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Falling Through Thin Ice by JR Nite Dragon
Chapter 3 : Good News and Bad News
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A/N~~ Hey readers! Sorry for the long wait... I had camp when the editors came back, then it took me a while to type up this chapter... Hopefully you'll like it enough to keep reading! R&R please!

EDIT NOTE: One big change. Rest are mainly all grammar.

JR Nite Dragon

How long had it been that a boy had kissed me? Let me think, uh, TOO LONG! I am so angry at myself, so angry that I'm crying! I really need a boyfriend... if I get one, then maybe this gross feeling will go away. Who ever it will end up being will kiss me and the lust will just poof and disappear. I hope.

“Hermione? Are you okay?” asked Harry with Ginny on his arm.

“Hmm? Oh! Yeah, I'm fine, just need a little fresh air is all.” I responded in a more confident voice than I was feeling. They nodded and watched as I shrank my trunk, held it like a brief case, and shrank my carry on bag and stuffed that in my pocket. “So, off we go now! Ha ha!” I gave each of them a cheery smile as I passed by them. That cheered them up and got them more satisfied with the answer they got before. They smiled warmly back and we, as a group, walked off the train to meet Ron and Luna.

“Hello Hermione. How was your train ride?” Luna asked politely as soon as we met up with the couple. Ron was standing behind her and slightly to my right with his right hand on her shoulder, kind of possessively and kind of protectively. Like a father or brother, maybe even husband.

“Well, it was long in the first 15 minutes, but then it was really fast when I fell asleep. I was even asleep up until a half hour ago. Hah...” nervously I raised my hand to the back of my head. “I woke up in a really awkward position and I still had to change. Changing was relaxing, but it was after I changed that it became tough, gross and sick...”

“How was it 'tough, gross and sick'” Luna asked while making air quotes on the 'tough, gross and sick' part.

“Lets just say that my compartment mate was not a loving kind of person and lets leave it at that. Alright?” I practically begged them all. Surprisingly all of them just smiled and said all of their okay's and fine's and we made our way to the carriages.

The whole ride to Hogwarts was filled with laughs and stories of whenever Ron was scared and made a funny faces during the whole entire journey to find the horcruxes.

As soon as we were at the entrance we had hurting guts and Hegrid was waiting with the first years in the front waiting for Headmistress McGonagall. “Ello Arry! How er ya doin'?”

“Ha ha- I'm f-f-fine! HA ha, how are you Hegrid?” Harry asked still laughing and out of breath.

“Why I'm jus talkin to the lil fellers.” Hegrid said. When he spoke all of the little first years jumped or twitched. Some of them just watched him in amazement. But when it sunk in that it was the all time famous Harry Potter, they turned from Hegrid(they all looked so small next to the giant) and stared at Harry. Some of the girls blushed when he smiled, and a lot of the guys just stood there and looked like a kid in a candy shop with a sweet tooth.

“Well, we ought to get going. I'm glad to hear about you teaching again,” I called out while pulling on Ginny's arm to get her to move. Of course then she grabbed Harry's arm and he grabbed Ron's and Ron grabbed Luna's. We became a train of couples... plus me.

We all walked in the great hall together to get a huge round of applause. Ginny and Luna stepped away. Luna sat with some of her friends at the Ravenclaw table and Ginny sat down to save us all seats. We, the golden trio, just stood and looked around in awe at all of the happy smiling faces. Even most of the Slytherin table clapped. When I looked to see the table I met the ice cold stare of a certain white-blonde. I tried to remove my eyes from the thin ice that always broke underneath me because of that stare. Just then Ron grabbed my shoulder and brought me back from the trap of the freezing stream.

“You okay Hermione? You seem kind of out of it,” Ron whispered in my ear.

“No, no, I'm fine. Really. I was just deep in thought,” I rushed out in a really quick response.

“Why are you staring at Malfoy? He's just sitting there smirking at you. It's kind of pissing me off...” Harry said in his big brother tone.

“Oh guys, just calm down. If he really intimidates you, take it up after diner is over. I will not allow you to start a fight in the middle of the great hall. Really, I'm completely fine! Let's just sit down to eat,” I said. I was hungry! I missed breakfast because I was packing and I missed the treat trolley because I was asleep. At least I wasn't as hungry when I practically starved myself during the hunt for the horcruxes.

As soon as we sat down the clapping stopped and Headmistress McGonagall walked in. All the first years were staring at the bewitched ceiling. Some girls, as they passed, smiled and waved at Ron and Harry. Some of the boys smiled at me and when I smiled back they blushed and looked away.


~After all the first years were sorted~


“Hey guys! How have you been living the life of fame?” Dean asked when the last of the 14 sorted Griffindors sat down. When Seamus heard Dean ask he turned to join the conversation.

“Some of us haven't. And I say thank Merlin that I haven't been. I like living like nothing has happened. That's why I live in the muggle world. It's quite peaceful there.” I said annoyed that everyone thought I was suddenly living in the magical world now that I was old enough to live on my own. Frankly I didn't feel comforted by the thought of people walking up to me and saying that they're big fans.

“Attention students,” Headmistress McGonagall yelled for everyone's attention, then she waited for complete silence, “I have an important announcement. As you have probably heard by now, we were suppose to pronounce the Head Boy and Head Girl by now. Due to all of the owls in the owlery disappearing, we were not able to send the lucky duo their letters. I will now announce the Head Girl. Remember that they didn't receive the letter before hand, so if they are shocked into place, please help them.” She then looked at Harry and Ron, then Goyle. Right then I was excited yet scared. When suddenly I was brought back by my name being called. “Hermione Granger! Congratulations on making Head Girl!” Headmistress McGonagall beamed as her booming voice rang over all the cheering.

I gladly stood and walked calmly up to her and received my Head Girl badge. It was in the shape of a shield and had the letters HG in gold on the onyx colored background of the shield. It was beautiful. Then my grin faded as soon as I heard the name of the Head Boy.


“Draco Malfoy. Congratulations on making Head Boy!”


Is it just me or is it really feeling like I'm getting hypothermia? Cause I just fell through ice on the ocean, and the water is below zero.

A/N~~ So? What did you think? Please review! I love to hear what you are thinking when your done, even if it cruel... Except for you Green Nite Dragon... I love you sis, but your meanness is just painful. Review please!! I love you for reading!
~~**JR Nite Dragon**~~

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Falling Through Thin Ice: Good News and Bad News


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