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My Love is Neverending by Maggie_Morgue
Chapter 1 : True Confessions of the Heart
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I was working in the back of the joke shop cleaning the place today had been a busy day a lot of people came in and bought some stuff and a bunch were testing the new products the twins were making. I also noticed that today of all days Harry shows up with that good for nothing Ginny they were laughing together and every once in awhile they would kiss I felt a pang at my heart remembering the times me and Harry had shared before he find out who I really was. The thought of them being together made me sick to my stomach but what I really did hate most of all was that after all this time I still loved him. As I was done with cleaning the place up I walked up to the front and sat on one of the seats up front.

“Don’t they just make you sick I mean Harry and Ginny?” I said looking towards the front of the shop.

“Sometimes that’s all Harry’s been doing since him and Ginny got together she clings to him and never lets him out of her sight.” Said Ron sitting next to her.

After the whole ordeal of her true parents Hermione and Ron still stuck with her while Harry just dumped her and to top it all off after their break-up he then decides that he has always been in love with Ginny. I then said goodbye to Ron and he then left to catch up with Hermione and the others but as I went upstairs to the apartment I shared with Fred and George I saw somebody taking their shirt off. As soon as their head appeared I saw it was Fred I blushed a deep red and as I backed away to go back downstairs I accidently knocked over something. Fred turned around showing his amazing abs with a shocked and embarrassed look on his he then immediately grabbed his shirt and put it right back on.

“Oh Jadie I didn’t know you were there so I was just going to change quick before you got back.” He said sitting down on the couch.

“It’s alright you know you really have a nice body I’d be jealous of the lucky girl who gets you.”I said playfully flirting.

“Oh you’d be jealous is that so I say I’d be jealous too if the lucky guy was to have you too?” He said laughing.

Just then out of nowhere he kissed me it wasn’t rough or forced it was soft and at that time everything seemed too stopped and in the most strangest and yet most beautiful way I felt safe. In that one kiss I felt like nothing could go wrong and for once I felt loved by the one man whom I’ve always loved since my third year and when we broke apart I looked up into his brown eyes.

“So are you jealous of the girl who has me?” he said looking down to me.

“No and you?” I said looking up at him.

“No not at all.” He said smiling.

Just as we were about to kiss again George suddenly popped in we then looked up and it seems Katie joined along as well.

“Sorry guys to ruin your moment it seems I saw Katie around Diagon Alley so I took the liberty of inviting her over for dinner.” He said flashing a big grin.

“No that’s good I guess I’ll start dinner everyone can sit here until dinner is ready.” I said pulling away from Fred.

I then went into the kitchen as I was pulling down some ingredients to make spaghetti I heard someone coming behind me.

“Hey so you do like Fred don’t you.” Katie said.

“What are you talking about?” I said pretending not to notice what she had said.

“You know what I mean don’t act all innocent I saw you with Fred.” She said smirking.

“He’s nice and to admit he’s a way better kisser than Harry.” I said smiling.

“Oh so you do like him I knew it.” She said excitedly.

We then cooked together and every once in a awhile would talk about boys and mostly school once we were done cooking we then set the table up and called the guys to come over and eat. Katie sat next to George while I sat next to Fred and we talked through the night. When dinner was done Katie said a goodbye and apparated home I then went to my bedroom they have made for me and began to get dress for bed as I was getting into bed I heard a light knock on the door.

“Come in.” I responded back.

“Hey Jadie I was wondering about that kiss earlier.” He said walking over to me.

“Yeah I was going to ask you the same thing.” I said.

“So since you and Harry are no more I was wandering would you be my girlfriend.” He said looking to the ground.

“Yes Fred I love to be your girlfriend.” I said closing the gap between us.

I tipped one toes and gave him a passionate kiss he then guided us to my bed and leaned me down while still kissing me. Once on the bed he slowly slid his hands up my night shirt I then came to and pulled away alittle too quickly than I expected.

“What’s wrong Jadie?” he said staring into my orchid purple orbs.

“Nothing you were perfect it’s just that I’m not ready just yet please don’t be mad.” I said pushing back some of my raven black hair.

“No I’m not mad and I totally understand when you’re ready you’ll let me know.” He said getting up.

He gave me one quick kiss before walking out the room I laid back on the bed I was dating my crush since third year and I couldn’t be happier. I never felt this happy since never I then began to wonder where my heart was leading and wasn’t towards Harry no it was with Fred all along I then turned of the lamp and slowly drifted to sleep.

Wow it seems she forgetting about harry and slowly falling Fred well tell me how you liked and the next chapter would be out soon.

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My Love is Neverending: True Confessions of the Heart


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