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Chaos In The Order by Emilyinlove
Chapter 5 : Together
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Disclaimer: I do not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, series, movies, characters or anything related to it. I also do not own Monopoly.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! Sorry for such a long wait! I've been so busy working on one of my websites with my other stories that I haven't had time to make the chapter images for my stories on here. Anyways, who is looking forward to the 15th? I sure am. I'm going to go see HBP at 3:45 on the 15th, but we apparently have to wait in line for 4 HOURS to get seats, even though we pre-bought our tickets. Odd, but oh well. So here is chapter five, and it's related to chapter six and seven, so just as a warning. Oh and don't forget, that little box at the bottom of the page? Reviews that are put into it make me very happy and more eager to post chapters.

Chapter Five: Together

"AHH!!" I let out a high pitched scream before falling off of my bed. "OW!"

"What happened?" My little sister came running in upon hearing the loud thud, which was my body making contact with the floor. She was already fully weird.

"DEMON ALARM CLOCK!" I screamed, backing away from the alarm clock I had killed earlier in the summer, and now it was back to haunt me.

"You are so weird," She said as she walked over and turned it off because I refused to go anywhere near it.

"Well, you would feel the same way if a demon alarm clock was haunting you," I noted.

"Whatever. Mom says to get ready for your party," She said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because your boyfriend is coming over in half an hour," She said calmly, before walking out.

"HALF AN HOUR?!" I exclaimed to no one in particular as I jumped up from my current position, where I was sprawled out on the floor.

I hadn't even realized it was my birthday party today! And now I had less than half an hour to get ready!

I ran to my dresser, taking out my clothes for the day consisted of a light blue tee-shirt with "Never Stop the Music" written in silver across it, a denim mini skirt and black leggings. I also got out a bikini to put underneath my clothes for later, before throwing off my pajamas and slipping into my clothes.

I went into the bathroom across the hall and quickly brushed my teeth, and then put on a bunch of foundation and cover-up to hide the dark circles that had formed under my eyes, a thin layer of black eyeliner, black mascara and a layer of silver eyeliner along my top lashline stretching about a centimeter past the outer corner of my eye. I quickly put a waterproof charm on it all to make sure none of it came off.

I quickly ran a brush through my hair and pinned my bangs to the top of my head, making a small puff.

I looked in the full length mirror in the bathroom to make sure everything looked okay before going down the stairs, four at a time.

"Ready!" I announced as I skipped into the kitchen. "But I'm bored."

"Eat something before Harry gets here, and take your vitamins," My mother said as I took a carton of orange juice out of the fridge and poured myself a glass. I opened a few bottles containing the vitamins, taking one of each, and swallowing them in one gulp of juice.

I finished off the rest of my drink and ate the toasted bagel with cream cheese my mom had made for me before I heard a loud thud from upstairs, and wondering what it was, I ran upstairs into my room, finding Harry sitting there, looking slightly disgruntled before straightening up, and dusting himself off.

"I knew it was a bad idea to hook my fireplace up to the Floo network," I said, smirking. "Well, maybe not so bad if I've got hot guys dropping out of it."

I cast a cleaning spell on him before going over and hugging him to receive a kiss. When we were apart he handed me something wrapped in festive wrapping paper, and I smiled gratefully.

"Thank you," I said as he tangled his fingers with mine. "MOM! DAD! HARRY'S HERE! TRY TO ACT NORMAL FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIVES!"

"That's always a nice thing to say," Harry noted sarcastically.

"Do you want my dad to go all freaky like a dad and kick your ass?" I asked and he shook his head. "So, time for a tour of my house."

I took him around the house, showing him where everything was, and where he could put his stuff for tomorrow.

"Em, your dad is out at work, talking to his boss about something, and Allie and I are just going to get some stuff for your party, we'll be back in a bit," My mom said as I started to smile impishly, biting my lip. "Do I need to remind you of the rules?"


"Say them."

"I don't want to."

"Do it."



"Fine! No using the oven or leaving the house while you're gone," I said purposefully leaving the one she wanted me to say out.

"And...?" She asked.

"No doing anything inappropriate while you're gone," I said speedily, turning bright red as my mom smiled, obviously satisfied that she had embarrassed me. "You can go now."

"Bye...and behave yourselves," My mom said before leaving the house. If she was so worried about it, she shouldn't be going out. Seriously, I go to a boarding school, what does she think we do there? Play freakin' Monopoly?

I stood there smiling cheesily and waving until I heard them pull out of the driveway before I relaxed.

"Now I see why you asked them to be normal," Harry said, laughing as I rolled my eyes at him.

"So do you want anything to eat or drink?" I asked.

"Nope, I'm good for now," He said as I led him into the living room and onto the couch. "So what do you want to do?"

"You know what I want to do," I said, waggling my eyebrows seductively for him to laugh again.

"Your mum said that you weren't allowed," Harry said.

"Well, I don't see her anywhere, do you?" I asked, looking around. "Mom? MOM? ARE YOU HERE? Nope, she's not here."

He smiled mischievously before grabbing me around the waist and pulling me back down onto the couch where he was. He flipped me over so he was on top; his knees on either side of my as he brought my hips closer to his, my arms around his neck, playing with his hair. He brought his lips down onto mine, and we stayed like his, just kidding on my couch for quite a long time before we were interrupted by one of my cats coming into the room and meowing angrily at us.

"Wow, that is a big cat," Harry remarked, looking at Yaz. He was 24 pounds, and all black except for a few spots of white.

"He's just very well loved," I said as Yaz jumped up onto the couch and rubbed against me, trying to get my attention. I petted him as he flopped down on the couch before going back to kissing Harry. After a while, we heard a car pull into the driveway.

"DAMN!" I yelled, pushing Harry off of me, summoning the remote for the TV. "Act casual." I leant up against Harry so it looked like we were just cuddling on the couch. Which we were now doing. So it wasn't exactly lying.

"Hello you two, watching the Discovery Channel I see?" My mom asked and I turned to the TV before silently cursing myself that I hadn't thought to change the channel. "As long as it didn't get too out of hand."

"Just making out, don't worry!" I said for Harry to turn bright red.

"That's not exactly the impression I want to make on your parents," Harry murmured.

"My mom doesn't really care. She knows how dedicated to me you are, but if it matters that much to you... I said before standing up and bringing him into the kitchen with me. "Mom, I just want you to know that I was the one to instigate the kissing and that it in no way reflects any disrespect towards you from Harry." My mom just shook her head at me before getting us to help unload the groceries she had bought for the party. All the chips and candy were put into bowls, and setting out all the cans of pop. I can't even believe my mom would buy all of this when she knows how hyper I'm going to get.

So as we were messing about in the kitchen, the doorbell rang and quite a few people were at the door; Emilie, Lindsay, Ron, Hermione, Ginny. But there was still someone missing.

"Miss me?" Someone asked and I shrieked in excitement before running over and hugging one of my best guy friends, who had spiky orangey-red hair and shocking blue eyes. I literally tackled him to the ground as we both laughed. I hadn't seen Brad since last October, right before I moved. I had only written to him from school, or talked to him on the phone or on the computer.

"Everyone who doesn't know already," I said, standing up so Brad could as well, "this is Brad Davis. Brad, this is Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny."

Brad of course knew about the whole Hannah, Amy and Shana incident, so he didn't question them not being there.

"Now everyone sit in a circle, I have a great way to do really good introductions," I said as I snapped my fingers, turning off the lights. I lit non-burning fires throughout the room and snapped my fingers again so a roll of toilet paper and a flashlight appeared in my hands. "Okay, now everyone pass around the roll of toilet paper and take as many sheets as you would like."

It got passed around until it came back to me, and I ripped off a long strip of it before making it disappear. "Okay, so now count how many you have." Everyone did as I told them. "Now, the flashlight is going to spin around, and when it lands on you, you have to use one of your sheets as your name, and then the rest of yours are used to say something about yourself, but you have to try and make it unique."

I took the flashlight and spun it around, to have it land on me. I had chosen quite a few sheets.

"Okay, well my name is Emily," I said, putting down a sheet from my long strip, "which everyone should know and if you don't, then get out. Anyways, I was in a drunk driving accident when I was eleven, I have two tattoos, I'm half-fairy, I have pyrokinesis, I'm a member of the Order of the Phoenix, I'm the blonde sheep of my family meaning that I'm the odd one out, and I would say black sheep, but in case you haven't noticed, all my family has dark hair and eyes while I have blonde hair and green eyes. Erm...I own Brad's life, I own Harry's life, I lurve to sing and dance and play guitar and piano, I lurve to say 'lurve' and I hate it when people touch my stuff without asking," I finished, everyone laughing at certain parts.

"What's pyrokinesis?" Ron asked.

"Pyrokinesis is the ability to absorb, generate and manipulate fire," I said as I spun the flashlight again. This time is landed on Lindsay.

"Yay! I'm Lindsay Hunter, I was abandoned when I was born and....I can read people's minds," Lindsay said. I spun it again and this time it landed on Emilie.

"Okay, my name is family died in a house fire, I have hydrokinesis, which is the opposite of what Emily has, it means I can control water, I used to date Cedric Diggory, I'm part-veela and to act?" She suggested.

"My name is Brad Davis, I have a lot of nicknames given to me mostly by Lindsay and Emily (Lindsay and I started laughing hysterically at this) and I'm on a swim team."

"My name is Hermione Granger, I love to read, I'm probably the only one here who has read "Hogwarts; A History" (We all mumbled in agreement) and I don't particularly like any sports."

"Ron Weasley, I'm an avid fan of the Chudley Cannons, I have five brothers and sisters, and I'm excellent at Wizard's Chess."

"Ginny Weasley, I have six brothers, I'm the only girl in my family, I'm the only girl born into the Weasley name for quite a few generations, and I was almost killed by You-Know-Who in my first year at Hogwarts."

"Harry Potter, um...I really don't know what to say," Harry said.

"Fine, how many to do you have left?" I asked, crawling behind him and wrapping my arms around him and looking.

"Seven," He said.

"Stupid head," I muttered as I thought of things to say for him. "Because Harry is slightly dim (I got a lot of protest about that, mostly from him), I will now say six things about him. His parents were killed by Voldemort - oh suck it up! His godfather was accused of selling them out, even though he was his dad's best friend. In second year he defeated a Basilisk, in third year he fought off about a hundred Dementors, last year he personally fought Voldemort, and I'm his girlfriend," I said, kissing him on the cheek.

"You make it sound like I'm some sort of hero," Harry said.

"But you are," I said and he just gave me one of his own looks. "Well, you're my hero at least."

"AWW!" Lindsay exclaimed loudly to receive glares from both of us.

"Em, we're going out so don't burn the house down or use the oven and remember to behave," My mother said, with my sisters and father behind her.

"Okay, I will," I said, smiling impishly.

"Emily," My dad said in a warning tone of voice and I smiled as he reached for the doorknob. "Well be back in a few hours with pizza. We're going to finish the last of your birthday shopping."

"Okay!" I said as they left. "Lurve you!"

"Love you too," My parents said, laughing at my oddness.

It wasn't that I didn't want them to be around, but that I had asked them not to be here for a few hours so my friends and I could have a bit of privacy.

"So, do you guys wanna play Twister or something?" I asked casually.

"YEAH!" Emilie shouted, a little overenthusiastically.

"Remember that video we watched about that?" Lindsay asked as we both started laughing. "Now I don't want anything like that to happen between you two." While she said this she indicated Harry and me.

"Oh, it probably will," I said. "Team captains are...Harry and me! Why? Because I said so!"

Emilie had already ran upstairs and brought the mat and the spinner down, and brought them both into the middle of the living room. Everyone went and so far both teams and tied for points.

"Okay, time for the tie breaker with Harry and me," I said, going over to the mat as Lindsay spun for me.

"Right foot blue," She said as I put my foot on the designated square. It kept going on and on until Harry and I were in the most uncomfortable positions. I was underneath him in a bridge, and he was on top of me, with his legs crossed over mine.

"So how's it going?" I asked, our faces almost pressed right against the other's as a flash went off. Someone had obviously thought our predicament was funny and took a picture.

"It's going good," He said. "This is pretty fun far."

"And it's barely even started," I said as my knees began to tremble. "I'm going to fall down, my knees are giving out."

"Oh really? So this wouldn't help?" He asked, making sudden movements downward so his body kept making me slip even more.

"Harry! Don't do that!" I cried out, trying not to laugh.

"Do what? This?" He asked, repeating the action. My feet began to slip again so I grabbed onto Harry who fell down with me...well, more like on top of me. He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine, one of my legs curling around his body.

"Oi! Love birds! Can you stop it?" Ginny called out as we both started laughing.

"Told you it would happen Lindsay!" I exclaimed.

"You were right," Lindsay sighed.

"Do we want to know?" Hermione asked.

"Probably not," Lindsay and I said in unison.

"So, what do we do now?" I asked, thinking to myself as I turned on the lights and absorbed (that's right, absorbed) all the fires.

"Why don't we go swimming while it's still light out?" Emilie asked and I nodded enthusiastically to rip off my clothes, revealing a black bikini. The top was halter-style with string straps and a blue flower on the right with white writing. The bottoms were black as well with a small blue belt going around them.

I ran outside, hoping everyone was following behind me. I turned around and they were, so I stopped at the edge of the pool and waited for everyone else to get undressed. They all did that and jumped in, causing a giant splash to spray cold water on me, as I let out a shriek. I bent down and slid in very carefully, unlike the others who had just jumped in carelessly.

I dived under the water, letting the water engulf my body as my bare stomach grazed the bottom of the pool before resurfacing and taking a big gulp of air before floating on my back, kicking at the water gently.

"Em, where are all the noodles and stuff?" Lindsay asked. "And the slide?"

"Oh! They're in the shed if you want them," I said, summoning the key and chucking it at her. She ran over to the shed and started throwing stuff over to the side of the pool before bringing out the slid and spraying the slide with my family's garden hose. "Harry! Come on the slide with me!" I exclaimed as we both got out of the pool and climbed up the steps of the slide, sitting so I was in-between his legs and his arms were wrapped around my waist, and mine on top of his. We pushed off, laughing the whole way down before plunging into the water.

We were all acting crazy, jumping off the edge of the pool with linked hands, spinning. It was really fun splashing and laughing with each other.

"Hey Harry, guess what?" Emilie said after Harry had come over and wrapped his arms around my waist, playing with the bellybutton ring adorning my navel.

"What?" He asked.

"I love Emily more than you do," She said, grabbing my hand and trying to pull me away from him.

"Oh no you don't, I love her way more," Harry said, holding onto me even tighter and more protectively.

"No! Emilie my love! We will be together! We just have to get rid of him," I said we both looked at him expectantly. "Can you let me go now?"

"Not a chance."


"You don't get to see your friends because I love you much, much more," Harry said, nuzzling my neck and making me laugh before he kissed me.

"No you don't!" Emilie said, although she had gone over to talk to Hermione and Ginny. After a while, we decided it was too cold and went into the hot tub on my deck. The hot water took over and relaxed every muscle in my body, causing me to sink right into Harry.

"Does anyone else think this should be hotter?" I asked.

"What? Are you insane?" Ron asked.

"Well, yes, but that's beside the point. I just find that it's not that warm," I said, shrugging. Harry pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around me as we all sat talking.

"Does this make you warmer?" He whispered into my ear, his lips against it.

"Mhmm," I murmured, closing my eyes and smiling.

Next time on "Chaos in the Order"

Harry fell to the ground, writhing in pain. He let out a blood curtling scream of pain, like at the graveyard.

"Stop it! Please, just stop it!" I screamed, crying even harder as I knelt down beside him, holding his hand as I tried to give him some sort of ease.

"As you wish, princess," He said. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Harry's once bright green eyes faded to a dull color. There wasn't even an ounce of light left in them. He was dead.

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