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Why Not? by onestop_hpfan18
Chapter 2 : Change Of Heart or Not
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Disclaimer:  I do not own Harry Potter, nor do I own Molly Weasley II.  All I own is the plot and any OCs that you do not recognize.  All hail J.K. Rowling and the world that she created for us to play in!

Gorgeous chapter image made by iriki @ tda!

Chapter 2
Change Of Heart or Not

The sun shone brightly into the dormitory the following morning, waking Molly from her restful sleep. She opened her blue eyes as the sunlight glistened through the crystal clear windows before she rose out of bed to stretch before going into the bathroom. It did not take her long at all to shower and change into her school uniform and robe. When she was ready to head down to breakfast after getting her bag ready, she looked toward where Erin was packing up her bag.

“Ready to head down to the Great Hall,” Molly said with a questioning expression on her face.

“Yep, all set!”

“Great,” Molly said. “Let’s go, then, because I’m hungry.”

Erin rolled her eyes, “and I’m not?”

Molly shrugged as the two of them made their way down the girls’ dormitory staircase and through the common room before exiting out the doors. She could make out other students walking down to breakfast, the voices echoing off the walls.

When Molly and Erin finally entered the Great Hall several minutes later, Molly could just make out the Head of Ravenclaw, Professor Matilda Kirk, handing out class schedules; Professor Kirk was the Transfiguration professor. Molly was not a big fan of Transfiguration, but that was only because she was mainly average in the class since it was quite hard for her to understand and grasp the concepts of it. She was more interested in Charms as it was more practical and fun.

It was as Molly was sitting down at the Ravenclaw table with Erin that Mathis joined them within seconds with Thomas Rourke and Christian Davies.

“Good morning, ladies,” Mathis greets them in an overdone, comic way, which was his custom of getting them to laugh. “How did you sleep last night?”

Molly smiled and shook her head in an amused fashion. “’Morning Mathis, I slept fine, what about you?”

“Strapin’, just strapin’,” Mathis replied. “Did you sleep well, Erin?”

“Yes,” Erin said with a grin. “Of course I did, it’s the one time I don’t see you.”

Molly laughed with Erin as they watched Mathis grab at his chest in an attempt to feign a broken heart.

“Ouch,” Mathis said, still clutching at his heart while grimacing at Erin in a joking manner. “You cut me real deep just then, Long.”

“Aw, you’ll get over it, Boot,” Erin said, picking up on Mathis’s use of her last name and doing the same by using his.

“You two are such a joy to watch,” Molly said. “It never gets old.”

Erin rolled her eyes jokingly. “No, but Mathis being annoying every day sure does.”

Molly shook her head slightly at her friend as Professor Kirk approached them while shuffling through her deck of cards for their schedules. “Ah, Erin Long,” Professor Kirk handed Erin her schedule. “And Mathis Boot… Christian Davies… Molly Weasley… and Thomas Rourke…” She handed the rest of them their schedules before she moved on down the table.

“What class do you have first today?” Erin asked Molly as she scanned her schedule for today’s lessons.

“Defense Against the Dark Arts, you?” Molly said.

“Same,” Erin said. “And then I have Divination after that before lunch.”

“Why are you still in that class? It’s a total waste of time.”

“Hey, I happen to like Divination, thank you very much,” Erin replied stubbornly.

Molly rolled her eyes before she turned to ask Mathis what he had next. “So, Matt, do you have Defense, too?”

Mathis looked down at his schedule before he said, “Yeah,” and Christian and Thomas both replied that they had DADA first, too.

“Awesome,” Erin said. “We have the first class of the new school year together.”

When Molly and the others finished breakfast they headed out of the Great Hall and in the direction of the DADA classroom. The walk up the flights of stairs and through hallways was quite quick despite the congested crowds of students trying to get to their first classes on time. By the time they reached the classroom, it was to find that the Slytherins in the class already were waiting outside the closed door in the hall; and of course that meant that Finn Harper was already standing there as well.

“Well, if it isn’t Molly the Oddball,” Harper said with a smirk on his handsome face.

“Leave me alone, Harper,” Molly gritted through her teeth as she tried her best to ignore the brown-haired Slytherin.

“I’m not doing anything,” Harper said, and then added, “yet.”

Molly glared at him in warning, but that did nothing to faze Finn. If anything it just made him continue to talk, much to Molly’s dismay.

“You should watch out, or that pretty face of yours will get stuck like that one of these days,” Harper said. “On second thought, it’d be an improvement to what it looks like already.”

Molly removed her wand from the pocket of her school robe and pointed it at Finn, but before she could hex him the door to the classroom opened and the DADA professor stepped out. Professor Travis Neilson took in the scene before him, Molly with her wand pointing at Finn, and said, “Five points from Ravenclaw.”

Molly opened her mouth, but no sound came out and all she looked like was a fish choking out of water. She felt an elbow nudge her in the side, which brought her crashing back down to reality and she snapped her mouth closed—teeth clenched—as she walked into the classroom. She chose a seat at the back of the room with Erin next to her and Mathis in front of her.

“Don’t let him push your buttons,” Erin said, nodding toward where Finn had sat down with his posse of Slytherins. “He isn’t worth it.”

“Yeah, I know,” Molly said as she pulled out her secondhand DADA textbook, setting it in front of her on the table with her wand. “He’s just so…” She took out parchment and a quill for notes, still fuming over the Slytherin jerk that never had anything nice to say—or at least not to her.

“Annoying… cocky… rude…,” Erin listed. “And the list goes on.” She made a motion with her hand, and Molly smiled at her friend’s attempt to lessen her anger at Harper. “The point is he is not worth anyone’s time, especially not yours.”

“Thanks, Erin,” Molly said. “I feel better already.”

Erin smiled. “Don’t mention it.”

“Okay, class, settle down,” Professor Neilson said to the Seventh years at large to draw attention to the front of the room where he stood at the blackboard. “Today we will be practicing nonverbal spells that you all should still remember from last school year. Everyone pair up.”

Molly found herself paired with Erin as usual. And it was only typical that Molly found herself struggling with a few of the most difficult hexes; nonverbal was not her strong point. But she was able to fall back into the habit of using nonverbal spells by the end of the class, despite the fact that there are still a few pesky spells that she was struggling with.

“I don’t see how you struggle with performing spells and hexes nonverbally,” Mathis said. “All you have to remember before performing it is to clear your mind.”

“And that shouldn’t be hard for you, Molly,” Erin teased.

Molly glared toward her friend. “Nonverbal comes easier to you guys then it does to me. I have to practice and work harder with it, but I’m okay with that.”

“Really?” Erin questioned her. “I would think what with your father and all that you would want to be the absolute best in lessons.”

“Just because my father wants me to achieve greatness,” Molly said, “it doesn’t mean that I myself want to. I much rather achieve something on my own terms.”

“And that is?” Mathis asked.

Molly sighed. “I’m not sure, yet, but it’s different than what my father wants.”


The day was turning out better than it had started for Molly while she made her way through the halls toward the library during a free period. It was so quiet in the halls that she could hear the sounds of her soft footsteps echoing down the hall, or maybe that was only because she was paying attention to the sounds as she walked.

When Molly arrived at the library, the first thing that she did was walk over toward where the books on Charms were and grabbed one she had not read yet down at random. She opened the book up to the first chapter before she reached the secluded corner of the library where she often sat and sank down into the armchair by a window, pulling her legs up underneath her. In fact, she was getting so into what she was reading that she did not hear the footsteps of someone walking over to where she sat until the person said something.

“Oi, Oddball!” the voice of Harper said, which was the last voice that Molly wanted to hear. “Where are your dorky friends? Have they finally got tired of your poor sense of humor?”

Molly glared at Finn. “Where do you think they are? They have class this hour, jerk.”

“Ouch, you shouldn’t call people names,” Harper said. “It really hurts feelings.”

“Oh my goodness, Finn Harper has feelings?” Molly exclaimed in awe with her hand pressed against her cheek in shock.

“Har har,” Harper replied dryly. “You should be a comedian.”

“Maybe, but I don’t think my father would approve of that choice of a career,” Molly said icily.

“Do you always do what your father tells you to?”

“What does it matter if I do?”

“It doesn’t,” Harper replied. “But I can kind of see you as the girl to go against everything that her family does to find something that you want and like to do.”

“You don’t know me,” Molly said flatly.

“No, maybe I don’t,” Harper said as he slouched in the chair across from her, “but I can tell that you don’t know who you are, either.”

Molly said nothing, he was right and she knew that he knew that he had struck the right chord; Molly hadn’t found herself yet, but she did not like Finn saying so. “Why am I having this conversation with you, we don’t even get along?”

Finn Harper sighed. “Well, maybe I just felt like actually talking instead of arguing with you. You know, try something new.”

“Why?” Molly asked dubiously, one eyebrow rose in an arch.

“I dunno,” Harper mumbled. “I just figured that since my mates weren’t around it would be a good chance to actually get to know you more instead of making fun of you. You seem mysterious and cool.”

“I’m mysterious,” Molly repeated, still dumbfounded. “You’re the one who’s always picking on me, and now you actually want to be friends. Who are you and what did you do with Finn Harper?”

The last sentence actually made Finn crack a smile, a real honest to goodness smile that actually showed just how attractive he really was; not to mention those dimples. Get a hold of yourself, Molly, she thought as she mentally shook the thoughts of how good looking Fin was out of her befuddled head. She did not want to think of Finn in that kind of way, the main reason being of the way he had always treated her. “So, what have you done with the real Harper?” she repeated for the lack of anything better to say.

“Nothing,” Harper answered. “I’m just trying to be nice to you for a change, and it actually isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.”

Molly glared. “Of course it’s not hard. It’s easier to be nice to people than to think of awful ways to treat them.”

“That’s what you think,” Harper said cockily. “But I find it quite easy to tease you since you get so mad easily.”

“You’re so in despicable,” Molly threw the word out as an insult, but Harper only grinned as though she had complimented him.

She sent one last glare his way before she stood and walked toward the exit of the library, the forgotten Charms book still clutched in her hand as she marched all the way up to the Ravenclaw tower to spend the remainder of her free period reading without being interrupted by annoying, good looking Slytherin guys. Scratch good looking, there was absolutely nothing handsome about Finn Harper. He was the most hideous, annoying git ever to walk the face of the Earth.

Molly plopped down on the sofa once she was through the door after successfully answering the riddle and cracked open the book. But she might as well have been reading Harper’s true intentions for talking to her in the library—which confused her to say the least—for she could not concentrate on the words in front of her. It was not like she had feelings for Harper, but rather the fact that he had left her exceedingly puzzled by actually being nice to her just moments ago.

Surely Harper had only had a minor lapse for showing good manners for once in his life, and the next time Molly would see him he would go back to his usual name-calling and teasing ways. After all, no one changes over night, not even if it would be nice if people did change that fast and suddenly; it just doesn’t happen.

“Hey Mol,” Erin said, sitting down next to Molly. “How was your blissful and relaxing break?”

“Actually, it was anything but relaxing,” Molly said truthfully.

Erin raised her brow before she decided to guess why it was not peaceful. “Did you run into anyone—anyone meaning someone in particular?”

“Yeah, actually I did.”

“What happened?” Erin asked. “What did Harper do this time?”

“Oh nothing, for once,” Molly replied. “He was actually nice.”

Erin made a gagged sound that showed how shocked she was by Molly’s statement. “Wait, so you’re actually telling me that Finn Harper seriously has a nice bone in his body?”

“Yeah, I know, I’m as shocked as you are,” Molly said. “Trust me.”

“So, how was he nice?”

“I dunno. We just had an actual civil conversation without him calling me ‘Jolly Molly’ or making fun of me.”


“Definitely,” Molly agreed.

The conversation soon drifted to the fact that they had to head down to Ancient Runes, the last class of the day, before they ended up late. Molly still thought about how friendly and nice Harper had been to her, but not as much as she had been before Erin showed up. There will be time later to go over Harper’s sudden niceness.


Author's Note:  Well, I had fun writing this chapter... more fun than I had writing the first chapter.  And I already have ideas running through my mind for the third chapter: I kept having random dreams last night about what I want to happen in the next chapter.  I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, too.  I'd love to know what you thought of this chapter through a review xD  Thanks for reading!

This chapter was beta'd by californialove (Alice).

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