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Swan Lake by katti4493
Chapter 4 : The Handsome Collector
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Tom Riddle sat in the cave, licking his lips. This was going to be fun. Amy Benson and Dennis Bishop were up ahead of him, and they looked panicked. Tom enjoyed their panic; it made him feel in control. Amy started to chew one of her short red plaits nervously.

“Can you see him Dennis?” she asked whispering, her voice quivering and nervous.

Dennis scratched his head and pulled at his short blonde hair, his green eyes filled with unmistakable terror.

“No, he’s gone.” he said, his voice hoarse with fear.

“Why are we even here? Let’s go.” Squeaked Amy as she tried to pull Dennis out of the cave. 

“No, did you hear what he said he had?” said Dennis, yanking Amy back the other way.

“Yes I did.” She said, letting go of Dennis’ hand.

Tom smiled and closed his eyes. He spoke, his voice sounding strangely inhuman.

“Amy and Dennis...You wanted the chance of a lifetime, to get a prize worth having. So you will. Here is you worst nightmare!”

Soon Tom left the cave laughing. He had taken Amy’s locket, it was the prettiest trophy he had ever collected. 

Bellatrix Lestrange sat in silence, the white swan sitting next to her. She could not believe she was a Lestrange now. She was no longer free, and he would not appreciate her breaking up her perfectly good pureblood marriage for him. The swan was good company, Bella liked her a lot more than her sister or her mother did. She was a peaceful companion, and Bella found her better company than her new husband.

“I feel I need to name you, my sweet little companion.”

The swan nodded, almost as if she could hear Bella.

“I think you need an S name, because you are a swan.” Said Bella, patting the swan’s head.

The swan nodded again. 

“If you’re a Black pet you need a noble, pureblood name. What about Scorpia?”

The swan shook her head.

“You shake your head the same way Evan Rosier does.”

The swan violently nodded her head at the mention of the name Rosier.

“Okay, let me think...oh, I’ve got it! What about...” 

“Shayla, like you, Tom Riddle is very unique.” Continued Dumbledore slowly. 

“I’ve gathered that sir.” 

“Good...but as I say, everyone else in this school apart from me and you trust Tom Riddle. Including Professor Dippet. Therefore, I am not able to help you get rid of him. Just remember, when he tries to get you in this trance that you are your own person, an intelligent, charming and friendly person at that, and you are not just a puppet of Tom Riddle’s.”

Shayla nodded slowly, she had been sure that Dumbledore would be able to help her, but obviously not.

“Remember this also Miss Rosier. Tom likes to collect trophies. Don’t let yourself become one of them.”

Dumbledore nodded wisely and smiled his kind smile.

“Is there anything else you wish to tell me?”
“No Professor Dumbledore.” 

Minerva awoke and she instantly knew it was going to be one of those days. She had these days sometimes when her memory seemed slightly blurred and rough. She would become slightly scatter brained, unlike her normal self, and the students in her classes usually knew it. She would sit in the front of the class and let her class get on with trying to transfigure whatever they were trying to Transfigure. In the period just after break she was teacher third year transfiguration and she knew she would have to help many of the class in what they were doing today, but her brain did not seem to be functioning properly.

“Professor...Professor...PROFESSOR!” cried Hermione Granger, her hand up in the air.
“Yes Miss Granger!” snapped Minerva.
“Are you alright? You look very white.”
“I’m fine Miss Granger,” she was suddenly distracted by Neville Longbottom, “Longbottom, if you do that...”


After last period Minerva felt she could not cope with this anymore. It had been especially bad this year and she did not know why. She paced to her destination, thinking fast.

Maybe it was all this talk about Animagi...

Minerva did not know why she thought that, and continued hurrying Dumbledore’s office.

Tom Riddle was flying with the Slytherin Quidditch Team. He thought he was the best seeker in the school, but he did not see it in his future – he would do better things. But now it was a match, and he was on top form. He was captain after all. Tom was the seeker of the Slytherin team and he looked around at the people on his team. 

Edgard was laughing stupidly with Abraxas Malfoy, and they were the two beaters on the team. Druella Rosier had looped her arm with his own and looking up at him adoringly. Annoyingly, there was not a trace of her sister in her. The other chasers, Avery and a fifth year called Metella, were watching him intently. Mulciber, the Keeper, was watching Tom and dusted his greasy brown hair out of his eyes. Tom knew there was more at stake than just some Quidditch trophies. They were playing Gryffindor and this match was important as he would be racing his little doll for the snitch and he had a plan, and a good plan. 

“Well, just try to play your best...” said Tom, turning and pushing Druella away. 

“Is that it for a pep talk Tom?” cooed Druella. 

He stiffened angrily. Druella gulped,  “I mean, my Lord.”
He turned round his eyes burning gently. 

“You lot do whatever you want, but I want to catch the snitch!”

They walked onto the pitch in a triangular formation. Tom led the arrow as captain with Druella followed by Mulciber and then Edgard to his left and Metella followed by Avery and then Malfoy to the right. Edgard, Mulciber, Avery and Druella had a black band tied around their left arm to signal they were a member of Riddle’s Gang. They would glow when Tom needed them; he thought it was quite ingenious. The crowds roared their approval but Tom took no notice. The Gryffindor’s were entering the pitch and Tom scanned them with his dark eyes. They all strolled on, not caring about how they looked. At the back, there she was...his pretty little doll.

Shayla knew that Tom was looking at her. It made her feel nervous, but she had confided her predicament to Myra and Myra promised her that she would try and stop Tom getting near her. Shayla appreciated it, but her friend couldn’t protect her in the final desperate dive for the snitch. 

Tom stepped forward and shook hands with the Gryffindor captain. It went in a blur and soon they were up in the air. 

“Let the game begin”

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