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My (Pathetic But Somewhat Dramatic) Life by expecto_patronum83
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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“Come on Ava you know that you’re a sucker for dimples.” Once again Olivia was teasing me about liking him.

“Yeah, we have almost three recorded cases of you liking people with dimples.” And Sadie always has to put her word in.

“Almost? How can there be almost three cases? And you guys recorded them?” I’m usually in this situation. My friends are teasing me and I’m questioning their sanity.

“Do you want me to list them all?” And that’s Peyton.

“Not particularly.”

“Case number one—that guy on the quidditch team. He only had one dimple though.”

“I didn’t like him! Just because I said he was cute does not mean I liked him!”

“Yeah but its close enough, case number two—that one guy that liked you the summer after our second year. He asked you if he could walk you home.” She laughed at this and continued, “He liked you so that’s the almost.”

“You can’t say that I like all guys with dimples when I didn’t even like him. He liked me! And you don’t even know if he liked me. Maybe he just wanted to...see where I lived?”

“...because he liked you. Either that or he was attempting and failing at being a stalker.” She smirked, knowing she was right, “And then there’s case number three. Do I even have to say this one out loud?”

“I think she should.” I was wondering when Sadie was going to say something again. Usually she and Olivia don’t let me and Peyton talk this long without saying something.

“You do realize there are people at this table right? People, I might add, that can hear.” I don’t think they fully understand that if anybody finds out about this I am such a goner it’s not even funny. I think it’s probably mostly because they don’t realize that I would be so extremely mortified that I would basically shut myself in the dormitory for the rest of the year and force them to bring me food.

Peyton ignored the fact that I was telling her not to say his name and stated, “Sirius Black has major dimples. I think that’s why you fell for him over Creepy Summer Guy and Quidditch Guy.”

WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO BE SO DIFFICULT??? “Say his name out loud again and you’re so dead you’ll be alive so that I can kill you again.” I said this in a threatening tone, but when I realized what I said it sounded so funny. And looking over at Peyton was no help—she was already trying to hold in a laugh. And then we both burst out laughing at the same time.

She somehow managed to say between trying to breath and laughing, “Sirius Black.” That’s when I started chasing her. I imagine it probably looked strange to everybody else. I was chasing Peyton around the great hall and we were both laughing so hard we couldn’t see where we were going. Eventually we made it out of the great hall and on our way to the lake. That’s when the whole not being able to see thing turned into a not so good thing.

“Oompf.” I fell on top of someone. Wiping the tears away from my eyes I looked up to see Sirius Black’s face.

“Come on Ava, too tired to—” Peyton had realized that I wasn’t chasing her anymore. “Oh, hi Sirius.” And she smirked.

I glared at her and pushed myself up off of Sirius. I mumbled that I was sorry and grabbed Peyton by the elbow and pulled her all the way to the common room. When we got there I navigated my way to our corner where Sadie and Olivia were already sitting.

“Come on Ava! How do you expect him to ever like you back when you won’t even say two words to him?” She’s brought this up several times. Usually I just give her a mere “humph” and change the subject.

“I don’t expect him to like me back! I actually really enjoy liking him from a distance! And it’s not like we have anything to talk about!”

“Are you not listening to yourself? You just fell into him and wouldn’t even look into his eyes and say sorry!”

“Oh yeah, you’re really the one to be giving relationship advice! You have a twenty-two year old boyfriend who I saw kissing another girl over the summer!” I continued in a sarcastic tone, “He’s a real keeper, that one.”

She stood there not saying anything. Her mouth opened a couple of times but nothing ever came out. I saw her eyes start to water up and immediately regretted what I had said. I hadn’t told her about Blake yet. I didn’t know how to say it and I didn’t want to see her get hurt. As the first tear spilled over she turned and went slowly up to the dormitory, still in shock.

I felt bad about the way I told her, but she needs space. I sat down in my chair and started on an assignment that is due on Monday. As I continued to write about the effects of shrinking potion the portrait hole opened and I looked up. Sirius Black was climbing into the common room. I watched as he walked over to his friends and sat down, looking around. I quickly averted my eyes and continued on my essay. Five minutes later I glanced back up and I saw him looking at me again. Oh please don’t come over here and start talking to me because I ran into you today. When I glanced back up again he was laughing with his friends. Thank you.

I looked back down at my watch. It had been thirty minutes. Plenty of time for Peyton to cool of, I figured. I picked up all my stuff and walked up the stairs to the sixth year’s dormitory. Upon entering I saw Peyton sitting on her bed reading a letter. I climbed behind her and saw that the letter was from Blake, saying that he missed her and not to worry, holiday would be here soon. I watched as her tears stained the paper. I slowly sat next to her and pulled the letter out of her hand, setting it on the night stand. She turned to me, exposing her tear-stained face and fell into my shoulder sobbing. I wrapped my arms around her and let her cry it out. Sometimes that’s all you need to do. Just be there when your friend needs to cry.

Slowly the sobs sufficed and she backed away, wiping her eyes. I looked at her. “I didn’t mean for you to find out like that.” She nodded, knowing I hadn’t meant to hurt her.

“You know,” I said, “I was right.”

She looked up at me questioningly.

“I told you when you started dating him that I didn’t like it. I was right.” I stuck my tongue out at her playfully.

She released a small laugh and smiled.

“You know what would be really good right now? Ice cream.” And I grabbed her arm and we ran to the kitchens, laughing the entire way, not caring if we looked like idiots. Because that’s what real friends do—act like idiots together.

A/N: I realize this first chapter is very short, but i did not want it to serve as more than an introduction into the story. I have already started on the next chapter and will try to post it asap. Please review, i'm sure it will help me update faster ;-).

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My (Pathetic But Somewhat Dramatic) Life: Prologue


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