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The new Girls by ginnyfangrl
Chapter 2 : New Kids!?
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Sorry for the delay on the update. My internet got cut off and as soon as I got it back the queue closed. So now I want to give a shout out to harry potter is my LIFE and basilisk14 for their reviews!!! You keep rokin!

Their headmaster, Professor McGonagall stood and said,

“Before we begin the feast, I have an announcement to make.” The crowd of children was silenced, “As you know, the Allenspell School for Young Witches and Wizards recently had a terrible fire and the students are unable to return to the school so they have been split up into the other two schools in London , Hogwarts was not supposed to receive any students, but there was too many so we are having only three girls that would have been split up and their parent would not have it so they were sent here. I expect you to treat them like any other students, now let me introduce you to the oldest of the three, coming here for her seventh and final year , introducing, Lilyana Piper.”

Then all eyes were on the door as a tall girl with dark blonde-brown shoulder-length hair and glistening eyes. James nudged Albus,

‘That’s her! That’s the girl I saw at the train station!”

Lilyana walked up to the front McGonagall placed the sorting hat on her head and the hat bellowed,


The Gryffindor table clapped and cheered, James clapping the loudest. Lilyana sat in the only seat that had enough room for two more,(just in case her sisters were Gryffindors too) right across from James. Lilyana smiled at James, who nearly melted when she did.

“Our next student is here for her sixth year, I am pleased to introduce, Megan Piper!”

As all of the eyes returned to the door, an average height girl with dirty- blonde hair and greenish eyes walked through, and when the hat was placed on her head it once again bellowed,


The table burst into cheers once again, and sat down next to her sister, and right across from Albus who smiled politely. McGonagall stood again and said,

“Our next and final student will be here for her third year here, Miss Aliana Piper! Then a short girl with bleach blonde hair and almost black dark brown eyes. She walked to the front of the Great Hall and as soon as the hat touched her head, it shouted


The Slytherin table burst into cheers as Aliana walked over to the table. Professor McGonagall stood once more and said,

“Let the feast begin!” And then mounds of food appeared on the table. As everyone was eating James and Albus were too nervous to even goof off with their friends.

When James and Albus returned to their dorm James said,

“Did you see her? I told you she was real. And she was gorgeous, and her name, Lilyana, it, it fits her so well, it’s so beautiful.”

“Yeah she was pretty, but Megan, she takes the cake, she is beautiful, amazing, gorgeous.”

“Thin this one might be a weeker?”

“Hopefully a monther.”

“Heck for you two weeks would be a personal best.”

“True dat my brother.”

“I know, but if we’re going to get a chance with them we’re going to have to talk to them you know.”

“Yeah but it will be well worth it.”

On that note the boys went to sleep thinking of what they would say to the girls.

The next day the boys awoke early and dressed their best . James’s schedule was firs Potions, then double Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, double Herboligy and History Of Magic. Albus had History of Magic, then double Potions, Herboligy, and double Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts. They both groaned over their schedules, and then talked about what they would say to the girls.

“Well we can’t make any move in Defense Against the Dark Arts, because dad will personally kill us for that.” James said

“Point there.”

“I’m not going to try anything in potions, but I’ll sit next to her, nothing wrong with that, and then I’ll talk to her before and during class, try to be friends at first. I’ll ask her out if a Hogsmeade trip or dance, ball, etc. you know, unless she tries something.”

“Well, while you try the good guy act I’m going to try ’helping with her homework’”

“What if she’s smart”

“She will just have to help me out then, especially if it’s in potions”


“Yeah, and dad can’t help you anymore because he will be busy with teacher stuff.”


James walked down Snape’s dungeon to the potions classroom and sat down next to Lilyana ,

“Hi I’m James Potter, you’re Lilyana, right?”

“Yeah I’m Lilyana, wait, aren’t you Professor Potter’s son?”

“Yep, my dad slash teacher, love it and hate it all at once.”

“I know how you feel my mom taught potions back at my old school, and that was horrible because I suck at potions, and Snape sounds harsh.”

“Well, I’m pretty good at this. Want me to help you if we get any homework?”

“Yeah that sounds cool, talk later kay?”

The class silenced as Proffesor Snape walked into the room. He did the routine “what I’m going to teach you this year ’ routine, and then went around asking questions. James answered his easily, and then he got to Lilyana.

“Miss….. Piper, is it, can you tell me what the purpose of a mandrake root is?”

Lilyana sat there with that ’searching through my brain but really scared’ look on her face. James quickly wrote something on a piece of parchment and put it in front of Lilyana. She glanced at it and said,

“it helps heal the petrified, right?”

“Yes,” Snape said, and he moved on to the other students. Lilyana mouthed

“Thanks.” to James, who flashed her his famous smile.

After class was over James and Lilyana walked to Defense Against the Dark Arts together, and Lilyana said,

“ You know, your like my first real friend here, other than my roommate, of course , and my firs guy friend, all the other guys that talked to me yesterday just wanted to snog me senseless.”

“Wow, I wish I knew how that felt.”

“Ha ha, very funny.”

“I know.”

“So what is your dad like? You know, teacher-wise.”

“Oh, he’s okay, not strict, but not rule free, and probably the most fun class we will have all day.”

“Cool, so… you want to sit by me again? Or will your dad notice?”

“Nah, my dad is cool like that, but if he saw my sister with a guy, he would totally freak.”

“Yeah my dad is the same way, so I’m not going to tell him my first friend was a guy, he would yank me out then and there.”

“Well we better get to class, then you get to meet my dad, the head of Gryffindor house!”

“Ha ha, real funny James.”

They walked into class and took seats next to each other.

“Hello class. As you know, I’m Proffesor Potter, your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Our first lesson this year will be casting a patronus, does anyone here know how to do that?” Lilyana and James raised their hands. “Miss Piper can you cast a patronus in its animal form?”

“Yes sir,”

“Would you please show us?”

“Of course.” Lilyana stood and said, “Expecto patronum.” and as soon as the last syllable left her mouth the silver glow of a phoenix escaped from her wand

“Very good.” Harry said, clapping his hands “Now I’m going to have James perform his patronus.” James did the same and a mighty stag escaped from his wand. “Good job. Now I’m gong to how to cast your own patronus and if you need assistance, I’m sure James and Lilyana would be happy to help you. Please stand.” Harry said and with a flourish of his wand, all the desks and chairs disappeared. “Please make a line over here.” Harry pointed to a far corner of the classroom, “Miss Piper would you please explain the process of casting a patronus to the class?”

“Of course Professor Potter.” Lilyana said “Now, to cast a patronus, you need to think of a happy thought, but not just any happy thought, you must think of a thought so happy you cannot think of a time you have been happier in your whole life. Wait, do any of you know what a patronus what a patronus is used for?” One girl raised her hand,

“Aren’t they used for killing dementors?”

“Close, but not exactly, see, a patronus will not actually kill a dementor, they just ward them off.” Lilyana informed her.

The students attempted to cast a patronus for the remainder of class, some occasionally going to James or Lilyana for help, before anyone knew it, their class time was over.

“See, I told you it would be fun” James said as he was walking to transfiguration with Lilyana.

“So who teaches transfiguration?” Lilyana asked him

“Professor Lilac, she is nice, and a great teacher, but you really have to pay attention.” They walked into class and sat down next to each other, then, a tall woman with strawberry blonde hair and almond eyes, she had a green hair band and wore a hot pink cardigan with jeans.

“ Yello’ class, how are y’all?” she said with an American accent. “As you know I’m your transfiguration teacher, Professor Lilac, this year I will be teaching you some more advanced transfiguring.” The class groaned “ well, it’s your last year here and I want you to be the best transfigures out there!”

The rest of that day was uneventful, except that Donald Finnegan blew up his goblet at lunch.

* * *

James and Lilyana sat down in the Gryffindor common room to do their homework. 

didja like it? I sure hope you did. Please review!!!!!!! You guys rock!!! I am going to update VERY SOON! KEEP READING!

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