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Hallelujah by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 3 : Breaking Point
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Your faith was strong but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you


  “ Shhh,” Harry whispered to the small red haired baby in his arms, not Weasley red, fire-hydrant red, “ come on, Teddy, Uncle Harry needs some sleep tonight.” The one-year-old continued to whine and whimper into Harry’s shirt. “ You’re not wet, you won’t take a bottle so you’re not hunger, you don’t need to be burped. Come on, I’m running out of ideas here. Did you have a bad dream?” Gosh, there were times when Harry would give anything to have the ability to read his godson’s mind!


  “ Here, try this.” A voice suddenly said from behind Harry. He turned to see Ginny walking towards him with a washcloth that was damp at the end in her hands. “ My mum used to tell me how when I was little I’d get tooth aches and the only thing that could calm me was a wet washrag.” She gently put a wet corner in Teddy’s mouth. Teddy sucked on it, his hair turning from bright red to a calmer blue, he stopped fidgeting, and allowed Harry to lay him back down in his crib.


  “ Thank you.” Said Harry, shutting the door to Teddy’s room and turning to Ginny, in the hall. “ That was a brilliant idea, but how did you know I needed help?” to his surprise Ginny laughed and rolled her eyes.


  “ Honestly, Harry.” She said, her eyes glittering, even in the darkness, “ My room is the next floor up, I can hear a screaming baby from my room just as well as you can from yours.”


  “ Oh…well…I guess…” Harry murmured slightly embarrassed.


  Ginny smiled, “ Come on, let’s go to your room.” She took his hand in her small warm one. He had no choice but to follow her down the stairs to his bedroom, she opened the door and guided him in, then closed it behind her. Harry sat down on the bed and she danced over and joined him, cuddling up to him.


  “ Did you know, you’re the most brilliant wonderful girl in the world?” Harry asked her, playing with a strand of her hair.


  “ I know.” She said smugly. “ But it’s nice to be reminded.” Harry laughed; she smiled, apparently that was the response she was wanting. “ You’re not mad about the Quidditch game, are you?”


  “ What?” He asked confused, “ No, not at all. Why?” His pride certainly got jolted back into perspective, but he wasn’t angry, it was just a silly game, not even an official game.


  “ You seemed a little short at dinner, and even later in the evening, you seemed like something was really pissing you off, and if you’re mad at me then I’m really sorry. I wasn’t….”


  “ It’s not you.” Harry cut her off, “ I promise.” She gave him a skeptical look. “ I swear!” He half chuckled at the look she was giving him, her perfect little eyebrows were kinked, her mouth was screwed up and her nose was wrinkled in disbelief. “ It’s not you!” He repeated, making no attempt to hide his entertainment with her expression. Her face softened and turned to worry now.


  “ Then what was bothering you?” She asked.


  “ Oh, just the annoying older brother act again.” He said, “ Only from Percy this time, ‘she’s my only little sister’ yeah as if I didn’t know that already! I’m not stupid! I know you’re the only girl in the family.”


  “ I’m sorry.”


  “ It’s not your fault.” Sighed Harry. “ And you know that I’d face countless hours of lectures if it means I get to be with you, it just gets a little old.”


  “ I know.” Whispered Ginny, sympathetically, “ I’ll talk to them, tell them to lay off.”


  “ Just remember to doing it nicely, with polite words.” Harry told her, “ that day you told Ron to go suck a you-know-what he was so mad his head almost exploded, and he is still my best friend, so I don’t want him to have a heart attack.” Ginny laughed.


  “ I’ll try to be as lady like as possible.” She promised. She kissed him; she was like an angel, so perfect Harry almost didn’t feel worthy.


  He kissed her back passionately, grabbing her hair in his hands. She pushed his glasses up so she could grab his face in her hands. She sat up and pulled off her shirt before kissing him again, a little voice in the back of Harry’s mind was saying, “ This is wrong! This is wrong! Kissing is one thing, but she’s Ron’s sister!” However, at the present time, Harry didn’t care whose sister Ginny was. This was a breaking point, he couldn’t help himself, he just wanted her, and from the looks of it, she wanted him back. Even without his glasses, Harry could see her beauty clearly in the light streaming in from the window, throwing the perfect features of her face into high relief.


  “ I love you.” Ginny whispered, kissing his neck. He just kissed her shoulder in reply. Before he knew it, he kicked his pajama pants off. He was in the process of taking Ginny’s bra off (which he would’ve enjoyed) when the door opened.


  “ Harry, Teddy is…OH MY GOD!” Both Ginny and Harry jumped up. Ginny grabbed the blankets and pulled it around her torso, Harry hurried to pull his pants on. Ron was staring mouth wide open in the doorway, his eyes bugging out.


  “ You could knock!” Harry told him, flushing.


  “ I…You…Ginny go get the baby! Harry and I need to talk.” Ron said, possibly redder then Harry.


  “ Ron, I know this looks bad,” Ginny said calmly, “ But be rational, don’t be hasty.”


  “ Ginny, baby!” Ron demanded, for once she didn’t argue, she just grabbed her tee shirt and rushed across the room, red faced and winded, she stopped in front of Ron.


  “ Give me your wand.” She said.


  “ What?!” Ron asked.


  “ I don’t want you to kill Harry.” She explained, Ron didn’t disagree with her, and handed his wand over. From the look in his eyes as Ginny scurried out of the room, it was probably a good thing Ginny took it, because he did look like he was on the verge of murdering Harry.


  “ You. Slept. With. My. SISTER!” Ron fumed; Harry was surprised that fire wasn’t shooting out of his nose.


  “ Technically I didn’t sleep with her.” Harry defended himself. “ Nothing happened.”


  “ But it was going to happen?”  Ron demanded.


  “ Er…well…possibly.” Admitted Harry, there wasn’t any point in lying or denying it.


  “ Ouch, can anyone else see the knife in my back?”


   “ Ginny’s a big girl now, she’s seventeen, she doesn’t need you to look after her.”  If Harry thought Ron was mad before, it was nothing compared to this, his face reached a shade of purple that would’ve put Vernon Dursley to shame. “ Remember what Ginny said, don’t do anything hasty.” Harry said, putting his hand up and backing away slowly.


  “ I’m not going to be hasty.” Ron said advancing, “ I’m going to take all the time in the world as I slowly beat you with in an inch of death!”


  “ Ron, calm down, remember I’ve been your friend for eight years.”


  “ She’s been my sister for seventeen years!” Ron retorted.


  “ Why are you awake anyways, it’s the middle of the night?” Harry asked.


  “ Teddy woke me up, and thank God he did, otherwise you would’ve…”


  “ Hey she started it, I was perfect content kissing.”




  “ Maybe I was just about to when you came in.”


  “ The hell you were! You looked just as into it as she was!”


  “ Why are you so freaked out?” asked Harry, “ Nothing happened! Which is more then you and Hermione can say.” Ron opened his mouth then looked down embarrassed. Finally he looked back up at Harry angrily again.


  “ Hermione isn’t your little sister!”


  “ Hey, Boys,” Ginny said reentering the room holding Teddy, bouncing him slightly to keep him from fussing. “ Look whose here, Teddy, Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron, and now that you’re here Uncle Ron can’t do anything he would later regret to his best friend, who he’ll love no matter what.” She walked over to Harry.


  “ Good thinking.” Harry whispered into her ear.


  “ No problem.” She replyed. “ Now,” she said to Ron, “ Lets calmly and non-violently discuss this.”


  “ I think Harry should move back to Grimace Place.” Said Ron.


  “ Thanks, mate.” Harry said sarcastically.


  “ Or you can we can set up a camp bed in my room like we used to when we were younger.” Suggested Ron. “ Oh, or even better, you can just not have sex with my sister!”


  “ Ron,” said Ginny, “ I am of age.” 


  “ Barely!” Roared Ron. “ You’ve been seventeen for what? Three months? Yeah, that’s real mature.”


  “ Hush!” Ginny scowled, “ You’re going to wake up the entire house.”


  “ Good, maybe they can talk some sense into you!”


  “ Oh put it to rest, Ronald!” Ginny snapped the harshness in her voice must have bothered Teddy because he started whining. “ Shhh, it’s okay, honey.” She cooed.


  “ See, even Teddy thinks its wrong,” Ron said, “ I bet he’s saying ‘ Auntie Ginny, Auntie Ginny, please don’t have sex with your brother’s best mate.’”


  “ Of maybe he’s saying, ‘ Uncle Ron, leave you’re sister alone, she can take care of herself.’” Said Ginny.


  “ I have to go with the second one.” Harry said diplomatically.


  “ Snod off, Harry.”


  “ Don’t talk to him like that!” snapped Ginny, “ how many times has he saved your arse the past eight years? The least he deserves is a little sex.”


  “ Fine, we can hire a hooker.” Ron suggested.


  “ Ron!” Harry snapped.


  “ I think that sounds fair!” defended Ron.


  “ Okay, fine, we won’t do anything anymore!” Harry said, “ It was stupid of us, I’m sorry.”


  “ Harry!” Ginny hissed.


  “ That’s all I ask.” Ron said, “ Give me Teddy.” Ginny handed the baby over. “ Come on, Gin.” But as soon as Ron left Harry locked the door.


  “ We won’t do anything with the door unlocked anymore.” Harry clarified. Ginny let out a squeal and ran to him, jumping into his arms, rapping her legs around his abdomen and kissing him. He kissed her back and they fell onto the bed.

Authors note; dirty teehee, i did put scenes of sexual nature in the warnings...
any ways I really like this chapter, and i hope you did too, please review:) :D

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