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The Unexpected Baby by blacksouledbutterfly
Chapter 1 : Revelations For One
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I lay on my bed, eyes closed, wondering if I willed something hard enough that it would come true. Just hours before I had been sitting in the common room of Gryffindor house with my younger cousin and had prayed that no one would notice I was acting rather odd. Of course, much to my dismay, Lily had noted rather early on that there was something strange going on with me and had pointed it out. A bit loudly.

I had insisted that everything was fine, I was merely exhausted from all the work I had been doing and my lack of sleep. “You know how obsessed I can get with my work,” I had tried to soothe. “I’ll just get to bed early tonight and I’m sure I’ll be right back to normal in the morning.”

“Are you sure, Rose?”

I knew that my cousin was just worried about me. And I was thankful for my cousin’s concern but I also wasn’t in the mood to discuss how I had been acting with anyone. At least not yet. In time I would be able to bring myself to, but for now I would rather sit on my own and pretend it wasn’t happening. There was nothing wrong with wanting to pretend- in front of others at least- that everything was the same as it had always been.

So, trying to avoid any further prodding from Lily I had excused myself using the lack of sleep excuse and made my way back up to my bed, flopping down onto the mattress with a heavy sigh. Sixteen and my life is over, I thought miserably. Sixteen bloody years old. Mum and Dad are going to kill me. They’ll hex me to oblivion and back. Oh Merlin, what am I going to do?

Gazing down at myself I wondered if people could tell there was something different about me. Surely they would have noticed by now that something was amiss, wouldn’t they? There was no way they could all be that oblivious to it. Or perhaps I was being too paranoid for my own good. After all, I was so worried about people finding out before I was ready that it wasn’t entirely unlikely for me to be imagining their ability to notice anything more than my acting withdrawn. And I was sure my excuse about needing sleep would be good enough to convince them that I was being honest. Wasn’t it?

“Bloody hell.” Pulling my pillow out from under my head I shoved it over my face, groaning loudly. This year, I knew, wasn’t going to go like everyone planned it. And why was that?

Because I, Rose Weasley, was pregnant. And the father would never believe me.

“Oi, Rose. Are you awake?”

Melina Rend waved her hand in front of my face to try to get my attention.

I blinked twice, then turned my attention to Melina, a faint blush crawling up the back of my neck. “Sorry. I lost time for a moment. What were you saying?”

“I asked if you could dice up more chamomile for the potion.”

“Oh, right! Of course, of course. Sorry.” Grabbing the small knife off of the table I proceeded to slice the pieces into pieces as close to the same size as I could. I knew if I kept acting this way then it would only be a matter of time before people grew suspicious of me. After all, I had gone to sleep early two nights in a row and was still acting, as I had put it, tired. They would figure out something much more serious was going on if I wasn’t careful of my behavior in class.

“Be careful.” Melina grabbed the hand with the knife, wrenching it back, her eyes wide. “You nearly cut your thumb off, Rose.”

“Bloody hell.” Glancing down at the appendage in question I felt the blush crawl up my neck again. “I’m so sorry, Melina. I’m just not myself today.”

“Not yourself a lot lately, actually. Are you sure nothing’s been bothering you?”

“No, no. Nothing at all. Just don’t know where my head’s at. Just getting lost in thought, that’s all. No need to worry about me. I’ll pay closer attention.”

“Maybe I should dice up the chamomile.”

“I can do it, Melina. I promise. I’ll pay attention this time and you won’t have to save my fingers. Thank you for that, by the way.”

“Uh-huh.” Melina kept her gaze on me long enough it made me shift uncomfortably in my seat. Was it possible she could tell my secret just by glancing at me? I knew I wasn’t showing- it wasn’t nearly time for that to happen. But was it possible she was one of those women that had a sixth sense for that kind of thing and instantly knew just by looking at me. If she was then Merlin help me because I would be in trouble. “If you’re sure you can handle it.”

“I can.”

She nodded slightly and returned to stirring the bubbling fluid in the cauldron in front of her, trying to make sure it didn’t scorch in any way while I went back to cutting up the chamomile, trying to both focus on the task at hand while trying to think about the crisis at hand.

So, I was pregnant. Of that I was positive. I had managed to gather the ingredients secretly over the course of several weeks to brew a test and it had turned out positive. There was no denying that I had a little life growing inside of me at this very moment. Before it had been a possibility, a question with an unknown answer, and now it had become a reality I couldn’t escape if I wanted to. This child was real and growing with each passing day into something that would one day burst out of me kicking and screaming and wanting love and food and attention. All the things I was pretty sure I was too young to provide. But all those things I would try to give this child.

It wasn’t even a question whether or not I was going to have this baby. The minute I knew for certain that there was a little life growing inside of me I knew that I would have to learn how to be a mother. This child was mine, a little part of me, and there was no way I was going to throw it away like yesterday’s copy of the Daily Prophet. No, I would have this little one and love him or her to the best of my ability. I would eventually have to tell my parents I was pregnant and though they’d be upset about the situation I was almost positive that they would be supportive of my decision to keep the baby. I was even more positive that they would be willing to help me take care of the baby. After all, this would be their grandchild. Besides, Grandma Molly would rip Dad in half if she knew he was unwilling to help family. Family is everything, she had always said.

I finished cutting up the chamomile and deposited it into the cauldron in time to hear all too familiar laughter. Turning my head slightly to gaze behind me I let my gaze fall upon a table close to the back.

For a reason I couldn’t ascertain Scorpius Malfoy was laughing his head off. It was possible that his partner had said something amusing, but the prospect of that was rather unlikely. After all he wasn’t known for being the smartest person to walk the halls of Hogwarts. So perhaps the guy had said something rather asinine and that was what Scorpius found amusing.

I had to admit that since we had first come to Hogwarts he had grown into a very attractive young man. His hair, though blonde like his father’s, was a bit darker, favoring more the shade of his mother’s now that he had gotten older. His face had filled out and he looked more like a man now than a boy with sharp features that made him look handsome rather than cute. He was tall and lean but solid enough from Quidditch that it would take quite a lot to take him on physically.

Yes, he was a rather attractive guy. And it came as no surprise to me that many of the girls fell at his feet just for the chance to have him look their way. He was the one they all wanted and found themselves- for the most part- unable to have.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t like he hadn’t dated his share of girls- I knew for a fact he dated several- but the ratio for the number of girls who wanted to date him and the ones he actually dated was severely unbalance. The statistics weren’t in their favor. Never would be. He was rather picky about who he chose to date.

The last girl he had seriously dated he had dropped just before summer break. He had claimed that them dating over the long separation would have been ridiculous and it was really for the best. But I suspected he only dumped her so over the summer he could date other girls. And since the return to Hogwarts he hadn’t dated anyone seriously. Though he had gone on several dates with different girls.

Why was it I knew so much about Scorpius Malfoy? I had made it my business to learn as much about him as I could as of late. Why? Because it only seems right for me to know as much as I could about the father of my baby.

The professor called the end of class and told us all to bottle up some of our potions and bring them to the front of the class. Melina offered to bring ours up, no doubt worried that since I nearly cut off my own thumb I would probably drop the bottle. But no matter what her motive I was thankful because I was now on a mission.

Gathering up my things I shoved them into my back, for once not caring if the notes got bent or ripped. I could rewrite them at a later date but this was important. This had to be done now.

I thanked Melina again and headed out of the classroom, following the trail of an all too familiar and tall blonde. Several girls approached him in the hall to flirt with him. I kept my distance, watching him smile and flirt back but even I could tell he wasn’t interested in those specific girls. Sadly though they didn’t seem to get it and kept flirting, brushing their hands against his arms as though it would make him want to take them for a quick shag right then and there in a spare room. And come to think of it, how many women had he shagged? Did I even want to know the answer to that? No, I’d rather have that remain a mystery.

Once had had managed to lose the girls and continue on his way I followed him more closely, afraid to lose him in the crowded halls. I had finally gotten up the courage to do this and if I lost him, if I had to wait one more day for this I wouldn’t be able to find the courage again. It sounds rather pathetic but it was true: at times I could be a right coward. Perhaps Gryffindor wasn’t the best place for me.

As he reached the stairs that led down to the Slytherin common room I reacted without thinking. I reached out and grabbed his arm tightly. “Malfoy.”

He stopped short as if surprised someone had to nerve to do that. An obviously female someone at that. Turning slowly he fixed his eyes on me, studying me for a moment until he could clearly see who I was. “Weasley.”

I took a deep breath, willing myself to remain courageous. There was no backing out now. “We need to talk.”

Oh boy did we ever.

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The Unexpected Baby: Revelations For One


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