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Curious at Heart by riddikulus luna
Chapter 1 : A Pair of Amber Eyes
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Disclaimer: None of JK 's creation of the Wizarding World is owned by me. I only have little Amber.


"That  was easy," I said as I waded into the water, my pants rolled up to my knees.
"Easy for you to say," Mary MacDonald said as she waded up next to me. "You're in Ravenclaw."
"Hey, I thought the O.W.L. was a piece of cake. Who said Gryffindors can't be as smart as Ravenclaws?" Lily Evans promptly said.
"It was a little hard for me. Yet I'm a Ravenclaw." Elia Turpin concluded, She put her foot on a sharp rock and started rolling up her pants. 
Us four girls, two Ravenclaw and two Gryffindor, were cooling our feet off at the edge of the lake, right after our Defense Against the Dark Arts O.W.L. 
"I'm bored..." Elia said as she put her hand underwater. She cupped some water in her hands and threw it like a snowball at me. Before any of us knew it, I was drenched in water. 
"Hey! I'm gonna get you.." I splashed water back at Elia. Or specifically, Elia's bum.
"Oh, you're gonna get it now! Everyone's going to think I had an accident!!" Elia shrieked as we laughed our heads off. Our laughter was drowned by a roar of amusement from a small crowd that gathered around a tree up on a hill. 
We all gave each other the Let's-see-what's-happening look. We quickly waded out of the water, picked up our shoes and hastily rolled down our pants. As I ran up the hill barefoot, the soft grass wilted under my foot. I felt bad for squishing it. 

I reached the crowd and hustled my way to the front. Unfortunately, there was one tall boy in front of me who wouldn't budge so I looked at the scene over his shoulder.
What I saw didn't surprise me. There on the ground was a creep in Slytherin called Severus Snape. He was really into Dark Arts, the oddball. The person who cast the curse on Snape was obviously James Potter, a boy with untidy black hair and glasses, because his wand was pointed directly at him. Pink bubbles choked Snape and the soap bubbles streamed from his mouth.
I was starting to feel sorry for Snape. I mean, the Marauders were torturing him for nothing.

"Leave him alone!" To my amazement, Lily stepped up from the crowd to face Potter. 

As the two ranted on about Snape, I couldn't help but sympathize the creep. I mean, what did he ever do to the Marauders? 
Another Marauder, Sirius Black joined in the humiliation of Snape. He was a good looking boy who had dark hair and grey eyes. The problem about him was that he was a womanizer. I see him sucking the face off a different girl each day. There was another one, Peter Pettigrew. He was a plump boy who was sidekick to the Marauders. There was another one...

I scanned the crowd to find the last Marauder. There he was. Under a tree. Reading a book. The good thing about him was that he wasn't participating in the Humiliation of Snape. The bad thing? He was a prefect and he wasn't doing anything about it. Who gave that idiotic boy a right to wear that badge when he was just lazily lounging on a tree while a life and death situation is right in front of him?!
A bloody gash suddenly marked the side of Potter's face as Snape's wand pointed at him. Just as quickly, Potter turned around and I witnessed a pair of skinny legs and graying underpants. I covered my mouth to try to stifle a laugh. Even Lily looked as though she was about to smile. But the furious expression that she once wore conquered her face again.
"Let him down!" 
Snape fell hard on the ground and jumped to his feet, but Black beat him to it. 

"Locomotor mortis!" Black said and Snape went rigid and fell once more. 

 This is wrong, I thought. Humiliated at the fact that you exist! Merlin! Young  people these days. Crap. I'm starting to think like an old lady. I've been listening to Granny blab her head off in her letters too much. 

 I tuned out the rest of the fight as I was observing the Gryffindor prefect, Lupin, reading the book only about 10 feet away from the scene. He had shaggy, brown hair, but I couldn't see his eyes because it was tilted down to the book.  

 I seized the opportunity to talk to him as I jostled my way out of the crowd and headed toward Lupin. When I reached him, I just stood in front of him, arms crossed and legs slightly apart. Lupin seemed to realize someone was standing right in front of him because he raised his head and gave me a questioning look. I studied his face for a moment. He had startling, beautiful amber eyes. Warm, soft, welcoming, dazzling... I stood lost in thought. Until I saw them. There were three faint scars running down his face, destroying a bit of his handsomeness. I thought about asking him about it, but thought better.

 "Lupin, right?" I asked.
He nodded. "Remus Lupin." He stuck out his hand.
Caught by surprise again. I wasn't expecting to shake hands.
"Amber, Amberlynn Merett," I replied slowly, taking his hand and shaking it. It was awkward because he was on the ground and I was standing up. 

 "Er..." Lupin didn't seem to know what to say so I budged in.
"You're one of the Marauders, right?" I asked.
He nodded.

 "And you are a prefect, right?" I asked, even though I already knew the answer because I was a prefect too.
"Then, Lupin," I spat out his name rather forcefully. "Tell me why you're not telling your friends to stop torturing that creep! You're a PREFECT for Merlin's sake!"
Instead of answering, Lupin replied,"Call me Remus." He didn't seem to be a bit shocked at the thought that right after he had met someone, they had started yelling at them.
"Fine, Remus." I said.

"Well, if you think prefects should put a stop to this, why aren't you doing it? I remember you're also a prefect." Lupin said calmly.  

I was speechless. Geez, what was wrong with me? I totally forgot I also had the authority. Stupid, stupid, stupid me. Kill me.
"...Mudbloods like her!" 
I jerked my head away from Lupin to look at Snape. He was the one who obviously said it. Yes, I knew that slimy voice. Oh, no one, no one, calls my friend a Mudblood. I made another mental note to hex him later... Oh no. Now I'm just like Potter and his friends. What was I thinking? I've got to clear up this mess I made...

 I forced my head back to Lupin.
"Tell your buddies that it's - it's fine. Well, it's f-fine on the Slytherins. J-just keep the innocent...un-unhexed. See you around, Remus,"I stammered. Is something wrong with me? Is unhexed even a word?! I started to turn around, but a soft hand grabbed my left arm. I turned around to see Lupin and I felt my cheeks flush.
"I suggest you change before we get back to class, Amberlynn," He said, looking me up and down. I flinched when he said my full name, looked down, and saw that I was still barefoot and wet. I was clutching my shoes in my right hand. I looked back up to Lupin's face, but not meeting his eyes. I felt my cheeks get hot again and loosened my arm from Remus's soft grip. I gave him a forced smile and said," Call me Amber." before I ran away, my cheeks burning.
~ ~ ~
"Get up!" 
I awoke to smell a lavender scent in the air. It seemed to get closer because the smell got stronger and I gagged.
"Happy, I think you put too much shampoo on again,"I said groggily.
"It isn't that bad, Sleepy," Elia's voice said. "It's just that you don't like my shampoo brand." That was true. I mean, doesn't a brand called Kicookoia Pardons sound bad? Maybe they added the Pardons at the end because some fella used it and instead of the light, lavender scent, their hair's on fire. So they say, "Pardon."
Since there were seven girls in the fifth year Ravenclaw dormitory, we each recieved nicknames from a Muggle fairytale called "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". We were each named after a dwarf, such as me being Sleepy because I could sleep a whole 24 hours even without a bed. Elia was Happy, as she was always cheerful. Doc was Fedora, a Canadian girl who used Canadian phrases that we got confused at. She was a little bossy, but still bright eyed and blonde. 
"Ah CHOO!" a sneeze came from Maria's bed. Maria Riccio was Sneezy, due to the flu she had a year a ago, where she sneezed almost every 30 seconds. It seemed like flu season for Maria was coming back. 

"Bless you, Sneezy." a shy voice said. It was obviously Hope because she was so shy and so quiet that more than half of the students in Hogwarts didn't know her. She blushed every time more than five people turn to look at her at the same time. Hence the name Bashful.

 I reluctantly opened my eyes. I slowly sat up and lean on my pillow. Elia seemed to be gone already. I shrugged. Maybe in the bathroom, fixing her hair again. 
"Morning, Sleepy," said a dreamy voice.
I saw Rebecca crossing the room to towards the bathroom. 
"Hey, Dopey. And I suggest you not go in the bathroom. Elia's in there and there's a terrible lavender stench in her hair." I said as I climbed out of bed. 
"Oh. Well, I can always dress in my bed."
I watched Rebecca get on her bed with here clothes. As she pulled the curtains over, I last I saw of her was her dirty blonde hair. Rebecca, aka Dopey, was odd. She talked aout Nargles and Crumpled Horn Snorkacks in a dreamy voice. She started dating a guy called Xeno Lovegood last week and they seemed really happy together. She can be kind of odd, but she can be really smart. I don't know if she's faking it or not.
I kicked my blankets off, grabbed my clothes from my trunk, and pulled the curtains closed. I changed as quickly as possible. I heard a door open and pulled open my curtains. It was Elia, coming out of the bathroom. I hopped over to the bathroom, but stopped at the door. 
"Does anyone need to use the bathroom anymore?" I asked. A mumbled chorus of 

"No" rambled around the room. I shrugged and stepped in. 
I studied my reflection in the mirror for a while. My dark brown hair had an occasional strand of blond in it, but other than that, it was dark brown. My hazel eyes often changed color, from light brown to dark green. My skin was slightly tanned, not pale like Rebecca's or dark tanned like Fedora's. 

 Dad's right, I thought. I do like like Mum. The only difference was that Mum was taller, my nose was slightly longer, Mum didn't have strand of gold in her hair, and her eyes didn't change color as far was dark green. I was often mistaken for my Mum. But sometimes it was kind of funny because people treated my mum with a lot respect. She was the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the Ministry of Magic. Dad was muggleborn, but also worked in the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Sports and Games. 
I quickly combed my hair and tied it into a high ponytail, leaving out only my bangs. My bangs weren't the type of bangs that were looked like a long handlebar mustache on your forehead. It fitted with my face Chinese style, the longer it got as it went lower down my face.
I dabbed my lips with chapstick and jogged out of the bathroom. I met Fedora at the door and said a quick See-you-at-the-Hall to Elia. As Fedora and I went down came out of the dormitories, the guys in the common room whistled when they saw what Fedora was wearing. I looked at Fedora and my jaw dropped. 

She was wearing some of the most expensive outfits bought in Hogsmeade. It was a tank top that showed her bra strap with a hot pink mini skirt that almost showed her panties complete with boots with the sharp point at the end. The rest was covered by her robes. Her face was heavy with makeup. I shook my head. How did this fashion queen end up in Ravenclaw? She always asked me for my notes at the end of class. She flirts with or guys in class, which makes her miss the lesson.

I looked at myself, wearing a Puddlemere United T- shirt, knee length jeans, sneakers, and of course, my robes. I grabbed Fedora by her hand and led her out of the common room, away from the guys. As we went down the spiraling staircase, I spoke up.

"What were you thinking?"
"What do you mean?"
"Did you see the way the guys were looking at you?"
Fedora seemed to hesitate before she answered. "Yeah?"
"Well I didn't like the look." I stated.
"Why not? " Fedora purred.
"They look as if they want a snog." I asked as we arrived at the Great Hall.

 "C'mon. You want to have a shot at 'em too, right?" Fedora asked as we seated ourselves at the Ravenclaw table. 
"Naw. They're too... Remember Everest?" I asked. Everest was Fedora's ex-boyfriend. He unfortunately fell in love with Fedora a little too much.
Fedora shuddered."He was desperate. He clung onto my arm wherever I went."
I nodded. "And he finally backed off when Nerual put a hex on him for trying to follow you to the girls' dormitory." 
Nerual was the seventh girl in the fifth year girls dormitory. She was negative and grumpy about almost everything, even Honeydukes's finest chocolate. Hence the name Grumpy. 

 I started adding scrambled eggs to my plate when Fedora spoke up. 
"Lynnie?" Fedora started. 
"Yeah?" I asked. 
"Who's that?" Fedora asked excitedly.
"Who?" I asked, now chewing on my bacon.
"Him." Fedora pointed at somone over at the Gryffindor table. I adjusted myself at Fedora's point of view. Her finger was pointed at...I choked. 


Fedora looked worried as she thumped me on the back. I finished choking and brought my back straight up. I looked at Fedora with caution. 

"You're not thinking of dating him are you?" I asked.
Fedora laughed. "No, Lynnie! I just saw that he was looking at you. Do you know him?"
"Yeah. I met him yesterday. His name's Lupin."
"A Marauder?" Fedora squeaked excitedly. 
I rolled my eyes. Fedora was crazy about a certain Marauder, Sirius Black. She got excited when anyone or anything is related to the Marauders. Even if her mother's friend's son's favorite singer's cousin's daughter-in-law's favorite shop's barman's baby used the same brand of pacifer Sirius Black used when he was a baby.I always tried explaining that Black dumped every girl he went out with, but Fedora just shunned my voice out. His pattern of dating, I kept informing Fedora, are the three Ss. Snog, Shag, Step. After he's had enough of you, he just steps on you and moves on. 
"Yes, a Marauder." I said, picking at my eggs. 
"Can you introduce me?" Fedora said, her voice at a high pitched tone. 
I looked at her oddly. "Are you under a love potion?"

"Love potion?" Fedora frowned.
"Never mind..."

 "Please?" Fedora stick her lip out and widened her eyes to make a puppy dog face.
"Aww..." I started. I had to admit, Fedora did look pretty cute when she did that. "Fine."
"Yes!!" Fedora punched her fist into the air. To Fedora, meeting a good buddy of Sirius Black is a giant step to meeting him.
"But under one condition," I said. 

 "I'm not letting you copy my History of Magic notes." I said firmly.
"Fine."Fedora let in.

 I smiled. "Then it's a deal." I stuck out my hand. Fedora promptly shook it. "Deal."
As she happily went back eating, I looked over at the Gryffindor table again. This time I caught a pair of amber eyes looking at my direction. I was caught by surprise when Lupin winked at me. I smiled back at him and finished eating my bacon, thinking about those beautiful amber eyes...

Not very long, but tell me what you think! Please review! =]
~riddikulus luna

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