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Death Date by SeriousOrSirius
Chapter 1 : Hermione
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She was dying she knew, no one paid enough attention to her to know. Harry and Ron were caught up in training and quidditch. Sirius and Remus were caught up in Harry and the Order, even though the war was over. The Weasleys were caught up in their whole family. No one really paid attention to her. She had no other place to go beside the Order headquarters, as her parents were murdered in the war. Hermione, Ron, and Harry were due back to Hogwarts in a week. Her letter came, containing a list of supplies and as most would have guessed, the Head Girl Badge. Harry was the other Head, he got a big congratulation from everyone, and Hermione got pats on the back. She packed everything for the year, but didn’t take it on September first. She just told anyone that asked that she had everything she needed. She was pale and weak, but still few noticed. She went straight to the Headmaster’s office, she walked right to his desk and slowly placed the Head Girl badge on it.

“You need someone who wants the position and that it will help them in life.” She stated upon placing the badge.

“Surly that persons you, Miss Granger.” questioned the Headmaster.

“No. I do not plan to attend my last year of Hogwarts.” She answered his question.

“Why ever not, you are one if the most promising students that I ever taught.” He said surprise clearly showing on his face.

“I plan to travel and see relatives, not study away my life.” She stated calmly.

“You sound as if you are sure of your life to be over in a short amount of time.”  He did not like where this conversation was headed. She just looked at him, not betraying any emotions.

  “Give my regards to everyone, I know you will chose someone perfect for the spot. I will see you if only in the next great adventure.” She turned to leave, the last time he would see her. She went back to the Headquarters, surprising Molly, Sirius, and Remus.

“I am not attending Hogwarts, I am going to travel the world and see my family.” Hermione said to the three adults. “You have all treated me as family and I am grateful. I will dearly miss you always, and please help Harry and Ron, they will needed.”

“You will come back, right?” spoke Remus, voicing the adults thoughts.

“No.” that was all she said before leaving.

That night the Headmaster announced the Heads as Harry Potter and Susan Bone. The Great Hall was silent; surly perfected Hermione Granger got the position. Harry and Ron looked everywhere for Hermione, the missing part of the trio. She was not at Hogwarts and was never to come back again.

A little more than a year later, all the front pages of magical newspapers was the picture of Hermione Granger, one third of the Golden Trio, the brain behind the defeat of the Dark Lord, the smartest witch of her age (and many to come) with a death date.           

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