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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 9 : Adventure at Christmas
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A/N:-Sorry didn't update sooner. I was busy on Friday, and yesterday i was busy in the mornings then there was the Eurovision Song Contest....GO UKRAINE!! hehe, sorry. Their wong was funny, but by far the best!

Adventure at Christmas

“And welcome to the first quidditch match of the season. Hufflepuff versus Gryffindor. Gryffindor are the current favourites to win this year as they have won for the past six years. The teams come onto the field. The Hufflepuff team mount their brooms. Lavar, Ainsley, Baker, Smith, Hutchinson, Thornton and seeker Felton. Gryffindor mount their brooms. It seems another Weasley has joined the team as the line up is Weasley, Weasley, Weasley, Potter, Thomas, Silverstone and new seeker Papageorgis.” Dylan looked at Sophie. She looked quite pale, it was one thing practicing quidditch but it was another thing to play it. Dylan had to admit that he felt slightly queasy as well. Sophie shot high into the air where she would search for the snitch.

“Captains shake hands.” Madame hooch said. Hilary shook hands with Ally Smith on the Hufflepuff team. Dylan took his place with Danniella and Hilary.

“I want a fair game, no cheating.” Madame Hooch said. She blew her whistle and all the balls were released. Dylan caught the quaffle and sped off down the pitch, doing a few barrel rolls and turns to avoid the Hufflepuffs.

“It seems the Gryffindor team has got some amazing new talent in the form of Dylan Weasley, our late Head girl’s youngest brother. He speeds down the pitch, he’ too fast for even the bludgers. Lavar blocks his path and Weasley passes the quaffle to Silverstone who passes to Thomas and they score. Ten points to Gryffindor. Hufflepuff in possession-” Dylan flew on the tail of one of the Hufflepuff chasers. He tried to overtake so that he could try and get the quaffle when a Bludger sped past his head, causing him to stop abruptly in the air, nearly causing himself to fall off the broom. He looked up to see Kevin intercept the bludger and hit it towards one of the beaters in canary yellow.

“Silverstone intercepts the quaffle and passes to Thomas. Thomas flies down the pitch slowly, looking for a plan of action. Look out for the Bludg-” there was a resounding oo as Danniella was hit in the head by a bludger. She flew off her broom and landed on the floor with a thud. “Good aim from Baker there. A little too good. I know she just broke up with you Jon but was that really necessary!” the commentator said slightly annoyed. There was some scolding from Professor McGonagall as Madame Hooch went to the floor to check Daniella. Some of the Gryffindor team flew down as well anxiously.

“She’ll be alright.” Madame Hooch said conjuring a stretcher that took Danniella to the Hospital wing on it’s own. “Penalty shot for Gryffindor.” She said mounting her broom and throwing the quaffle to Dylan. He suddenly felt a bit more ill after seeing that shot at Danniella’s head. He looked at Sophie who had gone paler then usual.

“Dylan!” Hilary shouted. Dylan snapped alert and threw the quaffle at her then sped down the pitch to catch the quaffle again.

After about ten minutes Dylan saw Sophie go into a steep dive from her incredibly high position. She bolted past Dylan, nearly crashing into him and Dylan thought she was going to crash into the ground. Everyone held their breath, it seemed that the Hufflepuff seeker hadn’t yet seen the snitch. Sophie held her hand out and managed to pull out of the dive with only a few inches to go before hitting the ground.

“SPECTACULAR CATCH BY PAPGEORGIS! GRYFFINDOR WINS THE GAME!” The commentator screamed. Sophie stopped and grinned.

“Well done.” Hilary said flying to Sophie’s side. She hugged Sophie and turned to the rest of the team.

“There’s no way we’re going to lose this year!” Holly shouted. Nick went and hugged Sophie tightly as well as Harper, Rachel and Fraser ran onto the pitch.

“That was amazing!” Harper screamed as she came to them. Dylan hovered on his broom a few feet off the ground.

“Thanks.” Sophie said going slightly red. “It was a bit of a rush actually.”

“We thought you were going to crash it was like-” Rachel held her hands out as she couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Well I got a bit worried when Danni got-”

“Oh damn, Danni!” Rachel said with wide eyes. “See you guys later.” Rachel said running off towards the castle to check on her sister.

“You did really well.” Dylan said to Sophie with a smile as they headed back to the changing rooms.

“Thanks.” Sophie said with a smile. “You were amazing. I knew you were good but I didn’t think you were that good.” She said. Dylan put a hand into his hair and scratched his head self consciously.

“Uh, thanks?” He asked uncertainly. Sophie grinned and nudged Dylan.

“You’re so funny sometimes.” She said. Dylan grinned and they went into the changing rooms.

* * * * *

The months bled slowly into each other until the Christmas Holidays came. Dylan was staying at Hogwarts with Nick Potter, Sophie and Harper. The rest of the Gryffindors and Dylan’s older twin siblings wanted to go home. Sophie and Harper were staying to keep Dylan company and Nick didn’t want to go home. When Sophie asked him about it he just said.

“I can’t cope with my brother going on and on about losing Piper.” Nick said. “He’s worse the Dylan is.” Sophie smirked but stopped smiling as soon as Dylan gave her a look.

“Oh, that’s very bad.” Sophie said quickly. At the last minute Charisma Weasley, Dylan’s cousin decided to stay and so it was just the five Gryffindors that were staying for the holidays. Dylan wasn’t sure how many people from other houses were staying but he knew that Harrietta Malfoy was staying. She had been more spiteful and evil towards him since the day that Dylan had jinxed her. It was now an ongoing battle between Harrietta and Dylan. They cursed each other whenever they met each other. Not in front of large groups but discretely when they thought no one was looking.

“This is just stupid.” Harper once said when Dylan fell into her after receiving a tripping curse. Harper pushed Dylan off her and went to Harrietta. “Malfoy.” Harper said.

“Yes Lee?” Harrietta said calmly. To everyone’s surprise Harper balled her fist and punched her fellow second year. Harper wasn’t to be seen that evening unless you went to the trophy room.

“You know you really shouldn’t go punching Malfoy like that” Sophie said with a smirk as she and Dylan sat on the floor in the trophy room watching Harper polish a large trophy that had Dylan’s parents names on it for services to the school.

“Well she’s bugging me. As nice as Dylan is I’ve had enough of him falling at my feet.” Harper said scrubbing the trophy furiously.

“I can’t help it. You’re just so beautiful.” Dylan said sarcastically. He had been a bit happier recently but he knew it wouldn’t last for long. He was coming up to his first Christmas where he wouldn’t be with his family and the happiness was just a façade. Everyone was growing sick of him moping so he had put up a face and was trying to keep it there. He wanted to go home but he didn’t think he could face James. James had strangely been writing to him a lot recently and it was scaring Dylan. He just seemed to be writing to check that Dylan was ok and asking if there was anything he wanted, anything he needed.

“Shut up.” Harper said, brushing a lock of her dark hair out of the way. “I don’t understand why I can’t do this using magic.” Dylan smiled.

“Do you know any cleaning spells?” Dylan asked.

“No.” Harper muttered.

“Well there you go.” Dylan said.

“I hate you sometimes.” Harper said as she put the trophy back and got down the quidditch trophy to polish.

“I love you to.” Dylan said taking a deep breath.

“You realise that Fraser and Rachel have left?” Sophie asked looking at her watch.

“Yeah.” Harper muttered. “I wanted to see them off.”

“Well that’s not our fault.” Sophie said with a smirk.

“Are you going to keep teasing me!” Harper asked throwing her arms in the air.

“Maybe.” Sophie said innocently. Harper put the trophy away and turned to Dylan.

“What?” He asked.

“Please help me you guys” Harper asked, “I hate doing this-” There was a laugh of someone outside the room and Amy walked into the trophy room with a boy who looked slightly older then all of them.

“Oh, you’re here.” Amy said. “We’ll come back later.” Amy held the boy’s hand and started to lead him out.

“Wait!” Harper said holding her hand out. Amy stopped and turned giving Harper an amused expression.

“Yes mummy?” Amy asked cheekily. Dylan and Sophie both started laughing. Harper did actually look like a mum in her slightly messed up state and loose bun.

“Who are you?” Harper asked the boy. He looked at Amy, she waved her hand while she rolled her eyes. The boy looked at Harper.

“Aren’t you the girl who punched Malfoy?” He asked.

“Yes, hence why I am here. Who are you?” Harper said.

“That’s Greg Landsir” Sophie said quietly. Harper’s eyes narrowed.

“A Hufflepuff.” Amy rolled her eyes.

“What is wrong with you Harper!” Amy said, “I can date who I like, you can’t control who I date”

“I can influence you, I am your sister”

“No you’re not.” Amy said then changed her mind, “Ok, so what if you’re like my sister. I’ll date who I want. Come on Greg” Amy said leaving the trophy room quite annoyed. The boy followed her and Harper frowned.

“Oops.” She said uncertainly. “I’m going to have to get her something good for Christmas.” Harper said turning around and picking up the bucket of stuff she had to clean the trophies with. Dylan and Sophie looked at each other and Dylan got out his wand.

“Scourgify” Dylan said pointing his wand at the trophies. All of them were instantly sparkling and shining. Harper turned and looked at Dylan. “I felt sorry for you.” He said. Harper gave him a grin and put the bucket down.

“Thanks.” Harper said.

“It’s fine. Lets go. It’s freezing up here.” Dylan said. Sophie nodded and got up as well.

“Can we go to the kitchens before we go to the common room?” Sophie asked. “I’m really hungry.” She said.

“Ok, hang on.” Dylan got out his marauders map and looked at it. “Well we shouldn’t have many problems with getting to the kitchen, everyone is in various rooms, offices-” Dylan didn’t finish, he knew Harper and Sophie got the idea.

“Ok.” Harper said pulling up her sleeves. “Lets go, I could do with some butterbeer.” She said

“Can we get butterbeer in school?” Sophie asked. Dylan shrugged and they headed through the castle towards the kitchen. All the while Dylan could smell something fairly strange. Like the smell of decaying compost mixed with bleach. As they approached the kitchens Dylan had to find out where it came from.

“Stop.” Dylan said. The girls turned to look at him.

“What is it?” Sophie asked. Dylan went to Sophie and sniffed.

“Nope not you.” He said. Sophie gave him a confused look. Dylan went to Harper and took one sniff then backed away. Sophie laughed and Harper sniggered.

“Like it?” She asked, “It’s a new fragrance called…Trophy room” Harper said holding her hands out like it was amazing. Dylan held his nose.

“It’s absolutely charming. You’re going in the shower as soon as we get to the common room” Dylan said.

“And miss your reaction when I try and hug you goodnight? Why would I do that?” Harper asked sarcastically. Sophie rolled her eyes and tickled the pear on the portrait of a fruit bowl. She stepped through with Dylan following her. They were immediately mobbed with house elves.

“Can we have a snack?” Harper asked the house elves. Immediately the house elves began rushing around and putting piles of food into their arms.

“Er...” Sophie said hesitantly as she tried to leave the kitchen. “Do you think you house elves could just magic this to the Gryffindor common room?” Sophie asked.

“Yes miss.” Suddenly the food all disappeared and each second year was left with a cupcake in their hands. Sophie looked slightly stunned and Harper was grinning.

“Thanks.” Dylan said. “Come on guys.” He said. They headed out of the kitchen, Sophie eating her muffin when they heard two voices coming from further down the hall.

“Have you got any news?” came Genvieve’s voice. Sophie and Harper both looked at Dylan and Dylan peered around the corner to see who was talking. His cousin, Professor Vergara, was standing with Professors Snape and McGonagall.

“I’m afraid not.” McGonagall said,

“Actually, I heard from Potter, the older one, that they have a lead on the vague idea on where they could be but it’s finding a building that looks like the one in the prophecy that’s the problem for them” Snape said in his cold drawl. Dylan glanced at his friends and they all peered around the corner.

“What about the Shrieking shack?” Genevieve asked.

“Don’t you think Harry has searched there?” McGonagall asked. “He’s tearing the country apart looking for Colette.”

“It’s left Bell in a bit of a situation.” Snape said, “Harry’s supposed to be her superior but he’s off looking for the two girls and she’s left having to run everything but she has no idea about half of his plans.” Genevieve looked at the two older teachers quite surprised.

“So they still haven’t found them?” Genevieve asked, her hand going to her eyes. For the first time, Dylan saw Snape looking quite sympathetic towards Genevieve. McGonagall put a hand on Genevieve’s arm.

“I’m sure he’ll find them soon.” McGonagall said. Genevieve nodded.

“I wish that I could help with the search.” Genevieve told McGonagall. “It’s so stressful being stuck in this castle.”

“We need you to teach Transfiguration, Genevieve. Leave it to Harry and his aurors to find Colette and Piper. Chances are that Colette and Piper are with the Lestranges so if they can find them then we’ll have no more trouble.” McGonagall said

“But it’s been nearly two months.” Genevieve said.

“I know. I’ve tried telling Harry that maybe it’s too late but he doesn’t seem to think so either” McGonagall said

“I think we should maybe go to the staff room. That Malfoy girl may be listening.” Snape said.

“I thought she left.” Genevieve said.

“Yes, well you never know who’s listening.” Snape said. McGonagall nodded. The teachers headed towards the staff room and Dylan looked at Harper and Sophie.

“Did you hear that?” Sophie asked. She looked at Harper, almost as if she was scared to look at Dylan. Dylan felt the sense of anger and despair rising inside him again. He clenched his fists and looked at his friends.

“At least they’re still looking.” Harper said uncertainly, she glanced at Dylan.

“It’s too late.” He said recalling images from his prophecy. He had replayed the prophecy of his sister’s death in his head so many times that he didn’t need the dream recorder anymore.

“Dylan it’s not too late.” Sophie said tiredly, “Like you told us your mum said. Prophecies can be avoided.”

“Name me one prophecy that we’ve managed to avoid?” Dylan asked, turning to Sophie. Sophie frowned and looked at Harper. She held her hand up.

“The one with the rhinos!” She said. Sophie and Dylan both looked at her incredulously. “What?” She asked them.

“That wasn’t a prophecy you idiot!” Sophie said. Harper looked at Sophie.

“It looked like a prophecy to me. There were Rhinos and ice cream and you’re right, it wasn’t a prophecy because there’s no way we can have a pool filled with melted chocolate.” Harper said thoughtfully.

“And I prove my point.” Dylan said going past the girls and walking towards the common room.

“Dylan.” Sophie and Harper said running after him.

“Dylan.” Sophie said holding Dylan’s arm. Dylan stopped in front of a broom closet and turned to Sophie.

“What?” He asked. The door of the broom closet swung open with a slow creak. Dylan frowned as he looked at Sophie and they turned to see the open door. Harper’s eyes went open as she saw what was in there as well. The closet seemed to lead to an old dark rickety room covered in dust and cobwebs. She went to the side of the closet and looked behind it.

“It’s just a wall.” She said coming back.

“Where do you think it leads to?” Sophie asked.

“It’s the vanishing wardrobe.” Dylan said.

“The what?” Harper asked. “Do you know what he’s talking about?” She asked Sophie. Sophie shook her head.

“The what?”

“The vanishing Wardrobe. Uncle George told me about it. You go through it and you’ll end up somewhere else” Dylan said.

“Lets see where it goes.” Harper said. Dylan smiled and got out his wand as Harper got out hers.

“Do you really think that’ll be a good id-”

“Don’t be like Fraser.” Harper said cutting off Sophie. “Come on, it’ll be fun”

“And if it’s not in Hogwarts we’ll summon Fawkes.” Dylan said

“Who’s Fawkes?” Sophie asked.

“Harry’s Phoenix. Come on.” Dylan said. He stepped into the wardrobe first. The air immediately became stale and Dylan could almost smell the dust. He looked around. The room was darker then he thought and there was quite a lot of old furniture. He turned and started in surprise. There wasn’t a door. He couldn’t see where he had entered the room. Suddenly Harper appeared from nowhere.

“Cool.” She said. “Lumos.” She muttered. Her wand lit up and she looked around. Dylan was looking in the other direction when Harper tapped his arm. “Hey, Dyl.”

“Don’t call me that.” Dylan said turning around. “What is it?” He looked at where the light from Harper’s wand came to a stop. Sophie appeared behind him.

“God, you guys are so annoying” she muttered. She looked at the room slightly annoyed and then looked at what Dylan and Harper were looking at. Dylan walked over quietly at a bundle on the floor.

“Lumos.” He said. His own wand lit up and he looked at the bundle. It turned out to be someone lying on the floor. “Hello?” He asked uncertainly. “Are you awake?”

“Dylan, what if it’s dangerous?” Harper asked.

“What if it’s dead?” Sophie said, going pale.

“No, I think it’s ok.” Dylan reached the person and pointed his wand at what he guessed was the head due to a mass of tangled brown hair. Who ever it was they were breathing slowly as their body rose up and down slowly. He reached his hand out and slowly pushed the person over. Dylan couldn’t recognise them in the dark but he could see it was a woman. Her face was covered in dirt and mud…or was it blood? Dylan frowned and looked at his friends.

“It’s ok. She’s unconscious.” He said. Harper and Sophie approached slowly and Harper crouched next to Dylan and put a hand on his arm to steady herself.

“Who is it?” Sophie asked. Dylan shone the light on the girl’s face. He recognised her features then he brought the light down and noticed a glint of light on silver. Dylan frowned and reached for the girl’s neck and found a necklace. He looked at it and recognised it instantly.

“Piper!” He said. He dropped his wand and shook her. “Piper!” He said.

“What? How do you know?” Harper asked.


A/N:-So? so? so? what you think? Hannah don't worry i was being Sarcy. I accept that you loath charmed....i can kinda see why, it's like one of those shows that you either like or you hate. Anyone watch The OC? now THAT is a confusing show!

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