered, looking up at Zabini.

There was a moment silence, and then Draco continued, ‘To answer your question Goyle, yes, I murdered my parents.’

Parkinson let out a small gasp. Draco turned to her, ‘Don’t be shocked. I wouldn’t have been able to continue if they were alive. I know you all trust me, or else you wouldn’t have come here.’

‘However,’ Draco continued, ‘If it’s one thing I’ve learned in my life is that we should prove our trust. That’s why I want you all to make an Unbreakable Vow.’

‘What?’ Zabini shouted, ‘Are you insane, Draco? An Unbreakable Vow?’

‘That’s right.’ Draco muttered, ‘I am about to tell you things that you cannot repeat anywhere else and so the Unbreakable Vow is the best way to go about it. If you do not want to take the Vow, I will let you go now. But pray I do not see you again.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ Goyle asked, ‘Are you threatening us, Draco?’

‘It is not a threat.’ Draco drawled, ‘Merely a warning of what’s to come. However, if you want to know more, you will have to take the Vow.’

‘What do you want us to Vow?’ Parkinson asked, her voice quivering.

‘I want you to Vow simply that what I tell you will stay with you. You shall not tell anyone else, unless I give you the right to do so.’ Draco explained. He pulled out his wand and looked around to the three, ‘Well? Are you willing?’

Suprisingly, it was Zabini who stepped forward first. ‘I can keep a secret.’ He said, ‘And if that is all the Vow is about, I’ll take it.’

Draco smiled slightly. He nodded and held Zabini’s hand. Draco looked over to Parkinson.

‘Care to do the honours?’ He asked. Parkinson took Draco’s wand and placed it on Zabini and Draco’s joined hands. Draco spoke.

‘Do you take the Unbreakable Vow never to reveal what I am about to tell you, unless given the right to do so by me?’

‘I do.’ Zabini promised.

Draco nodded, and signalled to Parkinson, who tapped the joined hands with Draco’s wand. Two orange beams crawled out of Draco’s wand and over to the hands of Draco and Zabini. It coiled around them and then faded into the darkness. Draco took back his wand.

‘It is done.’ He said, and looked over to Goyle.

‘Well, Goyle?’ Draco asked, ‘Are you in or out?’

Goyle stood rooted on the spot, thinking about what to do. Then he stepped forward, and offered his hand. Draco took it and gave his wand to Zabini. Goyle agreed to the terms and once again, two orange beams coiled their hands. Draco then took the same vow with Parkinson. When all three of them had taken the Unbreakable Vow, Draco waved his wand and four seats appeared.

‘Sit down.’ Draco said, and the three of them did. Draco took a seat of his own.

‘As you all know, Lord Voldemort was killed last year... he attempted to take over the Ministry of Magic, rule over all of the Wizarding Britain.’ Draco began, ‘Well he failed because he was weak and had made faults in his climb to power.’

Zabini looked at Draco suspiciously. ‘What are you playing at, Draco?’

‘I have plans to take Ancient Magic from right here in Egypt, and use it to gain power over the Wizarding World. I want you three to be my loyal assistants.’

‘Servants, you mean?’ Zabini snapped.

‘If you wish.’ Draco replied.

‘Draco, I respect you as a friend I have gained over the years.’ Zabini said, ‘But it is foolish for you to think you can gain power the Dark Lord had and it is even more foolish to assume you will take his place and succeed where he failed.’

‘How so?’ Draco asked.

‘He was the most powerful wizard of all time, Draco!’ Zabini shouted, ‘You are an eighteen year old man. What chance do you stand, honestly?’

‘How old do you think Voldemort was when he started his ascend to power?’ Draco asked him, and Zabini stared back. After a few seconds, Zabini replied.

‘Alright, so how exactly do you plan on doing this?’ He asked.

Draco looked at the three, and then pulled out a small purse from his pocket. He pointed his wand at it and muttered, ‘Engorgio’ The small purse increased in size to show that it was not a purse at all, but a bag. He opened the bag and pulled out a few pieces of paper.
‘This is research I have received.’ Draco said, pushing the papers back into the bag, ‘This research has told me enough so that I know how to retrieve two items. A wand and a parchment. Both are key items needed to use Ancient Magic that has powers beyond belief. If I retrieve these powers, I shall be able to do things the Dark Lord never could... do things that no-one has ever been able to do... at least not in written history.’

‘And these things are?’ Zabini asked.

‘I will not only have magical powers stronger than anyone else, but the power to give magic to those unlucky enough to be born without it.’

Zabini stood up, ‘Muggles?!’ He shouted.

‘And Squibs.’ Draco corrected him.

‘Muggles and Squibs?’ Zabini said, horrified. ‘They don’t deserve magic!’

‘On the contrary, I feel that we should give them magic, in exchange for their loyalty to me.’ Draco explained.

‘You’re going to bribe Muggles into serving you by giving them magic?’ Zabini cried, ‘But that’s ridiculous! What if they refuse to serve you? What if they fight back?’

‘Don’t you think I have thought of that?’ Draco said, raising his voice for the first time, ‘These Muggles will be under my control. The magic they have will be under my control. I will have power!’ Draco shouted, now standing up himself.

‘Lord Voldemort was weak and a failure. I can learn from his mistakes. The Ministry of Magic and Wizards in general think that there is no possible way of giving Muggles magic. They know of the same Ancient Magic I do but are fools not to believe it! I believe it! I will give Muggles magic, they will become my servants! I will shock the Wizarding World by invading the Ministry and taking over the Wizarding World.’ Draco sat back down and so did Zabini, but he wasn’t finished talking.

‘It would take alot of time. Alot of Muggles would have to be convinced, and then collected. You will most likely fail at the first attempt, especially since the Ministry has Auror’s with magical abilities far superior to yours.’ Zabini said.

‘I know this. I know it will be difficult. It is why I assigned the three of you as my first choices. Zabini, you have an eye for reality and your harsh truths will stop me from getting in over my head. Parkinson, you I am very close to. I trust you almost as much as I trust myself and Goyle... you have been a loyal friend since the first day we met at Hogwarts – before then, even. Don’t you see? I know I can’t do this alone. I need you three. Lord Voldemort chose to shut off his emotions, and work alone. He never told his servants they were his friends, he never told them how much they meant to him. This is where he and I differ. Unlike Voldemort, I have friends who I care for. Unlike Voldemort, I don’t have Potter’s blood and protection to stop me from succeeding.’ Draco looked at the three of them. ‘I have said my piece, I can say no more. Will you agree to accompany me on this journey? I can give you everything you want. Power, money... and I will always treat you like friends, not servants, even if that is what you are going to be doing.’

There was a long silence. Pansy Parkinson looked to have made her mind up but was waiting on the other two. Zabini eventually extended his hand, and said, ‘I’m with you, Draco.’

Draco shook his hand and at that precise moment, Parkinson ran over and embraced Draco, ‘I’m with you all the way.’

Finally, Draco turned to Goyle. Goyle looked uncertain. Draco held out his hand, ‘I know it’s been tough since Crabbe died. I would have had him here too. But we can do it. We can do what Voldemort never could.’

Goyle took his hand and shook it, ‘I’m on your side, Draco.’

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