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Quidditch, Quaffles, and Quarrels by EW4eva
Chapter 1 : Roger Davies- The Bane Of My Existence
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything else JK Rowling has written. I own all the OCs including Alex, though I don't own her surname, Parkin.

Story: Quidditch, Quaffles, and Quarrels

Chapter 1: Roger Davies- The Bane Of My Existence

“You’re breaking up with me?”

I glared up at the disbelieving face of Roger Davies and gave a rather unlady-like huff of annoyance. Roger had always been very handsome with his tall, lean figure. His light brown hair was unnaturally straight, yet the ends always seemed to be slightly squiggly, upsetting his otherwise perfect tresses. I looked at his hair for a moment, noticing that it barely managed to reach his eyebrows. His brown eyes were currently staring down at me, observing my every moment critically. There was a faint hint of his notorious arrogant smirk present on his lips, one of the many reasons I currently detested this slightly idiotic fifth year Ravenclaw.

“Really Roger, I thought that would have been obvious after the huge scene I made in the Great Hall, which was entirely your fault by the way,” I flipped my long, wavy, blond hair over my shoulder in aggravation as a few strands fell into my bright blue eyes which were currently filled with a large amount of anger, frustration, fury, and whatever other synonym you wished to use for ‘beyond pissed’. My tall, thin frame stood nearly shaking in irritation at the boy’s apparent nonchalant attitude.

“What the hell’s got your knickers in a twist this time Parkin?”

“I dunno Davies maybe you should go ask Betsy the heifer, you two seemed more than cozy the last time I saw you,” With that I turned and continued on my walk back to the Hufflepuff common room.

“You’ll be back! You always come crawling back!” I heard him yell to me as I walked away. I flipped him my middle finger over my shoulder, not even bothering to turn around. Roger had cornered me on my way back from dinner in order to discuss what had happened earlier at breakfast. Maybe I should explain…

Earlier that day-

I was making my way down to breakfast. It was a usual Tuesday morning. The sky outside was blue, with multiple white puffy clouds, and the weather was still tolerable if not a little brisk. It was the twentieth of September. I had nothing extraordinary planned, except for four classes, an essay to write later, and some work on my Quidditch plans for the year.

As I passed the portrait of a bowl of fruit that I knew led to the kitchens, a fellow Hufflepuff named Ashley Stone walked by and greeted me, “Hey Alex!” I smiled and waved back in acknowledgment. That’s my name, Alex. Well technically it’s Alexandria Abigail Parkin, but Alexandria is just too long.

A yawn escaped me, as I neared the end of the corridor leading to the Entrance Hall. A sudden shrill, almost Banshee-like screech stopped me in my place, both due to the intensely annoying sound and also the name it had called out.

“Roger!” The high-pitched girl squealed. I took the opportunity to peek my head around the corner, extremely curious. Did she mean, Roger Davies, fifth year Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain, hunk, and not to mention, my boyfriend?

It was indeed that Roger. I was not all too surprised at this, seeing as you don't find many Roger's in a school of only three hundred. He turned to the bleached blond bimbo (I’m amazing at alliterations, I know) and smiled. “Hey Betsy,” he called to her (what an appropriate name). My eyes narrowed slightly as I watched the exchange, slightly hesitant as to what would happen next.

Roger and I have been a couple since my fourth year. Two whole bloody years of my life dedicated to one person (yeah, I am older than him, being a sixth year and him only in his fifth. Creepy, I know). Ok, that’s a lie. While Roger and I have dated since fourth year, his third, we’ve had a total of sixteen rather dramatic break-ups. We have also had more arguments to count, and I alone have ended up dating eight other boys during our separations. But his total was much higher, so I don’t regret it in the slightest.

While I usually just dismissed Roger’s behavior towards girls, I was typically always present when he flirted with them shamelessly. While I would get mad, I would frequently just find a boy to flirt with myself until he stopped. I’ve had friends tell me to dump Roger, because they had “heard about” or “seen” him cheating on me. Usually these friends were always guys, and while I valued my friendship with them, I knew for a fact that a lot of them just wanted to be my back-up dancer, if you know what I mean, so I had always ignored them. But now, this was a chance to see first hand if the rumors were true.

I watched as the slag slowly approached Roger with a super slutty walk that just screamed, “Shag me! I’m not wearing any knickers!” I could not see Roger’s face, but for some reason I knew it held a smirk. Then as if in slow motion I watched as Roger grabbed the girl, one hand at her waist, the other on her shoulder, and pushed her back rather roughly against the stone wall adjacent to the Great Hall doors. His lips quickly found hers as he forced his body against her fake-breasted one.

My expression was one of pure shock as I took in the scene, as I stood dumbfounded, Roger’s hand was roaming down the girl's waist, and then back up her shirt, landing finally on her overly large mangoes, as I like to call them (I mean breasts and boobs… such strange words). My mouth continued to hang open, but I felt my shock beginning to diminish as her hands went up to play with his hair. I watched in horror and fury as that stupid bint snogged my boyfriend. No I got that backwards, as that cheating, egotistical, deceitful, rip-out-my-heart-and-stomp-all-over-it bastard of a boyfriend snogged that cow. And in broad daylight, for the whole bloody world to see! How could I be so thick, not to listen to the rumors. I was going to make that boy pay. By the time I was done with him, he would be crying for the dementors to come and suck out his soul because he wouldn’t be able to deal with all the pain and torment of staring at his horribly disfigured face in the mirror.

I was so pissed off, stuck in my daydream of ripping my boyfriend to shreds that I didn’t even notice the two split up. The heifer was currently making her way up the stairs, while Davies had made his way into the Great Hall without my notice.

I stormed after him, an expression of rage plastered to my face as I entered the Great Hall. People were chatting merrily, completely oblivious to the drama that was about to unfold. I was about ten feet away from the unaware boy when I screamed out, “Oi, Davies!”

Roger turned around just in time to see my fist colliding with his face. Yeah, screw slapping; this was way too serious of a situation to use girly measures of fighting. I must remember to thank my dad later for my rather amazing right hook.

The whole Hall went silent as Roger hit the ground.

I looked down at him with pure hatred as I began to scream, “You bloody bastard! Who the hell do you think you are?”

People started to gasp as Roger, who was trying hard to pick himself up, was once again knocked down to the ground as my foot collided with his side. Roger groaned loudly in pain as I continued to yell, “You think you can do whatever you want? Well think again you son of a bitch! I won’t let you hurt me while you go around and have a cheap fix! You arse!”

My foot was aiming for another kick at the boy I currently despised, but I was cut off as two people grabbed me, one for each arm. I looked over each shoulder to see that it was Professor McGonagall and Professor Sprout, the Deputy Headmistress and my Head of House. In my rage I had not seen them approach. They began to drag me to the Entrance Hall but I struggled against their grasps, trying to get another kick in before I was made to leave. My shoe barely grazed the edge of Roger’s robes. Frustrated I shouted, “We’re over Davies! Over! And for good this time, you unloyal bastard!” My final words rung in the hall as I was escorted, or rather forcefully removed from the Great Hall. My last glimpse was of Roger Davies standing up from the floor, wiping the blood from his swollen nose with his fingertips, staring at me with a mixture of fury and confusion. Damn that man! No, damn that boy! I’d get my revenge!


Needless to say Professor Sprout was more than surprised by my sudden outburst. Both Cedric Diggory and I were considered to be the most successful, popular, and well-behaved students in Hufflepuff. With Cedric being a prefect and most likely the future Head Boy and I being the House’s Quidditch Captain we were well on our way to a bright future. Well I suppose in Sprout’s eyes, Diggory was on that path alone now.

After being given a long lecture on the art of subtle and polite confrontation I was allowed to leave with the sentence of two nights detention. It was originally three but I pleaded with my Head of House because the Hufflepuff tryouts were set for Friday, what would have been the third night of detention. Really what’s a tryout without the Captain there?

I have been Captain ever since my fourth year, the year I hooked up with that imbecile whose name I shall not mention. In all honesty I was not surprised by the nomination, if anything I was a little shocked that I had gained the title so early. Now before you begin to judge me, I must inform you that the reason for my egotistical behavior is because Quidditch runs in my family. Literally. I am a direct descendant of Benjamin Parkin, son of Walter Parkin and one of the original members of the Wigtown Wanderers.

The Quidditch in my bloodline is so strong that every member down the Parkin line has either played Quidditch professionally (for the Wigtown Wanderers of course! Any other team would call for a disownment) or at least in school (and those were only a couple). Either way they all ended up marrying those with a knack for Quidditch as well, and producing Quidditch obsessed babies. So basically, my family would have been more shocked than anything if I had not gained the title of Captain. If I think about it, my grandfather would have probably had a heart attack and died. Oh what a horrible thought… I love my Gramps.

I started the team in my second year, as the new and quite outstanding chaser. I have led my team to the Quidditch Cup in the first year of my Captaincy, and had helped them earn another in my third year. It would have been more if the previous seeker Helena Woodbridge wasn’t such an idiot half the time, but she had graduated last year, and it was now time to find a new seeker.

I entered my Common Room, lost in thought about Quidditch. I headed over to the notice board and glanced at the Quidditch flyer I had previously posted. There were nine people signed up for the vacant position of seeker. Glancing down the list I was surprised to see Cedric Diggory was one of the names.

“I’m kind of excited about it.”

I visible jumped, startled by the voice of the male that had snuck up on me.

“Cedric, why is it that your name is popping up everywhere today?”

Cedric’s left eyebrow rose in confusion, becoming hidden by his blond locks. His grey eyes peered down at me questioningly. I was quite tall for a girl my age at 5’10" but I was grateful that most boys were still taller than me.

I smiled at him lightly, “Let’s just say that your name came up more than once during Sprout’s speech to me about proper etiquette and other such nonsense." Cedric smiled in return.

“Well you did make quite a scene in the Great Hall this morning,” he said in a slightly teasing tone.

I scoffed at his statement; “It would have been a much uglier one if the teachers hadn’t pulled me away. Damn them! Now I have to suffer through detention tonight and tomorrow night because of that ruddy bastard!”

“Well, I did try to warn you about Davies. He’s a known womanizer.”

I laughed at the word choice. “Yeah, I should have listened to you and the hundreds of others, but I’m a bit too stupid for my own good.”

Cedric smiled kindly at me, “I’d like to think that you were merely trying to see the good in him.”

I snorted at this, but the smile remained on my face, “Diggory, you know that’s a ruddy lie.”

He was about to retort but I stopped him, “So I see you’ve signed up for the seeker tryouts. Didn’t know you played Quidditch!”

He sent me a slightly disapproving look for purposely changing the topic, but nonetheless he humored me. “I’ve always played on breaks and before I came to Hogwarts, but the position wasn’t open until this year. Hopefully the tryouts go well though. I’m pretty confident.”

I smiled at him kindly, “I’m sure you’ll do fine Cedric.”

He paused for a moment, then a small grin grew on his face as he said, “Well, it does help that I’m friendly with the Captain. Anyway I can persuade you to let me on?”

I rolled my eyes at his behavior, knowing that he was entirely joking. Cedric Diggory was not foolish enough to mess around with another guy’s girlfriend; well I guess I’m no one’s girlfriend now, but still.

“I don’t think so Diggory. I want to win the cup again this year, so if you’re not the best on Friday there’s not much I can do for you.”

Cedric laughed at this and then excused himself as his friend, roommate, and one of my fellow teammate Anthony Rickett came over to retrieve him for a game of Wizard’s Chess.

I glanced up at the clock above the entranceway as he left and groaned. I had to be down at the greenhouses in twenty minutes for my detention. How wonderful. I went upstairs and dropped my backpack on the ground near by bed, then picked up my cloak. With a final sigh I headed back out of the yellow and black decorated room and towards my punishment.

A/N: Well I’ve decided to start a new story, after constantly arguing with myself not to. I mean I have so many unfinished ones up already! But I just love Oliver Wood, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Oh, and I thought about this story while listening to So What! By P!nk. By the way, most things will be normal in the story except some stuff in matches, the fact Hufflepuff has won Quidditch Cups and also the fact Alex is Captain. Oliver is in his seventh year like he should be, I didn’t want to screw it up for my own purposes so I put Alex in the middle as a sixth year. Well that’s about all! If you liked it then review, if you didn’t like it then review anyway!

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