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My Love is Neverending by Maggie_Morgue
Chapter 2 : Meeting the Ex
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I woke to the alarm clock ringing I rolled over to my left side and turned off the alarm the clock read 8:44 am I then remembered that today I go back to school I got out of bed and got dressed in a pair of jeans, converse shoes & threw a H.I.M. band shirt on. I decided to leave my hair down and grabbed my trunk and headed to the bottom of the of the Joke shop once I was there I noticed Fred and George waiting for me at front entrance.

“Hey guys what are you doing down here?” I said putting down my trunk.

“Well we decided…” began George.

“That we close the shop just for today.” Fred Continued.

“To take you to the Hogwarts Express.” George Finished as he grabbed my trunk.

I then linked hands with Fred and side apparated along with him while George apparated by himself with my trunk once we were at the station I gave my trunk to the luggage carriers to load onto the train. Just before I left I turned to Fred who was still standing there George was probably saying goodbye to Katie.

“So I’ll see you over Christmas break.” I said looking around.

“Yeah we’ll be celebrating over at the Burrow so I pick you up from here and then we go from there.” He said pulling my face towards his.

Just before I could say anything he pressed his lips gently on my lips I slowly slid my arms around his neck as his arms snaked around my waist. We stayed like that for awhile until the conductor shouted out last call for all the students to aboard before the train leaves. I then said one last goodbye and then got on the train I stuck my head out and waved goodbye until the train was out of sight I then proceeded down the cart and began looking for the gang. I then spotted Ron and Hermione sitting there talking I slowly slid the door and then slammed it a bit to get their attention.

“Now that I’ve got your attention so how was your summer?” I said sitting next to Hermione.

“It was good I went to France the half of the summer and spend the rest of the summer with the Weasleys.” Hermione said smiling.

“So how was yours did my brothers made you try some of their newest inventions.” Ron laughed only to scold by Hermione.

“No there were good and surprisingly they didn’t let me try out some stuff so it was good summer all in all.” I said smiling.

“So what else happened because you seem all giddy and excited.” Hermione asked.

“Well I kissed Fred.” I said smiling at the thought.

“What was is like?” Hermione pressed on.

“To be truthful it was way better than Harry.” I said smiling a bit.

As the train went on they continued their conversation talking about how the rest of the summer I also found out from Ron how Harry and Ginny got together it seems that her feelings were still there all along. Poor Dean she wrote to him telling him it’s over and that she has loved another well enough of them I was over them already no longer jealous. As soon as we were getting closer to the station me and Hermione excused ourselves and went to go change into our robes as I was just getting out after I had already changed I went out in the hallway and was making my way towards the compartment when I heard a familiar voice.

“Emilie can we talk?” said Harry.

“What now Harry if it’s about you and Ginny then forget it I’m done crying for you.” I said turning away.

“Why does it have to always be about Ginny?” he said clearly annoyed.

“Well for one you dumped after you found out I’m related to Voldemort and then all of a sudden you are now seeing Ginny.” I said walking towards him.

“I’m sorry I sort of freaked out I shouldn’t have done that to you.” He said looking into my eyes hoping to be forgiven.

“I forgive you Harry but I’m seeing someone too so If you’re looking to get back together the answers no.” I said looking away.

“Who is he?” he said with a hint of jealousy.

“It’s Fred Ginny’s brother.” I said.

At that I left before he pressed on anymore what’s done is done nothing can change that I then went to the compartment and found Ron was already dressed before us. I sat across from and looked out towards the window.

“What’s wrong Emma?” he said.

“Nothing to worry about I just met Harry.” I said smiling.

“So what did he have to say.” Ron said.

“Nothing much he just wanted to apologize for what he did and then I told him I was dating your brother.” I said taking a bit of my pumpkin pasties.

“So how did he take that.” Ron said smiling.

“I didn’t stand around long enough to let him react.” I said smirking.

It was nightfall when the train finally had came to a complete stop I then got off and went to where the carriages were at and sat with Ron, Hermione, Luna and Neville. It seems that Harry was sitting Ginny and some of their friends as they got to the school they got out and made their way over to the great hall. As they sat down I noticed Ginny and Harry coming towards them us I laughed a little at how Ginny was practically dragging Harry with her and once they got there she sat across from me and Hermione leaving Ron to sit next to Harry.

“Hello Emilie had a nice summer.” Ginny said happily.

“Yeah it’s great.” I said looking away not wanting to talk to her anymore.

“It sure didn’t sound great if you’re acting like this.” She said sounding upset.

“Leave it alone Ginny.” Hermione Said.

“Why should I?” Ginny questioned Hermione.

“Because if you don’t I do something much worse.” I said slowing getting up.

Just as I was about to pull my wand out I looked over to Harry and noticed he’s was watching and our eyes locked for that moment but still in that moment he pleaded with me not to hurt her.

“You know what you’re not worth my time I don’t feel hungry anymore I’ll see you guys in the common room.” I said getting up.

I then went out of the great hall and went straight up to the Gryffindor common room to wait for Hermione and the others to come.

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My Love is Neverending: Meeting the Ex


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