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Fate by hermionefangrl101
Chapter 2 : A Perfect Way To Start
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Chapter 2




Hermione awoke to beautiful sunshine shining on her face. She lay in bed thinking about everything and nothing. Guess I better get up she thought after a while. She took a quick shower then headed down to breakfast. She saw Ginny, Harry, and Ron already down there.


“Good Morning,” Ginny said brightly.


“It is isn’t it,” smiled Hermione. She grabbed a piece of toast and started spreading strawberry jam on it. The four chatted for a few then McGonagall came around with their schedules.


Hermione checked hers; she had History of Magic first then math. Her favorite subject she loved math it was the one class where there could never be multiple answers you were either right or you were wrong. Her happy mood ended quickly though when she saw she double potions with the slytherins. Great, she thought, this ought to be interesting.


“Hey Hermione," Ron said all of sudden, "Malfoy isn’t bothering you is he? I don’t like how you have to share a room with him that’s so far from the Gryffindor common room.”


“Yeah, "agreed Harry, "if he does anything let us know and we’ll handle him.”


Hermione sighed, as much as she loved Harry and Ron they could a little overprotective sometimes to the point where it’s annoying. But she said,


“No worries, I can take care of that git, but if he does try something you two will be the first to know.”


Ginny sighed, “Come on you two Mione’ is fully capable of taking care of herself, now let’s go before we’re all late for classes and it would not be good to miss on your first day.”



Ron and Harry still looked skeptical but they decided to let it go for the moment. Then they left for their classes. Ron and Harry weren’t in her fist two classes so when she entered the room she searched for a familiar face.  As she scanned the crown she saw Parvati Patil and her best friend Lavender Brown. She decided to go hang with them. After all this was the only class at Hogwarts that Hermione admits is boring and they always supply chatter.


“Hey Mione’” they said in unison.


“Hey,” she answered “How was your summer?”


“Great, guess who asked me out this morning?!” Lavender squeaked.


“Uh, Seamus?” Hermione answered unsure considering how many boys were swooning over the pretty blonde.


“No Lee! Can you believe it? He asked me this morning!”


“That’s great! Congratulations!” Hermione smiled.


“So Mione’, any guys you interested in? I mean it’s the last year and Voldermort is gone so you have nothing to worry about but having fun.  Do something exciting or break rules!” asked Parvati


Hermione laughed, “Uh no, no guys I’m interested in. And I think I’ve broken enough rules here. I swear if it wouldn’t have been because we were trying to take down Voldermort I think we would’ve been expelled a while back.”


“Well then our job this year is to find you the perfect guy!” exclaimed Lavender.


Parvati nodded in agreement, then she flicked her wand and a list appeared. On the top it had Hogwarts Bachelors.


“Oh my god, you two don’t seriously have every available guy on there do you?” Hermione asked shocked.


“Yep and we charmed it so as they become taken their name disappears and when their single it just come right back up.”


“Wow," said Hermione," that’s some pretty impressive magic.”


They beamed at the compliment.


They scanned down the list, Seamus Finnegan, Neville Longbottom, Michael Martina from Ravenclaw and bunch of other boy’s names in their year.


“Whoa what is Malfoy’s name doing up there? Isn’t he dating Pansy?” Hermione asked confused and a little interested.


“Were not sure his name goes on and off the list multiple times a day.” aswered Lavendar


“Oh.” Hermione let it drop what did she care that Malfoy might be single. She let them continue to chatter while she sat in her thoughts and soon the class was dismissed.


Next on her list was math


“Ok so I’ll see you two later! Bye.”


“Bye, Mione’.”


When she got to math she was right on time she sat in her usual seat right in front of the class. She heard loud laughter from the back of the room she didn’t need to turn around to know it was Malfoy and his friends.


“So Granger”, he said strolling up to her, “We just wanted to let you know that you can straighten your hair anytime you want but your still a waste of perfectly good space.”


All the slytherins snickered and a few Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs laughed. The Gryffindors were glaring at Malfoy.


After he said that Hermione’s last bit of nerve snapped, she stood up took her wand out her robe pocket and pointed it directly at his chest. “You stupid, insignificant ass hole! How dare you think you can sit here and insult me! Me, Harry, especially Harry and Ron saved all your asses. And you repay us by insulting me!


She was about to jinx him when the professor came in the room.


“Miss Granger put that wand down now!”


Startled Hermione dropped her wand.


“Now every one back to their seats and Miss Granger I would like to see you and Mr.Malfoy after class.” She gave both of them a stern look before starting the class.


Hermione and Draco glared daggers at each other the entire rest of the class till they were called up to her desk.


“Now I am very disappointed in both of you. You are the head boy and girl you two are the example setters. And I believe McGonagall told you two about the consequences if this happens.”


“What no! You can’t take away are badges” Draco said at the same time Hermione said “No, we’ll do anything.”


“Oh so you two can actually agree on something. I won’t lie when I found out you two were the heads my first though was oh Merlin will this be World War 3?”


Hermione looked distraught that that was the first thing the teacher thought about her. Draco’s face was as usual, unreadable. Talk about not wearing your heart on your sleeve thought Hermione.


“Now your consequence, continued the professor, is detention for two weeks right after dinner.”


“Wait, said Hermione, we have rounds right after dinner”


“Well then you two will have to work something out.” She wrote on two pads and handed them to them. “Here are your excuse notes as to why you’re late for your next class. You’re dismissed” 


Hermione silently stood up and left all the while thinking that it's a perfect way to start the year with a detention. 




Stupid Granger! Draco thought; always have to be the center of attention! Can’t even take a stupid joke, Its bad enough I have to live the mudblood now I have to see her in detention. Yet deep down you know you’re kind of excited. A voice told him.

He shook his head and headed to his next class. 

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Fate: A Perfect Way To Start


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