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Breakout the Songs by summerluv12
Chapter 1 : Getting to KingCross Station
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   Hi readers, this story has been inspired by countless of songs most of by Taylor Swifts album "Fearless". Please don’t be surprised if you see a song by her or other artist at the end of each chapter (: this first chapter is just some background info on Lily before going to Hogwarts. Please Review its my first story and I would like to see what you think Thank you enjoy. 
    Getting to King Cross Station 

     "Lily, are you sure you're going to that gifted school instead of going with me to Bridgemont Fine Arts Academy with me?" my best friend Isabella asked me with a frown on her face while I packed my trunk."Yes, Izy I am sure I'll be back for Christmas, Izy don’t worry I won't forget you" I said going to hug her. "I know you're not, hey aren't you taking Lucy?" she said pointing to my guitar. 

    “No, I don’t think I’ am going to use it I packed my dance shoes though” I said shrugging my shoulders. “What? Why?! Take her just in case I mean it won’t hurt.” Isabella stood and passed Lucy to me “I’ am going to miss you so much” they both said hugging each other again “Isabella you’re mum is here” Mrs. Evans called from down the stairs.  

       “Lil’s I have to go good luck I’ll miss you see you in Christmas” Izy said getting her coat and going down the stairs with Lily “Bye Izy” I yelled as she left with her mom. “K Lily Pad time for bed” my mum said kissing forehead “Mum its barely 8: 30” I said with a frown. “I know but we have to get up early to take u to the station Lil’s” she said walking upstairs “Fine night mum.” I said before closing the door too my room. 
*****The next day ******

       “Lily it’s time to wake up” Mum from the other side of my door, “K mum I’ll be down in a bit” I said. A few minutes later I got Lucy and walked out the door dragging my trunk behind me. “Morning mum what’s for breakfast?” I said kissing her cheek. “Morning Lily pad I made pancakes do you have everything ready?”  “Yup, Izy convinced me to take my guitar but I don’t think I’m going to use it much” I said laughing. “Well you never know” mum said putting her breakfast on the table “Where are dad and Petunia?” I asked 
    “You’re dad had to work early he said he loves you and have a great year. Vernon came to pick her up for breakfast with his mum, eat up dear we are leaving in a bit.”
We got to the station within fifteen minutes “Mum do you remember how Professor Dumbledore said to get through the barrier?” Great Lily you can’t even remember how to get through to the train, let alone make it through the year! “No, dear that’s when you’re sister started screaming like a mad women because she left her perm longer than she was supposed to.” My mum said with a laugh “Mum I can’t remember how to get through what I’m I going to do?” I said in a panicky voice. 
        “Um I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but over hear. Do you need help getting into the platform?” I turned to see a girl about my age with short black hair with big chocolate brown eyes and a friendly smile. “Hi, yeah we do we can’t remember how to get through. I’m Lily by the way Lily Evans and this is my mum Marie Evans.” I said holding out my hand with a smile “I’m Elena Martinez it’s nice to meet you both” she asked after shaking our hands. 

      “Yes, it is I’m really excited and nervous I don’t really know how to get through” “Well it’s easy you just have to run through the wall and you end up on platform 9 ¾ I could show you?” Elena said moving her trolley towards the wall separating platforms 9 and 10. “That would be great sweetheart thank you very much” my mum said smiling as Elena ran towards the brick wall. 

     She’s going to run into the wall I felt my mouth drop as she went right through it. Did she really just really do that? I turned to my mum who gave me an encouraging smile Ok Lily here goes nothing I took a deep breath before turning my jog in to a run. I closed my eyes as I saw the wall get closer bracing myself for the impact instead I just slipped through the wall like nothing. I opened my eyes and saw the ruby glossy color of the Hogwarts Express. 
   I really hope you enjoyed the first chapter this is my first story so please bear with me. Dont forgett to review please.

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Breakout the Songs : Getting to KingCross Station


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