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Your Everything by forcebev23
Chapter 1 : Your Everything
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Disclaimer/Author's Note: JK owns the characters, Keith Urban owns the song, but I take credit for the plot. This is for EmeraldCity's Top 100 Love Songs Challenge. I was just given a song at random, and mine was Your Everything by Keith Urban. There are a lot of firsts for me in this story. I have never written in a guys P.O.V. nor have I written in this format where he is thinking in "I/you" but I love critiques so review and let me know favorite parts, quotes, or anything that needs to be changed or ideas to make it better. Enjoy!

Your Everything

The first time I looked in your eyes I knew
That I would do anything for you
The first time you touched my face I felt
Like I've never felt with anyone else

“Rose, walk with me.”

“I think not,” you responded, smiling softly.

I was arrogant, never before rejected, and entirely self-confident, as Malfoy’s generally are. I was smart; few could match my grades. I was athletic; few could match my skill. I was clever; few could match my wit and banter. Few that is, apart from you. You were my perfect match in all ways but one. When it came to kindness and sincerity you far outshone me. Your smile lit up the library as you tutored your charms partner and your eyes twinkled and your mouth twitched when you tried not to laugh at your cousins.

That day fate was in my favor; we were made potions partners and I remember you sitting across the table, unabashedly observing me. Your eyes twinkled as they do when you are amused, and a crooked grin spread across your face. A minute passed and I met your gaze without any trouble. I casually leaned back in my chair and returned the evaluation. I took in your every feature, memorizing the curves of your face that were neatly accentuated by freckles, the effulgent color of your hair that could never be replicated, even by the very best artist. At the end of two minutes, I began to feel uncomfortable. I must have blushed under your scrutiny; a blush that would have made even you proud my dear red-head. Your gaze picked apart my every flaw, flaws that no one else had noticed. They loved me for my perfection, lean muscles, perfectly styled hair, flawless complexion, and winning smile. But you sat there picking me apart for the whole world to see. Within five minutes of silent observation, you had amassed all of my imperfections and laid them on the desk in front of me so I could see. But you had also taken all of my positive qualities from me because those traits paled in comparison to your own. I had never felt so bare in my entire life.

Then abruptly you stood, turned, and walked toward the ingredients cabinet. I was pleased, a new curiosity seemed to have taken an interest in me and you had passed all of my expectations. Little did I know that it was you in control. That is what hurt me the most: my interest, my curiosity. I wanted to know you. You were so different from them. You came so unexpectedly, a streak of light in the dark. It was like finding life in the most uninhabitable region of the universe. But also you were hope. You knew that though. I thought I was ready for you. I would just sit back and wait, when you returned I would overwhelm you with my charm. You departed with an air of silent disinterest, and returned to our shared table with an effusive kindness and I hadn’t a clue how to act around you. Never before had I been so flustered, felt so completely out of place in my own skin. But you seemed to know how you helped me. You knew that your presence in my life kept me going. I don’t know how you knew, but that first day you saw something in my face.

I had evaluated you just as thoroughly, but your barrier stood strong. Never once could I cause a dent or discover a crack. Your façade of politeness never faded from your face, and the only thing that made it believable was that smile. It was the smile of someone who was eternally laughing at a private joke. That smile was always directed towards me. That smile absolutely terrorized me.

As the year passed we became close. We were partners, we talked every day, and slowly, slowly you began to trust me. I became your friend and you became my everything; I longed to return the favor. I wanted to be the cause of the twinkle in your eye and I wanted to comfort you when you were in pain, your head lying perfectly on my shoulder, your tears staining my costly robes. I wanted to be your foundation, the one that it would kill you to lose. I grew to need you. I would look forward to each class with you, my heart sinking into the pit of my stomach when you were absent.

But you always acknowledged me and were always kind, as is your way. Had you completely disregarded my presence, it would have broken me. It was because of this constant contact that made me unaware of the depth of my attachment, the strength of your aid and the bond that had formed, somehow, between two people, who because of their families, should have been divided. I became your best friend aside from your girlfriends, and I was your confidant, as you were mine, but you, you were my everything, and I was still unaware of the fact.

Then I loved you. I never knew until I felt jealousy slap me across the face, and never before had I felt a sting as strong. I came to you in a rage. I was overprotective, moronic, and ignorant, but you sat there quietly and smiled knowingly. I forbade you from seeing him as though I had the right. He was horrid for you, so I listed all of his faults as though you weren’t already aware of them. I was foolish, for you knew better than anyone. You were no child to be rescued. You were a woman, you are a woman, and little did I know you were the one to rescue me.

I never noticed the change, and maybe that was your trick. You were a good influence on me by merely being my friend. I was terrified of disappointing you, of losing your trust and faith in me. You were a guardian angel of sorts. Despite your flaws and quirks, you became my compass, always directing me, guiding me towards good.

Then you kissed me. We were talking, I was complaining about a new boy who was interested in you. By now I had learned to tone down my argument, hoping it would make a difference. I never knew that you weren’t interested in any of the men I tried to protect you from. You were too independent for any of them and you were much too clever. You read them just like you read me the first time we met, picking them apart and calling them out on their deceptions.

“Are you listening to me Rose?” My feelings were obvious. You were Rosie or Flower when I was in a good mood, but it was just Rose when my mood was reversed. Yet you never submitted to my anger and frustration. Still, you sat there calmly and smiled knowingly.

“Hardly Scorpius.” Scorpius? Why was it not Malfoy? That was what had stopped me. You always called me Malfoy when I was in trouble with you or when you were disappointed in me. Surely I would have been in trouble for being so overprotective, for telling you what to do. I was quiet for a time. “You have no idea do you?” I must have looked completely bewildered, for you giggled slightly before observing me for the second time in my life. You sat still and silent, searching my eyes for something never breaking eye contact with me. This time I don’t know what you saw, but it made you start. “Scorpius.” I barely heard it, but you had me. After hearing my name escape your lips in a sigh I would have done anything for you and at that moment I knew, you were my everything. And without any warning, you kissed me. It was like tasting chocolate for the first time, only better. I pulled you close to me, afraid that if I didn’t, you would have left or second guessed yourself, although I should know better, you had never been an impulsive person. You thought everything through and never acted until you were certain of the results and confident that it was the right thing. We both came up for breath. “I don’t like him Scorpius,” you breathed.

“Good” I grunted, “because I don’t know what I would do to him, especially after that.”

You pulled back, giggling. “You are so oblivious sometimes! I like you, not him. I would have thought that would have been at least slightly obvious for as long as you have known me. I’m almost disappointed.”

Before you could talk yourself out of it I leaned in for another kiss. “Do you forgive me?” I was smirking, pulling for a compliment. Every guy needs an ego boost once in a while.

“How could I not?”

“Rose, be my girlfriend.”


I will never disappoint you. I will always love you. I promise you are my everything, and if you give me the chance, I promise to return the favor.

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Your Everything: Your Everything


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