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Times change People do to by Dancer49
Chapter 1 : Zane the Pain
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When Rose first met him he was just a normal blond student attending Hogwarts School of witch Craft and Wizardry. He was just another kid with his three friends that entered the compartment were Teddy, Albus, and James and Lily sat all but Albus was in a year older than me so none of us had seen him before. Thank goodness for me I had hair that was red (my dad’s side) but it was also brown (my mother side) it couldn’t decided what it wanted to be but it looked really good and I inherited my aunt Ginny’s gens of pretty hair or else it would have been a bright red mop of waves on my head I would have cried to death if I had to look like that for the rest of my life. My Cousin Lily pulled of red very well so did James. And lily’s were straight and then curled at the ends and James had inherited my father’s hair and color red.

Albus had gotten everything from Uncle harry and Teddy had his dad’s looks and his mom’s hair that changed colors me and teddy weren’t related but he was like family.

Lily and James had stepped out to find their friends and that’s when he walked in. His stunning blue eyes looked around the room and then landed on my brown eyes. I felt a ting of something and a bell chime but I ignored it I thought it was static electricity and I just shocked myself and that the sweet cart was coming. We didn’t drop eyes he kept staring

“Let’s go Scorpius this one’s taken to “one of his friends said. “Scrop lets go “they said he shook his head trying to break the eye contact. As his friend closed the door and pulled him away I caught him stealing one last glance threw the compartment window.

As the years went by me and Scorpius found out who the other was he was sorted into Slytherin Just like dear Daddy Draco Malfoy and I was sorted into Gryffindor Just like dear Daddy Ron Wesley. And once finding out who the other person was an instant hatred started we prank and tortured the other but never in my right mind did I ever think I was goanna fall in love with the git.  


“Hugo! Hugo! “Hermione Wesley called after her youngest child. As the train raced off she handed him his wand which he normal left lying about in the house it was his 5th year and he still hadn’t  remembered to bring it everywhere with him. He grabbed it from her hand and then slide back through the window after waving one last goodbye. He turned to me.

“Rose we need to find a compartment “

“Well grab you trunk then “I said sighing and walking off to find Albus our cosine and one of my best friends.

“Hi Rose “the Twins Lily and James called as they raced off towards the Sweet cart Hugo eyed it craving the sweets. He was so much like dad he had a huge sweet tooth. I sighed and shook my head my bother looked a lot like me he had dad’s hair style and hair that couldn’t decided if it wanted to be brown or red but was more red then brown mine on the other hand was more brown then red. We both had Dads eyes except Hugo had a hint of gold color in it and mom and dad and even Albus said that I had hints of silver in my eyes I never noticed it. I smiled my brother still had that sweet little kiddy like aura about him he was just naturally kid like. He had a girlfriend I mean it’s not like he’s ugly and looks like he’s still five he looks like a built 15 year old boy should he had let his brown red hair grown out so it fell in front of his eyes a little it gave him a more child like essences. He worked out in the gym to stay fit for quiiditch he was Gryffindor Keeper after all just like Dad was Albus was the seeker like Uncle Harry was.

“Go on Hugo I’ll meet you later “Hugo smiled and I took his Trunk letting it float after me as I found an empty compartment. 

“Hey Red “A familiar voice called after me I scowled and rolled my eyes at the nickname Scorpius had given me at the end of our 3rd year. I snapped around letting the trunk land on top of each other.

“What do you want Malfoy “I snapped as first years past by. He grinned wickedly and pushed me into the nearest compartment I tried shoving him back but it didn’t work. He was to strong. He pushed me up against the wall of the compartment placing his hand on earthier side of my body trapping me in, He slide his legs between mine so I wouldn’t be able to kick him.

“How many times do I have to tell you to respect your superiors Red, “Scorpius scolded me? His blond hair falling into his eyes, He was an amazing looking guy he was my age 16 and god was he beautiful. No stop Rose you’re not supposed to think that about him. He pressed closer to me, my chest being pushed against his. I gulped my throat suddenly dry. He pressed himself even closer. Our eyes locked close.  His hand traced up my arm coming up to cup my face I relaxed at his touch what was wrong with me.

“Stuplify “some yelled form behind us Scorpius was stunned by the spell and he fell completely against me.  I pushed Scorpius off me and pushed him on to the floor. I looked up to see Albus standing by the door the wand in his hand still sparkling with used magic. I smiled Albus had always saved the day just like his Dad. I smiled at my two best friends who stood behind him, Tracy and Chelsea

“Thanks Al”

“What I’m here for Rosie” Albus said. “Come on our compartment is this way” as I stepped through the door I turned around for one last look at Malfoy his eyes could still move. I smirked and blew a kiss before turning away.


As the other students piled out of the great hall I still sat at my table me, Trac and Chels always staid after for a bit we never did like getting caught in the rush.

“Malfoy Alert” Chelsea whispered as she looked between me and Tracy. “Damn Rose you’re so lucky he pays so much attention to you he wouldn’t give a crap about us if we weren’t your friends “

“Did you just say I’m lucky? “I said looking up from my bracelet which had fallen off and I was trying to clip back together.

“Well duh he’s so Hot Rose”

“Someone went and lost her mind over the summer” Tracy laughed at her. Chelsea glared at her with her pretty blue eyes.

“Oh come off it you both think he’s hot “We both rolled our eyes but we defiantly agreed with her there was no denying Malfoy was hot.  I felt his presents get closer and then all of a sudden he was swing right leg over the bench so he could startle it and look directly at me. His best friend Zane Zabini was by his side. They were inseparable.

“Red” he said as his greeting. I rolled my eyes and turned to look at him. 


“I didn’t like how you left me on the train to be with Potter”

“Oh that to bad maybe next time I’ll hang around and take a snapshot so I could treasure it forever” Malfoy glared at me now. I ignored him and went back to trying to clip my bracelet he didn’t say anything just watched me.

“So Brown” Zane said to Chelsea

“What do you want Zabini “

“Looks like your ears enlarged over the summer what your run away daddy couldn’t take them with him” She jumped up ready to kill him when Tracey intervened pushing Chelsea back down. I looked up ready to hit his head off with my fist, but when I saw Tracy handling it I just watched not much else I could do.

“Walk away” Tracy said Chelsea nodded and got up from the table.

“Bye Rose bye Tracy” Zane laughed to himself. Malfoy ignored him concentrating on me. As Tracy and Zane argued me and Malfoy just sat there. All of a sudden he grabbed my wrist and pulled it towards him I yelped and was drug closer to him as well he grabbed the bracelet from my arm. He clipped it himself. And as the shock wore off me, I realized how close I was to him. My back was pressed to his chest firmly as he arms wrapped around me so he could clip the bracelet.  His breath against my neck sent shivers down my spine why was he having this effect on me. I turned my head to look in his eyes. His eyes oh god his eyes they were so intense and not the normal angry intense I was used to seeing in his eyes no it was something else something later I would be so accustomed to seeing.  

“Rose are you coming” Tracy called

“Yea that’s right run away Thomas” Zane called.

“Rose come on I can’t be in the same room with Zabini’s ego one more second.” Tracy said storming out. Scorpius pulled away from me. But my eyes fallowed him as he joined Zane.

“You know I’m pretty sure your worse than my dad at his 15th reunion here when he saw Harry potter and Rose’s parents”

“Damn then I’m that bad “

“Yea” the boys cracked up laughing.

They made their way to the door. My eyes had yet to leave Scorpius. Chelsea was right he was gorgeous.

A/N this story will get cliche at sometimes if you don't like it don't read it i make bad spelling mistakes becouse i don't relise it and my grammer check on my laptop isn't the best if you can't deal with that then don't read it same with the spelling if you don't like do read. 

dancer 49
p.s. thanks to all the readers and reviewers out there that acctually read stories they enjoy i hope to see that allmy readers keep reading thank you

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