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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 11 : Party in the Dungeons
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A/N: Hey! we're back with a new chapter :-) Hope you enjoy!

(we only own Lucida, Madden and the plot :-))

"I can't believe we lost to them!" Harry growled

"Yeah I know" Ron spat

Lucida looked at Hermione "but it's only Quidditch" she mouthed shrugging

"Yeah I know" Hermione whispered

"Know what?" Harry asked turning on Hermione

"Err..." Hermione said "err... Lucida just said that it's only Quidditch"

"Only Quidditch?" Ron said angrily "...only Quidditch!"

"...this game was the quarter final of the whole qualifier..."

"But it doesn't matter because you can still win the whole thing?"

"That’s not the point!" Ron growled

"Well if it doesn't matter then why are you both acting so angry about it all?"
Ron and Harry glared at Lucida

"You don't understand the importance of Quidditch" Ron said

"But I don't understand" Lucida pointed out

"Well clearly you don't!" Ron snapped

Lucida looked at Ron "what's wrong with you today?"

"Nothing..." he said moodily not looking at her

"Ron are..."

"Look...just leave me alone"

Lucida stood up "fine" she said angrily before she stormed out of the room.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *

She walked towards Snapes office angrily careful to avoid any detection from Umbridge

"Hey" someone said from behind her

Lucida turned around wildly and saw Draco

"Are you stalking me?"

"What?" he asked confused

"You seem to appear everytime I go to Snapes office or when I’m angry"

"But that's a good thing... because I cheer you up" he smiled at her, she didn't say anything

"What’s wrong?" he asked her

"I don't want to talk about it"

"You sure?" he asked looking at her. She nodded

"...there's a party tonight in Slytherin and you're invited"

"I’m invited to a Slytherin party? Me a Gryffindor?"

"Yeah...don't worry though some Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaw's are going"

"Oh you're lying. There is no way that Slytherin's would invite people from other houses"

"Ok it's only you...but please come it'll be fun"

She sighed "alright I’ll come...when is it?"

"In around half an either come now or I’ll meet you later"

"I’ll come now" she smiled, Draco's face lit up

"Great follow me"

*             *             *             *             *             *            

"You ready to go in?"

Lucida nodded as they both entered the Slytherin common room. They could hear the loud music as they entered. People turned to look at them as they entered, some of the people stood up to welcome Draco

"Hey" he said as he high-fived a seventh year.

"Hi...and who's this beauty with you?" the seventh year asked.

"This is Lucida"

"Your girlfriend?"

"In a way yeah" he smiled grabbing hold of Lucida's hand and pulling her towards a corner where a group of boys were

"Blaise, Madden" he nodded to two of them "you know Lucida"

Blaise stood up and took her hand; he kissed it "Hello Lucida"

"You lot are the ones who wanted to do me" she smiled at the group

The group laughed as Lucida and Draco sat down

"Would you like a drink?" Draco asked turning to look at Lucida


"What would you like?"

"What ever you're having"

"Firewhiskey?" Draco asked raising his eyebrows at her

"Just get me anything then"

Draco smiled and walked off, leaving Lucida with Blaise, Madden and a few seventh years.

Lucida smiled at them as they sat in silence, them all staring at her

"So how are things going between you and Draco?" Madden asked

"'s alright"

"Well if you get tired of him...I’ll go out with you"

"Madden leave her alone" Draco said laughing as he sat down next to Lucida and passed her a drink

"I only went to get a drink and you're already jumping on her?"

The boys all laughed, Lucida smiled and took a sip of her drink

"So Blaise, you going to hook up with anyone tonight?" a seventh year asked.

Blaise smiled and nodded over at a sixth year who was smiling at him. The boys laughed again

An hour later the party really got started. The boys had, had a few drinks and were all feeling very happy and jokey

"So Lucida enjoying the party?" Blaise asked

"Yeah I am actually"

"I bet you'll enjoy it more if you sit over here with us" he pointed to a chair between him and Madden

"I’m alright over here thanks" Lucida said laughing

"Suit yourself"

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *            

A while later after lots of alcohol had been issued; Lucida found herself for the sixth time that evening being pulled onto Blaise's lap.

"Hey baby...falling for me again" Blaise said drunkenly

Lucida tried to stand up but Blaise wouldn't let her

"And that's the sixth time you've used that line" Lucida said smiling

"You...know I’m being serious" Blaise smiled

"That you've drunk a lot? Because I believe you"

"No...No...No...If Draco ever dumps you..."

"I’m not going out with Draco"

People around looked at her in disbelief

"...well seen as though you're not" Blaise smiled as he stroked Lucida's face "if you know...with me" he winked at her "I’ll go out with you"

"You know" Lucida said moving Blaise's hand away "thanks for the offer but...I’m going to stick with Ron"

Blaise shrugged and smiled

"The heart wants what the heart wants" but he wouldn't let go

Draco come over and looked at them

"Want to dance?" Draco asked

"Sure...Lucida get up" Blaise said

"No!... I meant Lucida" Draco said

"So I’m second best to Blaise?...I may take up Blaise's offer now" she said putting her arms round a smiling Blaise

Draco laughed and put his hand out Lucida got off of Blaise's lap and walked, staggering slightly, to dance with Draco.

"...wait...wait a minute... I have something for you" Draco said walking back off leaving a quite drunk Lucida standing on her own.

"Hey Lucida, come over here" Blaise called a few minutes later

Lucida turned and strolled towards the group by the fire

"We have something very important for you to know" Madden said throwing a biscuit to his mouth, but missing

"That’s a very bad sentence Madden"

"I’m a very bad boy" Madden winked

"I hope that's not what you wanted to tell me" Lucida said resisting Blaise's attempts to pull her onto his lap again

"You’ll hear it better if you sit on my lap"

"Do you have a thing for me Blaise?" Lucida said folding her arms

"I like you almost as much as I like Madden here" Blaise said slapping Madden on the shoulder as he sat the floor with his arm around Pansy

"And that is a lot!" Madden said

"If you weren't here he'd be pulling me onto his lap all night"

Lucida laughed

"He loves you" Pansy said

Lucida laughed again


"Huh?" Lucida said sitting on the edge of the sofa

"Draco he loves you" Pansy said matter of factly


"Duh!" Madden said

"You can't go out with her Blaise, she doesn't even realise that she's with Draco"

"I’m not with Draco" Lucida said, still trying to comprehend what Pansy had first said

"Draco doesn’t love me!"

"Ha! That’s what we thought I mean this is Draco he can't love!" Madden said

"You’re all he ever talks about...seriously!" Pansy said as Lucida continued to frown

"He’s madly in love with you...mad...MAD I TELL YOU!" Blaise said shaking his fist at her

"Careful you're scaring the girl" Madden said

"Draco does love you, with all of him"

Unknown to Lucida, Draco stood nearby. He sighed and looked down at his gift, slowly he put it into his pocket and turned away

"Draco!" a sixth year cried.

Lucida looked around for Draco and spotted him being hugged by a sixth year

She watched him laughing and sighed. He walked over to them all and looked at her


"It’s getting late I should walk you back" he smiled

"No it's alright I can walk back on my own"

"No!" Draco said holding up his hand "I insist"

"Ooo an escort as well, bet you can't beat that Blaise!" Madden said staggering up to get to the bathroom

"Better then you!" Blaise called after him

"See you later guys once you've sobered up...I don't want to be associated with a drunken rabble!" Draco grinned


"See you later..." said Lucida, waving at them and following Draco out of the room.

Their walk back to the common room was in awkward silence

"Have fun?" Draco asked shoving his hands into his pockets

"Yeah, despite Blaise's attempts to...well..."

Draco laughed

They broke the silence with short anecdotes about the party

"Here we are..."

"My stop"




"I'm glad I had fun..." Lucida said

"I’m glad you had fun too!" Draco said

"Did I cheer you up?"

Lucida smiled and nodded


"I...I’d better let you get back then"


Draco pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her on the cheek


Lucida kissed him back

"Goodnight Draco"

With lingering looks Lucida walked into the Gryffindor common room. Her head still buzzing from the party.

Draco walked away, slowly, his head still buzzing... from Lucida’s kiss.

*             *             *             *             *                            

"Where have you been?" Hermione asked

Lucida just shrugged

"Fine" Hermione sighed

"Well I’m off to bed"

"Goodnight" Ron said standing up

"I’d better get going too"

Lucida said goodnight to Hermione and watched her leave

"You alright?" Ron asked

Lucida nodded and pushed him back onto the sofa

"Hey!" Ron said

"You sure you're alright?" he asked.

Lucida snuggled up to him and kissed him gently on the lips

“I’m really falling for you, you know that don’t you?”

“Oh Ron…” Lucida said giving him a big kiss on the cheek

“I love you” he said smiling broadly at her and giving her a big hug

“I love you too….” Lucida said

But as Ron hugged her tightly Lucida realised what she had just said…and who she was thinking of when she said it…and it hadn’t been Ron

He went to kiss her again but he pulled away as he heard Harry come back down the stairs

"You coming up?" he asked

Ron nodded and stood up; Harry smiled and walked up the stairs.

"Well goodnight" Ron said to Lucida who had also stood up

"Goodnight" she smiled and leant forward to kiss him, but he moved away and had walked up the stairs.


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