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Time travel by lily_times
Chapter 27 : Chapter twenty-seven parents know
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Chapter twenty-seven parents know

Harry walked as fast as he could long the corridors of Malfoy Manor, it was Lucius’ fault that his children were stuck in a time of war, it was his fault his own grand son was in that era as well. 

As he entered the dining room he glared at the now bolding Lucius Malfoy, drawing his wand he stated “Lucius Malfoy you are under the arrest for transporting three students of Hogwarts” 

Lucius Malfoy smirked slightly as he dipped his spoon into his spoon “really?” he asked 

“Scorpius” Astoria said, as she placed her napkin on the table “you’re the reason my son was sent through time” before either Harry or Draco could stop her Astoria pulled her hand back and punched Lucius in the nose 

Lucius grunted as he was thrown out of his chair, and skidded across the marble floor 

“If I had my wand I would show you a mother’s revenge you disgusting pig how could you” Astoria ragged 

Draco wrapped his arms around his wife, preventing her from causing more damage to his father “tori you must calm down, if you hit him again, Harry will have to take you away as well” 

Astoria broke down into tears as she hugged Draco’s arms to her “he was my baby Draco” 

“I know love I know” Draco soothed running his hand through her hair. 

“Lucius Malfoy you are under arrest” Harry stated as he placed the magic bounds on Lucius Malfoy, leading him out of the room. 


Harry took the glass of fire whisky Draco Malfoy offered him, downing it in one gulp he stated “I think Lily had a thing for Scorpius” 

Draco snorted shaking his head, his words slurred slightly “are you sure, cause I always though he had it for the second Potter” 

Harry raised an eyebrow at him as he asked “Al?” 

Draco nodded; concern evident in his voice “yeah well, he spent a lot of time sneaking around with him I was waiting for him to just” Draco made an explosion sound “drop the bomb” 

Harry choked on his fire whisky as he watched Draco make a funny face “oh god I don’t want a gay son” 

Draco poured more of the alcohol into Harry’s glass “well” Draco stated as he sipped his liquid “maybe, we could lead them to some girls” 

Harry nodded his head in agreement “I mean I have nothing with him like” Harry crinkled his nose “guys, it’s just” Harry paused searching for the word 

“It’s Adam an Eve, not Adam and Steve” Draco shouted 

Harry cracked up laughing “Adam and…. and” slapping his knee he asked “which once Adam?” 

Draco frowned in concentration “well Albus starts with A, and Scorpius starts with S” rubbing his neck and had another gulp of the amber liquid “albus is Adam” 

Harry took another gulp of his drink. 

The door to Harry’s office opened, admitting Ginny. 

Rolling her eyes Ginny frowned at the two men “I should have guessed” 

Harry’s head lolled to the side “hello beautiful can I have a kiss?” 

Shaking her head Ginny rubbed at her eyes “Harry your drunk” 

Harry grinned, tripping over as he rose from his chair, laying on his back he defended himself “you see, the bottle was taunting me and I had to prove it wrong, si I was askin Malfoy, and he helped me” 

Ginny shook her head, as she watched the blonde sway slightly “maybe I should get James” 

“Maybe his gay to” Draco stated as he downed his glass. 

Taking the bottle off the table Ginny asked “what are you on about?” 

Harry struggled to sit up “me son is gay, his likes Steve” 

Draco cracked up laughing “isn’t Eve better” 

Ginny rolled her eyes “Dinky, can you fetch Astoria please” 

The house elf disappeared with a pop 

“Come on Harry up off the floor” 

Harry pouted “maybe I like the floor” 

Sighing Ginny tried to remember the sobering up charm 

“After all, I really don’t see why I should get up Albus likes Steve” 

Ginny tried not to hex her husband as she calmly stated “who is Steve?” 

Harry waved his hand “Adam and eve, not Adam and Steve, but Albus bats for the other time” 

“Ginny, where are you?” 

“In here Astoria” Ginny called 

Astoria stated as she started walking into the room “the house elf said that you needed me, something to do with Draco, what’s happened?” Astoria’s voice died as she took in the sight of Harry on the floor and Draco slumped in the chair. 

Upon seeing his wife Draco stated “I’m sorry my love but we won’t be having grand children” Hiccupping Draco continued “of course, they could try taking apart Scorpius swimmers and Albus’ and” Draco clapped his hands together “and put them together to make a child” scratching his head he asked “can we do that in the Wizarding world?” 

Astoria giggled 

Ginny rolled her eyes “I was coming in here to tell them, what Hermione found, but I found them like this” waving her hands about the room 

Astoria stopped giggling flicking her wand the two men gave a grunt of protest at Astoria’s sobering charms. “What did Hermione say?” 

Ginny bit her lip “the Minstery detected that a time turner was used in 1976” 

“The one that took Scorpius to 1976?” Draco asked as he sat up in the chair. 

Ginny shook her head “no this one is different, this was actually used in 1976” 

Harry frowned “so someone used a time turner, and Hermione thinks it was our kids” 

“Not just any kids a S. Malfoy and a L. Potter” Hermione stated as she walked into the room, her arms full of papers. 

Harry jumped up and took them off her “where’s your husband, he should be carrying things for you” 

Hermione smiled, patting Harry’s hand “You know Ronald” Hermione said with a sad sigh, clearing her throat Hermione pointed her wand at the stack of parchments, as they started to flip over to the year 1976, as they stopped Hermione stated “so far in the year 1976 two have been used at Hogwarts, one was used by a S. Malfoy” 

“And the other?” Draco asked as he grabbed his wife’s hand 

“The first one had traces of S. Malfoy and L. Potter, but it was used to transport a rat” 

“A rat?” James asked 

Astoria gasped, clapping her hands around Draco’s “our baby’s trying to come home”
“A rat” James whisper again 

“At least it wasn’t a house elf” Hermione stated under her breath 

Draco snorted, shaking his head “So now what do we do?” 

“We need to find out where the second time turner went, and then we can use that spell I made to send a message to the children” Hermione stated 

The four adults nodded there head, as Hermione poured over the records to see where the second time turner went 

Please read and review I'm thinking there is only another five chapters.
           Lily Times

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