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Love Game by emerald_princess92
Chapter 6 : Melancholy
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything except the plot, all other rights are reserved to J.K Rowling.

Note: This will be the last update for 6 weeks because I am going on vacation without any internet access and will be back mid-august to start school.  If I do, by some godly chance, get any internet access (be it dial up or any other internet access) I will update.

So, enjoy and please review! They make my day. ^_^

Chapter 6: Melancholy.

“Instead of sitting here like an idiot, why don’t you go talk to her.” Harry said, exasperated, It was after an uncomfortable dinner, in which Harry sat in between his two friends trying to spark up a conversation though only receiving noise of agreements and grunts in return, that he had become irritated of the two.

He watched Ron fidget in his seat, glancing at Hermione who was reading a book near the window before he groaned after a few moment. The weird feeling inside him was there again, it felt like his stomach was doing somersault and was not stopping anytime soon.

Ron shot him a glare at his suggestion before he replied., “Bugger, Harry, I don’t want to talk to her.” Though, his eyes betrayed his words as he quickly glanced at Hermione once again. Harry sighed, putting down his quill down as he rested his head on his arms silently sizing his friend up.

Ron shuffled uncomfortably at Harry’s intense scrutinizing before he said, “What? Why are looking at me like that?”

Harry grinned, tilting his head to the side as he stated, “You like Hermione, don’t you?”

Ron eyes widened and choked on air as he replied, “Bloody hell, Harry! Where would you get that idea from?”

Harry raised his eyebrows as he said, “Are you serious, Ron? Everyone knows you like Hermione, heck, some have even betted on how long will it take for you to ask her out.”

“What are you playing at, mate, I don’t like Hermione. Never have and never will and besides I have quite a relationship with Lavender.”

“Oh, of course, you do, Won Won.” Harry cooed the last word making Ron flinch.

Ron shot Harry a death glare before he slumped into his seat, almost looking resigned.  “I told her not to call me that in public.” He muttered crossly, glaring as Harry chuckled.

“Bloody hell, Harry, what am I suppose to do!” He exclaimed burying his face in his hands. Harry raised his eyebrows as he replied, “So, you do like her.”

Ron shot him a look before he said, “No, for the bloody last time! I mean with Lavender, she can’t take a hint, mate.”

Harry snorted before he said, “Well, she is your girlfriend.”

“I know!” Ron said, becoming frustrated. “But she’s clingy.”

“Hermione’s not clingy.” he paused, as if in thought before he continued, “Hey, here’s a brilliant idea, admit that you’re in love with Hermione and go out with her.”

“I’m not in love with Hermione,” Ron said, gritting his teeth.

“Denial is not healthy, Ron.” Harry said, mock concern on his face.

“I’m not in denial! I don’t like the bloody woman!” Ron hissed, glaring at Harry.

Harry raised an eyebrow before he asked, in a affronted voice, “What’s wrong with Hermione? She isn’t good enough for you?” He finished, glaring at Ron.

“No, she‘s amazing! She‘s too good for me.” Ron quickly admitted before he spotted the smile that the-boy-who-lived was sprouting and groaned, “You sneaky bastard.”

Harry chuckled, not responding as he picked up his quill, dipped it in the ink and continued to write. They sat in silence, the small chattering throughout the common room and Harry’s quill scratching against paper was all that was heard.

Ron groaned and threw a pillow at Harry as Harry, finally, said, “It’s what I do best.”

Hermione tried not to look up as Ron and Harry, continued to talk or argue. Obviously, it was about her because Ron kept glancing at her way.

The red-head was never very subtle.

Merlin, what were they talking about! She watched as Harry said something that made Ron hit him with a pillow. She rubbed her eyes as she swiftly turned back to her book, she felt eyes on her back but didn’t dare to turn around.

Her hold on the book tightened as she heard shuffling before sounds of footsteps came closer and closer.

“Hello,” She heard Ron murmured and, for some reason, she felt anger surge through her body at the sound of Ron’s voice.

“Hello, Ronald,” She replied, coolly, not looking up from the book she was ‘reading’.

She heard Ron sigh before he said, “Look, I know right now, I may not be on your good list but just…hear me out.”

“I’m listening,” She said, curtly, though she was not looking at him.

Ron sighed, “I’m not too happy about this “Malfoy and you” business and it…well…will you at least look at me?”

The tone of his voice made Hermione finally look up at Ron, his face red as he fidgeted and fumbled with the hem of his shirt. Hermione had to resist the urge to jump on his lap and confess all she had done to attain his attention.
She gladly fought that urge.

“I have a bad feeling about it, ‘Mione, something doesn‘t fit.” He muttered, he coughed as he leaned towards her and grabbed her closest hands and Hermione fought down a blush as she looked up at  Ron’s blue eyes. Her heart thudded against her ribcage as Ron leaned closer to her and she was drawn to him, like a moth to a flame.

Of course something didn’t fit, this whole act with Malfoy was fake.

Her eyes closed and she briefly thanked Merlin that the Common Room was almost empty.

“Oi! Lovebirds!” They jumped apart quickly, both blushing from the thought of what they were so close to do, as they heard Harry call out and Hermione glared at him, she was so close!

Harry grinned before saying, “Come help me with this Potion essay.”

Ron cleared his voice as he avoided looking at Hermione, rising to his feet while saying, “S-sure, mate.”

“Honestly, Ron, he wasn’t asking you for help, you’re as hopeless as him in Potion. I’ll be there in a minute.” Hermione said, turning back to pick up her books.

“Err…Hermione, what happened a moment  ago…well…I--” Ron began, rubbing the back of his neck, trying to come up with the right words.

“What are you talking about? Nothing was about to happen,” She said, her voice strained, as she shoved the book she had been reading for the past three hours inside her bag before zipping it up and walking past the stunned and confused red-head.

No, she wouldn’t settle for a measly love confession, not even for a second; she wanted Ron to stand on top of the Gryffindor's table and proclaim his love for her if he truly was serious about her but until  that time she would wait for him; teasing him along the way.

She needed Ron to break, hard and fast, and she knew just how to do it.

End of Chapter.

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Love Game: Melancholy


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