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Bullet Proof by Elle Winters
Chapter 1 : Ginger Newt Biscuits
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He looks up, startled, having been absorbed in gazing down at our daughter, Rose, who’s sleeping soundly in her brand new crib, which we’d bought just the day before.

“Ron, you should really go to bed,” I say, walking over to where he’s sat and placing a hand gently on his shoulder. “You and Harry have been working non-stop and Ginny and I are both worried about you. If you go on at this rate you’re both going to crash and burn.”

“Hermione,” says Ron, his voice croaky. “You know I love you, right?”

I blink, surprised at this sudden change of topic.

“Erm… yes, of course I do. Why would you even need to ask that?”

He shakes his head.

“No reason. Just wanted to make sure.”

He stands up without warning, a burning look in his eyes.

“Ron…” I say uncertainly. “What-?”

But I don’t get to finish as his mouth is on mine and he’s dragging me into our bedroom, and I know just what that burning look was for…


“No, Rose, don’t-!”

I grimace as the bowl of cereal lands face down on the kitchen floor, sending its soggy contents everywhere.

“Oh, Rose,” I say wearily, as my little two year old giggles happily in her highchair. “Couldn’t you at least do it with your toast? At least then I wouldn’t have to clean it up before – no, Pebbles, leave it alone!”

But, again, I’m too late as our newly acquired black kitten comes skidding into the room and instantly begins to lap up the milk, which is steadily beginning to make its way towards the counter edges.

“Well, you can’t cry over spilt milk, can you?”

I swear and spin around, my hand clasped over my now wildly beating heart.

“Draco!” I cry, trying to ignore how my heart has begun beating even faster at the sight of him. “What are you doing here? And unannounced, I might add!”

Far from looking abashed at my indignation, he just smirks.

“Just got an owl from the boss. He says we’re to come in ASAP.”

I stare at him.

“You’re joking, right? He does know it’s my day off, doesn’t he?”

Draco shrugs.

“Hermione, it’s McLaggen. He doesn’t give a Hippogriff’s hoof whether you’re meant to be in or not.”

“That son of a-”


I jump again, having not noticed Draco’s two year old son Scorpius stood just behind him, looking longingly at the biscuit Rose is now munching on, having managed to summon one, wand-free I might add, from the biscuit tin next to the kettle.

“Rosie,” I say, looking at her incredulously. “How did you do that?”

“Looks like she takes after her mum,” comments Draco, looking quite impressed.

“What, you think she’s smart?”

“No, just a good swindler.”

“For your information, Draco,” I say snottily, as I get Rose out of her highchair and set her down on the kitchen floor, “I have never ‘swindled’ anything in my life!”

“How about that time you got that autograph off Lockhart so that you could get that book out of the Library to make Polyjuice Potion so that you could spy on me?”

I feel myself turning red.

“That was a matter of life and death.”

“How about the time you tricked one of the Weasley twins into telling you how to get into the kitchens? Or that time you confounded McLaggen so that Weasley could-”

He stops abruptly as he sees the expression on my face.

“Oh crap, I’m sorry Hermione, I didn’t mean to-”

“No, it’s fine,” I say hastily, as I turn away from him and beginning cleaning up the mess Rose made with her cereal, hoping my eyes haven’t betrayed too much of the pain I still feel at hearing any mention of his name.

God, get a grip, Hermione, I tell myself silently as I hurry Rose upstairs to get her changed for pre-school, leaving Draco and Scorpius to wait in the kitchen, Scorpius happy enough with his ginger newt biscuit. It’s been two years now, he’s not coming back, so move on with your life!

But even as I think this, I know that a small part of me will always hold onto the memory of him.

As I walk into Rose’s room I catch site of a picture, hidden behind her numerous teddies, and feel my breath catch in my throat.

Oh Ron, I think, as I tear my eyes away from the three of us waving happily at the camera (well, Ron’s waving Rose’s hand).

How could you have left us?

 Ok, so way short, but if you like it, I'll carry it on and, believe me, Hermione will get spunkier and things will DEFINITELY hot up!:P



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