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The Quest for a Lily by secret snitch
Chapter 12 : Events Unravel
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Disclaimer: I have delusions of grandeur, but they involve superheroes, not superauthors, like JK Rowling who provided this amazing setup.

A/N: When writing this chapter, I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted it to go. I had ideas, but the ending made me sit and debate with myself. You’ll see where I eventually decided to take it : )  I'm posting a new short story that is meant to be a companion to this; it's about James meeting his fiancé.  Oh, and don’t kill me for the beginning of this chappie! Please! Now get to it!

It was a disaster. There was no denying it. My first hot, passionate kiss with that girl I loved had gone horribly, terribly wrong. Although to be completely honest, we never actually kissed. I wanted so hard to believe that we did, that our lips connected. But, the only parts of our bodies that actually touched were when our noses bashed together.

“Lils I’m so sorry.”

And what had been bad, had only gotten worse. I don’t really know what happened now, some epic form of clumsiness (I don’t have a clue), but somehow Lils had come out of this escapade with a bloody and possibly broken nose and I, myself, had a black eye.

“Lils, I don’t know what happened. I’m sorry.”

It seems illogical, unreasonable. I was holding her head right? I would have had to know which way our heads were tilted. Apparently not. And to cap it off, Pixie and Hugo were sitting over there laughing their heads off at our misery. Jerks. See if Lils and I invite them to be animagus now! Ha!

Oh, well maybe that is a bit harsh. I don’t think we could actually take that big of a step in our lives without Hugo and Pix. Still though, my poor Lily was sitting there holding her nose while blood streamed down onto her favorite shirt.

“I’m really sorry.”

Lily looked at me through frustrated eyes. “Stob saying dabt.” She then turned her gaze on Pix. “And you! Ged my moder.”

Pixie left clutching her sides and Hugo, after a moment of indecision, decided it would be safer to follow her. I looked back at Lily after the other two mongrels disappeared through a doorway. She was still beautiful; always beautiful, but I would have to admit that the blood didn’t really add to her beauty. I got up and grabbed a towel from the sink to wipe away the blood.

Crouching down, I started to carefully clean the red gunk from Lils’ chin and neck. She tilted her head back to give me easier access. “Do you think it’s broken?” I asked.

She just shrugged in response. I started to wipe the blood from her upper lip, making sure not to touch her nose. After most of the crimson was washed from my girl’s face I leaned down to examine her nose. And at just that moment Lily sneezed.

“By Merlin! What have you two gotten yourselves caught up in now?” Mrs. Potter strutted into the kitchen and examined the situation. I turned my head to look at her and tried to wipe globs of blood from out of my eyes. Pixie walked in just then and burst into laughter (I would have to assume at the sight of me. And, moreover, couldn’t she hold it in?).

Mrs. Potter turned around to see who was laughing. She lifted her hand, “Out!” But Pixie didn’t listen, she just stuffed her hand in her mouth to try and stifle her laughter.

“Oh, for Merlin’s sake!” Ginny sighed. “Can’t you two ever keep yourselves out of trouble?” Mrs. Potter leaned down in front of her daughter and pulled out her wand. After a quick examination the wand started to wave in a complex way and Mrs. Potter whispered some spell.

Lily reached up and grabbed her nose, moving it back and forth a little to check if it was fully healed. Apparently satisfied, she turned her mother’s attention to me, “Remmie has a black eye Mommy.”

As Ginny attended to my bruise, she asked the inevitable question. “So how did this happen?”

Pixie broke down into renewed gales and I turned to glare at her and plead through looks that she don’t respond. She ignored me completely (of course, the witch). “I think they were trying to smooch,” she managed to get out. “It looked like they were trying to have sex with their eyes.”

“That’s it!” Lily yelled, jumping to her feet.

Pixie squealed and darted out the door yelling behind her, “I won! It’s no wonder all those boys broke up with you!”

Lils tore after Pix at full tilt screaming at her. Mrs. Potter and I stared at the door the girls had disappeared through and heard a crash that was clearly something breaking. Seconds later Pixie sped back into the kitchen and out the back door with Lily close on her heels. Both Mrs. Potter and I looked slightly taken aback.

“Right,” I said simply.

“Ginny, what on earth was that?” said my mother walking into the kitchen. She took one look at my blood covered face and suddenly she was at my side. “Remus! What’s wrong? What happened?” Always the worrier, my mother.

“Mom,” I tried reassuring her. “It’s okay. It’s not my blood.”

Mrs. Potter, on the other hand, seemed to be breaking down (like the staring off into space, quiet mumbling kind of braking down). “Kids! Why me? That’s all I ask; why me? I’m getting too old for this,” she mumbled to herself. I was frankly kind of worried for her (I mean she has always been one of the strongest willed and most together people I’ve known).

My mother stared at Mrs. Potter. “Are you all right Ginny?” she asked eyes on Lily’s mom’s face.

All three of us in the kitchen ignored the sudden stream of teenagers rushing out the back door with Fred in the lead crying, “Cat fight.”

Mrs. Potter turned her face to my mother. “I’m fine Hannah. I’m just a little worried.”

“About what? These hoodlums? I wouldn’t worry too much about them. They seem reckless now, but it’s not like they’re doing anything illegal.” I blinked and turned my head down slightly in shame at the illegal part (if only my parents knew about my dreams to become an animagus. Maybe then they wouldn’t be so willing to let me hang out at the Potter’s).

Thankfully neither mother was watching me and my shame-ridden face. “It’s not Lily and Remus. Or even Albus or James that has me too worried. It’s something else. But that isn’t something for right now. I’m sure you’ll find out soon anyway,” said Lily’s mom before turning to me. “Now let’s see if we can get you cleaned up Remus.”

I had just gotten the blood scourgified off me and was making my way towards the back door when Lils burst back in with a huge smile on her face and blood (once again) streaming down her face. “Ha!” she said. “See if Pixie taunts me now.”

Hugo walked in at that point with a bruised and clearly unconscious Pixie in his arms. “Lillian Luna Potter!” came a roar behind me and quite suddenly my girl was no longer smiling. In fact Lily backed several steps to the nearest wall. Fred came in and helped Hugo lift Pixie onto the counter. The other kids piled in behind, but at the sight of Mrs. Potter’s face tumbled back out again. “Harry!” yelled Ginny again.

Mr. Potter walked in just seconds later followed closely by Hermione. “Oh my gosh,” said Hermione looking from the bloody Lily to the unmoving Pixie. “I’ll get Angelina.”

I was unsure what to think as events rushed by. Mr. and Mrs. Potter focused on Lily while Hermione and Angelina (a healer) brought Pixie back around and patched up her minor scratches and bruises. Things passed me by. I was worried about what Lily had done to Pixie (not that they hadn’t gotten into very physical fights before. They were both very strong willed women and their wills sometimes clashed). But I was also worried about what Lily’s parents would do to her. I was afraid of her being grounded for a week again. I don’t think I could deal with it. More Lily withdrawal. Nasty stuff.

However Lily didn’t get in too much trouble (didn’t even get grounded; just had extra chores for a week (and guess who would be stuck helping her with them? Me? You’d be correct. Then again, I am the one who insists on being around her at all times)). I would have to suppose the real reason Lily didn’t achieve massive levels of grounding would be because chivalrous Pixie forgave Lils and told Mr. and Mrs. Potter to go easy on her. Maybe Pixie didn’t think it fair that Lils got into trouble when I don’t think her own parents even know what punishment is.

The person I actually feel worst for was Freddie. Lily and Pixie cornered him after his mom finished going after him for encouraging the cat fight. And when I say that Lily and Pix cornered Freddie, I literally mean they had him in a corner of the kitchen and went after him with threats and little slaps, hits, and punches. I had known he would get in trouble for abandoning the kissing competition (not that I think he deserved it: nobody should get caught in that situation. I probably would have sneaked off too).

I would probably have to say the best thing that came from the pandemonium would be that Mrs. Potter completely forgot Pixie’s comment about eye-sex (however true or false it may have been. Although probably more true on my side).

However all the ruckus caused the parents to want to cut their evening short. So less than half an hour after the kissing competition blew up, here I am standing on the front porch saying goodbye to Lils before I side-along apparate home with my mummy and daddy. My parents were also making their farewells to the two families left (Mr. and Mrs. Potter and Ron and Hermione).

This was an especially awkward goodbye for me because of what had happened earlier. I mean what do you say to the girl who you love but who doesn’t know it and you almost kissed earlier? I certainly don’t have one iota of a clue. Did what almost happened mean our friendship was moving towards a more than friend place or was it really a mistake? What was I supposed to read from it? I decided, in the end, to almost pretend like it didn’t happen.

“Well, see you tomorrow Lils,” I said, giving her my regular best friend, bear-like hug.

My father heard what I had said and turned to me. “You won’t be with Lily tomorrow Remus.”

“What!?” I said all offended.

“Don’t you remember our plans?”

I tilted my head to the side, looking up trying to remember. I dug in the recesses of my mind, but came up blank. My father rolled his eyes and sighed when I apparently wasn’t going to come up with anything. “We were going to have lunch with Great-Grandma Longbottom and then go shopping in Diagon Alley while your mom gets caught up at work.”

“Oh yeah,” I said, it all coming back to me. Dad and I were going to spend a lot of time looking at new quidditch equipment (Got to make sure I stay on the Gryffindor team you know). “Well, guess I’ll see you the day after that then Lils.”

“Couldn’t I come with you guys?” asked my girl.

“Lily, it’s rude to invite yourself and you’ll be busy with chores anyway,” said Mrs. Potter. “Plus we need the house extra clean because Katelyn’s parents are coming over Sunday to meet us.”

“Can Remmie come over Sunday?” asked Lils.

Ginny looked at Mr. Potter and they hemmed and hawed over the question for several moments before giving in. Lily smiled at her dad (knowing he was her hero) and gave me a quick squeeze goodbye. “See you in two days then!”

Katelyn wandered over to Lils as I turned to go and I heard her whisper, “Don’t worry about tomorrow too much. We’ll go over wedding stuff.” Lils squealed in excitement.

My parents and I walked down the porch and apparated just beyond the invisible apparition barrier.

Lunch with Great-Grandma was nice (she was spunky, but still getting on in age, even in wizarding terms). After lunch my parents and I went to the Leaky Cauldron to drop my mom off to do paperwork and my dad and I headed into Diagon Alley. My dad spent some time in a jewelry shop getting my mom an anniversary present while I spent time at the triple W (Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes) restocking my depleting collection of joke merchandise (I had used all my decoy detonators in the battle). Last we went to Quality Quidditch Supplies and I found some new Chaser gloves and a new practice Quaffle. I drooled appreciatively over the latest in the Nimbus line and found there was a new Shooting Star that was competitive with the latest sports brooms. However my dad wouldn’t get me a new broom (“you got a new one last year. How much better can they possibly get in one year?” quoteth my father. Although he did have a point; the new brooms were only marginally better than mine).

And all of that only led into today: Sunday. I went through my usual pre-Lily drills (just getting ready for the day, eating breakfast, and repeating my ‘you can’t kiss Lily’ mantra over and over). Walking up to the fireplace, I once again prepared myself for the nausea-inducing effect that was the floo network. Here we go.

I managed to fall flat on my face this time. The curious thing was that Lils had apparently been expecting me (there were pillows covering the floor so that my fall was very comfy indeed). When I looked up, it was to discover a smirking Lily spread out, almost sexily, on a cushion-less couch. She raised one eyebrow in a way I’ve been trying to achieve for years now. “Howdy cowboy,” she said suavely.

I couldn’t help myself, just the way she had positioned herself and the manner in which she was looking at me: it was testing my mantra, it really was. I wanted to go up there and snog that smirk right off that pretty little face. I could picture myself doing it in great detail (the picture self was considerably more graceful than the real self could ever have been). I would push myself up in one fluid movement and practically glide over the cushions laid out before me. I would sit down by her waist and, using a strength I didn’t think I had, pull her up to me so that our eyes bore into each other. I would look at her lips and she would glance at mine, both wanting what was to come. Following Hitch’s advice I would bring my face 90% of the way and dare her with a gaze to come the other ten. It would be perfect, effortless, passionate; everything I truly wanted our first kiss to actually be.

And there she sat, that eyebrow still sky high, daring me to do what my heart wanted but my mind did not. It was so irresistible, my little temptress. So irresistible, in fact, that I had to achieve what I had painted in my mind’s eye. Without breaking eye contact, I pushed myself to my feet (trying my very hardest to be elegant about it). Continuing to stare into her black pupils, I took a step forward, forgot that I was walking on cushions and not floor, and fell promptly on my face again. As I lay there regaining my senses (now that the image seemed broken) I could have sworn I heard Lils swear softly to herself. I rolled over and tilted my head back to find that Lily had sat up and lost that super sexy look that she had somehow managed to achieve. I smiled at the girl I loved and managed to say “Howdy” back to her. I rolled back over and pushed myself up and clambered off the cushions and stood up on the side. Lils pushed herself off the couch also. “Does your mom know that you messed up the Living room anticipating my less than eloquent arrival?” I asked.

“It’s nothing you, I, and Kari can’t handle.”

At the mention of her name, said house elf came skidding into the room. She took a look around and, spotting me, put her hands behind her back, opened her eyes wide, and practically cooed, “Hi Remus.”

I blinked a couple of times (I don’t know if it was just my imagination, but it seemed Kari was being flirty with me. She’d never acted this way around me before). “Ah, hi Kari,” I said back tentatively.

Lily laughed out loud at the sight of my confusion. “Kari seems to be going through a flirty stage lately. She’s been flirty with all guys, even James and Albus.” Lils turned to Kari, “I’m telling you girl, you’re not going to find any guys here that will pay you much attention. You just need to ask dad if he’ll let you leave to find a nice elf boy that you can date. I’m sure he won’t deny you anything ‘cause of Aunt Hermione.”

Kari looked kind of antsy, pointing one foot behind the other. Lily sighed, “Fine, I do know that it’s fun to practice flirting with the guys here, but I’m not sure how far you’ll get; dumb as bulls, the guys in my family. Not that it isn’t possible to stun them. Just watch this.”

I knew (I swear I did) what Lils was about to do. Or at least I had some clue what she was about to attempt. However I also knew I hadn’t fully recovered from what she did to me earlier. I thought about just closing my eyes or turning my head away when she started flirting; it seemed like a good idea.

However, when Lils turned her head to me and focused her gaze strait into my eyes, all those thoughts crumbled. Lily started to little by little make her way towards me, wagging her hips back and forth as much as possible. And with her in those oh so short shorts and skin tight black spaghetti strap shirt baring the emblem of our favorite band (the Flaming Phoenixes). I couldn’t help it (I swear to you on my life there was nothing I could do to look away). A bomb could have blown up the room next door, a tornado could have torn away the structure around me, the scariest clown on planet earth could have walked by and I still wouldn’t have been able to tear my eyes from that little minx that was my entire life.

My irises didn’t know what to focus on, whether too center on her swaying hips, the plunging V that framed what cleavage Lils could manage, or her steaming, enormous, black pupils. The time my eyes stayed focused on each part of her changed the closer she got: more close equated to a moving up of my eyes. This lasted for seconds, minutes, hours or maybe even whole days until she was standing right close to me and my traitorous pupils decided they wanted to steady themselves at Lils chest, even though I knew it would get me in trouble.

Lils ever so slowly lifted a finger to under my chin and brought my head up, away from her chest. “I’m up here, silly,” she breathed. My eyes found the depths of hers and suddenly there was that dream I had had just minutes ago, only turned around. I couldn’t breathe and I was getting lightheaded. If she didn’t do something soon to break up the moment I was going to kiss her and there wasn’t going to be anything that could stop me (not one thing). Yet still the milliseconds ticked by as if each was an hour. I was working up the nerve to kiss her and at the same time strengthening my resolve not to. It was an internal battle of epic proportions.

And then, just when my nerve was wiggling trough a hole in my resolve, Lily broke away and turned to Kari (who I had completely forgotten was there). “And that’s how it’s done,” the love of my life said, but her voice betrayed her by breaking part of the way through.

I realized I still hadn’t breathed and I sucked in some of that life renewing vapor. While Lily conveniently had her back turned I blinked several times and shook my head viciously to clear it. Why is it that she can do that to me so easily? Why can’t I do something like that to her? I mean, come on!

“Remus.” Lily had refocused on me and snapped her fingers, pointing at the pillows and cushions on the floor. “We have to get this cleaned up before my mother sees.”

“It’s a little too late for that Lillian,” came Mrs. Potter’s voice from the Den’s doorway.

“Mommy!” My Lily jumped. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough,” replied Mrs. Potter vaguely. Long enough? What does that mean? Did she see Lils’ little performance? “Now get this cleaned up quickly. Katelyn’s parents are going to be here in ten minutes and I want you two on the front porch by then.”

Mrs. Potter stalked off somewhere else and Lily breathed a, “Holy shit.”

“No kidding,” I breathed back. “Did you think she saw?”

Lils regained her composure. “It doesn’t matter,” she said. “It was nothing but harmless flirting.”

I nodded relieved, but couldn’t quite shake the disappointment. I had wanted it to be so much more than some harmless flirting.

Lily sighed and got to work on cleaning up her mess. I jumped in after her, stealing occasional glances at her. After a couple of moments she spoke, “Why do you think that for living in such a large house, it seems so small that people always stumble in on others?”

I decided to field that as a rhetorical question and didn’t answer; I just made a ‘hmmm’ sound and shrugged my shoulders a little as I positioned throw pillows on the loveseat.

Lils and I finished up and made our way out of the room and towards the front porch. At some point Kari must have vanished to some other place in the house because I didn’t see her on the way out. I noticed that, once again, the blatant magical objects had been covered up or removed to keep from freaking out the muggles.

Once on the porch with the other members of my love’s family (Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter, and Albus) Ginny faced us and explained the situation and how the afternoon was going to go down. “Now, supposedly, Katelyn and James were going to explain the fact that we are wizards before coming over. I gave him a wizarding photo of the family as evidence. If we are lucky, they have taken the news well and we’ll have an enjoyable time. However, we should be prepared for the worst and so I want you children to behave. And, on second thought, you behave too Harry. James is counting on us acting as normal as possible for his future in-laws.” Mrs. Potter gave Lily and me an especially long glare of warning before turning towards the road and clasping her husband’s hand.

As we stood there waiting I couldn’t help thinking how eerily similar this was to a few weeks ago where we would be meeting James’ new fiancé. The only major difference now was that there was no worry about having to tell the company that we were in fact wizards. And, of course, we now knew that Katelyn was probably the coolest, most awesome fiancé that James could have picked. In the short amount of time I had spent around her, I had found that she was fun loving, easy to laugh, easy to joke, and completely accepting of the abnormal. I don’t think anything about the wizarding world would surprise her anymore. She even showed some early skill with a broom and a beater’s bat.

I heard the roar of an engine and the gorgeous, shiny, new Porsche rolled onto the long gravel driveway. It was closely followed by a type of older sedan that I had seen on the road, but wasn’t intimately familiar with.

Once parked side by side, two couples exited their cars. Katelyn and James walked to the front of the 911, clasped hands and turned to walk up the steps. Katelyn’s parents took some time to examine the rather large house in front of them before focusing on the family (and me) waiting nervously on the porch. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mr. and Mrs. Potter attempt to send friendly smiles in the direction of the two strangers. James and Katelyn walked up the stairs and Katelyn beckoned to her parents to follow.

Once situated beside his parents, James whispered something to them that I couldn’t hear and Lily grabbed my hand out of the blue. The two newcomers walked up to the top of the porch and Mr. Potter took command, “Hello, my name is Harry Potter,” he said shaking hands with both of Katelyn’s parents. He then pointed out each of us in turn and declared our names. “This is my wife Ginny, my second son Albus, and the little rascals on the end are Lily and her ever present best friend Remus.”

The two shook hands, smiled and nodded appropriately. Then Katelyn’s father spoke up, “My name is Evan Wilson and this is my wife Samantha.”

There was a short, awkward silence after that. When she deemed it had gone on too long Ginny stepped forward and took control. “I hear my son and your daughter have told you of our … er… differentness.” She paused for a second to get nods from Evan and Samantha. “Ah, good. That makes things a little easier. We have attempted to remove as much magical items as possible to try not to overwhelm you. I’m sure it can be difficult to wrap your heads around at first.” Mrs. Potter offered a reassuring smile.

Some more awkward silence followed in which Katelyn looked kind of nervous and embarrassed. Ginny again tried to make conversation, “So were you surprised to hear your daughter had gotten engaged? I remember the day that James sprung it on us. We were quite surprised. You see we didn’t really even know he had been dating a girl outside of school.”

Samantha took this chance to be noble and rescue Ginny from being the only one talking. “Katelyn had been going on about this boy she met during vacation last summer and how sweet he was and how funny he was in his letters. But it was still a big surprise when she walked in our door one day and shoved her hand in front of my eyes.”

And that little bit of connection was all it took. We made our way inside for coffee and pastries and talk. Lily and I didn’t talk much (to the others that is. We had plenty to say about my trip to Diagon Alley on Saturday). The afternoon wore on and the in-laws seemed to be getting along just fine. Evan and Samantha got introduced to the basic concepts of the wizarding world. Things like: owl post, the ministry of magic, Hogwarts, spells, and moving and talking pictures. They took it all pretty well. It maybe made them a tiny bit nervous, but I couldn’t believe how well it went (I mean, aren’t the in-laws supposed to hate each other?).

The Wilsons seemed to be impressed with the house and the sheer wealth of the Potters (even though I knew that they didn’t actually live very extravagantly. I didn’t know exactly how wealthy Lily’s family was, but from what Lily has told me I gather they must be one of the wealthiest in Europe). Talk eventually turned to the wedding for the women and us guys tried to explain our respective sports to each other. Evan kept going on about the intricacies of football (soccer for those in the ‘States). Mr. Potter knew some about football and tried to explain quidditch to Evan.

Eventually Kari, looking all dressed up, called that dinner was served (Mrs. Potter had apparently slaved over this meal all day. I do love her cooking. Second only to Grandma Weasley. Or that is, Lily’s Grandma Weasley). I will say that the sight of Kari gave Mr. and Mrs. Wilson quite a fright. I don’t think they had seen anything exactly like her.

After dessert it was time for Evan and Samantha to take their leave for the evening. The goodbyes were long and drawn out with many invitations to do things together. The Wilsons were especially pressing to have the Potters over to their own home in Kent. Apparently it was the courteous thing to do after the Potters had them come to their home.

“Well that went very well,” said Mrs. Potter as Evan and Samantha drove off. “Your parents are very kind Katelyn.”

“Thanks,” said Katelyn. “I told them in no uncertain terms that they were to behave themselves.”

“Well, still…”

“Shall we head in?” asked Mr. Potter. “Ginny I believe tonight would be a good night to have that family meeting.”

Mrs. Potter looked anxiously at her husband and rubbed her stomach nervously. “Sure, why not?”

Albus, who had been rather quiet the whole evening, led the procession into the den. He grabbed his favorite La-Z-Boy chair and reclined back in it grumbling about family meetings. Lily pulled me over to the loveseat by the fire and started whispering to me in a hiss, “We’ll have to check the animagus potion tomorrow. We’re past the explosion stage now and that means it only gets more finicky. We also need to chop up those snake skins and carefully slice the gurdy-root up into even portions. I’ve been watching it and the book says that it should turn pure black after simmering on low for five days, stirring occasionally. It was dark grey early today, so tomorrow should be the day to take the next step.”

“Snakes,” I said sourly. “Why did it have to be snakes?”

“Oh stop your bellyaching. This was your idea, remember?”

“Yeah, yeah.” I waved her off as Mr. Potter stood up to talk.

“Ummm. Right,” he said looking sweaty. “Your mother and I wanted to talk to you guys … and Remus. I guess.

“Here’s the thing,” Mr. Potter continued. “Your mother and I… Ginny and I…”

“Well spit it out dad!” said an unusually grouchy Albus.

Mr. Potter glanced down at his wife on the couch for encouragement and I wondered what could possibly be wrong. Somebody didn’t have a terminal illness did they? Or was somebody dead? Divorce crossed my mind for the briefest of seconds before I rejected that idea. I didn’t know many people more in love than Mr. and Mrs. Potter.

Mr. Potter took a breath and seemed to gather himself fully. “Right, well here’s the deal. Ginny and I are…”

There was a tremendous whoosh that drowned out his next word and Teddy Lupin materialized in the fireplace beside where Lils and I were sitting. He was smiling from ear to ear, his hair a shocking mixture of pink and blue. He stepped gracefully out of the fireplace oblivious to the nervous, somber, and expectant atmosphere he had appeared in. “Ah, good Teddy. It’s probably best you be here to hear…”

But Mr. Potter got cut off once more by Teddy. “We’re pregnant!” he yelled to the room at large with his arms raised joyfully.

Nobody in the room responded. We were all stunned; going from whatever Mr. Potter was about to say to this overtly joyous news. Teddy just got blank looks from all around. His smile wavered slightly and his hair dimmed some. But he regained himself to try again, “Victoire and I are Pregnant! We’re going to have a baby!”

This time he got more of the reaction he was expecting. Lily squealed loudly in delight and sprung up to give Teddy a hug. James jumped up to slap Teddy on his back and give him a very James Potter congratulations speech of, “I always knew you had it in you! Others may have doubted, but not me. I always had faith and it’s paid off.”

Teddy released Lily and gave first James and then Albus, who had gotten out of his chair, big manly type hugs. Katelyn and Ginny also stepped forward to supply their hugs to the future father. Mr. Potter, on the other hand, had a completely opposite and surprising reaction. He fell onto the couch behind him and put his head in his hand and starting rubbing like he had a headache, occasionally running the hand through his hair. Ginny eventually turned around and noticed her husband. Teddy just looked antsy to hear what his Godfather had to say about his news.

Ginny went to her husband and whispered something in ear and gave his shoulder a quick squeeze. Mr. Potter seemed to regain himself and hitched a genuine, if not full, smile on his face. He walked up to his Godson, who’s atrocious hair now made sense and gave him a huge hug with a pat on the back. “Welcome to the club son,” he said. “It’s prestigious and difficult, but so very worth it.”

“Thanks Harry.”

“Now you were going to say something dad?” said James.

“Ah,” said Harry, the smile instantly faltering.

“Is it bad daddy?” asked Lils.

“No, actually it’s very good news. The best in fact.”

Mrs. Potter walked up to her husband and took his hand and, apparently, responsibility for delivering the news. She placed her other hand deliberately on her stomach and I realized what she was going to say half a second before she did. So, apparently, did Lily whose gasp I could hear. Mrs. Potter smiled and said, “Your father and I are pregnant!”

The reaction was again delayed and very mixed. Lily and Katelyn immediately went up to envelop Ginny in hugs (and from the sounds of it, they were all sniffling and getting teary eyed). Teddy recovered next, a second later and strode up to his Godfather and shook his hand and exchanged snarky remarks. James and Albus, however, looked stupefied. Katelyn brought James back by softly calling his name. It took James another couple of seconds for the information to warm up to him, but he got there and embraced his mom and dad. No one, on the other hand, was there to bring Albus back to life.

I took this chance to gather my courage and step before Mr. Potter to shake his hand. It felt weird, being treated like an equal and shaking his hand, but didn’t take that long. Soon I was moving on to Ginny while Mr. Potter went to his second son. Mrs. Potter was telling everyone she was three and a half weeks along when I went in for a hug. James, being the compulsive and, frankly, repulsive person that he is had to make a comment, “So that means that three and a half weeks ago you and dad…?”

That was way too much for Lils who immediately covered her ears and yelled, “ewwwww.”

Albus seemed to have overcome his petrifaction and was walking over to congratulate his mother. “So does anyone else in the family know yet?”

“No, we told you guys first,” said Mr. Potter. “But I’m sure Grandma Weasley will be ecstatic.”

“She might just keel over from excitement when we both tell her,” commented Teddy. And then he brought up a point that was more serious and probably on everybody’s mind, “Ginny, aren’t you getting a little old to have a kid? Is it still safe for you, I mean?”

Mrs. Potter looked around and saw the rapt attentions. “I may not be as young as I once was, but I won’t have you calling me old Teddy Lupin.”

“Still,” interjected Mr. Potter. “We’ve looked into it a little and wizards and witches do live longer than muggles, so we’ll just watch it closely and the pregnancy should go just fine.”

“Now,” said Mrs. Potter. “Why don’t you all go get some rest so we can get up early and start telling the whole family, how ‘bout?”

Us kids grumbled our ascent and trudged our way towards and then up the stairs to our rooms (I was sleeping over in the guest room that had virtually become my own. Right across the hall from Lils). As we made our way down the hall to our respective bedrooms, Lils and I bumped shoulders playfully. Once we reached the end of the hallway our moods turned somber.

Lily and I stood in between our rooms staring at each other but off into space at the same time. Finally after a whole minute I spoke up, “I can’t believe your mom is pregnant.”

Lils grunted her agreement with this statement.

“It’s been one crazy day,” I tried again.

But once more I was only given a grunt in acknowledgement. I brought my eyes back from out in space to focus on the love of my life’s face. “Lily,” I whispered.

Her eyes came back to gaze into my own. “What?” she asked.

“Earlier, when I had just arrived; how did you manage that flirt thing you did?” I wasn’t sure why I was asking that or why I was still whispering.

“I don’t know exactly. I just did,” Lils replied.

“Huh.” I looked at Lily once more, in that skimpy, but beautiful outfit she had chosen for today. “Well I guess I’ll go to bed. Night Lils,” I said and turned around.

I walked to my door and rested my hand on the doorknob, but Lily softly called my name, “Remmie.”

I turned around to face her and saw she looked anxious and unsure of herself. “Yes?” I questioned.

Lily wringed her hands and her eyes darted everywhere but me. “Um, Remmie?”

“Yes?” I replied again.

Like usual Lily quickly regained her composure and her usual demeanor. She stopped wringing her hands and placed them on her hips. She took a breath and held it for a second, reassuring herself. Very suddenly and forcefully she said, “Come here and finally kiss me, dammit!”

I stood mesmerized for a second until my eyes sought out hers to find that the black pupils had almost taken them over in desire. That was all the nudging I needed and before I knew it I had strode the three steps back to her, placed one hand on the small of her back, one hand behind her head, and, completely ignoring Hitch’s 90/10 advice, I brought my lips to hers.

Lily didn’t respond at first and I pulled back suddenly unsure. Our eyes met and we just stared at each other for half a second with me still holding her. Then, seemingly gathering her personality back up, Lily threw her arms around my neck, stood on her toes, and smashed her lips against mine. I pulled her tight in an embrace I knew I never would want to end and let events unravel.

A/N: Well that was interesting. However I’ve written myself to a point where I need your opinion. There are essentially three options as I see it. 1) I can end the story right here. OR 2) I can write just a couple more chapters to wrap up a couple of the loose ends, like the animagus thing. OR 3) I can continue to write for some time on some of the plot lines I have opened up like: the fact that there is some evil dude or group that has the Order spooked, Ginny’s pregnancy, James’ wedding. I can promise I can keep Remus’ and Lily’s relationship interesting in option three if you’re worried about that tapering off. I would really like to continue, but if I’m not going to have the readers, I don’t see the point. Other than that, please give me any and all input on both things you liked and things you didn’t. Reviews are like your favorite color: you would love to see it everywhere (love to see them from everyone.) I am apparently running out of review similes : (

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The Quest for a Lily: Events Unravel


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