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Mistakes by suziebanana14
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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I rolled over in my bed. James’s arm wrapped around me holding me still. I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck giving me Goosebumps. I was about to roll over and give him a good morning kiss when I felt a pull on my stomach, and an acid filled flavor rush its way up towards my mouth.

I flung James’s arm off of me, and jumped out of bed making my way to the restroom. I barley got there in time. I heard James groan and get out of bed coming to check on me. As I threw up the last remains of my dinner, I saw James hand me towel.

Food Poisoning again?” He asked.

Or maybe something else, I thought as I splashed my face with cold water and brushing my teeth quickly. My period had been a week late so far, and I don’t think that it was coming. What if I’m…. No that’s impossible!! I just can’t be pregnant, I mean come on me and James made it perfectly clear that we did not want children yet. Well at least James did …

“Yeah,” I replied.

I got up and walked over to where James stood, wrapping my arms around him. I was soon swept off my feet and carried to our bed were James laid my down and fitted himself comfortable on top of me.

He started kissing my softly, with light kisses trailing from my lips down to my collarbone. I giggled and pulled his face back up to mine, kissing him passionately. He kissed back, and soon his hands found its way under my shirt.

I smiled, forgetting how much I enjoyed when he felt around me. We had gotten in a huge fight a couple weeks back and hadn’t had any kind of physical interaction, up until two days ago when I started to throw up. James was spending so much of his time at work, and when he would come home he wouldn’t even talk to me about what was going on. He was keeping secrets from me, I just knew it. He told me he wasn’t and then of course he had to get a phone call. When he answer it, I got so angry that I blew it up with my wand, and that started an even bigger fight….

Before I knew it my shirt was off and laying on the floor somewhere. I was about to flip him over, so that I could be the leader, when his cell phone rang.

Probably someone from his job, I thought bitterly. James works as an auror and a member of the order (dumbledore’s group of people that is specifically trained to fight against Voldemort and his followers) as I do.

James immediately got off of me and picked up his phone.

“Hello?” he said into the phone. “Hey what’s up? Yeah but I wasn’t suppose to come in till 10. Okay I’ll be over in five minutes.”

He hung up the phone and turned to me. “I have to go to work, I wont be back until 11:00pm. Don’t stay up for me. He got up and threw on some jean with a dark blue top, grabbed his jacket and came to give me a kiss before disapparating with a pop.

With a sigh I got up and went to go take a shower, I was suppose to spend the day with Alice, going shopping for maternal clothes for her. She was expecting a baby sometime in July. I don’t understand why we are going shopping right now though, I mean she just found out a month ago, and she is not even showing.

I rest my hand on my small stomach, as the water ran down my body and into the drain. There just couldn’t be a child in me. I wasn’t ready to be a mother. Ugh this is ridiculous, maybe I should tell Alice, I mean she is going through pregnancy with all its symptoms, she could help me decide if I am just over reacting or if I should go see a doctor. With that last thought I turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower drying off myself and getting ready for the day.

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