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Run by grh
Chapter 1 : No Other Option
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No Other Option

“Are you sure?” he asked for about the eighteenth time

“I’m sure” I kissed his lips lightly to reassure him “But only if you are, we need to do this together and be completely certain it’s what we want, it is isn’t it?” I waited apprehensively, searching in his eyes to see what he was really thinking. His grey eyes were so telling, it was like reading the pages of a book, but no one else seemed to be able to read it, it was like it was written in a language only I could depict. My breath grew unsteady as I waited for him to answer and I felt the butterflies I knew were coming start to flap their wings in my stomach, I’m not sure I could have taken it if he said he couldn’t go now, not after all this time.

It seemed to take an inordinate amount of time for him to slowly open his mouth and look deep into my eyes, as if searching in my sole, before he stated simply, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world “Rose, I couldn’t not be with you even if I wanted nothing more than to leave you, I love you. That’s all that matters to me, I know it sounds corny but as long as I’m with you I could be anywhere in the world and know I was the happiest man alive”. He kissed me this time, softly but with all the passion and love he felt for me, and so I kissed him back, with the same intensity, knowing that, even though we were running away together at the ripe age of 17 to live God knows how, in the spare room of Teddy’s flat in the middle of London, we were going together, as one, and nothing could get in the way of that.

He loaded my last bag into the boot of his 1983 black ford fiesta and slammed the door on the full boot, that seemed to be like Mary Poppins’ bag, I was still shocked it had managed to fit all my stuff in, but I had wanted to be sure we had absolutely everything we might need. Then again maybe he had charmed it to fit everything in.

Scorpius started to walk to the drivers side and open the door, I turned back to take one final look at my childhood home that I’d lived in since I came home from the hospital the day I was born. I loved that house; the little porch round the back where I used to climb out of my window and sit on top of its roof for hours reading and thinking without anyone realising I was there, the huge wooden swing under the large oak tree where I would sit and twirl, looking at the patterns the leaves made and seeing patches of blue sky through the tree’s canopy as I spun myself around, making myself dizzy, and my room, with it’s wooden beams with holes in onto the landing so at night I would lye and look up and see a small stream of light filtering though, and my bed, oh my bed with all my cushions and my duvet , so soft and full of feathers I could pull it all around me and bury myself in it, when I wanted to keep the world out and the heat and softness that the bed held close, just for a few sparing minutes in the morning. It was the little things I was going to miss.

'No’ I told myself firmly ‘you can have new little things, in your new life with Scorpius’ and with that I blinked away the tears that had already started to spill out of my eyes away and whispered a small “goodbye, I’m sorry, I love you, I’ll be back when I can” to the house and all it represented and stepped silently into the waiting car and my new life that awaited me a soon as I shut the passenger door.

As I pulled the seatbelt around me Scorpius reached up his hand and gently caressed my face wiping away my silent tears, he took my hand in his reassuringly and started the engine.

It was about a four hour drive from Cheshire to London, so I had plenty of time to mull things over in my head.

I was always one to think things through properly, even when I was little, Hugo, my brother, and all our friends and cousins would just run into the lake to swim without barely even taking off their clothes first, whereas I would make sure I had everything I needed with me at an easily accessible point I.e. a towel, goggles, spare clothes, sun cream, an adult in case one of us drowned or anything, a book in case I got bored and then I’d have to check the temperature with my toe first and then my elbow, to ensure I didn’t get pneumonia and then once I was satisfied I would slowly wade in to see how deep it was and the minute my feet couldn’t touch the ground I backed away to stay in my depth.

So you see this wasn’t a rash, young, foolish decision made on a whim, we had planned it meticulously for the last three months; we would leave today, the 21st July, as my parents were at my dad’s cousin’s daughter’s wedding down in Scotland for the weekend and Hugo was at some emo music festival with his friends as well so I was home alone for the weekend and they wouldn’t realise I was gone until a couple of days away when they got back, by which time we’d be long gone and hidden away in the bustling streets of London, and Scorpius had told his parents he was going on a lads holiday for a week so he was free too.

We had saved up all our money we had earned over the last year, ever since we first came up with the idea and thought it would be good to start saving up now in case we actually decided to go through with it. We had both taken part time jobs in Hogsmeade, seen as we were sixth years and able to go to Hogsmeade as we pleased. We had also saved up all our allowances and we had taken money out of our savings account, leaving us with a fair bit to pay a small amount of rent on the room and for necessities until we could both get jobs.

There had never been an option of just forgetting about each other, moving on and facing facts that our families were sworn enemies and would prohibit even the idea of us as a couple, we couldn’t be away from each other, at least I couldn’t, when I was with him it wasn’t enough and when he wasn’t there I could do nothing but think about him, he was everywhere I went, and yet he wasn’t there really and I yearned to be with him. It was hard to describe; it was like a magnetic pull, he was North and I was South, he was the moon and I was the stars, he was Gin and I was Tonic, he was Batman and I was Robin, he was the knife and I was the fork, he was salt and I was vinegar, he was the happy meal and I was the toy, I wonder how many of these I could think of before you start to zone out? But you get the idea, we were meant to be together, we couldn’t be apart, and I needed him as much as he needed me.

And we could not, under any circumstances, tell our families and just make them accept us, because they wouldn’t. Dad had always told me ‘Malfoy’s cant be trusted, it’s not in their genes. 'Weasley’s and Potter’s aren’t friends, let alone civil, with Malfoy’s, and visa versa’. So him accepting his only daughter being in love with a Malfoy was out of the question, and pretty much all of the rest of my extremely large family and Scorp’s family felt the same, so you see that just wasn’t an option for us.

The only possible way for us was to run away together and eventually get married and have a life together, and then when we had that life maybe we could go home and they’d accept us because we’d have shown them how serious we were and that we worked well together and loved each other and they’d just be so happy to see us again that it wouldn’t matter who we were married to, just the fact we were happy and they could see us again. I rested my head on the cool glass of the window and sighed wistfully.

A.N. PLEASE REVIEW!! I've never done a fanfic before and i know it's probably horrid but I thought I'd give it a go. Constructive criicism is gratefully accepted xxx

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