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In Glass Houses by snowfallingonroses
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Life isn’t fair. But, you knew that all too well already.

She gazed - a solemn, silent watcher, at the mid-summer scene taking place outside her window. Her chestnut hair glowed, softly shining from the rays of the setting sun, and her too-pale skin had, for once, a golden tinge. The sounds of the children playing outside floated through the thick glass panes. Laughter, shrill voices, and a delighted scream or two could be heard as the children played an innocent game of tag; unaware, and uncaring, of the girl who watched them with such longing. As she watched, a single tear fell, unnoticed, and splashed beside her thin hand on the cold marble pane. It lay there, shimmering, her world reflected in its salty depths.

They call you mad; unpredictable, an accident waiting to happen. They are wrong on both counts. Well, perhaps not. You are mad, at least, a little. But it isn’t your fault. It’s the Magic’s. It has control of you, and every single day you battle its exhausting, powerful force. You have tried everything to control the Magic. But nothing has worked. You have pleaded, reasoned, even threatened the Magic, but…you sigh, and look regretfully at the still body of the butterfly beside you. Poor butterfly. You had only wanted to touch it, to feel its nearly non-existent weight upon your fingertip; to experience the wonder that other children had experienced when a delicate butterfly chose you as its perch. But...the Magic had surged through you, despite your desperate efforts to rein it in, murdering that innocent little butterfly.

She skips, happily humming a tuneless melody, through the silent house. Giggling, she peers around a corner, knowing that her brother is waiting there for her. He yells wildly, leaping from behind the sofa, and she shrieks in terrified delight as he begins to chase her. She loves her brother. He is kind, and plays with her. He understands; she can see it in his eyes when he sees her looking longingly after the children playing outside. He knows what it’s like to be alone; but does he really understand her war with the Magic? She frowns, trying hard to remember her brother’s name. It was there once, but once the Magic began its battle against her, her mind was broken, and scattered like shards of a crystal goblet after it’s dropped. A name floats up from the shadows, and she struggles to bring it to life. Her brother wraps her in his strong arms, and gazes with concern into her blue eyes, so very much like his own. His mouth moves, meaningless sound coming from it. She can feel the Magic building up, and, with effort, forces it down. She moves her mouth, straining to hold on to the name that has surfaced from the murky depths of her mind. Aberforth. She longs to say it, longs to see the happiness in his eyes, but before she can say anything, the memory slides away, and is lost to her once more. She closes her eyes, in sorrow and frustration, and holds on to her dear brother, in fear that he too, will slip away and be lost to her forever.

The Magic, the Magic, it is always the Magic. You pace frantically around your room, rage coursing through your veins. No, not the Magic. It is you. It is your fault. It is your fault that the Magic got loose. You aren’t strong enough to control it, and consequentially, you destroy everything you love. The butterfly, the painting of the pretty lady, and now, your own mother. You are a freak. The others control the Magic, so why can’t you? You are weak, you…you… You close your eyes against the thoughts and feel the burning tears behind your eyelids. You remember the pounding behind your eyes that signified the coming force of the Magic. You tried to tell your mother, to warn her to go away, but…she didn’t understand, and now…you take a deep shuddering breath and look in horrified misery at the still body beside you. It is all your fault.

She sits at the table, pale-faced and shaking. Her brother paces around the small kitchen, muttering angrily. He slams down the wash-basin, soap, and cloths beside her, and she cringes away, fearing the rough reprimand that is sure to come. His hands are gentle however, as he wipes the blood from her hands and face. She closes her eyes, and the tears run down her cheeks. Speaking soothingly, he comforts her, and takes her into his arms, the tears running down his own cheeks. Desperate, and looking for acceptance, they cling to each other. Two children lost in the woods, with no bread crumbs to show them the way home.

"Kendra was a hard-working, courageous, loyal, loving, respected member of the wizarding community who was deeply passionate and devoted to her home and family."
The fat man states emotionlessly as he stands at the head of your mother's coffin. You glare at him. Stupid bastard. You have never seen him before, so how can he know who your mother was? He knows nothing. Continuing to glare, you try to inflict psychic pain upon the fat man, but, to no avail. He remains hopelessly oblivious to your efforts, and continues to drone. Your hand is gently squeezed, and, surprised, you look up into the brilliant blue eyes of your brother. He smiles at you encouragingly, but as he looks away, you see him swallow hard and a tear slide down his cheek. You feel tears burning behind your own eyelids, and desperate, you look away, trying to find something else to focus on. Your eyes settle on the prodigal. He stands there, solemn; auburn hair greased back neatly, blue eyes unreadable. You stare at him. Apparently, he is your brother. You have some dim recollections of another brother, but they are hazy, and unfocused. He has no place in your life. You sense your special brother's anguish and rising resentment. You turn to see him too, watching the Other One. You frown, trying to make sense of it all. You can feel the Magic grumbling as your confusion and grief grows, and you order it down silently; hoping for the willpower to control it until you can safely let it out within the confines of your own room. Your heart breaks, and you begin to sob, as you remember losing control of the Magic. You are powerless against its unshakable will. You wish you could do anything, anything at all in the world, instead of just exist.

Times passes in a dreamy haze for the girl. Colours, seasons, people, places. They blend together in the meaningless passage of dreams. She spends much of her time in her room, silently staring out the window; occasionally wandering around the house, searching, always searching. Life continues in this way, as she remains oblivious to the growing tensions between her brothers. That is, of course, until He came.

You come out of your dreamy state and stare in wonder at the boy, almost a man, that stands before you. Who is He? You quickly duck behind a curtain, and watch Him. He is talking to the older one; his hair is golden, his skin pale and smooth, so unlike the skin of other boys. His lively green eyes are dancing merrily, and you lose your breath at their brilliance. You feel yourself falling, but you remain upright. Inside however, you are tumbling, over and over into those emerald green pools of light. What is His name? You must find out.

She becomes obsessed with Gellert Grindlewald, although she never does find out His name. She watches him constantly, desire and longing evident in her huge sapphire eyes. One brother does not seem to notice; he is focused solely on his own genius and ideas. Aberforth, unlike the Other One, notices, and is disturbed by the change he sees in his cherished younger sister. She remains oblivious to all however, except for Him. Her idol, her fantasy. She dreams of Him, but knows that her fantasies will never come to life.

He is your being, your Other part. He is unachievable. You beat your head steadily against the wall. Your vision blurs, and you sink, thankfully, into unreality.

She is walking through the halls, humming, lost in her dreams when she hears shouting. Frowning, she turns and follows the voices. She finds her beloved brother, the Other One, and Him fighting; screaming at each other. She is afraid; what is wrong? She does not know that they are fighting over her. She runs into the room, trying to protect Him from her brothers, when Aberforth, her special brother, falls to the ground screaming and writhing in pain. She is scared, and does not know which way to turn. She wants to comfort her brother, protect Him, and lash out at the Other One all at once. She is being torn in so many places at once. She can feel the Magic rising; desperate and afraid she runs between them and screams, hoping to stop the violence from happening. A bright flash of light, and she is falling, falling, still screaming. She is so afraid.

You scream. They must stop! Can't they see that it is destroying us all? You feel stretched, pulled in three different directions. This must stop. A bright flash of light blinds you, and screaming, you begin to fall. What is happening? Where are they? Why are they fighting? What is happening to you? Images, colours, sounds surround you. Confuses you. Scares you. You feel yourself fading,'t...see...anything. Can't hear. Can't feel. The world darkens...and you pass away. Pass out of reality, and into the realm of Here.

A/N: And...there you go! I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! :) Like it, hate it, love it, whichever, PLEASE leave a review! They're greatly appreciated! ^hinthint^  Again, this is for the PostSecret Challenge, and a HUGE thank-you goes to the wonderful beta Cedrics_gurl. :) Thanks so much for reading (and, hopefully) reviewing! 

snowfallingonroses xx

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