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My Silver Lining by Lizbeth Carson
Chapter 1 : A Summer Night's Storm
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It was a stormy night in London. Steaming, grey, and drab. Lightening ripped a violent gash through the inky expanse of the churning sky. Thunder rattled the panes in the ancient windows of Number 12 Grimmauld Place.

Albus Dumbledore and a few other order members sat in a den, located on the debilitated old mansions 2nd floor. Their discussion was not of happy things, but of war and murder and, of an evil dark lord. Their voices were strong, but didn’t hold much heart, for they were tired. The summer had barely started, with the students departing Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry not even a week ago.

A woman’s scream shattered the windy night…

Remus Lupin jumped to his feet just as the sounds of desperate, frantic pounding echoed up the stairs.

Someone was at the door.

Remus ran down the stairs, hurdling towards the door. His wand was drawn. His face was grim. Other Order members followed close behind.

He pulled open the door to see…

Draco Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy, cradling his torn and bloody mother in his arms.

“Dumbledore…” He whispered. He fell to his knees, sobbing.

Remus grabbed him by the back of his robes and hoisted him over the threshold. He shut the door, magically sealing it as he went.


Hooded figures appeared in the square. They all looked directly at the spot where the front door should have been. They couldn’t see it. But they knew it was there.

“Dora,” Remus said, turning to Tonks. “Go upstairs and wake Molly, tell her we have an emergency. Kingsley, take Narcissa to the kitchen, set up a sick ward.”

Tonks ran up the stairs, for once not tripping over the troll leg umbrella stand.

Kingsley pulled Narcissa gently from the young Malfoy’s arms.

Draco knelt there on the cold stone entryway floor, limp, numb, broken.

“Come with me…” Remus said softly, taking the teenager by the arm and dragging him to his feet.

“No! My mother…” The young man tried to struggle from the werewolf’s hold, but he was weak.

“They take good care of her. Mrs. Weasley is brilliant. Seven kids will do that to you.” Remus assured him.

“Remus, is this wise? Taking him into the Headquarters I mean…”

“Minerva, he could see the building. He wouldn’t have been able to unless his situation was desperate and his intentions were pure. I think that it should be safe…” But his face was grave.

Remus guided the young Malfoy up the stairs, moving to one side as Molly Weasley came rushing down, followed closely by Tonks, then Ginny. Ginny stopped for a split second, gave the young wizard a quizzical look, then raced after her mother.

Remus left the teenager in a parlor room on the 3rd floor, exiting quickly.

Malfoy sat down slowly on an old musty couch.

Urgent whispers could be heard from the corridor.

Dumbledore entered, along with Remus and Minerva.

“Draco, what happened tonight?” The elderly man questioned, his voice stern.

The young wizard shook his head, numb.

“Draco Malfoy!” Albus said, kneeling in front of the distraught young man. “What happened tonight? Why did you come here?”

The young Malfoy raised his rain soaked head slowly, his hair fell into his steely grey eyes making him look deranged. His eyes flashed darkly, and a familiar sneer with a menacing edge curled his features, thinned his pale lips.

“They were going to kill her!” He snarled.

“Who?” Albus asked quietly, unperturbed by the young mans aggressive attitude.

“Pieces of filthy who call themselves wizards. Slime, dirt beneath my feet, vile creatures that the whores in Knockturne Alley wouldn’t even touch. They were going to kill my mother. Like they even deserve to be in the presence of my mother!” Malfoy raved, “My fool of a father failed Our Lord again. And as punishment He ordered the lowest of the low among His deatheaters to kill my mother!”

“Your Lord, not mine.” Albus said simply, quietly, yet with more strength then anything he had said yet.

“No longer my Lord. The center of all my hatred, my desire for bloodshed maybe, but not my Lord.” He laughed then. A cold, manic, dark thing was this laughter. The occupants of the room shrank back form the grieving wizard in horror. But not Dumbledore.

“Hatred for who? Whose blood is it that you want to shed?” He demanded.

“Tom Riddle…”


A/N: AHHH!!!!! MY FIRST CHAPTER! What do you think? R&R?


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My Silver Lining: A Summer Night's Storm


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