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Our own Prison by MoonBuzzLeto
Chapter 6 : Hold me for a while
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Celestia was curled on the Divan waiting to be overtaken by slumber, when she felt the chamber drop in temperature despite the fire. She pulled her thin blanket closer to her and shivered slightly.

                “Celestia? You awake?” She heard a loud whisper from across the room


                “Did you feel that?”


                “You Cold?”

                “A little” even as she said it her teeth started to chatter

                “It’s a little warmer up here. More blankets anyway. Come over here with me”

                Her stomach did a little flip at his suggestion. He scared the Bejesus out of her

                “I promise to keep my hands to myself” He added as if he felt her hesitance. His voice sounded genuine so she walked over to the bed and lay on her stomach opposite of him. He was staring at the ceiling.


It doesn't mean much
it doesn't mean anything at all
the life I've left behind me
is a cold room


 “Can’t sleep?” she prodded gently and he sighed. “Yeah, I have that problem a lot”

                “Care to talk about it?”

                She felt him hesitate before continuing. “Sometimes I dream things”

 She laughed a little “Sometimes we all dream”

“No. I see all my mistakes. Every thing I’ve ever done.”

                ‘I do too”

“What could you have done, that’s so horrible? Forgot to return a library book?”


                “Turned my back on those who needed me”

He was silenced at this and her loneliness hit her like a wall of ice. Her whole family was gone now and Celestia was alone.

I've crossed the last line
From where I can't return
Where every step I took in faith
Betrayed me
And led me from my home

                “Tell me about you” He said interrupting her pity session.

                “Not much to me”

                “I disagree. I think there’s a lot to you.”

                “I was in the year behind you at Hogwarts, Ravenclaw; I was a prefect and was just barely beat out for head girl by Ginny Weasley.  I got my job at the ministry and got heavily into it. It almost became my life. I love my family very much. My dad was a Healer and my mom was a Potions master for St. Mungo’s. My only sibling was Cara. My mom gave birth to a still born boy. I had a pretty happy childhood. I’m too busy to even get a cat. I love nature and books and cooking and have always wanted to travel but again, too busy. Now see, not much. What about Draco Malfoy?”

                “Well, I was in Slytherin. Head boy. I wanted to impress my father so I joined Voldemort at 16, more out of fear than anything else. The only person I’ve ever been close to is my mum. I am an only child. My childhood was pretty dreary so I took comfort in wealth and prestige. I love nature and books and cooking too, also quidditch and potions. I love to travel and have been all over the world. I am no longer involved in any form of dark magic. I got addicted to Ambrosia after I joined, to ease my guilt I guess. I hate Harry potter” He let out a breath. “Sorry. I am rambling.”

                “Draco, can I ask you a question?”

                “Since when do you ask first?” he teased

                “Why did you say that earlier? About me being a good mother”

                                “Just an... Instinct I had. I didn’t mean to offend or upset you”

                “It just startled me is all”

                “Can I ask you a question?”

                “Okay, sure”

                “Have you ever been in love?”

                The man was full of surprises. She didn’t wish to discuss her romantic past but turnabout was fair play she imagined.

“No. Not really. I was.. Confused once”

He chuckled a little. “Well put. I was in love once. With my nanny when I was nine”

                She sniggered a little. Her heart ached for some reason. Maybe because she used to lie in bed and talk with Cara like that. Or maybe because she wanted to reach for him but was scared. She didn’t think she could take rejection, but she didn’t think she could take closeness either. Silence stretched between them and when the Victrola started up she jumped

you take me in
No questions asked
you strip away the ugliness
that surrounds me
Are you an angel?

                “I really wish that thing would stop” she said

                “I dunno. It’s kinda growing on me”

                She took a deep breath as she made a quick decision. One she knew she would regret later

                “D..D.. Draco?” his name tumbled from her lips before she could stop.

                “Yes?” he breathed.

                “Do.. You.. I mean… erm, Uh, Do you think you could… justholdmeforabit?”

                “Sorry, love, do I think I could, what?”

                She steeled her nerves. “Do you think you could just hold me for a bit?”


Am I already that gone?
I only hope
That I won't disappoint you
When I'm down here
On my knees
Sweet surrender
Is all that I have to give

She held her breath and waited for the mocking laughter that was sure to come, but instead the only sound was the rustling of the bedcovers as his weight shifted and he turned towards her. Barely, he laid his hands on the small of her back and gently tugged her to him. He benignly wrapped his capable arms around her and she snuggled against his chest.  Even his chiseled body felt somehow softer. She breathed in his comforting scent. Like Leather and wood smoke and the sky before it rains. She felt a warmth travel through her and her mind rested as she slipped into sleep.

                Draco lay unmoving, with baited breath. He was all too aware of both his body and hers. Her lips touched the hollow of his throat and breathed sweetly against it, shooting tiny sparks down his spine. Her ethereal fingers curled around his hair. Her own satiny locks were falling like a curtain around his chest and arms.  He felt so peaceful, but terrified at the same time. He knew that the feeling in the pit of his stomach, and the hammering in his heart had nothing to do with lust. He pondered on her for a reflexive moment.

And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky

 She was a delicious paradox, an enigma just waiting to be solved. He admired the inner strength that radiated from her, but she was just vulnerable enough that he wanted to shield her.  Her eyes held wisdom beyond her years but at the same time she possessed an innocence that was compelling and alluring.

                Draco.. Draco.. Just what the hell have you gotten into?


we’ll both forget the breeze
Most of the time
and so it is
the colder water
the blower's daughter
the pupil in denial

                He felt like he was drowning, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Quite the opposite: It was contenting . He wanted to sleep, to dream of her again, but he was afraid if he closed his eyes she would somehow be gone, slipped through his fingers like the sand of illusion.  But he finally did close his eyes, as he felt the chamber Become warmer and floated away to the land of mists.

I can't take my eyes off of you
I can't take my eyes off you
I can't take my mind off of you
I can't take my mind off you
I can't take my mind off of you

A/n- as it say's above, the music in this chapter is Sweet Surrender by Sarah Mclaughlin and Blower's daughter by Damien rice.. I donot ownthem only borrowing them as they inspire me

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