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A Black Secret by Jaded94
Chapter 1 : Amie's Secret
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Disclaimer Im not JKRowling.

A/N as i have explained on the summary this was originally the prologue of a novella which i deleted chapters to. I prefer this as a one shot and the story was going downhill and i felt it was ruining the story idea I had in mind. I'm sorry to those who wanted to know where it went I really didnt think I would end up doing this as a one shot :) Sorry again.

A Black Secret - Amie's Secret

The cool sensation of someone’s feather light touch made him open his eyes. He was on his stomach in a familiar bed. He could still feel her finger trailing along his back. She seemed to sense that he was awake, even in the dark.

“This one is new.” she stated quietly her voice sounding worried as her fingers followed a deep gash on his back. “How did you get it?” she whispered curiously.

She retracted her arm as he rolled onto his side so they were facing each other. “Don’t worry about it, love”

“I can’t help but worry” she sighed. Her ivory skin stood out against her jet black hair.

“If I tell you, you will just worry more.” he said letting his hand rest on her neck. His dark hair was swept across his forehead almost hiding his eyes his pale skin.

“Regulus, I want to know” she pleaded looking directly into his grey eyes.

“It was Greyback” he awaited her gasp but nothing came instead she blinked. “It wasn’t full moon, Amie, He didn’t bite me he just got annoyed with me so slashed open my skin.”

“Because that’s any better! Why was he annoyed?”

“He thinks the Dark Lord favours me over him.” Regulus sighed, stroking her neck carefully.

“God that’s pathetic.” Amie said rolling her royal blue eyes.

Regulus chuckled throatily before leaning forward and pressing his lips to her forehead. He began to lean back when she captured his lips in her own kissing him greedily.

When Regulus awoke again, the room was light. Amie’s arm was draped across his torso as she slept. A faint smile graced his lips as he watched her sleep for a moment.

Regulus carefully picked up Amie’s arm before sitting up and placing her arm back down on the mattress. With another look at her peaceful face he stood and started to dress.

His thoughts were heavy and keep kept throwing glances back to the bed. Once fully clothed he returned to sit on the bed. With his right hand he touched the soft dark locks that cascaded in curls from her head past her shoulders and down to her back. A slight moan left her lips and she rolled onto her back, before her light breathing started up.

Regulus sighed and turned away he rested his elbows on his thighs and lowered his head into his hands. As though sensing his pain Amie’s eye’s opened. Her eyes fell onto his back. Holding the sheets to her body she moved so she was behind him. Her lips grazed his ear then his jaw.

“You have to go don’t you?” she asked sadly.

He nodded tuning his head to let his own lips press against her bare shoulder.

“Its not the same though is it?” Amie whispered fearfully.

Regulus turned to face her. “How do you mean?”

“It’s bad isn’t it?” Amie sighed, “You’re not coming back this time are you?”

“Amie.” Regulus sighed.

“Answer the question” Amie said tears threatening to flow over her eyes.

“Amie you know I love you” Regulus started.

“Stop avoiding the damn question!” Amie said angrily. “Are you coming back?”

“No” Regulus admitted hanging his head.

“Get out” Amie spat.

“Amie listen to me! I don’t want to leave you” Regulus said “I love you”

“You love me but your not coming back to me?!” Amie fumed, “Cause that makes sense!”

“Amie! Will you just listen!?” Regulus pleaded.

“Why the hell should I?! You‘re still going to leave me!”

“I have no choice!” Regulus told her.

“Everyone has a choice! It‘s our choicest that make us who we are!” Amie cried.

“You sound like a bloody fortune cookie!” Regulus scoffed. She slapped him. “Ow.” he murmured.

“Just get out!” Amie stood up furiously pulling the sheets around her body tightly so she was covered up.

“I’m not leaving until I explain!”

“Get out!” Amie was sobbing now. Her tiny fists hitting him in his back.

“Amie stop it let me explain!” Regulus span around and gripped her wrists in his own. His heart ached as all the struggle left her body and she fell to the floor curling her knees up to her chest like a child. He crouched down in front of her.

“I know stuff I shouldn’t, Amie. Stuff about the Dark Lord that I cannot tell anyone, not even you. If he find out what I know I’ll be dead. But I’m dead either way. But Amie, what I know will save a lot of people. Including you“

“But your going to die.”

“Sometimes you’ve got to sacrifice yourself to save everyone else”

“Now who sounds like a fortune cookie” Amie muttered.

“This is the last time you will see me” Regulus whispered into her ear before getting up and walking out of the bedroom towards the door of Amie‘s flat.

“Regulus, I-” Amie managed to choke out following him.

“I love you” he repeated. kissing her red lips gently.

She stood staring at the closed door, a final tear fell from her eye, and she whispered “…I’m Pregnant.”

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A Black Secret : Amie's Secret


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