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Curious at Heart by riddikulus luna
Chapter 2 : "Call Me Remus"
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A/N: Hi!  this is my first fanfic so I'm anxious to know how I did.  Please read and review and tell me what you think! Keeping reading because I have a lot of ideas in mind. I'll get the banner fixed up soon. And this chapter is dedicated to those who reviewed.
~riddikulus luna =]


Finally, I thought. A day off.
I climbed the staircase to the girls' dormitories to retrieve my Transfiguration book. As I opened the door, a strong, lavender scent forced its way through my nostrils.
"Elia! Did you spray this whole room with that lavender stench?" I asked, pinching my nose in disgust.
"I thought the room needed some...glamour to it." Elia popped her head out from her bed.
"It's no glamour now. Why aren't you down at breakfast? I already finished," I replied.
"Well, I'm going to Hogsmeade with Tristen. I thought I'd fix myself up a bit." Elia said cheerfully. Tristen was her boyfriend, a year older than us.
I took one look at her and I knew she should've left the "a bit" part out and replaced it with "outrageously".
"You'd better eat quickly because we only have..." I glanced at the clock."Fifteen hours left to study. And I'm including the sleeping hours so we have less time than that. You better just go to Honeydukes and grab a handful sample candy. I'm going to the library to study for the Transfiguration O.W.L. Don't forget it's tommorrow. And you better-"
"I don't know why you're so nervous about the O.W.L.s,"Elia interruppted. "Tristen and I aren't just going to grab handful of candy. We might go get some butterbeer, then go to Honeydukes, then-"
"Okay, look. If you think you know everything we learned since first year to now, you can go. Just suit yourself." I grabbed my bag from my four-poster bed and walked towards the door. I turned the doorknob and swung open the door. I was just about to step outside when I said over my shoulder, "And buy me some Sugar Quills from Honeydukes, 'kay?" I looked over my shoulder to see Elia grinning from ear to ear. I grinned back at her and stepped out the door.
~ ~ ~
"So my number one priority is obviously Sirius Black. Then I'm thinking number two is Amos Diggory. He's pretty cute. Then number three is..."
I listened Fedora drone on and on about which blokes she want to date the most. She even wrote down the whole list on three and a half pieces of parchment. I swear I saw a number 53 on there.
"Drake Corner is number nine, and ten, of course, is Jerry Brown, that hot Gryffindor. Eleven, I believe is..."
This was worse than Professor Binns' lessons.
"Then, here I wrote-"
"Hey, Doc," I interruppted. Fedora looked up from her list. "You know what I think? I think you should acutally do it instead of reading it from parchment."
Fedora looked down at her list again. "So my first priority is Sirius Black." She looked up at me again.
"Okay, so... good luck!" I ducked into the nearest bathroom, hoping to escape Fedora. I counted to ten. One Mississippi...two Mississippi...three Mississippi... four Mississippi...what was Mississippi anyway...I'll check it in the library...I don't think it's in the library...I looked at every shelf...I should really take Muggle Studies...Oh, no. Anicient Runes. I don't have that in my bag... 
I finally gathered up enough courage to peek out the door to see if Fedora was waiting. Nope... no one but a group of giggling Hufflepuffs. I quietly crept out of the lavatory. I looked left and right before darting through the Hufflepuffs and towards the library. I sighed in relief when I finally reached the library. A place of peace as long as Madam Prince keeps snogging her precious books, I thought.
I plopped down at my favorite table by the window and opened my bag to pull out my Transfiguration book. I heaved it on to the table and started turning the pages to find the one that I studied on last under the covers last night. I finally found the page and started reciting it under my breath. I was so distracted that I didn't notice the chair in front of me squeak under the weight.
"The first of the five Principal Exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration is f-" I mumbled.
I looked up to see Lupin sitting on the chair in front of me with a smile plastered on his face.
"Oh. Hi. Didn't see you there." I only managed to say six words. Was this bloke stalking me?
"Hi. Transfiguration, right?" Lupin asked.
"Yeah." I said slowly.
"You're one of the hundred who's come here to study." He said while looking around the library.
I nodded. "And you aren't. Where's your book, Lupin?"
"So are we back to last names now, Merett?" Lupin asked quietly as Madam Pince looked at us suspiciously.
"I don't think we even got to first names." I whispered as I looked into those dazzling amber eyes.
"I believe I distinctly remember you calling me Remus yesterday." Lupin said, smirking.
"I only called you Remus out of -"I hesitated. 
"Out of?" Lupin asked with his eyebrows raised.
"Just...just drop it. I have to study." I hastily said and look back at my book. I kept studying for a couple of seconds before I noticed Lupin didn't move an inch. I looked back up at him.
"Where's your book?" I asked.
Lupin shrugged. "I think Sirius stole it."
I frowned. "Why would Black steal your book? Isn't he your best mate?"
Lupin shrugged again. "That's what we do."
I raised my eyebrows. "That doesn't answer my question."
He didn't say anything.
"Oh, so you answer questions in class, but you don't answer any of my questions?" I crossed my arms.
He started, "I -"
"There you are!"
We both snapped our heads at the speaker. I made a tiny groan. Lupin glanced at me.
"Oh, Fedora," I said. "You're here." I smiled weakly and I shot a pleading look at Lupin. He just smiled.
There she was. Standing two feet away from my table. Holding parchment. The girl I've been trying to escape has finally found me.
"I knew you'd be here! I had to find you because I need to discuss something with you." Fedora sat down at the seat next to me. She glanced at Lupin then back at me. There was an awkward silence. Fedora stepped on my foot under the table.
"OW!" My cry of pain echoed around the library. Darn her! Why did she have to wear high heels?
"What are you-" I started. Fedora made a glance at Lupin and I understood. I glared at Fedora before turning to address Lupin.
"Er...this is Fedora. And Fedora, Lupin." I said. Lupin chuckled and said something that was directed to both Fedora and me. "Call me Remus," he said, looking at me. Fedora made some sort of giggle. Lupin glanced at the parchment that Fedora was holding. Fedora saw this and whisked the parchment off the table and turned pink. She handed the parchment to me and said one word.
"Try." Fedora winked and gracefully rose from her seat and pranced away. I took a glance at the parchment and knew by the list of boy names that this was the Dating Pritorities List. I shoved it into my bag and picked up my Transfiguration book. This was no place to study when Lupin was here. He was just distracting me. I stood up and left Lupin at the table. As I walked out of the library, I heard footsteps hurrying towards me.
"Hey, Amber, wait!"
I whirled around to see Lupin behind me.
"What - why did you-" Lupin stuttered.
I just looked at him and said, "I have to study."
Lupin looked at his watch and said, "But we have fif-"
"Fifteen hours to study. I know." I said. I around and proceeded to the Ravenclaw Tower. I heard Lupin catching up with me. He put his hand on my shoulder and I stopped.
"What?" I asked curtly. This guy is really getting on my nerves.
Lupin smiled. "You know I saw the first two names on that parchment."
I turned pink. "So what?"
"It wasn't yours, was it?"
I looked into his amber eyes. But his eyes weren't filled with the familiar warmth anymore. It was clouded with worry. Why was he so worried?
"No. It's Fedora's." I replied firmly. I looked at Lupin again. Was it me or did I see those amber eyes silently sigh in relief?
"So is that why she wanted you to introduce me? Because I know Sirius?" Lupin sounded amused.
"Yeah..." I was reluctant to tell Lupin, but it would probably help Fedora get over her first priority. "She fancies him."
"Lots of people fancy Sirius, Amber." Lupin said promptly.
"And he breaks every single one of those girls' hearts. How can she-?" I made a frustrated noise.
Lupin was quiet for a while and I nearly jumped when he said, "I think I can help her."
I looked at him, surprised. I was going to say a word of thanks when I realized that we arrived at the door of the Ravenclaw common room. I knocked on the door and the familiar musical voice said,

  "What is the beginning of eternity,
The end of time and space,
The beginning of every end
And the end of every race?"

I thought for a moment and finally replied, "The letter 'E'."

"Nicely stated," the musical voice said and the door swung open to my admission. I walked in the common room and was about to close the door when a hand pushed the door open. I let the door go and peered around the door to see Lupin. He smiled.

 "Remember, call me Remus."

 I gave him a tiny smile and said, "See ya tommorrow, Remus." 

 Then I closed the door.

 ~ ~ ~

"What did he say? What did he say? What did he-"

 I pulled my wand out of my robes and pointed it at Fedora. "If you asked that one more time, I'm going to hex you."

 Fedora cautiously looked at my wand and fell silent. I resumed studying for Potions and muttering under my breath. It was like that for a while until a grumpy Nerual stormed into the room.

 "Bloody Divination!" Nerual shrieked. I jumped, not knowing she could make such a sound.

 I was about to say, "I'm trying to study here", but thought better. Instead, I said, "Amen." I sighed and looked out the window. Summer was coming soon, I reasured myself. I could almost smell soft, green grass growing around trees, protruding at the roots. I could almost hear my Muggle neighbor scream in delight when she sees her tomatoes grow plump. I could almost feel-

 "Hey. Lynnie? Lynnie. Amber. Hey. Amberlynn Judie Merett!" I woke up from my summer daydreams when a tanned hand flobbered in front of my face. I grumpily pushed the hand out of my way.

 "You just ruined the part where I feel my dog's fur after he rolls over the flower patch." I said.

 "Well, that can happen after you know what the properties of moonstone are." Fedora said as she dug into my bag to take her Dating Priorities List.

 "Oh, yeah, Lup- er...Remus said he thinks he can help you with...your first priority." I said absentmindedly.

 "Now you tell me! Sheesh." Fedora pulled out a purple mirror from her own bag and studied her reflection. "I've been asking you ever since you stepped foot into this dormitory."

 I sighed again and took turns taking out each book from my bag to study. When I was two-thirds finished with the Astronomy book, the door creaked open. I looked up to see Elia come prancing in with an armful of bags. Elia dropped a small bag on my lap, set down her other bags on top of her trunk, and flopped down on her bed with a sigh of happiness. I dropped my book on my desk and looked at Elia curiously. Sure, she was usually happy, but this was like dreamy-happy. It was like Rebecca and Elia morphed together.

 "Um, Elia?"

 Elia madde no response.

 "Er...Elia. We have to study. Elia?" I was next to her bed now. I was worried;did Tristen do something to her? Maybe put some potion in her butterbeer?

 "Elia? What happened?"I anxiously asked.

 "What happened? What happened?"Elia laughed hesterically. I could tell she was bursting to tell me something."So what happened? Well, we went to Three Broomsticks, then Honeydukes for you, then we wandered around for a while, then....Tristen and I snogged!" Elia now sat upright and looked excitedly at me. I was shocked. Did a snog affect people this much? I gave her a smile and hugged her.

 "Good! You guys must get along well! Now it's time to study!" I said 'study' in a singsong voice. I walked back to my desk and plopped back down. I started to read. Again. Fedora was chatting nonstop with Elia about the snog. I tuned them out and focused on my book. When Jupiter and Uranus get too friendly, they...

 I fell asleep right there.

 ~ ~ ~

 I woke up to see that it was dark and that I had drooled a bit on my Astronomy book. Every girl was asleep in their beds. Occassionally, I would hear the turning of pages in one or two of the beds. I wiped my drool off my book with my sleeve and pick up the remaining books that I didn't study from yet. I walked over to my bed between Elia's and Maria's and put my books there. I heaved myself onto my bed(which was difficult because of all the books). I finally got into a comfortable position, took one book from the pile, and pulled my curtains shut.

 "Lumos." I said and the tip of my wand ingited. I brought it to my book and started reading until I could almost memorize it. Book after book. Page after page. I began to feel drowsy so I brought the studying-at-night-session to an end.


 Right after that, I fell asleep again.

~ ~ ~


A/N: Please review!

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